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					                                                                                               Sept—Oct 2005

On   29th   August    2005,   the    quantity accurately.                      would have been impossible to
100,000th “pro-alpha 2000”                                                     achieve these goals without a
garage door operator left the        Nine years to make the first              great staff and a wonderful
production line. In global terms     50,000 machines and seven                 bunch of dealers and installers
this is not even worth an extra      years to make the next 100,000.           all over Southern Africa, and
tea-break, but for brano indus-      Dare we hope that we will hit             further afield, who have raised
tries, it is certainly worth brag-   200,000 “pro-alpha 3000” op-              the “pro-alpha” banner high
ging about. It was co-incidental,    erators by August 2010.                   and taken it to the market place.
but I think, most appropriate,                                                 It is all of you who deserve the
that this milestone was reached      If there is one lesson I have             praise and the thanks for mak-
almost 7 years to the day after      learned after 25 years in the ga-         ing the “pro-alpha” door opera-
the very first “pro-alpha 2000”      rage door industry it is this …           tors the success they have
was assembled in August 1998.        “nothing happens unless                   been.
                                     you make it happen, and it
To celebrate the occasion,           is very difficult to make                 So, on behalf of all the staff of
brano industries is hosting a        things happen and reach                   the “brano group”, but espe-
competition amongst it’s clients.                                              cially from Brian Roach and my-
                                     goals all on your own”!!!
The prize will be door operators                                               self we say ……….. “Thank
Nos 100,001 to 100,008. One                                                    You! Thank you very
to each brano branch.         So
                                     One needs friends and al-
every brano client throughout        lies in business!                         much!”
the country will have an oppor-
tunity to win a prize. Operator      And we at brano industries                Noel Otten
No 100,000 is going to have          have not been without both. It
pride of place in the entrance of
brano industries New Head

But let us get back to this proud
milestone. It is equally signifi-
cant that the very first “pro-
alpha”; (the “1000” model as
they are now referred to), was
manufactured in August of
1989. Nine years to the month
and the final tally of this model
……..      At least 50,000 ma-
chines! I say “at least”, for our
serial numbers went slightly
awry at some stage. We know
the actual number is more than
                                     Samuel Madumo, Lyborn Rhikotso, and Francois Botha recording a moment in
that. One day we will tally the      history as the 100,000th “pro-alpha 2000” motor comes off the production line!
Are we going to discontinue        tors and even some screw-       being “field tested”.     The
the “pro-alpha 2000” ???           drive types. The “pro-alpha     general feed back has been
No!!! Most definitely not!         2000” is one of the few ga-     very good. We are address-
                                   rage door operators which       ing some teething problems
The demand continues to            allows the user to positively   and we are also taking note
grow for this machine, espe-       “lock” the door in the event    of some of the comments
cially for the automating of       of a power failure whilst the   we have received. But let
Steel Roll-Up doors. The           door is in the “open” posi-     me tell you this ….. The
“pro-alpha 2000” is the            tion. You can close the door    “pro-alpha 3000” was de-
“heart” of the “pro-rola”          and engage the traveler,        signed to be a “multi-tasker”,
system. And demand for             thereby locking the door,       or more accurately, a door
this system continues to           and when the power is re-       operator to appeal to the
grow month after month.            stored, the operator will be    broadest spectrum of the
Hardly a day goes by that          ready to work. No need to       door operator market. By
another professional door          get out of the car, open the    that I mean there will be
installer is not “won-over” to     door manually and re-           220 Volt, 12 Volt “battery
the “pro-rola”        system.      engaging travelers or re-       back-up” and 24 Volt
And the reason is simple           setting of limit switches.      (export), versions in due
………..                                                              course.
 It works!                         And what about the “pro-
                                   alpha 3000”??? Ahhhh!!!         We have to take on the
The “pro-alpha 2000” also          …. Now that is something        “Chinese imports”.         It is
has some distinct advan-           different! As we go to press    highly unlikely that we can
tages over all makes and           with this newsletter, over      ever compete on price, but
types of chain drive opera-        200 of these operators are      we can certainly compete on
                                                                   quality, back-up service,
                                                                   availability and training.
                                                                   The same four foundations
                                                                   we built brano indsutries
                                                                   on these past 20 years or

                                                                   And with the support of our
                                                                   loyal staff and clients, we
                                                                   will take the “pro-alpha”
                                                                   range of door operators far
                                                                   into the future together.

                                                                   Noel Otten

Brano Trade News - Sept—Oct 2005                                                            Page 2
                                brano cape
Greetings from                        damaged goods, (the Krazi door        the Krazi Roll Up doors we have
                                      and pro-alpha 2000 were intact        in stock, we are marketing
brano cape!                           but the trailer itself did not look   doors from different manufactur-
                                      presentable).                         ers. One stop shopping for
Toward the end of May, we de-                                               doors, hardware and automa-
cided to call upon our clients        After introducing ourselves, Mr.      tion. We have taken on a differ-
along the east coast of the           Sas De Kok saw the lighter side       ent approach, supporting door
Cape Province, Hermanus,              of our mishap with his comment        manufactures in the Cape. From
Swellendam, and George etc.           “Dis ‘n mooi trailer, jammer dat      Glass fiber, Chromadek to solid
Its amazing, in life the saying       dit so stikkend is. Ek hoop julle     Meranti. As we don’t encourage
“you are never too old to learn”.     het baie pamflete saam gebring        sales directly to the end users
I now know why nothing grows          om mense jou produk te wys”           who walk through our door,
higher than about a meter in be-      More helpful and pleasant Sas         leads from these clients are
tween Swellendam and Mossel           and his family could not have         passed on directly to you. As
Bay. Our pro-rola trailer had a       been. A big thanks to you from        the product has already been
cover over it to protect the door     brano cape!                           explained in detail from the door
and automation from the ele-                                                manufactures demo panels at
ments – we forgot the additional      Upon telling our story to our cli-    brano cape to the end user, all
side wheels for the trailer as we     ents along the route about our        you (our clients) have to do with
excluded one element, THE             mishap, we learnt we were not         the end user is discuss price
WIND. The wind is free and            the only ones this has hap-           and availability.
plentiful in this area this time of   pened to. Since then the rollup
year. As Rudi and I were travel-      door remains open during trans-       The courses start promptly at
ing along the N2 minding our          portation and our trailer cover       08h00 and end at about 15h00
own business commenting on            has taken on a different design       depending on the type of course
how stable the trailer was in the     allowing now for all the ele-         you are attending. SMS remind-
wind, when a gust of wind de-         ments.                                ers will be sent to you on the
cided to rearrange our travel                                               Monday prior to the presented
and marketing plans.                  New Products                          course on the coming Saturday.

It was decided to leave our pro-      At brano industries cape we           Regards to all
rola trailer with a farmer en         have decided to make life a little    from brano cape.
route rather than try and market      easier for our clients. Besides

                                                            Your planner for the rest of the year:


                                                            1st October 2005 – Garage Door Installation

                                                            8th October 2005 – Garage Door Operator
                                                            Course – pro-alpha 2000 & 3000

                                                            15th October 2005 – Business Management

                                                            22nd October 2005 – Sales and Selling

                                                            29th October 2005 – Centurion D5 &D3

                                                            5th November 2005 – Tegui & Polo Intercoms
             The Cape wind re-arranges our
               travel and marketing plans!

Brano Trade News - Sept– Oct 2005                                                                     Page 3
                             brano durban
Hello from brano durban!            brano has just reached the 100       Please contact us if you need
                                    000 mark on the “pro-alpha           product supply or support out-
We welcome in the new season        2000” motors and each branch         side of the Durban and sur-
with optimism.     Spring has       was given a motor to give to a       rounding areas for details on
sprung and the trend overall is     lucky installer. We held a draw      who to contact in your area.
upward. We welcome our new          at brano durban in which we
customers, and look forward to      included the names of all our        Remember, all great journeys
a long and happy relationship       loyal installers, and congratula-    start with the first step. We rec-
from here on out. Thank you to      tions go to Kevin Barr of Easy       ommend as a first step that in-
our loyal supporters who have       Gate on winning the draw.            stallers attend our training
hung in there through thick and                                          courses, which will give you in-
thin.                               As we move into the last quarter     sightful information into the Ga-
                                    of the year and the busy season      rage Door and Automation in-
The House and Garden show in        begins, we remind all our cus-       dustry, handy tips and details of
June saw brano well repre-          tomers to look at stocking up,       the safety standards, to protect
sented by Precision Doors (who      especially for year-end.             both you and your customers.
have just received their SABS
stamp of approval) with a “pro-     brano durban is fully stocked        Thanks once again to our loyal
alpha” motor and a “pro-rola”       at present. We have all our nor-     supporters. We go from strength
kit and by Euro Door with our       mal products in stock, and we        to strength together.
hardware. All in all, a good        are also holding Meranti Sec-
showing on all fronts.              tional Doors, Centurion Motors,      Thanking you kindly,
                                    Commax intercoms and also the
We have the Zululand show           new “pro-alpha 3000” Chain
coming up at the end of Sep-        drive motors and the “pro-rola       Mike and the
tember, where we will be repre-     dg”s.
                                                                         brano durban team
sented by CPE Distributors in
Richardsbay.                        We have a number of distribu-
                                    tors on the KZN North Coast,
                                    South Coast and      interior.

 How not to strengthen springs!!                          Mike Bowles congratulates Kevin Barr of Easy Gate
 Thanks to the guys at Genie for removing these and       on winning the “pro-alpha 2000” in the lucky draw.
 replacing them for the home owner before there was
 any serious damage.

Brano Trade News - September—October 2005                                                              Page 4
                             brano northwest
At last brano northwest opened it’s                    keeper, and to Morne for the great effort in setting
                                                       up the system.
                                                       To Noel, Brian and all the brano staff a very big
We started marketing on 13 June 2005. It has
                                                       thanks for their assistance and effort in making
been an eye-opener as to the interest and enthu-
                                                       this all happen!!
siasm received from all the installers and distribu-
                                                       I sincerely hope that we as brano northwest can
                                                       live up to our fellow agents!! The Northwest prov-
We know it’s early days yet, but if we can go on
                                                       ince has a huge growth potential and hopefully
“promises”, it seems that good business lies
                                                       we can be part of it!
ahead for the door industry.
                                                       Regards from brano northwest
I would like to say thank you to Bessie, our book-

                             brano westrand
Greetings from the                  “pro-rola” motor. In the spirit      another busy season ahead of
brano westrand team!                of the evening, the winner pro-      us…….. for the benefit of us all!
                                    ceeded to donate them both to
We have been busy out here on       the charity organization. All in     Best Regards
the Westrand with some on-          all it was a very successful day     Noel Channing
going activities, as well as some   with lots of promotion and con-
new ones.                           tacts made all round.
We started the spring month off                               Workshop Planner for the
with sponsoring a hole at a         We had another successful rest of the year:
charity Golf Day.     We set up     workshop on Centurion Swing
our “pro-rola” trailer and en-      Gate motors, attended by some        6th October
joyed the day along with all the    30 installers! Thanks to Chris
golfers. A lucky winner won a       Grobler and Johan Lessing from       Tri Intercoms
Krazi Roll-up door along with a     Centurion for once again deliv-      Delivered by:
                                    ering a much needed and very
                                                                         Bennie Legwati,
                                                        sio na l         Tri bpt
                                                                         20th October
                                                           Be sure to
                                                           diarize       Electric Fencing
                                                           the    up-    Delivered by:
                                                           coming        Brett Hourihan,
                                                           w o r k -     Nemtek
                                                           s h o p s
                                                           and book
                                                                         3rd November
                                                           y o u r
                                                                      Magnum Energisers
                                                           We look    Plus: The Laws regarding
                                                           forward to Electric Fencing
                                                                      Delivered by: John Mostert
Geoff Clarke & Bobby Robertse, Krazi Door Company; and                Power & Process Control
Morne Combrink & Pieter Louw, brano industries enjoyed a game of golf!

Brano Trade News - September—October 2005                                                          Page 5
                       brano pretoria
Dit staan weer einde van die        soonlik het ek baie
jaar toe, en na ‘n langer as ver-   vertroue    in   die
wagte stil periode is sake aan      proses en glo ek die
die kook.                           betrokke mense by
                                    ons is net die regte
Met eensklaps is daar weer ‘n       personeel om ons
onversadigbare dringendheid.        diens aan u te ver-
So skep terwyl dit pap reen,        beter.
maar wees voorbereid en op die      Natuurlik het    ons
uitkyk vir die tradisionele         steeds u terugvoer
probleempies wat opduik.            nodig om ons te wys
Voorraad vanaf jou verskaffer,      waar ons afdwaal,
die krediet strik, en onvoltooide   en ons die kans te
verkope (diegene wat op ons         gun om te verbeter
kursesse was sal weet ek ver-       waar ons kan.                    Hans & Dalene, JE Doors;
wys na onbetaalde werk), is van                                   en Martin Cronje, brano pretoria
die mees algemene probleme.                                            by die Pretoria Skou
Vanaf ons kant sal ons alles        Dan was dit ook
doen in ons vermoe om u dag         weer Pretoria skou. Soos die        goeie prys. (…en natuurlik sal jy
so vlot moontlik te laat verloop.   vorige jaar het ons weer ‘n stal-   nie die goedkoopste wees nie,
                                    letjie gehad wat Martin met be-     jy verkoop nie die grootste
brano pretoria se sleutel per-      hulp van kliente beman het.         gemors nie.)
soneel was ‘n klein rukkie terug    Hierdie was weereens ‘n poging
op ‘n spanbou en taktiese be-       van ons kant af om kolegas by       Dankie aan al die staatmakers
plannings naweek na Intundla        te staan om met raad, tegnies       wat ‘n bydra gemaak het om die
lodge net buite Pretoria.           en andersins, te help om met        skou suksesvol te maak.
Foute en probleme met ons           behulp van ‘n goeie produk, en      Wat nuwe produkte aanbetref is
daaglikse diens is identifiseer     goeie verkoopsvaardigheid –         ons opgewonde oor die nuwe
en toewyding is belowe om hier-     die beste diens aan u klient (die   interkomstelsel van Centurion
die probleme te oorkom. Per-        eindverbruiker), te lewer teen ‘n   Systems, die Polophone.

                                                                        Ander groot nuus is dat ons
                                                                        tans die mark gaan toets wat
                                                                        veselglas deure aanbetref. Pre-
                                                                        toria is nie veselglas deure ge-
                                                                        woond nie, en die kwaliteit tra-
                                                                        disioneel was maar bra swak.
                                                                        Die deur wat ons sal veskaf gee
                                                                        nuwe betekenis aan onder-
                                                                        houdsvrye deure. Kom maak
                                                                        gerus ‘n draai by ons en kom
                                                                        besigtig die deur. Dit sal ‘n meer
                                                                        duursame produk wees as
                                                                        waaraan u gewoond is, gewaar-
                                                                             Groete vanuit Pretoria en
                                                                        weet ons is kollegas.

                                                                        Pieter Louw
                       Spanbou in Pretoria!

Brano Trade News - September—October 2005                                                            Page 6
      !"         ! #$ #$%                                         &'                  !       (       )
Garage Door Safety                  moving object in a home and it       also be checked periodically for
                                    will move up and down more           any signs of wear or damage
An automated garage door has        than two thousand times per          and must then be repaired or
become an almost indispensa-        year in an average domestic en-      replaced as a matter of urgency.
ble part of life as we know it.     vironment. Yet, a garage door        Worn parts can cause the door
They offer an overwhelming          is usually the most neglected        and the operator to function in-
number of conveniences and          piece of equipment in the home.      correctly or dangerously. As a
safety features that will make                                           reputable garage door profes-
your customers wonder how           In the day-to-day operation a lot    sional it is your responsibility to
they ever survived – “roughing      of wear and tear occurs on the       ensure that your customer’s ga-
it” – without one. On a cold and    moving parts that hold the door      rage door and operator remains
rainy night, the ease of pressing   together. The same as with           in a good state of repair for
a button to open the garage         their motor vehicle, a garage        years to come.
door is so much more appealing      door must be serviced at regular
than the thought of getting         intervals – we at brano indus-       Always explain to your customer
drenched while getting out of       tries recommend that the door        in detail the dangers associated
the vehicle to open the door        be serviced at least once every      with garage doors that are not
manually. There is also the         twelve months.                       kept in a good operating condi-
peace of mind when they return                                           tion. Schedule services at regu-
to their home late at night. They   Again, as with their motor vehi-     lar intervals to ensure that the
only have to leave the vehicle      cle, servicing of a garage door      convenience of an automated
after they are safely behind the    should be carried out by a           garage door never turns into the
closed door, inside the garage.     trained professional. There are      nuisance of a constantly faulty
Yet, while being a great conven-    springs and cables attached to       piece of equipment. This will
ience, an automated garage          the door, these pieces of equip-     not only ensure the safety and
door can also be a serious haz-     ment are under constant tension      happiness of your customer, but
ard.                                and can cause serious and            the residual referral business
                                    even fatal injuries if not handled   will ensure the survival and
Think about this for a second, -    correctly and carefully.             prosperity of your company for
The garage door is the single                                            many years to come.
biggest and usually heaviest        All other parts on the door must

                       brano freestate
Groete uit Bloemfontein!            etehuis houtdeure moes in-           streek. EK WIL DIE PERSON-
Dit is ons plesier on in hierdie    stalleer. In die begin het dit       EEL VAN BRANO FREESTATE
uitgawe vir Ewould Pienaar van      maar broekskeur gegaan, en           in Bloemfontein net bedank vir
Q Access voor te stel.              soos ek meer ondervinding op-        hulle diens, die ondersteunign
                                    gedoen het, het my naam sos ‘n       van my ANTIE RIA, DANIE
“In 1998 het ek Ewoud Pienaar       veldbrand versprei en werk het       saam met MICHAEL. Hulle het
van Welkom na Bloemfontein          in gestroom. Seder dien spe-         gemaak dat ek ‘n beter diens
verhuis. Ek het ‘n betrekking as    sialiseer ons in motorhuis de-       dan lewer en my onderneming
tegnikus aanvaar waar ek my         uremotors, oprol deure, toe          het as gevolg daarvan gegroei.
opleiding begin het. Na 2 yaar      gang’s beheer saam met Centu-        NOU DAN ONS MEER WACKI
eht ek my loopbaan beeindig en      rion produkte ens.                   WEDNESDAY GENIET”.
my maatskappy gestig naamlik
Q Access.                           Sedert brano industries ‘n tak       GROETE
                                    in Bloemfontein oop gemaak het       EWOUD PIENAAR
Ek het ‘n contrak met ‘n ontwik-    is daar ‘n baie beter dienslewer-    Q ACCESS
kelaar bekom, waar ek vir ‘n ou-    ing aan al die mense van die

Brano Trade News - September—October 2005                                                           Page 7
brano industries (pty) ltd                  "###                      $# # # # #            %
                   I.D.A. Member                                  %                     &       '
                                            (   )
22—3rd Street, Wynberg, Sandton
P O Box 277, Bramley, 2018.                 brano (       *
Rep of South Africa                         )!                +              ,              -
Phone: (011) 887 0625 Fax: (011) 887 7616

                                                      (           .          .              '
Branches throughout South Africa:

brano pretoria:        (012) 349 1494

brano cape:            (021) 552 5350

brano westrand:        (011) 760 5773

brano durban:          (031) 569 4276

brano freestate:       (051) 447 2850
brano northwest:       (018) 462 2593