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					     Coast Commercial Credit is a specialized lender in the area of car wash finance. Our team of sales
professionals have been financing car wash projects since the 1980’s. Our specialized focus and our years of
industry experience allow us to provide the funding you need and the service you deserve. Whether you’re a
             start up or experienced operator, Coast Commercial Credit has the options for you.
                      Car Wash Construction, Development & Acquisition                                     Car Wash
  Product Type         SBA 7(a) Loan              SBA 504 Loan                 USDA Business             Loan or Lease
                                                                               & Industry Loan

                                                                                                            Acquisition of
  Use of Funds           SBA & USDA Loans can be used to Build, Acquire, Remodel,                           New or Used
                                    Equip or Refinance Car Washes                                      Equipment & Installation

  Loan Amount          Up to $5,000,000           Up to $13,333,333              Up to $10,000,000        Up to $1,000,000

Repayment Term           Up to 25 Years             Up to 20 Years                 Up to 30 Years          24 to 84 Months

    Collateral                    Land, Building, Equipment & Improvements                              Equipment Financed

  Loan to Value         Up to 80% for New Car Wash Owners                             Up to 80%              Up to 100%
                        Up to 85% for Experienced Car Wash

                         SBA loan programs are intended to                      USDA Business &         Simplified Application
                          encourage small business lending.                     Industry Loans are             Process
Options/Benefits        SBA loan programs can be an excellent                   for Rural Business        Fixed Payments
                          solution for operators seeking fully                     Development.        Lease Purchase Options
                       amortized long term financing for car wash                 Please contact          $1, 10% or FMV
                                        projects.                               Coast to see if your
                       SBA & USDA Loans are available for both                     site is USDA
                            New & Experienced Operators.                              eligible.

                                               Credit Application                                        Credit Application
Items Needed to                         Personal Financial Statement                                     Personal Financial
    Process                       3 Years Personal & Business Tax Returns                                    Statement
                                         Business Plan & Projections                                    2 Years Personal &
   Application                        Additional Property & Business Info.                             Business Tax Returns
    Package              Please contact Coast Commercial Credit for a complete list of                 Year to Date Financials
                                    items needed to process your request.                               Equipment Proposal

                               All loan terms and structures are subject to final credit approval.
                                      Coast Commercial Credit, LLC
                                  536 E. Lehigh Drive, Deltona, FL 32738
                 Toll Free Telephone: 1-800-400-0365, Toll Free Facsimile: 1-888-400-0365