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SOUP OF THE DAY - Ask your waitron for today’s homemade soup              30

CAJUN CALAMARI - Calamari tubes grilled, served in a lemon cream          35

CARPACCIO - Finely sliced fillet of beef – cured in black pepper.
            served rare in a tangy lemon vinaigrette with grated
             parmesan cheese                                              40

CYPRIOT HALOUMI - Deep fried, served with a sweet chilli sauce            33

HALOUMI & CAMEMBERT CHEESE - Duo of deep fried cheeses                    39
                      complimented with a cranberry coulis

PERI-PERI LIVERS - Grilled and served with a creamy peri-peri             32

SNAILS GORGONZOLA - Creamy garlic topped with blue cheese                 34

CHOURICO - Traditional Portuguese sausage grilled and flavoured           40
           with a mild peri peri

SPICY GIBLETS - Chicken gizzards sauted in a tomato, wine and a touch     39
                of peri peri

GREEK - Fresh garden salad served with onions, peppers, olives and feta   43

BLUE CHEESE - Crisp garden salad complimented with blue cheese            45

CAJUN CHICKEN - Succulent strips of chicken accompanied with
                garden leaves, tomato and peppadews, drizzled
                with a honey mustard dressing                             48
Light Meals
                       ( All served with chips )
PREGO ROLL – Tender steak grilled, served with a garlic-red wine sauce     49

BEEF TRINCHADO - Cubes of beef pan fried, served in a garlic- red
                 wine sauce and chips                                      42

CHICKEN TRINCHADO - Strips of chicken pan fried, served in a creamy
                    mild peri - peri sauce                                 42

CHOURICO - Sliced traditional Portuguese sausage, grilled with a touch     48
           Peri - peri

CHICKEN WRAPP - Tortilla filled with sweet chili chicken, crispy lettuce
                and bell peppers (served cold)                             42

SALMON WRAPP - Tortilla filed with salmon, smooth blue cheese, avocado 45
              (when in season) and drizzled with a honey mustard dressing

Kiddies Menu
RIBLETS AND CHIPS                                                          39

CHICKEN STRIPS AND CHIPS - Deep fried                                      30

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE                                                        30
Fettuccine, Penne or Spaghetti. Served with one of the following sauces:

DON ALFREDO - Ham and a mushroom cream                                     43

BOLOGNESE - Ground beef, plum tomatoes and herbs                           49

CARBONARA - Pancetta ham, whipped egg and parmesan cheese                  55

DI ROMA - Tender beef strips, tossed in garlic, chilli, sundried tomato,
          parmesan and white wine sauce                                    55

SALMONE - Smoked salmon an a creamy garlic sauce                           56

GAMBERI - Prawns, garlic and chilli an a creamy Napoletana sauce           69

PAPALINA - Chicken strips, pepadews and chourico served in a
           mild paprika cream                                              59

AL MISTO - Mushrooms, onions, peppers and napoletana sauce
           l                                                               50

Oven Baked Pasta
MACARONI CHEESE -               Penne baked with ham and cheese            40

LASAGNE -                Layered with a bolognese, and tomato and herbs    58

CHICKEN CANNELLONI - Baked pasta filled with chicken and a mushroom
                     Finished in our log oven with Napoletana and
                     parmesan                                       58
Meat Grills
PORTUGUESE STEAK - Succulent rump grilled , topped with an egg                    80
                  and garlic red wine sauce

ESPETADA - Grilled tender rump cubes on a skewer, flavoured with
           rock salt. Served with chips.                                          80

VEAL MARSALA - Veal panfried in mushroom, pancetta ham and a
               Marsala cream                                                      78

RIBS - Sizzling pork loin ribs (600gm). Served with chips                full     85
                                                                         half     55

JALAPENO RUMP - Succulent grilled rump (350gm) served with a
                creamy jalapeno sauce                                             80

ROAST LAMB - Sliced roast leg of lamb, served with a rosemary red wine            55
             gravy and potatoes

ROAST GAMMON - Sliced roast gammon, served with roast potatoes,                   55
               grated apple and cranberry sauce

LAMB CUTLETS - Lamb chops (400gm), grilled and served with a mint sauce 85

LAMB SHANK - Oven braised in red wine. Served with chips                          S.Q.

FILLET MEDALLIONS - Fillet medallions, served with rosti potatoe                  S.Q.
                    with a port and pepper sauce

DUO FILLET - Fillet medallions, served with a mushroom cream and
             caramalised salsa                                                    S.Q.

                  Any sharing of food items a surcharge will apply

  We reserve the right to to charge a 10 % service fee for parties of 8 or more
Meat Specialities
KASSLER CHOPS - Smoked Kassler grilled and served with                            78
                fried pineapple and mash potatoe

OXTAIL - Oxtail braised in red wine and country vegetables, served with rice S.Q.

EISBEIN - Pork knuckle, oven roasted, served with sauerkraut and chips            S.Q.

LAMB CURRY - Traditional Raja curry served with rice and sambals                  S.Q.

CHICKEN MARSALA - Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and
                  Marsala wine, served with rice                                  62

FRANGO (Preparation 30min) - “Taditionally Mozambican”.               full        79
                               Spatchcock Chicken basted with lemon,
                               garlic and mild peri-peri, flame grilled.
                               Served with fries                      half        59

CHICKEN MACCHIATA - Chicken breasts sautéed with mushrooms,          62
                   salsa, pancetta ham and served in a paprika cream

CHICKEN FIRENZE - Chicken breasts sautéed with mushroom, salsa,                   62
                 pancetta ham and served in a paprika cream

                  Any sharing of food items a surcharge will apply

  We reserve the right to to charge a 10 % service fee for parties of 8 or more
DEEP FRIED HAKE - Fillet of Hake deep fried served with a tartare sauce       56

GRILLED HAKE - Grilled fillet of Hake, served with a creamy lemon butter      56

CALAMARI - Grilled baby tubes served with a creamy lemon butter sauce         69

PRAWN AND CALAMARI DUO - 4 Prawns and grilled calamari                        85

PRAWNS ( ½ Kg ) – “ Plain Grilled “ Medium prawns grilled served              S.Q.
                                   with a lemon butter, rice and chips.

                     “ For Portuguese flavour “ Ask for it baked a la Nacional
                                      with beer , garlic, paprika and fresh lemon

CRÈME BRULEE - Baked custard served with a caramel crust                      32

GELTO - Vanilla ice cream served with a warm chocolate sauce                  29

BUTTERSCOTCH WAFFLES - served warm with ice-cream                              34
                     and drizzled with butterscotch syrup

FUDGE PICASSO - A Fudge and white chocolate mousse                            30

BACI - Kissses the Italian way                                                29

TIRAMISU - Italian cheese cake prepared with Mascarpone cheese                30

FRUIT PAVLOVA - Meringue with cream and fresh fruit                           30

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