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									            The Willows
               Office Park

 Sectional Title Office Complex
Erf 61, George Road, Erand Gardens Ext 43, Midrand

           FOR SALE / TO LET

                                   A development by Whiz Property Group
1.   Introduction
     The Willows Office Park is a secure and up-market office complex comprising 9 free-
     standing, double storey office blocks on a 1 hectare property. It is situated on Erf
     61, George Road, Erand Gardens, Midrand with excellent frontage onto the N1
     motorway. The complex has 24 hour on-site security with access controlled entrance
     gates. It is easily accessible from Johannesburg and Pretoria on the N1 motorway
     via either the New Road or Olifantsfontein Road interchanges.

2.   Development Description
     Each office block comprises a separate ground and first floor unit with basement and
     covered parking bays. Each unit has its own entrance, balcony and is self-contained
     with its own kitchenette and male and female toilets. The office space is sub-
     divisible to suit occupier requirements. Each unit is allocated a basement storeroom.

3.   Green Building Initiatives
     The Willows Office Park has the following energy efficient and environmentally
     responsible solutions incorporated into its design;
     •    Solar geysers for hot water supply, and
     •    Solar powered water pumps to circulate water in the water features, and
     •    Gas counter top stoves for boiling water and
     •    Rainwater harvesting into holding tanks that will use the collected water for
          irrigation and the toilet sanitation system, and
     •    Ground water collection into holding tanks that will use the collected water for
          the irrigation of the complex’s gardens, and
     •    Energy efficient light bulbs throughout, and
     •    Energy efficient air-conditioning units, and
     •    Battery powered inverters to automatically switch on and supply sufficient
          power to ensure ongoing business operation during power outages.

4.   Security Initiatives
     The Willows Office Park offer the following security features;
     •    24-hour access control via a single entrance point. The entrance has both a
          tenants and visitors access lane as well as a dedicated exit lane which provides
          access for large vehicles as well. The entrance is fully lockable after hours by
          means of ‘roller shutter’ gates, and
     •    After hours patrolling security guards, and
     •    Electrified perimeter palisade fencing, and
     •    Security beams to the building perimeters, and
     •    Motion sensor and day/night activated security lighting, and
     •    24-hour armed response, and
     •    Security cameras to selected common areas.

5.   Business Communication Service
     A complete business communication solution is provided to all units by Vodacom
     Gates Services “VGS”. This basic service includes:

     •   3 gig 1024 kbps Broadband Internet connection point;
     •   One internal telephone line;
     •   Intercom;
     •   Access to discounted call rates and virtual PBX services;
     •   Maintenance and 24/7 customer service support.
6.   Rental Details

                                             Unit    Qty           Rate          Total
       Ground Floor (9 off)
          Office                             m²           250        86.63        21,657.50
          Parking - Basement                 ea             3       472.50         1,417.50
          Parking - Covered                  ea             7       336.00         2,352.00
          Storeroom                          m²            37        47.25         1,748.25
          Operating Costs                    m²           250        13.96         3,490.00
          Assessments Rates & Taxes          m²           250        14.00         3,500.00
       First Floor (9 off)
          Office                             m²           250        86.63        21,657.50
          Parking - Basement                 ea             4       472.50         1,890.00
          Parking - Covered                  ea             6       336.00         2,016.00
          Storeroom                          m²            31        47.25         1,464.75
          Operating Costs                    m²           250        13.96         3,490.00
          Assessment Rates & Taxes           m²           250        14.00         3,500.00

     Lease Notes:

           The above mentioned rates exclude VAT.
           Rentals and operating costs escalate at 10% per annum.
           Minimum lease period is 3 years.
           Deposit required is equal to 2 months gross rental plus
           Shareholders/Director’s personal surety limited to 2 months annual gross
           The operating costs, as detailed below, covers all monthly outgoing

        Description                      R/annum                R/month       R/m²/month
        Accounting Fee                        18,360.00            1,530.00               0.34
        Bank Charges                           3,150.00             262.50                0.06
        Building Repairs & Maintenance        24,840.00            2,070.00               0.46
        Business Communication Service       244,080.00           20,340.00               4.52
        Cleaning Services                     31,860.00            2,655.00               0.59
        Garden Maintenance                    31,860.00            2,655.00               0.59
        Insurance - Building                  73,980.00            6,165.00               1.37
        Management Fee                        50,220.00            4,185.00               0.93
        Meter Reading Fees                     9,180.00             765.00                0.17
        Reserve Fund                          14,580.00            1,215.00               0.27
        Security                             251,640.00           20,970.00               4.66
                         Total              753,750.00           62,812.50               13.96
7.   Sale Details

                                               Unit    Qty        Rate            Total

         Ground Floor (9 off)
           Office                               m²       250     14,175.00      3,543,750.00
           Parking - Basement                   ea         3     47,250.00        141,750.00
           Parking - Covered                    ea         7     31,500.00        220,500.00
           Storeroom                            m²        37      4,410.00        163,170.00
         First Floor (9 off)
           Office                               m²       250     14,175.00      3,543,750.00
           Parking - Basement                   ea         4     47,250.00        189,000.00
           Parking - Covered                    ea         6     31,500.00        189,000.00
           Storeroom                            m²        31      4,410.00        136,710.00

     Note: The above mentioned rates exclude VAT.

8.   Tenant Installation Allowances

     Paragon-Interiors have been engaged to attend to the space planning and project
     management of the tenant installations to each unit.

     Each unit has been allocated a tenant installation allowance in the amount of R 180
     000 (excluding VAT). The following installations have been provided for;

     •   Office Partitions
         Internal division of the building will be by means of painted (PVA) drywall
         partitions with aluminium skirting. (Allowance of 70 linear metres per unit)

     •   Doors
         Doors to drywall partitions will be full height flush panel doors, with a Masonite
         veneer for painting in an aluminium frame with standard two lever locks and
         handles. (Allowance of 7 doors per unit)

     •   Brick Wall Finishes
         Brick walls in office areas will receive two coats of plaster and will be painted

     •   Floor Finishes
         Offices: Berber Point Carpets (PC amount of R85.00/m² excl VAT, supplied and
         Reception and ablutions: Tiles (PC amount of R150.00/m² excl VAT, supplied)

     •   Ceilings
         Vinyl-clad suspended ceilings in an exposed flush pre-painted metal suspension
         grid throughout the unit.
      •   Electrical Installation
          Power will be distributed throughout the office areas by means of 3 compartment
          power skirting on the external wall perimeter. The power skirting will be fitted
          with telephone and AC points at a rate of one per 30m² of office space.

      •   Lighting Installation
          Lighting to offices will be by means of flush mounted fluorescent fittings with
          prismatic diffusers to give a lighting level of 350 lux.

      •   Air Conditioning
          The air conditioning to office areas will be consol type wall units designed and
          installed by an approved specialist. Allowance has been made for one 9000 BTU
          unit per 25m² office area.

9.    Agreements

      All sales and rental offers are to be submitted on the landlord’s standard
      agreements which may be obtained from the managing agents.

10.   Managing Agents

      For further information, leases and/or sale agreements please call:

      Whiz Property Group                Tel     :     011-805-9633
      Debbie Howard                      Cell    :     082-682-9703
                                         Email   :
      Melusi Qwabe                       Cell    :     082-074-1402
                                         Email   :

      For space planning information and/or assistance please call:

      Paragon-Interiors                  Tel   :       011-706-5123
      Cindy Kruger                       Cell  :       082-576-1629
                                         Email :

    1.   External Works

         o   Grey “Masonique” concrete paving blocks to roadways and basement
         o   Pre-cast concrete kerbing to roadway edges
         o   Trees, plants and grasses, where applicable, to gardens areas.
         o   Planter boxes to be planted with low maintenance indigenous plants.
         o   An automated irrigation system that is fed by ground water which is
             collected and piped into storage tanks.
         o   Open bays and shade net covered bays as per architect’s site plan.
         o   Covered parking beneath the office units.
         Refuse Area
         o   Brickwork with steel framed gates.
         o   Walkways to be paved as per landscape architect’s details

    2.   Office Finishes

         o External walls to be a combination of plaster finish, wall panels, Everite
             Vermont and Rock cladding
         o Internal brickwork to offices to be plastered and painted with two coats of
             white internal quality PVA.
         o Internal brickwork to the ablutions & kitchen to be plastered and finished
             with an exposed crete-stone.
         o Drywall partitioning (as per Tenant Installation requirements) to be
             skimmed with Rhinolite and painted with two coats internal quality PVA.
         o Pre-painted corrugated profile sheeting with 30mm “Aerolite” insulation
         o Colomet gutter to roof overhang, colour to match roof sheeting.
         o Floor tiles to reception, ablutions, kitchen and utility area.
         o The external ground floor balcony is a teak timber deck while the first
             floor balcony is tiled.
         o Stairs are external. An exposed concrete blade will support a steel
             staircase. Treads and landings are steel floated concrete.
         o ‘Berber Point’ carpet or similar has been included as a TI allowance to
             office floors.
         o A 65mm aluminum skirting to office areas.
         o 75mm Tiled skirting to match floors to ablutions, kitchen and utility area.
         o    Ceiling height is 2,500m.
         o    1200x600 Vinyl clad gypsum suspended ceilings to office areas.
         o    The first floor central office area has exposed painted timber trusses.
         o    Plastered, skimmed and painted underside of slab to ablutions, finished
              with Rhinolite and two coats internal quality PVA paint. Cornicing.
         o    Internal door frames to be steel, painted with 3 coats of enamel paint.
         o    Powder coated aluminum doors and glass panels to entrance.
         o    All internal doors to be wooden semi-solid doors, painted with 3 coats of
              enamel paint.
         o    All internal locks are 3 lever.
     o    Powder coated aluminum window frames to office area, colour to
          architects specification.
     o    Internal window cills to be fiber-cement, painted with 3 coats of enamel
     o    External window cills to be precast concrete.
     Electrical Installation
     o    60 Amp, single phase power provided to each floor via an inverter and
          battery system. The system will provide an un-interrupted supply to all
          lighting and clean power in the event of a utilities power failure.
     o    2 tier 3 compartment power-skirting to internal perimeter walling to
     o    16 Amp socket outlets are supplied. 8 Clean & 8 normal power in the
          office areas.
     o    A minimum level of 300 lux using 600 x 1200mm T5 fluorescent lights.
          All external & ablution lighting is low energy type. Additional lighting
          should ideally not be installed as it will impact on the number of hours
          per day that the system would be able to supply all circuits with power.
     o    A master switch will be installed at the front door of each unit that will
          turn off all lights, power points and A/C units when exiting the unit at
          night. This is required to allow the batteries to recharge at night.
     o    External lighting will be turned on automatically at night via a photo
          sensitive switchs.
     o    A sleeve has been installed from the property boundary into a central DB
          on each floor to allow for a Telkom feed. A link from the DB to the power
          skirting has also been installed. (Telephone connections and cabling are
          the responsibility of each individual tenant)
     o    The inverter system has been designed to run the A/C units, all lights &
          20 work stations for an average of 8 hours a day. If there is a power
          failure or the battery charge level is reduced to 50%, the A/C units will
          automatically be switched off to allow the integrity of the power &
          lighting circuits to remain intact.
     Air conditioning
     o    Wall mounted “McLaren” console units (10000BTU) air-conditioners are
          specified as a result of their reduced power requirements. A maximum of
          9 units can be installed per floor.
     Kitchen Fittings
     o    Melamine kitchen fittings comprising a granite worktop with stainless
          steel prep bowl, hot & cold water and double doors below with shelving.
     o    Hot water is supplied via a solar geyser.

     Sanitary Fittings
     o  Vaal Hibiscus closed couple WC suites. These suites are provided with
        water via a rainwater harvesting system that consists of 2 tanks and a
        pump in the basement of each unit.
     o  Free standing basins with Hansgrohe mixers have been installed.
     o  Hot water is supplied via a solar geyser.
     o  Soap dishes, toilet roll holders, mirrors and towel rails to ablutions.

3.   Security & Access Control

     Perimeter Fencing
     o A 2.1m high palisade fence between brickwork piers will constitute the
         site boundary.
     o A piggy-back electric fence will be installed on the boundary palisade.
     o Motion sensitive CCTV cameras linked to a split screen in the guardhouse
         will be installed.
     o Access control will be provided via a set of booms that are operated either
         by the security or by access cards, which are to be purchased by the
     o   At night the park can be locked down with 2 Roller shutter doors and a
         palisade gate.
     o   Guard house as per architect’s drawings.

4.   Fire Prevention Installations

     o   Fire hydrants to the complex entrance and parking areas as per the fire
         consultant’s specifications.
     o   A fire hose reel at each stairway has been provided.

     o   A 30m fire hose reel is installed on each floor in accordance with local
         authority requirements.
     o   2x 9kg Fire extinguishers to each unit in accordance with local authority
     o   Fire signage to each unit.
The Willows Office Park
      Locality Plan

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