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                                                                                             R1          Making Sectional Title work since 2000
                         Proprietary rights                                                      
                               Pg 7.
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Understanding Sectional Title Concepts
                                                            The Sectional Plan
Most of us think of a sectional plan as a     plans and will approve them if
detailed document, that builders use as       they conform to all the building
their construction blueprint. A document      regulations (and other
that when followed meticulously by            regulations) that exist at the
constructors will result in a physical        time. This process has nothing
structure that closely resembles the          to do with the procedure of
pictures of the proposed development,         registering, forming, or initiating
that we saw in the weekend property           a Sectional Title Scheme.
newspapers. This is not the case, and                Sectional Plans are only
one can be forgiven for thinking that a       prepared when a structure has
building plan, and a sectional title plan     been constructed to the extent
are similar. A building plan is prepared by   that distances between walls,
an architect and is detailed to the extent    and other aspects of the final
that it facilitates the construction of a     structure are capable of being
structure. These plans are submitted to       measured. Only then can a

                      a municipality for      Sectional Plan be prepared by
                      approval prior to the   a Land Surveyor or Architect.
                      construction of a       On the right is an example of a
                      building.       The     component of a full set of
                      municipal experts       building plans.
                      consider the building
   If you are a                                           The Surveyor
 chair / trustee     IN THIS EDITION                      General approves
  and have not             Ask the editor                 Sectional Plans.
 yet confirmed                  Pg 3.                     These plans are
  your contact           Bob Gauld advises                submitted by the
      details,                Pg 4 - 5.                   developer and simply show           Sectional Title ownership categories that
                         Ticking time bombs               the basic physical details of       make logical sense with regard to space
  please do so
                            in complexes                  the buildings to the extent that    utilization, allocation of space, and their
    in order to                 Pg 6.                                                         capability to be individually sectioned off,
 remain on our                                            they can be separated,
                      Imposing fines on owners            measured, and identified by         and owned, or shared in a Sectional Title
   mailing-list.                Pg 8.                                                         scheme.                Continued on Page 2

                                                                       Permanent personnel on site (No subcontractors)
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ASK THE EDITOR                                                                       Rob will answer your questions
Numerous requests for information are                     garden unit to make arrangements to lead        consider amendments.          If by special
received. Regrettably we can only                         the water away into say a false drain.          resolution members agree to amend the
answer several in this regular column.
I would like your input on two matters .                  A   1 An owner is responsible to maintain
                                                              his own exclusive use area. We refer
                                                                                                          conduct rules (annexure 9) then you will
                                                                                                          lodge these amended rules at the deeds
                                                                                                          office and they will become your new set of
Q    1Trees in the garden units have
     grown so high that the roots are
                                                          to the Solidatus Case, Management Rule
                                                          70(B) and Section 44(1)C.                       legal rules. You do not pay to register
     causing some walls to break
away/cracking. Is it the responsibility of
the Body Corporate or the respective
                                                          A   2 Water drainage is always a problem
                                                              when there are very heavy cloud bursts
                                                          - that’s life. Is the drainage a problem,
                                                                                                          rules, though it will cost you if you want to
                                                                                                          have them drafted professionally.

owners to have these trees removed and
the walls repaired or replaced within their
registered exclusive use gardens.
                                                          under normal rainy conditions? If so, then
                                                          the Body Corporate should attend to the
                                                          matter as the Body Corporate is
                                                                                                          Q    I own a duplex in a small block. Each
                                                                                                               unit has a garden that is separated by
                                                                                                               an outside dividing wall.
Q    2Water from the down pipes of a unit
     above the garden unit is causing
     flooding in the garden unit due to
                                                          responsible for the down pipes and general
                                                          drainage, however we need to consider a
                                                          second scenario. We assume that the
                                                                                                          Recently my neighbour constructed an
                                                                                                          additional room onto her back garden
                                                                                                          using the garden walls on both sides to
heavy rains. Again is it the responsibility of            original builder had, or should have            support the roof. The overhang of the roof
the Body Corporate or the owner of the                    considered, and allowed for, adequate           overlaps onto my side of the wall by +/- 20
                                                          drainage from the gutter outwards. If the       cm and is at a height that affects my view.
                                                          owner of the exclusive use right has re-        She has also placed windows on the
 Subcribe anually to                                      landscaped areas of his garden and upset        dividing wall, within one metre of my

                                                          the original water drainage pattern, then       bedroom window, which can affect my
                                                          the owner of the exclusive use right must       privacy. The above construction went
                                                          attend to the problem.                          ahead without plans from the municipality
ONLY R88.00, ( OR R56.00 FOR TRUSTEES)                                                                    or without approval from the body
                                                          Q     I am the owner of a section in a small
                                                                block of flats. I am one of three
                                                                trustees and we have no major
                                                                                                          corporate. After a year this matter has not
                                                                                                          been resolved. Is there anything that I can
                                                                                                          do about the above?
                                                          problems. We have for many years run our
Body Corps - Name:
Your Name or Co:
                                                          affairs very informally. The trustees have
                                                          from time to time framed and amended
                                                          House Rules to suit the requirements of the
                                                                                                          A    Wow! Your neighbour is in blatant
                                                                                                               contravention of the rules. You have
                                                                                                          provided little information for me to work
                                                          block, and enforced these where                 with, e.g, is the land upon which your
                                  Code:                   necessary, but these have never been            neighbour added the extra room common
Tel(H): (  )
                                                          officially registered.                          property or is it an exclusive use area? You
Tel(B): (  )
                                                          Are the Rules that were registered with the     say the matter is unresolved. What have
                                                          Registrar of Deeds on registration of the       your trustees done to try and resolve the
  Fax: (   )                                              Sectional Title plan in 1984 automatically      situation?      Is the construction of a
Cell:                                                     amended and updated by the current              permanent nature or not? (Is there a
Email:                                                    Management and Conduct Rules? We                foundation and front entrance constructed
Status: CHAIRMAN                      OWNER               want to avoid the expense of registering        with brick and cement?) The trustees
          TRUSTEE                     TENANT
                                                          our existing Rules unless essential.            should have been aware of the illegal
                                                                                                          structure and stopped its progress by

              Payment Choices
                             Cheque enclosed
                                                          A   As from June 1988 schemes governed
                                                              by the old schedule 1 and 2 rules of the
                                                          old Act automatically relinquished these
                                                                                                          obtaining a court interdict - what
                                                                                                          happened? If the trustees failed to see the
                                                                                                          extension, they should have given the
   Postal order enclosed                                                                                  culprit 30 days to demolish the structure
                                                          and became subject to the rules contained
Made in favour of Bodies Corporate News, and              in annexure 8 & 9 of the new Act. There         once they were aware of its existence. If
posted to PO Box 1530, Durbanville 7551                   was a proviso if the old rules were             this action failed, the trustees should have
    Direct Deposit or bank transfer to our acc i.e        amended, so a visit to your local deeds         approached a legal professional to take the
 Nedbank, Chq acc                                         registry is important. Nonetheless, you are     matter to court. If the Body Corporate does
 Acc name: Bodies Corporate News                          definitely subject to annexure 8 & 9 rules as   not have the finances, then a special levy
 Acc no: 1232112755. Branch code: 123209                  no amendments to schedule 1 & 2 rules           should be raised to finance the legal action.
 include a reference when making payment                  can conflict with annexure 8 & 9 rules. You     Action must be taken to avoid other owners
                                                          need to compare these legal rules with          building illegal structures.
For info email or Ph 021 979 5598
                                                          your old house rules, then perhaps
                                                                    Page 4

BCN pays tribute to Bob Gauld by publishing a series of his articles
 Bob Gauld was widely acknowledged as the doyen of Sectional Title in South Africa. He unselfishly dedicated his life
                                to the upliftment of the Sectional Title Industry.

                       Unscrambling eggs
“A new owner has just obtained a copy of         body corporate to allocate values to take
our Sectional Title plan and discovered          the place of participation quotas for the
that we have been using incorrect                calculation of levies and votes. The
participation quotas”, said a trustee. “One      nomination is made by amending the
of the trustees said that they were              rules and requires the written consent of
adjusted several years ago to make them          all owners adversely affected by the
'more fair', but the new owner has stirred       changes.
it up among other owners who are
demanding that we revert to the proper           If this scheme is not subject to values set
participation quotas. What should we             under section 32(4), the body corporate        charging
do?”                                             must immediately revert to the correct         owners equal
                                                 participation quotas. A further difficulty     amounts; others have repaired common
Unless the 'adjustments' were done by            may face the body corporate. Owners,           property and charged the owners
nominating values under section 32(4) of         who as a result of the illegal calculations    affected by the repairs instead of
the Sectional Titles Act, you will have to       of levies have been over-charged, may          allocating costs among all the owners.
revert to the participation quotas shown         even demand refunds.                           Tr u s t e e s s o m e t i m e s a d j u s t t h e
on the approved sectional plan. Please                                                          calculation method to allow for
check the rules as filed with the Registrar         As section 37(1)(d) of the Act and          extensions that have been carried out to
of Deeds.                                           management rule 31(1) require levies        sections without a corresponding
                                                    and special levies to be calculated         amendment of the sectional plan and in
N o m i n a t e d v a l u e s , w h i c h w e r e according to participation quotas or          contravention to section 24 of the Act. All
discussed in previous articles, allow a nominated values, these owners will                     of these contravene the Act and rules and
                                                                     have a very strong         cannot be condoned.
                                                                     case. Neither the Act
                                                                     nor the rules allow        Difficult though these problems may be,
                                          body corporate mentorship  any discretion in the      they are insignificant compared to others
                                                                     method used to             that have been reported. Recently, I have
         Sectional Title Management                                  determine levies.          heard of two separate bodies corporate
                                                                                                that are being run as one and of a
          property and commercial management                            There are many          scheme comprising two buildings that
        property and commercial sales and rentals                       similar cases on        are running as two separate bodies
                                                                        record. Bodies          corporate. In both cases, they have been
                                                                        corporate have          running that way since establishment.
                             021 975 4656                           Negatively affected owners are now
 Craig Coetzee                                                          raised special levies
 072 229 8842                088 021 975 4656    PO Box 377             for improvements        forcing the trustees to correct the
                                                 Cape Gate                                      problems. Here are three examples,
                                                 7562                   and repairs by
                                                                                                                        Continued on next page

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line as this activity seriously
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BCN pays tribute to Bob Gauld by publishing a series of his articles
 Bob Gauld was widely acknowledged as the doyen of Sectional Title in South Africa. He unselfishly dedicated his life
                                to the upliftment of the Sectional Title Industry.
Continued from previous page
·        “Mews 1” and “Mews 2” are on             that security and other common property       Owners' Association that are being run as
adjacent stands of similar size and               costs will also be higher in Mews 2.          a single entity. Sectional and freehold
rateable value. They are established as           Correctly calculated, the present levies in   ownership have very little in common and
separate sectional schemes but the                Mews 2 should be a lot higher than in         cannot run as one. Anybody want to
fence between the two was never erected           Mews 1.                                       unscramble this one?
and they are run as one. The former
comprises forty units; the latter has             ·        A high-rise block of flats and a     A trustee of another scheme has already
twenty. Quite illegally, the total areas of all   development of townhouses in separate         warned me that I will be in serious trouble
the sections were combined at inception           buildings are built on the same stand and     for making their scheme unmanageable.
and so-called participation quotas were           registered as a single scheme. The            I've said it before         shooting the
calculated. Neither the Registrar of              developer chose to run the flats and          messenger is a national sport! If you don't
Deeds nor the Surveyor General has any            townhouses as separate developments.          get an article next week, please send
record of any sort of application having          If the developer had established the          flowers!
been made to tie the schemes together.            development as two separate schemes, it
                                                  would have been lauded as a sensible          Ladies, please ignore the next sentence
Mews 2 has a section 25 right of                  decision. By not doing so, the developer      it is for men only! “There are two ways that
extension registered under which the              created a situation that is almost            a man can argue with a woman, but
developer may return and extend the               impossible to resolve.                        neither of them works.” (Thank you, Ti)
scheme by constructing another twenty
sections. Until then, the rates and taxes         ·       Even
components of the common property                 more bizarre is
costs must be shared by the twenty                the Sectional
existing owners while their neighbours in         Title body
Mews 1 share the costs among forty                corporate and
owners. Independent budgets will show             a    H o m e
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Ticking timebombs in many complexes
This article by Bhavna Sooka, Bongani              upgraded had fallen on deaf ears. The
M t h e m b u a n d S h e r l i s s a Pe t e r s   lifts are apparently nearly 30 years old,
appeared in the Daily News on the 2nd              said a staff member who refused to give
of May 2006.                                       his name. A lift company official who also
Lifts in many of Durban and                        wanted to remain anonymous, said many
Pietermaritzburg’s residential apartment           lifts in the city need to be replaced.
buildings are ticking timebombs waiting                   It costs between R400 000 and
for tragedy to strike.                             R500 000 to replace a lift - a cost that
      A snap survey in the two cities              many building owners and bodies
revealed that there are many faulty lifts          corporate find prohibitive.
and residents report that lifts regularly                 eThekwini Infrastructure Committee
break down with people stuck in them.              chairman Nigel Gumede said the council
The situation is so serious that the               was aware of the problem and warned
eThekwini Municipality is considering              that council would soon take strict
taking harsh action against building               measures against those responsible for
owners who fail to address the issue.              lift repairs.      Sayed Iqbal Mohamed,
      According to law, all lifts need a log       chairman of the Organisation of Civic
book and must be inspected at least once           Rights, said that the problem of
a month by a registered lift engineer. The         unserviced and defective lifts in and
                                                   around the city centre was a huge                         “caused waves”.
situation was highlighted when a man fell                                                                          In Pietermaritzburg, the state of lifts
to his death from a lift at John Ross              concern. “In one instance I know in
                                                   Overport, a physically challenged person                  has also come under fire from residents
House on Durban’s Victoria                                                                                   living in apartment complexes in the
Embankment last week. The tragedy                  has to be carried up and down seven
                                                   floors on a daily basis because the lifts in              downtown central business district.
was the second in the building in just over                                                                        Rowena Pillay, who has lived in a
two years. Residents said last weekend             the building are not working. A number of
                                                   buildings have lifts that are not                         large flat complex in Peter Kerchoff
that the pleas for the machinery to be                                                                       (Chapel) Street for the past three years,
                                                   functioning at all and need to be
                                                                        serviced,” he said.                  said that she says a prayer every time
                                                                        Mohamed said the                     she enters the lift. Another resident in the
                                                                        maintenance costs for                complex, who declined to be named, said
                                                                        lifts were usually built             that lift maintenance in the building was
                                                                        into rental costs. “Part             non-existent.      “A few years ago a
                                                                        of the rent should be                neighbour and two of his children were
                                                                        u s e d f o r t h e                  stuck in the lift for two hours. The lift
                                                                        maintenance and                      plunged four floors and then stopped
                                                                        upkeep of buildings.                 between floors where they were stuck for
                                                                        And this happens in                  another hour. Luckily, they all got out of it
                                                                        some instances.                      alright,” said the resident. He said the
                                                                        Certain landlords,                   complex management repaired the lift
                                                                        however, don’t use the               then, but it has not been serviced since
                                                                        money to maintain the                then and the alarm bell in the elevator had
                                                                        lifts in their buildings,”           not functioned since he moved in 12
                                                                        he said.        He said              years ago. The chairman of the complex
                                                                        tenants were often                   refused to comment.

     Practical,                                                         afraid to voice their
                                                                        concerns as they
                                                                        feared eviction if they
                                                                                                            Editor - I am sure that
                                                                                                            this problem is nationwide
    financing &
collection solutions                                                         “Taking South African Lift
                                                                              service to new heights”
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Making Sectional Title Work since 2000                                         Customer Services: 0860 102 668
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This article appeared in the Natal Mercury
on the 28th of April 2006

                                                                      I’m sorry, your prospective tenant is shady and unacceptable!

                                                                                  BODIES CORPORATE NEWS
                                                                                  PROVIDES TRUSTEES
A         DURBAN court has
         ordered the Body Corporate
         of a Durban block of flats to
                                         fraudulent references.
                                             Efficient screening, he said, was
                                         the only way that the standards of the
compensate a flat owner for lost         building could be upheld.
rental after it deemed a prospective         The body corporate denied
tenant “shady and unacceptable”
and refused to allow the family to
                                         liability, saying its rules applied to
                                         all and it had the discretion to decide          AND
move in.
   The decision this week, although
                                         if a tenant was in the best interests of
                                         the building.                            INFORMATION PACKAGES
only made by the Small Claims                Govender, on the advice of
Court, has been described as             Sayed-Iqbal Mohamed, Chairman                   AS DETAILED BELOW
“ground breaking” in South Africa,       of the Organisation of Civic Rights,
and one that will force bodies
corporate to review their
                                         took the matter to court and argued
                                         that, in terms of the constitution,
                                                                                  Information Documents
“screening” rules to ensure they are     people had a right to adequate             TO ORDER simply email
not contrary to the constitution.        housing.                                 PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ORDER MULTIPLE DOCUMENTS,
   Sagaran Govender, and his wife
Therusha, sued the body corporate                                                      IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL HOURS TO DOWNLOAD
                                         Ripple effect
of Harbour View flats for the R9000                                               In order to receive information documents please view those
rental they lost out on in March 2005       He said bodies corporate had no       available as listed below, select the ones you want, and list the
after the then chairman of the body      right to screen tenants because a        code numbers on your bank deposit slip in the reference
corporate, Piet van Oudshoorn,           tenant’s relationship was with the       column so that we can dispatch the correct information to you.
refused to allow a tenant to occupy a                                             Some information packages comprise of several components
                                         owner or landlord of a unit, not with    that make up the whole package. Some components are
flat they own in the building.           the body corporate.                      partially duplicated as they interface with several other
   The Govenders own and live in            In law, he said, a tenant could not   information packages.
another flat in the building.            be denied occupation. Only if a
   At the time Govender advertised       tenant broke the house rules could a     Fax proof of your payment to 086 621 6612 or 088 021 979
the flat, he decided to rent it to a     body corporate seek eviction.            5598 or email to in order that we can
woman with two grown-up children.                                                 dispatch the relevant information documents to you.
                                            The court agreed with Govender
The family went for “screening” in       and awarded the damages claim.           Account details as follows:
accordance with the rules of the         Commenting on the decision,              Nedbank, Chq acc           Acc name: Bodies Corporate
body corporate.                          Mohamed said it would have a             News
   He was never informed of the          “ripple effect” throughout the           Acc no: 1232112755.        Branch code: 123209
outcome of the interview and only        country.                                 Branch Name: Business Southern Peninsula
realised that the family had been           “I understand the need for some       Don't forget to include a reference when making
“turned down” when he started            measure of control. But one has to       payment so that we can track your order. Eg: (M1),
receiving calls from other               balance that against the rights of       (M3), (P5)
prospective tenants.                     owners.                                   Please note that the information documents are only
   He then wrote to the body                “These rights are being violated -                            available via e-mail
corporate, complaining about Van         perhaps with good intentions - by         M1 Understanding the basics - an introduction to Sectional Title
Oudshoorn’s actions and asking for       bodies corporate who take it upon         M2 Buying into Sectional Title - purchase considerations
compensation of one month’s rent.        themselves to make rules, change          M3 Owners and tenants - Duties and responsibilities
   According to the minutes of a         rules and then impose them on             M4 Common property and exclusive use areas
trustees meeting held in January         everyone else.                            M5 Trustees - Duties and responsibilities
2006, at which the issue was                “This is indicative that their         M6 The role of the Managing Agent
discussed, Van Oudshoorn had             powers are limited - and no rules can     M7 Levy collection and financial management
found that the tenant to be “totally     override law and the constitution.”       M8 Contentious issues in Sectional Title - extensions, leaks, etc
unacceptable and shady” with
                                                                                   P1 Conduct Rules - how to amend and example of amendment
                 NEW SECTIONAL TITLE PUBLICATION                                   P2 Management and Conduct rules with latest amendments
                                                                                   P3 Complete Sectional Title Act - amended with Rules
                  Just released by Tertius Maree in English                        P4 All articles that appeared in BCN - Aug 04 -Aug 05
                                                                                   P5 The AGM and 17 examples of documents used in Sectional Title
                “SECTIONAL TITLES ON TAP”
                                                                                   P6 Occupational Health and Safety - Examples of a contract
                                                                                      between Contractor and Body Corporate when work is undertaken
                 phone 021 979 5598
                 or email excl                              The dispatch cost for all Modules (M) is R20.00 each.
                                                                                  The dispatch cost for all Packages (P) is R50.00 except
                  to order your copy now!                                                    P2 and P6 which are only R25.00
      Imposing fines on owners
                                                                                                         By Tertius Maree
The imposition of penalties or fines             Section 35(1) of the Act states that a             own witnesses.
remains one of the most controversial            body corporate shall be controlled and
subjects in the sectional title context.         managed by means of rules. If a body               The trustees should then decide if the
Some say it is not legal whilst others           corporate makes special rules to                   owner is guilty of the contravention or
argue that the trustees have the right           impose fines there should be no                    not. If guilty, they may impose a fine,
to impose fines in terms of section 38(j)        reason why it cannot be enforced. The              duly inform the owner of their decision,
of the Sectional Titles Act which states         only proviso to the aforementioned is              the reasons therefore, and the amount
that the body corporate may 'do all              that the procedure must be clearly                 of the fine.
things reasonably necessary for the              defined and must comply with the
enforcement of the rules'.                       constitutional requirement of a fair               The members of the body corporate
                                                 administrative hearing.                            should from time to time, by ordinary
The State is not the only entity that may                                                           majority resolution at a general
impose penalties, it is for example              The owner concerned must be invited                meeting, determine the amount of the
possible to impose a 'private' or 'civil'        to attend a meeting or hearing. The                initial fine and every subsequent fine.
penalty in a contract. Similarly, the            meeting should be arranged as quickly
members of a body corporate ought to             as reasonably possible after the It is very important that the trustees
be able to impose fines.                         alleged contravention. The notice sent adhere to the procedural requirements
                                                 to the owner should be delivered by prescribed by the rules when imposing
Even though it may be a tenant or                hand or sent via registered post and a fine.
guest who contravened a rule it is the           should specify the alleged
owner who is ultimately held                     contravention in clear and
responsible in terms of Management               unambiguous terms. The
Rule 70 which states:                            purpose of arranging the
                                                 meeting is to enable the owner
'It shall be the duty of the owner to            to respond to the allegation
ensure compliance with the rules by              and evidence against him.
his lessee or occupant, including                Very importantly he must be
employees, guests and any member                 afforded the right to cross-
of his family, his lessee or occupant.'          examine any witnesses. He
                                                 must also be allowed to call his Contact: Email: - tel. 021-886 9504


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