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Mineral Makeup and Skincare


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									Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

Only 3 days remove your acnes!

Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
         Forever Mineral foundation provides sheer
         coverage with a dewey, flawless finish.
         Mix crushed foundation with Mineral Mist
         for a liquid foundation or moisturizer for a
         creamy version. For a more opaque finish,
         apply one of our six pressed foundations.
         For last minute touch-ups, use the
         refillable pump-brush with your favorite
         shade, or a custom blend.
         Crushed: 2.5 gm $9.00
         7 gm shaker jar $18.00
         10.5 gm refill non-shaker jar $25.00
         3.5 gm refillable pump-brush $35.00
         Pressed: 13 gm compact $35.00
         Apply Glow on your neckline, shoulders,
         cheeks and eyes. Glow provides you a
         champagne beige shimmer wherever it is!
         Crushed: 2.5 gm $9.00
         7 gm shaker jar $18.00
         10.5 gm refill non-shaker jar $25.00
         3.5 gm refillable pump-brush $35.00
         Pressed: 13 gm compact $35.00

Only 3 days remove your acnes!
         Use the Oyster Concealer (oat powder)
         under eyes, on blemishes or skin
         imperfections for perfect, flawless skin tone.
         Crushed: 2.66 gm $11.00
         7 gm shaker jar $18.00
         Use the Touch of Sun Bronzer all over for
         the "glow" of healthy, sun kissed skin.
         Great on face, shoulders, chest,
         Crushed: 2.5 gm $9.00
         7 gm shaker jar $18.00
         10.5 gm refill non-shaker jar $25.00
         3.5 gm refillable pump-brush $35.00
         Pressed: 13 gm compact $35.00

               Mineral Mist
         Turns crushed foundation into liquid.
         Also use to set makeup or to refreshen
         anytime. 4 oz. $16.00

         Rich colors and subtle hues will deepen
         contours and create a flattering youthful
         blush. Use on lips, eyes or cheeks.
         Crushed: 2.5 gm sample size $9.00
Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
         5 gm shaker jar $16.00
         Pressed: 6 gm compact $25.00
                Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
All natural crushed mineral powder formula in
                                                                Bark     Brown Sugar *             Candle Light                  Chianti
 matte and pearlized colors. Apply wet as an
        eye liner, or dry for contour and color.
                      * indicates pearlized color

                                                                Indigo        Ivy                      Khaki                     Pebble

    Use these all natural blushes to create color
 accents anywhere, including your eyes and lips.         Blushes
                                                                          Mauvelous                    Spice                 St. Tropez

  Made with aloe vera, green tea extract,
beeswax and peppermint oil to moisturize       Lip Glosses
         and protect your sensitive lips.
               * indicates pearlized color                                Pink Gold *               Nude Shine               Cranberry

                      Lipsticks                                          Auto Lipliners                           Wooden Lipline
  Long-lasting coverage provided by luxurious all natural                                      Define your lips lines with all
   formulation. Treat your lips to a non-smudge finish of                                          natural shades that
    sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamins A, D & E.                                       complement your lipsticks.

             Only 3 days remove your acnes!
Candied Cocoa *         Passion Pink *               Mousse                           Auburn                                     Mocha

  Plush Rose             Cherry Bomb                 Spiceful                       Mahogany                                 Pink Glaze

 Cosmic Plum            Divine Wine *               Persimmon                       Persimmon                                     Plum

  Wild Orchid          Midnight Mauve          Copper Penny *                          Rust                                  Sandstone

Naturally Pink *        Mango Tango             Pansy Pink *                        Antique Red                              Sandy Pink

   Marooned             Sugar Plum *          Cognac On Ice *                         Saddle
                                                                                                                  Perfect for overall even ton
                                                                                                                          blemish coverup.

                Do you * suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                     Malt                                 Burnt Coral
                              * indicates pearlized color
                      Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
            Currant               Denim Blue *            English Rose                 Flax             Grape Crush            Golden Girls *

            Pewter                  Pralines *            Silver Lining *       Taupe Shimmer *           Willow *                 Pink Cream

        Brown Berry                   Sherry               Maple Leaf                  Cedar             Terra Cotta                 Ginger

       Racy Mauve *                 Cafe Rose               Blossom               Nearly Nude          Creme Brulee *           Crystalline *

ners                  Auto Eyeliners                             Wooden Eyeliners                              Foundations
                                            Apply a few strokes of drama                                 Non-allergenic mineral formulations
                                           and definition to your eyes with                                in crushed or pressed powder.
                                             all natural mineral eyeliners.                               Perfect for all skin types. Custom

                 Only 3 days remove your acnes!
                                                                                                           blending is available to exactly
                                                                                                                match your skin tone.

                                   Black                                       Cocoa

                                                                                                                        Barely There

                                 Blue Black                                     Jet


                                  Brown                                     Midnight Sky

                                                                         Mascara                                          Canvas

                                  Peacock             Get gorgeous long, natural looking lashes with our
                                                      special formula. No smudging, smearing, or flaking.
                                                                                                                        Iced Coffee

                                                                   Smoke                   Chocolate
er                               Glow                                       Bronzer
 tone and             A highlighter to provide a fresh,              Use all over for a healthy,
p.                     clean look for the entire day.                    all natural glow.                               Espresso

                      Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
            Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

      Eyeshadows                                     Eyebrow Kit                               Gentle Azulene
Gorgeous colors in matte and pearlized        The kit contains three stencils to achieve the    Eye Makeup
shades cling to eyelids and won’t crease,
fade or weight down your eyes. Colors
                                              perfect arch, Brow Powder to fill in for a
                                              natural look, Brow Gel to hold shape, and a
                                                                                               Removes our Forever Mineral
become intense when used wet and make         Duo Deluxe Spooly/Tapered Angle to comb          water-resistant Mascara as
great eyeliner that won’t run.                brow hairs and apply powder. Choose from         well as water-proof mascara
Crushed: 2 gm $12.50                          Bark, Flax, Pebble or Onyx (soft to jet black)   naturally. $8.00
Pressed: 2.66 gm $18.00                       See eye shadow colors. Kit $29.50

            Eyeliners         Mascara
          Only 3 days remove your acnes!
From the subtle to the daring for dazzling eyes. German
pencils are a highly pigmented collection which go on
                                                             Botanicals condition lashes to look natural, never cakey.
                                                             This is a moist, lengthening formula for long, luscious
smoothly and are easy to apply.                              lashes. Our mascara is completely lacquer free.

Automatic Liner $8.00 or Wooden Pencil $7.50                 Each $13.00

                                                                                                    Forever Mineral
                                                                                                      Cosmetics was
                                                                                                   featured and highly
                                                                                                  rated in the January
                                                                                                      2006 issue of
                                                                                                  Alternative Medicine
                                                                                                    Forever Minerals is a
                                                                                                  proud member of Compact
                                                                                                     for Safe Cosmetics.

  Eyeliners are Imported

            Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!


         Incredibly long-lasting coverage in a rich
         luxurious formula made with sweet
         almond and jojoba oils. Won’t feather or
         smudge. Available in creme and pearlized
         shades. Each $12.00

               Lip Glosses
         This collection provides intense shine with
         sheer color for a fresh, sexy look. Aloe
         vera, green tea extract and beeswax
         condition, moisturize and protect for lips
         that feel as good as they look. A touch of
         peppermint oil refreshens. Each $12.00

        Lip remove
Only 3 daysTreatment your acnes!
         Vitamin-enriched Lip Satin moisturizes
         and protects with sweet almond and
         jojoba oils. Use under lipstick to make it
         last longer and look flawless. Lip Buffer
         exfoliates dry, chapped skin, leaving
         perfectly smooth lips. Using Lip Buffer
         improves blood circulation, making lips
         fuller and reducing fine lines on and
         around lips. Satin or Buffer $12.00
         Buy both and save! Both $23.00

                  Lip Liners
         A full complement of shades for our
         enriched lipsticks. Use alone or as a base
         under gloss. This rich formula goes on
         easy without skipping.
         Automatic Liner $8.00
         Wooden Pencil $7.50

            Wooden Liner
Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
         Keep your wooden lip and eye liners
         sharp for finer detail. $2.25
           Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!


                                      Titanium Collection
                          Our selection of hand-crafted brushes are very full, highly dense, and
                          incredibly silky soft. Choose the perfect brush to fit your need.
                                      A. Capra Purse Size Flat Dome $18.00
                                      B. Chisel Angle Blush $13.50
                                      C. Camouflage Foundation $18.50
 Lip                                  D. Chisel Deluxe Oval Fluff $9.00
Liners are Imported                   E. Rounded Angle $22.00
                                      F. Chisel Double Angle $8.50
                                      G. Angle Fluff $14.00
                                      H. Kolinsky Fluff 10 $17.50                Brush Cleanser
                                      J. Crease $14.00                          Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes to keep
                                                                                brushes working and looking like new.
       Only 3 days remove your acnes!
 Liner Sharpener
                                      K. Deluxe Covered Lip $17.00
                                      L. Luscious Kabuki $22.00
                                                                                Reformulated specifically for use with
                                                                                highly pigmented minerals. 4 oz. $7.50
                                  D               E             F
                      C                                                    G


           Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                                            Romove it oz., $13.00
            Do you suffering on acnes? Lavender Body Butter, 4now!

            http://www.cureacnes.infoto keep it in pristine condition.
                                  Whipped butter rich with everything your skin requests and
                                                                  Intensive Acne Treatment Mask
                                                                  & Healing Serum Duo, 2 Pieces, $19.50

                                      Care                        Makes a soothing spot treatment mask for inflamed acne
                                                                  areas. Follow this treatment by applying a few drops of heal-
                                                                  ing serum to further reduce redness and inflammation, and to
                                                                  help prevent scarring.
                                                                  Lavender-Raspberry Lip Balm, Tube, $4.00
                                                                  Lip balm flavored with raspberry, and goes on clear. The
                                                                  soothing blends of natural oils, butters, waxes and vitamin
                                                                  E will soothe and heal your lips.
                                                                  Orchid Eye Balm, .5 oz., $25.00
                                                                  Delicate balm formulated with mango butter, evening prim-
                                                                  rose oil and precious orchid oil, known for its moisturizing,
                                                                  protective and regenerative effects.
                                                                  Forever ’n Time Anti-Aging Serum, 1/3 oz., $18.50
Natural skin care products, hand-crafted with the purest          Hand-Formulated for skin over 35. Locks in vital moisture
ingredients, provide you with the best skin care available! All   that your skin needs to ward off the signs of aging while
are chemical, dye and talc free! Made in the USA, they have       protecting and soothing the skin.
never been tested on animals.
                                                                  Forever Vibrance Serum, 1/3 oz., $18.50
Lavender Body Shampoo, 4 oz., $8.00                               Hand-Formulated for skin that is acne-proned and has a
A Lavender-Sudsy Sensation!!! Your whole family will love the     case of the oilies. Can be used nightly or in the morning
calming effect Lavender has when you want to un-wind from         after using Forever Calming Facial Toner.
your busy day.

         Only 3 days remove your acnes!
Replenishing Daytime Moisture Lotion, 4 oz., $16.50
This creamy moisture lotion is the perfect primer for Forever
                                                                  Lavendar-Shea Butter Sugar Scrub, 2.6 oz., $8.50
                                                                  A delightful blend of Lavender and Shea Butter comes
                                                                  together to bring you the best of both worlds… Great for

Mineral Cosmetics Foundation! Enriched with aloe vera,            feet, legs and elbows
chamomile, calendula extracts, silk proteins, and essential
oils of lavender, geranium, and rose.                             Micro-Dermabrasion Cloth 12” x 12”, $10.50
                                                                  Comes in Forever's favorite color-Lavender! This is the best
Calming Facial Toner, 4 oz., $13.50                               new natural skin care treatment on the market today!
Skin-loving tonic enhanced with smoothing aloe vera, rose,
lavender and peppermint hydrosols, chamomile extract and          Gentle Azulene Eye Makeup Remover, 4 oz., $8.00
pure essential oils of tea tree, lavender and rose geranium.      Removes our Forever Mineral water-resistant Mascara as
Great for all skin types!                                         well as water-proof mascara naturally.
Gentle Azulene Foaming Gel Wash, 4 oz., $13.50                    Forever Natural Facial Scrub 4oz. $15.00
Formulated with soothing chamomile calendula and laven-           A natural Facial scrub formulated with crushed fine walnut
der essential oils for normal skin types, this light and foamy    shells to exfoliate safely and effectively while leaving your skin
gel wash cleanses even the most sensitive skin without            soft and refreshed. Use with the Micro-Dermabrasion cloth
stripping its natural barrier oils.                               for the results your looking for once or twice weekly.
Glacial Clay Mask. 2 oz., $19.50                                  5 pc. Forever Natural Skincare starter kit $50
This unique mask does it all: detoxifies, attracts positively     Includes Azulene Foaming Gel Wash, Orchid Eye Balm,
charged bacteria, deep cleanses, exfoliates, tightens,            Azulene Night Time Cream,Replenishing Day-Time Moisture
smoothes and refreshes the skin.                                  Lotion, Calming Facial Toner (each are 1/2 size).
Azulene Night-Time Cream, 2 oz., $16.50                           If you are interested in becoming a Forever Mineral Consultant,
Rich jojoba-based moisturizing cream formulated with sooth-                         contact us @ 620-664-5600.
ing azulene, known for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and        
restorative properties, chamomile and lavender essentials.         Forever Mineral Cosmetics / A division of Brull Enterprises Inc.
Oatmeal-Lavender Complexion Bar, $6.25
Delightful blend of oatmeal and lavender, this hand-made
face and body bar formulated with organic lavender and oats
will leave your skin feeling clean and soft without the tight-
            Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
ness of conventional bar soaps.


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