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									                            Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

  FALL 2007

Facial Basics
What Exactly Is a Facial, and Is It For You?
Cathy Ulrich

                            A man's health
"The one part of our body we see                    conditions change depending on your
everyday is our face," says Zari Pirasteh,          general health, seasonal influences, and
professional esthetician and reiki master           stress factors. Your esthetician may be
from Colorado. "If we don't approve of              able to see signs of stress in your skin

                            can be judged
what we see in the mirror, we eventually
develop a dislike for ourselves. It's
important that we take care of our skin,
                                                    even before you're aware of them.

                                                    2. Cleansing

                            by which he
especially the skin on our face because it
reflects our inner health and life." One
sure way to achieve this is with
                                                    The cleansing step gently removes dirt
                                                    and environmental toxins. Your
                                                    esthetician will choose a cleansing

                            takes two at a
professional facials.                               product based on her analysis. She will
                                                    also teach you how to effectively clean
Facials are often thought to be a luxury            your skin. Improper face washing can be
-- something to do while on vacation or             the cause of many facial skin problems.
                            time--pills or
       Only 3 days remove your acnes!
for a special occasion. However, making
monthly facials part of a regular
self-care routine can help prevent the
                                                    3. Steam
                                                    A gentle steam bath helps soften

signs of aging, improve skin, reduce
acne, and even improve general health.
                                                    blackheads and open skin follicles to
                                                    remove impurities embedded deep

                                                                                               -Joan Welsh

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While a facial may feel decadent, it is an important part of self-care for many.
                                                                                               In this Issue

What is a Facial?                                   within the skin. During the steam bath,    Facial Basics
While variations abound, the basic facial           your esthetician may apply an exfoliant    Healthy Holidays
is a process generally involving five steps:        or deeper cleansing agent to remove        Easing Holiday Angst
                                                    these embedded impurities. As part of
1. Skin Analysis                                    the steam treatment, many estheticians
Your esthetician will evaluate your skin            will also perform extraction of
type, work with you to determine your               blackheads, which clog pores and can be
skin care goals, and decide what                    the cause of acne. Once these areas are
products and techniques will help you
                       Do you suffering page
best meet those objectives. Skin Continued on on 2acnes?                           Romove it now!
                        Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                        http://www.cureacnes.info       protect his skin and maintain a healthy
Continued from page 1             Who's a Candidate?    and vital appearance.
unclogged, your skin can produce its         Most estheticians recommend that
own natural moisturizers more easily.        women start a regular facial routine in
                                             their late 20s, although younger women            Facials For All
4. Massage                                   can benefit, especially when acne is a            For both sexes and all ages, feeling
The muscles of the face are delicate.        problem. Teens are discovering that               better and looking better boost
Many of them are attached solely to the      facials can help manage that tough acne           self-confidence. People are living
skin of the face, so great care must be      that comes during junior high and high            longer, healthier lives, and they're
taken to avoid overstretching. A             school. By starting early, many skin              learning that skin care is an important
professional esthetician is trained to       conditions such as dryness, premature             part of a regular routine.
massage those muscles to help improve        wrinkles, and adult acne can be avoided
tone, relax the muscles, and increase        or managed.                                       While diet, water consumption, stress
circulation while working along muscle                                                         management, exercise, sun screen, and
fibers. Facial massage can delay the         Men are learning they can benefit from            overall wellness contribute to healthy
appearance of wrinkles and stimulate         a regular facial regimen, too. Men                skin, professional treatments go a long
lymphatic flow, helping the skin             experience the same effects of aging as           way toward stimulating, balancing, and
eliminate waste.                             women, but they may be exacerbated by             toning your complexion.
                                             shaving, which damages the skin. Men
5. Facemask                                  may also have more of a tendency to               Monthly facials can be a key component
Your esthetician will choose a facemask      forget sunscreen when playing sports or           in maintaining optimal skin health.
for your skin type and specific              spending prolonged periods outside,               "When we have glowing, healthy skin,
condition. Specialized masks may help        and they're less likely to maintain a daily       we're also showing the world our inner
to hydrate, tone, or replenish collagen      skin care routine. An esthetician can             glow," Pirasteh says. "We care about
in the deeper layers. Others may have        teach a male client the techniques to             ourselves, and our face proves it."
powerful antioxidant effects to help fight
pollution, sun damage, and other
environmental       conditions.     Your
esthetician will choose a mask with the
ingredients designed to meet your
individual needs.

      Only 3 days remove your acnes!
By monitoring your skin condition on a
regular basis, an esthetician can spot

changes in your skin before bigger
problems arise. And as part of the
service, your skin care professional can
recommend take-home products that
will help maintain optimal skin health
between facials. Your practitioner will
also teach you how to use them. Many
product lines have regimens that need to
be followed carefully, so be sure to ask
questions if you're not clear about your
home skin care routine.

Facial Frequency
We replace our skin cells every 28 days
or so. A monthly facial helps remove
dead cells on the skin's outer surface,
along with pollutants. When the face is
rid of these dead cells, the skin has a
much easier job of growing new ones. By
nourishing the new cells with the
appropriate moisturizers, we can
maintain healthy, glowing skin.

In some cases, facials are required more
often for best results, or you might
supplement your treatments with home
treatments. Discuss the optimal
frequency of your facials with your skin
care professional.

                                             Men can greatly benefit from facials, as daily shaving can exacerbate skin conditions.

                        Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                        Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
Healthy Holidays        http://www.cureacnes.info
Five Tips for the Natural Traveler

Planning a vacation or business trip?        fight colds, as well as motion sickness,
Consider packing a small kit of natural      when traveling.
remedies before you go. Unfamiliar
surroundings, unusual foods, and jet lag     3. Melatonin
can make you vulnerable to viruses,          To ease jet lag, Sutton suggests leaving
stress, and gastrointestinal (GI) upset.     your watch set for the time zone from
Colorado     Naturopathic      Physician     which you're departing. When your
Michael Sutton suggests the following        watch shows your normal bedtime, take
items:                                       3-6mg of melatonin, then go to sleep to
                                             regulate yourself quickly and easily to
1. Grapefruit Seed Extract                   the new time zone.
This extract fights and prevents viruses
and helps reduce symptoms of diarrhea        4. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy
and GI upset. It can even be used to         To calm nerves and reduce anxiety,
decontaminate water (4-5 drops extract       place a few drops of this remedy under
per quart of water). A few days before       your tongue when you're feeling
you leave, mix 4-5 drops with juice or       anxious, or add 5-6 drops to your water
water and drink it before bedtime, and       bottle and drink throughout the day.
continue for the duration of your trip.                                                   Staying healthy is key to a good vacation.
If you do catch a cold or flu, you can       5. Water
drink as much as 8-10 drops, 3-4 times       H2O is essential to healthy travel. Drink
a day.                                       lots of water and avoid alcohol, as
                                             dehydration is a major cause of
2. Airborne                                  travel-related illness.
Available in natural products stores,
Airborne is an effervescent tablet           By packing a few natural remedies and
      Only 3 days remove your acnes!
containing herbs, antioxidants, vitamin
C, and amino acids. It helps prevent and
                                             paying attention to your body's needs,
                                             you'll be able to fully enjoy your trip.

Easing Holiday Angst
Five Stress Busters for a Joyous Season
You enter the holiday season with the        advance, determine what you can spend,       standards. But do decide ahead of time
best of intentions -- looking forward to     and stick to the plan.                       just how much you'll deviate from your
time spent with family and friends,                                                       eating routine.
decorating, shopping, baking. But as         2. Create a Time Budget
soon as you pile holiday activities on top   Many will make a shopping budget, but        4. Stick to Your Exercise Regimen
of an already busy life, you're likely to    what about making a time budget?             Regular exercise is a powerful stress
find yourself relating more to Ebineezer     Before accepting every invitation this       buster. You'll feel better, sleep better,
Scrooge than Martha Stewart.                 year, decide ahead how many parties you      avoid weight gain, boost your immune
                                             can and want to attend while                 system, and maintain a positive outlook
Consider these five suggestions to keep      maintaining your sanity. Make choices        about yourself. While it may seem like
holiday stress at bay:                       about your time commitments based on         an easy time concession to make, don't
                                             what you'd really like to do this year,      give in to the idea. Stick to exercise, and
1. Determine a Shopping Budget               rather than what you think you should        you'll thank yourself for it.
For many, gift giving is an important        do or what you've always done. Don't
part of the holidays, serving as a way to    forget to leave time for yourself.           5. Take Time to Rest
express love and appreciation for friends                                                 Take time from your schedule to honor
and family. But when the credit card         3. Set Food-Intake Boundaries                the cycles of the season. The holidays fall
bills arrive in January, you may discover    You'll likely be tempted to eat in excess,   during winter solstice -- the shortest day
you've extended your holiday stress well     and don't be too hard on yourself if you     of the year. Learn from nature, and get
into the New Year. Plan your budget in       don't stick to your pre-holiday eating       plenty of rest.

                        Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                  Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
Kindness in                               At Better Health & Body, we strive to keep our client's

words creates
                                        interests in the forefront and that is why we want to ensure
                                        that even when your not "on the table", benefits of self-care
                                        will carry you through until we are graced again with the

confidence.                             opportunity to care for you.

                                        Thank you.
Kindness in
thinking creates
Kindness in
giving creates
   Only 3 days remove your acnes!
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                  Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

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