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					                                YOVELA NEWSLETTER Issue 4

    “The Butterfly Effect says that a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can actually affect the
                                           weather in Central Park.

   In the same way, your small positive acts can radiate out and have a significant impact on someone

       At A Glance:

       2 New Practitioner Profiles
       Did you know?
       Workplace Wellness
       How to hold an Event @ Yovela!
       Date Claimer

                                PRACTITIONER’S PROFILE
We have been graced with 3 new practitioners’ here at Yovela and this month we will be highlighting two
of them. Please welcome Leanne Prizeman, Kath Walsh and Melissa Davidson to Yovela. Melissa will be our
featured practitioner for next month so be sure to look out for our next newsletter.

Leanne Prizeman

                               Leanne has been practising Reiki since September 2005. Since then she has
                               grown in so many ways while learning these different methods of natural
                               healing and is looking forward to learning more. Leanne has a keen interest
                               to study kinesiology in the near future!

                               Leanne has met a lot of lovely people through her journey which includes
                               enjoying supporting people through her volunteer work. She is pleased to be
                               a part of the Yovela team and we are equally excited for her to step out and
                               meet the world head on. Take time to consider Leanne as she is currently
                               operating out of Yovela on Tuesdays and is already making quite a lead for
                               herself in the alternative healing world.
Kath Walsh

                                Kath’s niche is in the world of holistic, alternative and spiritual healing,
                                using massage, meditation and mind empowerment.

                                Many years ago now, due to a stress related illness; Kath discovered the
                                world of medicine did not have the answers she needed. She went further,
                                in search of answers for her personal welfare, someone who was in her
                                better interest to heal. She is now a metaphysical healer who is enjoying
                                every minute of her work and life.

                                   Kath has certificates for Massage, a Certificate for Female Empowerment
                                   Counselling and she is also a natural Body Reading Therapist. Kath channels
                                   Universal and/or Angel healing. Her aim is to empower others through their
Zodiac sign to learn to live in a happier you.

Yovela is a wonderful group of Holistic Healers and a mainstay for ‘holistic healing’ now and for our future.
I feel privileged to be part of the team.

              Congratulations                                         Workplace Wellness

            Tina Van Bekkum!                                To all employers and employees! Yovela has a
                                                            way to keep your hard working team refreshed
  Our awesome, and one and only Tina, who                      and revitalized. And it is Tax Deductible!
  many of you already know as a remedial and
Hot Stone Massage Therapist recently received                     More and more organisations are now
 her accreditation and is now registered with a                appreciating that good health and vitality is
number of leading Health Insurance Companies.             essential for both business owners and their staff.
This means that those of you, who have Private             It is critically important for people in business to
  Health Cover, are able to claim a rebate for             be centred, de-stressed, rejuvenated and on top
your massage treatment. It just gets better and                  of their game mentally, emotionally and
   better. Please phone reception and check                  physically to be able to make good decisions,
    whether your Health fund is on the list.               remain highly productive, have a cohesive team
                                                                and to reduce sick leave. Our Workplace
                                                              Wellness packages are designed to suit your
                                                                     individual or group requirements.

                                                           Just contact Yovela by email or telephone for this

                                                                              07 54 828881

                                What? Two modalities at once!

  Jess Maher has recently completed Modules 1 & 2 of the BodyTalk System. As a special offer to clients,
        Jess is offering a combined Massage and BodyTalk session for only $100. Jess strongly believes in
                          the benefits of BodyTalk and has been having sessions since 2007.

She is pleased to now be able to offer this wonderful modality to her clients. BodyTalk is a complete health
            care system which enhances communication within the body, assisting the body to heal and
          balance itself as nature intended. Congratulations Jess from the team at Yovela for becoming a
                                  BodyTalk Technician.

                                           Did You Know?


                                   This healing method is soothing and relaxing as it works on your chakra
                                   system to heal your mind, body and spirit. There is no need to remove
                                   any clothing as the energy flows through the practitioner and is taken to
                                   where it is most needed in your body. This wonderful energy is so
                                   gentle and works in so many different ways. It can heal, deep down,
                                   emotions, ease physical pain and take you through a meditative state.
                                   Every person’s experience is different!


Chakras are like energy vortexes which act as transmitters and receivers. There are 7 main chakras and
they are believed to transform subtle energies into body energies within the nervous system, cells and
endocrine system. The 7 chakras have specific locations along the spinal complex and all 7 hold various
aspects, such as; an emotion, a colour, an element and pertain to specific endocrine glands.

Endocrines help produce and regulate hormones and chemical reactions in the body. There are also 21
known minor chakras, but we will introduce that next month with “Acutonics”.

So, knowing some of this we can begin to understand how an ‘invisible’ energy system can help to boost
our entire body.

The fun thing is that modern technology is beginning to make advancements with things like
photographing auras and mapping the flow of energy through our meridians.
            Does your computer need a backup? Well our files sure do!
  Over the next couple months we will be assuring that all our clients’ needs are being met and that your
 information is correct and updated. Although Yovela has been operating for over 6 months now, we are
streamlining all out forms and files. This is so that you can see your regular practitioner, or experience the
     beauty and energy of another practitioner, and not feel as though you are not a well known and
appreciated client. The practitioner you are seeing may go over some of the information on our forms with
  you so that it will not take too much time away from your treatment and provide us with your goals of
                                             health and wellbeing.

                                            Hold an Event

    Yovela has a Social Space which is great for seminars, education and fun! Just reach out to Jacquie
       or Tina if you would like to hold an evening or daylong event. Our space has room for 10 – 20
   participants waiting for YOU. Meditation, yoga, nutrition, herbs and not to mention the all powerful
    vision boarding, Yovela has no boundaries. If you have information to share or a magnificent yoga
   routine, please talk to us about holding an educational meeting or event in our Social Space. This is
     not something exclusive to Yovela clients, so bring family or friends and check in to our Monthly
   Newsletter for more information on future seminars and events making their way to Yovela. Be sure
   to check our event calendar with each newsletter or on our News Board at the centre for upcoming
                                                 Events Calander

Saturday 29th May                                BodyTalk Practice Day                   This event is open to anyone who has
12pm-2pm                                              @ Yovela                            done at least Modules 1 and 2 of the
                                                                                                       BodyTalk System.
                                                                                      A great chance to come and cover some
                                                                                        valuable information, do some practice
                                                                                                   sessions and exchange.
                                                                                         There were a large number of Gympie
                                                                                         people who did Modules 1 & 2 at the
                                                                                      start of the year with Jacquie and Loesje.
                                                                                      Support, excitement and learning is what
                                                                                           this is all about. Call Yovela to RSVP
Wednesday 9th June                          BodyTalk Information Evening              Come and clearly be guided through the
Starting sharp at 6.30pm,                      with Jacquie McIntyre                           concepts of BodyTalk, see a
                                                                                       demonstration session being done, and
Finishing 7.30pm                                      @ Yovela                         explore just one of the many aspects of
                                                                                          BodyTalk. This month we will look at
                                                                                        Body Chemistry, and how fantastically
                                                                                         effective it is for addressing Allergies,
                                                                                       Intolerances and Viruses, just to name a
                                                                                                few. RSVP preferred please
Tuesday 15th June                            BodyTalk for Animals public                  Jacquie has been invited back to the
6.30pm start                                Lecture with Jacquie McIntyre              Natural Animal Therapies Association in
                                                                                        Brisbane, to speak about how by using
                                              @ Enoggera Memorial Hall                    the BodyTalk system on animals, can
                                                      Brisbane                             have a huge impact on the animals
                                                                                       health, wellbeing and happiness. Not to
                                                                                        mention the flow out effect that it has
                                                                                             for the whole family. Includes a
                                                                                      demonstration Animal BodyTalk session.
Sunday 20th June                               Breakthrough Practice day                If you were one of the lucky ones from
12pm-2pm                                                                                    Gympie or down at the Gold coast
                                                                                         recently who took Breakthrough with
                                                                                         Brenda Miller, then this is the day for
                                                                                             you. Come and practice a group
                                                                                          Breakthrough, lead by Jacquie. Then
                                                                                              have the chance to exchange
                                                                                               breakthrough 7 steps with a
                                                                                            buddy/partner. RSVP is essential.
Friday 30th July                               Aura soma Consultations                     Dorothy will be visiting us on what
Monday 2nd and 3rd August                       With visiting Brisbane                   seems like a monthly basis and will be
                                                                                      available for the fantastic colour therapy
                                                     practitioner                              consultations of Aura Soma.
                                                     Dorothy Barr                       Appointments times are strictly limited
                                                                                        to just 5 per day, allow approx an hour
                                                                                               or so. Consultations are $60.
                                                                                          Normally the Aura soma bottles cost
                                                                                           $69, but Dorothy is going to do us a
                                                                                        super deal.....A consultation Plus 50ml
                                                                                        bottle for only $110. (That’s a discount
                                                                                         of $19) Ring Yovela to book your Aura
                                                                                                  Soma experience today.

                                                Cancellation Policy Renewal

At Yovela we encourage our clients to respect themselves and their practitioners by honouring their appointments. Our team is
 committed to educating and assisting people in finding their health, therefore we would appreciate 24 hours notice if you are
    unable to attend and wish to reschedule. Constant rescheduling or cancellation, with little or no notice, may incur a fee.
                                       *This Policy is to the discretion of Yovela and its