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									                                                   Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
            Natural Choice Products                                                 Ulcers ▪ Indigestion ▪ Heartburn ▪                                            Burns ▪ Rashes ▪ Cuts ▪
                                                          Gastric Digestive Enzymes
                                          the Multiple Digestive Oxy-Gem Nutrient Cream
                                                                                    Precursor to                                                                  Providing Oxygen
                                                                                          Enzymes                                                                 Technology for the Skin
                    Beneficial Sheet
                                                             G2O2 Oxygen Capsules         Fatigue ▪ Asthma ▪ Headaches ▪         Pro-5 Probiotic Blend &          Restoring Intestinal Flora ▪
         Product            May Be Beneficial For                                         Energy ▪ Enhancing Mental Clarity      Probiotic Blend                  Detoxifying System ▪
                                                                                                                                                                  Relieving Constipation ▪
Amylase Enzymes           Allergies ▪ Asthma ▪ Hives ▪                                                                                                            Candida ▪ Chronic Fatigue ▪
                          Sinus Problems ▪ Insect Bites ▪    Herbal Blood Formula         Detoxification ▪ Immunity ▪ Colds                                       Tumors ▪ Fibromyalgia ▪
                          Skin Eruptions                                                  & Flu ▪ Cleaning Foreign Proteins                                       Irritable Bowel Syndrome

                          Constipation ▪ Detoxification ▪    Herbal Cream                 Acne ▪ Anti-Aging ▪ Restoring
Bowel Toner Detoxifier                                                                    Elasticity ▪ Providing Nutrients for                                    Anxiety ▪ Cancer ▪
                          Irregularity ▪ Shortening Bowel                                                                        Protease Enzymes
                                                                                          Skin                                                                    Osteoporosis ▪ PMS ▪ Acne
                          Transit Time                                                                                                                            ▪ Infections ▪ Fibromyalgia ▪
                                                             Horsetail                    Urinary Tract ▪ Coagulation ▪ Hair                                      Kidney Problems ▪ Low
Cellulase Enzymes         Gas ▪ Bloating ▪ Candida ▪                                      & Nails ▪ Strengthening Kidneys &                                       Blood Sugar ▪ Depressed
                          Bowel Disorders ▪ Drug                                          Bladder ▪ Edema                                                         Immunity ▪ Arthritis ▪ Bone
                          Withdrawal ▪ Toxicity ▪ Food                                                                                                            Spurs ▪ Water Retention ▪
                          Allergies ▪ Pain Syndromes ▪       Lactase Enzymes              Dairy Sensitivities ▪ Lactose                                           Candida
                          Chemical Sensitivities ▪                                        Intolerance ▪ Milk Allergies ▪ Food
                          Environmental Allergies ▪                                       Sensitivities
                          Malabsorption Syndromes                                                                                Superfood Supplement             Immunity ▪ Energy ▪
                                                             Lipase Enzymes               Digesting Fats ▪ High Cholesterol ▪                                     Balanced Diet ▪ Offers Full
Chewable Enzymes          Digestion ▪ Assimilation of                                     Obesity ▪ Diabetes ▪ High Blood                                         Organ Support ▪ Vitamins,

                              Only 3 days remove your acnes!
                          Nutrients ▪ Chewable Tablet for                                 Pressure ▪ Chronic Fatigue ▪
                                                                                                                                                                  Minerals & Phytonutrients
                          Children                                                        Psoriasis ▪ Gallbladder Disorders ▪
                                                                                          Cardiovascular Issues ▪ Spastic

Cognizyme                 Sugar Cravings ▪ Candida ▪                                      Colon ▪ Nerve Pain ▪ Vertigo
                          Motion Sickness ▪ Fatigue ▪                                                                            Vitalase                         Circulation ▪
                          Hangover ▪ Gout ▪ Headaches ▪                                   Fatigue ▪ Infection ▪ Colds & Flu ▪                                     Cardiovascular Health ▪
                                                             Liquid Stable Oxygen
                          Hypoglycemia ▪ Diabetes ▪                                       Increased Energy ▪ Increased                                            Replenishing Metabolic
                          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ▪                                                                                                                Enzyme Potential ▪
                                                                                          Immunity ▪ Mental Clarity
                          Arthritis ▪ Mental Clarity                                                                                                              Inflammation
                                                             Metabolic Accelerator        Weight Loss ▪ Energy ▪ Muscle
Colloidal Silver          Topical Skin Infections ▪ Acne ▪                                Toning ▪ Decreasing Appetite
                          Wounds ▪ Parasites ▪ Abscesses                                                                         Vitamin Mineral/Enzyme           Enhancing Immunity ▪
                          ▪ Insect Bites ▪ Cold & Flu                                                                            Complex                          Relieving Deficiencies ▪
                                                             Milk Thistle                 Liver Cleanser & Rejuvenator ▪
                                                                                          Detoxifies Blood ▪ Antioxidant
Coral Calcium             An Easily Assimilated Source of
                          Calcium ▪ Alkalizing the Body ▪
                          Insomnia ▪ Osteoporosis ▪          MSM Supplement               Sore Muscles ▪ Arthritis ▪ Skin,       Whole Food Supplement            Increasing Energy ▪
                                                                                          Hair & Nails ▪ Complexion ▪                                             Natural Vitamins ▪
                                                                                          Allergies                                                               Enhanced Immunity ▪
Ez-Pro Whey Protein       Body Building ▪ Adrenals and                                                                                                            Cleansing▪ ADD/ADHD
                          Thyroid ▪ Lowering Cholesterol     Multiple Digestive Enzymes   High Concentrates of Enzymes for
                          and Triglyceride Levels ▪                                       the Standard Diet
                          Healthy Skin & Hair                                                                                    We at Natural Choice Products believe that proper Nutri-
                                                             Nutritional Essentials       Tocotrienols ▪ Lowering
                                                                                          Cholesterol ▪ Diabetes ▪               tional Support is important to assist the body's natural healing
Female Enhancement        Hormonal Balance ▪ PMS ▪                                                                               abilities. The information in this site is not intended to diag-
                          Mood Swings ▪ Natural Anti-                                     Cardiovascular Health ▪
                                                                                          ADD/ADHD ▪ Weight Loss ▪               nose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is not a substitute
Cream                     Depressant ▪ Fibroids ▪ Hot
                          Flashes ▪ Thyroid Function ▪                                    Maintaining Proper Organ Function      for professional medical advice or medical exam.
                          Water Retention          Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
                                             Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!
What is an enzyme?                 
Enzymes are the protein molecules responsible
                                                     “The energy to blink the eye, to move a finger, to take a
for certain functions in the body such as food       breath; the nerve signals that make the heart beat...
digestion, building bones and tissues, and aiding
in detoxification. In his book “Food Enzymes”,
                                                     depends on an intricately choreographed interplay of
Dr. Humbart Santillo gives the analogy that pro-     energy… Each of these finely tuned chemical reactions
teins are the light bulb and enzymes are the elec-
trical current which lights up the bulb. Enzymes     that make us a piece of work depends on helper substances
are essential for life.                              called Enzymes to speed up (or catalyze) the reaction.”
Why do we need enzymes?                              Dr. Mary Dan Eades
Every living thing naturally has the enzymes it
needs to break itself down. This is a delicate                                                                     “Putting Your Health
and necessary part in the life cycle. In the
natural realm, as plants decompose they fertil-
                                                     Supplemental Enzymes for the Body                             Back In Your Hands”
ize the soil with vitamins and minerals, giving      The primary reason to take supplemental digestive
seedlings the nutrients they need to thrive.         enzymes today is to help replace those that were
These sprouts are extremely high in enzymes.         destroyed in some manner, such as with heat, proc-
As these plants become food for livestock, they
continue to break down in the digestive proc-
                                                     essing and irradiation. While it is true that our
                                                     bodies can produce digestive enzymes, when we eat
                                                                                                            The Benefits of Enzymes
                                 Only 3 days remove your acnes!
ess allowing the recipient to receive their nutri-
tional value. This cycle has been the basis of
                                                     enzyme deficient food, our bodies have to produce
                                                     a higher quantity. This causes a corresponding de-
survival since the beginning of time. Man’s
                        Natural Choiceand a cleanbelieve
                                                     crease in metabolic enzyme potential. Over time,
discovery of fire, while beneficial for so many          We at                 Products
                                                     this constant depletion of enzymes can affect the
things, inadvertently destroyed the fragile link         that proper nutrition          di-
                                                     body’s ability to maintain optimum organ function,
that unlocks the potential of our food. Heat         and can lead to degenerative process. By supple-
kills enzymes, which makes it very difficult for
                                                                                                            gestive system are the best defense
                                                     menting with digestive enzymes, we can take the
the body to maintain proper functions.               digestive load off of our body’s enzyme production     against degenerative disease. To en-
                                                                                                            sure balanced nutrition, our products
Supplemental Enzymes for Health                      and allow the body to use those enzymes to opti-
                                                     mize organ function.                                   are developed to serve this basic con-
For proper digestion to occur, the following
enzymes are required:                                Supplemental Enzymes for Digestion                     cept. We strive to offer natural sup-
                                                                                                            plements of the highest quality that
Protease:                                            Supplementing with digestive enzymes leads to
                                                                                                            are best suited to provide conscien-
      For digestion of Protein                       complete digestion, as naturally occurring food en-
                                                     zymes and supplemental food enzymes begin the          tious individuals an effective method
Amylase:                                             process of digestion earlier in the digestive tract.   of safeguarding their health.
      For digestion of Carbohydrates                 Exposure to pancreatic enzymes is only possible
                                                     after the food leaves the stomach. This means that
Lipase:                                              digestion is beginning in the small intestine, where
      For digestion of Fats                          the system should be assimilating nutrients. The
Cellulase:                                           chance of undigested food entering the colon is in-
                                                     creased, leading to putrefaction and the toxins, gas
                                                                                                                          Natural Choice Products
                                                                                                            109 Cooperative Way Suite 101 ● Kalispell, MT 59901
      For digestion of Dietary Fiber                 and discomfort that this putrefaction produces.              1-800-626-5143 ● ●

       For digestion of Dairy Products
                                             Do you suffering on acnes? Romove it now!

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