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					Banking and Income Officer
                     The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
                                           Job Description

Job Title:                                                 Banking and Income Officer

Department/Location:                                       Finance, Hillfields

Responsible To Job Title:                                  Banking & Income Team Supervisor

                        Location:                          Hillfields

Main Purpose of Job:

To provide an income processing service for monies being received by the
Association and to provide advice and guidance to the rest of the Association on
correct financial processes, coding and procedures for income.

To actively review and process all transactions received on Guide Dogs’ bank
account through the Finance and Fundraising systems and query any anomalies
which may arise, including correct donor, campaign, product and cost centre

To receive, bank, allocate and process Guide Dogs income (circa £45million)
through the Finance and Fundraising systems in a timely manner, to strict deadlines
in order that Supporters are thanked as soon as possible.

Reconcile all amounts and proactively query issues and communicate internally and
with other external parties, to ensure resolution.

Subordinates            Direct: None

                      Indirect: None

An organisation chart of the department is at the end of this job description, showing
where this job fits in.

Dimensions of Responsibility

Services provided: To ensure all banking transactions and all fundraising and
general income are administered and processed in an accurate and timely manner
and in accordance with set guidelines and procedures to meet reporting, statutory
and auditing requirements. Weekly processing of around £500k and 300 transactions
of cash and cheques and around £370k and 300 other income transactions.

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Banking and Income Officer

Signature of Functional Director...............................................    Date:

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Banking and Income Officer

                                Key Tasks and Responsibilities

       Responsible for reviewing all relevant paperwork and allocating the income to
        the correct campaign, cost centre, product and donor on the fundraising
        system, or directly onto the finance system as journal entries as appropriate.
        The accuracy of this is vital to ensure that the financial records of the
        Association are correct for statutory reporting and for fundraising
        effectiveness measures such as ROI by campaign.

       Good knowledge of Fetch and Sage is required, as is an under standing of
        complex arrangements with regards donor income accounting e.g. soft
        crediting Branches; In Memory; Tribute Funds; Sponsorship Participants and
        Name a Puppy funds.

       Responsible for data manipulation in excel and uploading to the fundraising
        system of all data feeds for income banked via the third party fulfilment house
        from fundraising campaigns, circa £10 million. This is a major element of
        voluntary fundraised income and must be processed in a timely and accurate
        fashion in order for good governance and financial rigour.

       Responsible for setting up donor details accurately on Fetch, including
        personal information and mailing preferences but also gift aid eligibility. This
        requires a working knowledge of gift aid to ensure declarations are valid. This
        is important to ensure thank you letters are sent to the donor as well as future
        fundraising campaigns, but also that gift aid can be claimed on the donations.

       Provide advice and support to other departments concerning the correct
        application of financial rules regarding income and receipting. This requires
        knowledge of Guide dogs fundraising structure, Guide Dogs financial chart of
        accounts, cost centres, campaigns and products. Knowledge is therefore
        required of the relevant data flows and which areas need which information
        e.g. Legacy Marketing, Legacy Administration, SAP, events etc

       Responsible for the receipting and handling of significant volumes and values
        of cash and cheques ensuring appropriate controls are followed, and that
        these monies are reconciled to the accounting system and banked promptly.
       To proactively identify issues relating to reconciliations, missing or
        unidentifiable information and resolve with the relevant party. This will include
        liaison with our bankers, fundraising branches, regional & head office
        fundraising as well as other departments.

       Check all bank charges for validity and query with the bank if considered

       To process and reconcile credit card donations, ensuring that Guide Dogs
        adheres to Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS)
        regulations and compliance.

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Banking and Income Officer

                                Key Tasks and Responsibilities

       To review and validate, ready for approval, all income refund requests,
        ensuring all details are accurate and in line with agreed procedures and post
        approval to enter all journals onto sage regarding reversals and repayments

       Deal with standing orders, memberships, covenants, matched giving, and
        CAF vouchers. (This includes maintaining a control balance to ensure that for
        all CAF vouchers presented, the cash has been received).

       To maintain an impress head office petty cash float, ensuring that requests
        are approved correctly, receipts are attached and the float reconciles, and to
        prepare reimbursement journals.

       (a) Liaise with all external strands of Guide Dogs to maintain communication
        and build positive relationships to enhance our efficiencies.
        (b) Help to build a positive reputation for the Finance Department both
        internally and externally.
        (c) Respond appropriately to all communications, using own judgement to
        assess urgency and prioritise accordingly.

       Undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by the Banking and
        Income Supervisor, or their line manager.

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Banking and Income Officer

                                            Job Factors

1. Judgement

    The jobholder will be expected to use his/her judgement and initiative in following
    up reconciling items and this will often require tenacity and commitment to
    complete the task. To ensure that data on the fundraising database is of the
    highest quality and that data meets business needs. To run routines on a regular
    basis to carry out and interpret data to ensure the system is working correctly.

    They will also need to ensure matters as appropriate are escalated to the
    Banking and Income Supervisor of any potential problematic issues.

    Established processes and procedures do exist and decisions will relate to their
    application, although there is a requirement for assessment and interpretation.
    Any processes and procedures which do not exist must be documented

2. Planning and Organisation of Work

    The jobholder manages and prioritises their own workload which will include good
    time management and the ability to multi-task and plan. The jobholder must
    ensure all tasks are completed accurately and on time and is required to work to
    strict monthly reporting deadlines.

    The jobholder will need to co-operate with other team members to ensure
    adequate absentee cover is provided in order to meet agreed objectives and
    deadlines. This role is very team orientated and the jobholder must illustrate
    his/her ability to support colleagues.

3. Communications and Contacts

    The jobholder is required to be in regular contact with other members of the
    finance team, liaising on workloads and giving progress reports. There will also
    be contact with other Head Office departments, Guide Dogs’ locations, HSBC,
    HMRC, credit card companies and external auditors who may be seeking
    information or advice and guidance. It is important that the jobholder promotes a
    professional and efficient image at all times. Excellent communication and verbal
    skills will be required in order to interact effectively.

    The jobholder may also speak directly to donors answering queries. It is
    imperative that the jobholder needs to deal with them in a positive, efficient and
    friendly manner to ensure a professional yet approachable image is created and
    maintained. Tact and diplomacy is a necessity with the ability to respond quickly
    and efficiently to problems should they arise.

    Ability to work unsupervised, retaining self-motivation, initiative and drive as well
    as working in a team.
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Banking and Income Officer

                                      Job Factors (continued)

4. Introducing Change (Creativity)

    It is expected that the jobholder would contribute positively to the development of
    guidelines and standards being set by the Senior Finance Management, and in
    particular highlight areas where procedures or processes could be improved.

    The jobholder should be proactive, innovative and a forward looking attitude. The
    jobholder needs to be creative in the way the system is used, and data imported,
    making suggestions to ensure that maximum benefit of the database is achieved.

    The jobholder will be taking on this role during a period of continuing change for
    both the Association and the Finance Department. A flexible and co-operative
    approach combined with a positive outlook will be necessary during this time and
    for the future.

5. Job Impact

    The job affects the overall efficiency and reputation of the Finance Department
    through accuracy and quality of work produced and communications. It is
    expected that the jobholder will highlight any issues which would be detrimental
    to the Association.

    Workloads will need to be managed within deadlines as failure to do so will have
    an impact on the publication dates of reports which are produced for the
    Trustees, Corporate Team and Senior Management Group.

    The direct contact with the donors gives the opportunity for the jobholder to
    enhance and secure relationships for the Association.

6. Theoretical Knowledge

    GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level standard in Maths and English. Preferably appropriate
    qualifications such as:

    ‘A’ level standard education preferred and relevant qualification such as AAT or

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Banking and Income Officer

                                      Job Factors (continued)

7. Skills Acquisition and Practice

    Given the above level of knowledge experience in the following areas are

                 Financial Competence
                 Attention to detail
                 Management of own time and tasks
                 Good communication skills
                 Good excel skills including data manipulation
                 Financial/Fundraising systems e.g. Fetch and Sage
                 Compliance with regard financial due diligence.
                 Good computer skills
                 Bank reconciliations

     Once appointed it is expected that the jobholder will be proficient within 3

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