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					Telescopic excavators
Special machines

TML manufactures:                        Besides the manufacture and sale        into a detailed overview making up
                                         of our machines, equipment and          a technical specification.This is the
                                         attachments, we also have experti-      basis for perfect planning in the
• Telescopic excavators
                                         se in engineering, project              design, manufacturing and realisati-
                                         planning, solution finding, consul-     on phase.
• Telescopic booms
                                         ting and carrying out studies.
                                         In other words, we design indi-         High quality standards: Maintai-
• Converter tap hole drilling machines
                                         vidual solutions for your requi-        ning a high standard means conti-
                                         rements, relying on our long            nuous development. Qualified per-
• Slag raking machines
                                         years of experience and the inno-       sonnel, in the planning department
                                         vative know-how of our design           as well as in the manufacturing
• Charging machines                      engineers.A high level of flexibility   shop, is a fundamental requirement
                                         as well as a distinctive demand for     for achieving quality and increasing
• Telescopic tunnelling machines         quality ensures optimal performan-      know-how. Our employees regu-
                                         ce, in today's and future markets.      larly take part in specialist semi-
• Blast furnace runner servicing                                                 nars.TML has been certified to
  machines                               An advantage:Working hand               DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. In
                                         in hand, we develop solutions for       the manufacturing shop, welding is
• Shooter                                problems together with our custo-       done in accordance with DIN
                                         mers.After a detailed study of the      18808, Part 7 and numerous pro-
• Special equipments                     working areas and intensive discus-     cedure tests are carried out.We
                                         sions with the responsible person-      produce quality and prove it.
• Attachments                            nel, the result is quite often an
                                         extremely specific requirement.         The use of modern technology
• Special machines for:                  Our engineers then design the           in every department secures quali-
                                         appropriate solution for each case.     ty and boosts efficiency. In design
     - Aluminium and copper plants                                               and development, we utilise the
                                         Reaching the goal together:             latest types of 3D-CAD and finite
     - Steel mills                       After concluding the analysis and       element analysis design and deve-
                                         development phase, the findings         lopment programs.
     - Tunnelling                        are presented as a feasibility study.
                                         The customer can then decide to         All work carried out is finally
     - Construction and                  place an order for the manufacture      checked by modern test procedu-
       redevelopment                     of the machine or equipment             res.
                                         accordingly. Once the order has
     - Mining                            been accepted, it is processed and
                                         all the technical data is collected
Our service and production          vices and repairs on site.          The personal after-sales service,   Our logistic system ensures
teams regularly extend their        High quality work from the          i.e. on-site repairs, training,     fast service and direct availability
qualifications.This guarantees      planning through to manufactu-      servicing and commissioning of      of:
quick and well-qualified custo-     ring and final customer satisfac-   machines is only natural for us.
mer support. Replacement of         tion is our primary maxim.                                              • Original TML – Replace-
original spare and wear parts                                                                                 ment parts in several
can be carried out in a minimum     Every machine that we sup-                                                locations
of time in our specialised work-    ply is our recommendation                                               • Experienced, well trained
shops.We are also perfectly set     and at the same time our                                                  personnel in our after-
up to carry out inspections, ser-   commitment.                                                               sales service department

We tackle problems and deve-         The latest computer technolo-        In spite of modern technology,          All of the production stages
lop solutions hand in hand with      gy secures a high quality stan-      numerous stages in the pro-             undergo strict inspection.
our customers, on site of            dard in the design department,       duction are precisely handcraf-
course.                              i.e. 3-D CAD.                        ted.

Final assembly and adjustments       Inspections by independent           Safe and professional transpor-         Our highest priority is custo-
by experienced personnel             quality organisations, e.g.          tation secures delivery on              mer satisfaction: Whoever uses
ensure the smooth running            German TÜV, are part of our          time.                                   a TML machine realises the
of our machines.                     quality assurance programme.                                                 advantages.

Metallurgic industry       Models: Unidachs excavators,         TML Machines can be used
                           TN & TS booms, Converter             universally and offer a high
                           tap hole drilling machines, slag     degree of flexibility. For specific
• Ladle shop
                           raking machines, blast furnace       applications we will design and
                           and pit furnace debricking           manufacture special machines upon
• Converter platform
                           machines, special machines for       request or alternatively special
                           aluminium and copper plants          booms for standard hydraulic
• Torpedo ladles
                           and steel mills.                     excavators.

• Electro-Arc-Furnace
                           A hot working place can be consi-    TML Machines are extremely ver-
                           dered as the toughest operating      satile and carry out various jobs,
• Tundish                  conditions for man and for the       such as:
                           machine! Through the use of speci-
• R.H. snorkel degassing   al design characteristics and high   · Complete debricking work
                           quality materials for the compo-     · Material clearing
• Converter tap hole       nents, our products allow faster,    · Ladle and converter cleaning
                           more exact and more effective        · Skull removal
• Blast furnace            working on the job.The results are   · Slag clearing
                           reduced downtime for furnaces,
• Electrolysis furnace     ladles and converters thanks to      These jobs are mainly carried out
                           our machines.We know from            in hot condition, reducing down-
• Blast furnace runners    customer experience that through     time considerably so that the ves-
                           the use of TML machines and          sels are available much faster.
                           booms considerable savings can
                           be achieved in:

                           · Refractory materials
                           · Downtimes
                           · Energy use
The metallurgical industry offers numerous extreme applications
for our machinery.These challenges set the standard for our tech-
nological know-how.A small selection of these working areas can
be seen in the following illustrations.

Converter mouth cleaning in extremely high temperature.             Unidachs 200 R for blast furnace runner cleaning and de-bricking with
                                                                    remote control.

Slag raking with a PAM 7000.                                        Unidachs 400 M for hot ladle cleaning and furnaces with ripper hook
                                                                    and remote control.

Construction Industry              Tunnelling/
• Tunnelling
                                   Models: Unidachs excavators,           The telescopic tunnelling machi-
• Grading                          Tunneldachs excavators,TN &            nes, or mining machines, combined
                                   TS booms, rotary drum cut-             with the appropriate attachments
• Underwater construction          ters and special machinery.            results in an efficient machine for:

• Ore, potash and salt mining      Totally convincing:The 360° rota-      · Tunnel excavation (Ripper
                                   ting boom significantly increases       bucket)
• Chipping/scaling work in mines   working reach flexibility.This allo-   · Profiling (Hammer or
                                   ws, for instance, safe header cut-      TML rotary drum cutter)
• Open cast coal mining            ting in extreme heights and makes      · Chipping/scaling (Ripper
                                   difficult overhead working much         hook or hammer)
• Profiling                        easier without endangering the         · Loading (various buckets)

• Redevelopment

• Demolition
• Landfill
                                   Models: Unidachs excavators,           header cutting where there are
                                   TN,TS & double stroke                  dangers from collapsing walls or
                                   booms, rotary drum cutters             falling debris.The 360° boom rota-
                                   and special machinery.                 tion extends the working reach of
                                                                          the demolition arm in all direc-
                                   Safety from a distance: work           tions.Through their special design,
                                   safety is, and will remain one of      TML machines are suitable for
                                   the most important concerns on         numerous applications. One of our
                                   construction sites. Our machines       designs is certain to be appropria-
                                   can also be fitted with radio remo-    te for your applications like exca-
                                   te controls upon request to allow      vation work and digging in confi-
                                   the operator to work at a safe         ned areas e.g. under bridges and
                                   distance from the danger areas i.e.    overhead cables.
                                   during demolition work, such as
The applications are numerous, our solutions even more so. For
personal protection in tunnelling and mining, we equip the machi-
nes with state of the art emission control systems.Alternatively
we can fit electro-hydraulic drives.

Tunnel profiling with TML Tunneldachs.                              TML double stroke boom TSD for deep canal and shaft excavation.

TML boom with extension for extended grading and sloping work.      TML Unidachs 400 BAU working in open pit coal mine.

• Telescopic excavators                  UNIDACHS                              PNEU-DACHS
     - Unidachs                          The UNIDACHS is a well known          The PNEUDACHS, in its design
     - Pneudachs                         name for machines that have been      and capability, is equivalent to the
                                         in use world-wide for generations.    UNIDACHS, but is fitted on a
                                         Although the technology has been      mobile, wheeled undercarriage.The
• Telescopic tunnelling excavators       improved over the years, we want      PNEUDACHS is suitable for travel-
     - Tunneldachs                       this good name to continue in our     ling long distances to different
                                         TML Telescopic excavators. Nowa-      locations, or where crawler tracks
                                         days our customers take delivery      cannot be used on the floor.
• Telescopic booms                       of a TML UNIDACHS equipped
     - TN & TS Series                    with the latest technology and        TUNNEL-
                                         exhibiting the highest quality.This
     - Double stroke booms TSD                                                 DACHS
                                         is proven by the long working life
                                         of our products.                      The TUNNELDACHS has been
• Converter tap hole drilling machines   The look of the machines has          specially designed for working in
                                         changed over the years and the        tunnels and mines.The TML teles-
                                         operators control them with           copic tunnelling excavator is com-
• Charging machines
                                         extremely sensitive joysticks from    pact and strong, and equipped with
                                         a modern ergonomically designed       appropriate attachments and com-
• Slag raking machines                   cab.The motion flexibility of the     ponents for environmental pro-
                                         boom and the attachments is com-      tection.
                                         parable with the “human arm”
• Crust Breaker                          except that the boom rotates 360°
                                         continuously. Even those furthest
• Stationary debricking machines         corners can be reached.

• Attachments
• Special machines according to          SHOOTER
  customer specifications
                                                                               Through combining the
• Converter and ladle repair
                                                                               machines and attachments,
  manipulators (Shooter)
                                                                               our customers can always
                                                                               make the best choice for their
                  UNIDACHS “L / M / H” Series
                  Telescopic stroke 3200 – 5500 mm, Weight: 23.0 – 40.0 t
                           L    2700 – 4000 mm 24.0 – 26.0 t
                          M     3200 – 4000 mm 26.5 – 31.0 t
                          H     4500 – 5500 mm 35.5 – > 40.0 t

                                                                                            UNIDACHS “S” Series
                                                                                            Telescopic stroke 3000 mm,
                                                                                            Weight: 13.0 – 16.0 t

“R” Series
Telescopic stroke 2000 mm,
Weight: 9.0 – 10.5 t,
with radio remote control
                                                            “T” Series
                                                            Telescopic stroke
                                                            2500 – 4500 mm,
                                                            Weight: 30.0 – 40.0 t

                                                                                    PNEUDACHS “S - L” Series
                                                                                    Telescopic stroke 3000 – 4000 mm, Weight: 15.0 – 28.0 t

                                                   Converter tap hole drilling rig “ABE” Series

     Telescopic boom TSD (double stroke)
     Reach up to 22000 mm                          Charging machine

                      Slag raking machine“PAM” Series
                      Telescopic stroke 5000 – 10000 mm

                                                                               Telescopic boom TS (articulated)
                                                                               Telescopic stroke 3000 – 5000 mm

        Telescopic boom TN (rigid)
        Telescopic stroke 3000 – 5000 mm

Special attachments upon request!
In the interest of technical development, we reserve the right to make modifications without notice.        Double ripper hook

                                                                                                                                                     Ripper hook
                    Pneumatic hammer
                    KB 555 – KB 999

                                                                                                              Ripper extension

Hydraulic hammer


         TML Rotary
         drum cutter


                                                                                                                        Quick couplers

          Boom extensions
                                                                                                       Belt cleaning unit

                                           Converter tap hole drill
“MADE IN GERMANY”                              “WORLDWIDE”

TML Technik designs and manufactures           Efficient agents and
its products in Germany.The company is         TML subsidiary compa-
based in Monheim near Düsseldorf with          nies represent us in
good connections to international airports.    many countries world-
This advantageous location supports our        wide to guarantee the
strategic logistics system and is a sound      customer contact on an
foundation for a fast service.                 international level.

TML Technik GmbH
Daimlerstr. 14-16 • D-40789 Monheim am Rhein
Telefon: +49-(0)2173-95750 • Telefax: +49-(0)2173-957540
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