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									                                              viaVerio Partner Success Story:

                                     Verio Helps Net-Flow Expand Beyond Commodity
                                     Web Hosting to Offer Value-Added Business Services
                                      Successful customer experiences              “Web hosting needs to work like a
                                      are ultimately the result of strong          dial-tone – every time you pick up the
                                      relationships. For Net-Flow, a web and       phone, it needs to be there,” Bowen
                                      e-business solutions company, that           said. “If the phone is off the hook for
                                      means a hosting partner that allows          whatever reason, people don’t call back.
                                      it to offer rich solutions to its clients,   As a growing business, we could not
                                      who in turn can better serve their own       afford this.”
viaVerio Partner                      customers.
                                                                                   When technical glitches or access issues
Net-Flow Corporation                  As Net-Flow and its customers have           occurred, Net-Flow sometimes had
                                      grown, Verio has provided the flexible       to counsel its provider on how to fix
                                      foundation to expand with them.              them. Billing issues were also a growing
Challenge                                                                          concern. In some cases Net-Flow was
                                      “With Verio as our hosting platform, we      being billed for accounts that had been
Find a scalable, reliable             created 66 products that run on top of       closed for three years.
partner that would support            Verio solutions,” said Dean Bowen, CEO
Net-Flow in moving beyond             of Net-Flow. “Verio does for Net-Flow        Bowen recalls, “We were paying them
commodity Web hosting to              what Net-Flow does for its clients – lets    big money, but they were not providing
value-added services.                 us focus on business and not the tools       anything that we couldn’t get anywhere
                                      and systems behind the scenes.”              else. After all the acquisitions, complete
                                                                                   with high employee turn-over, our
Solution                                                                           previous provider could not even recall
  Verio Virtual Private Server                                                     our name, let alone anything about our
                                      The Search for Quality,                      business.”
  Verio Managed Private               Scalable Hosting
  Server                                                                           Net-Flow knew it needed to find a
                                      As Net-Flow looked to take its business      new hosting provider if it wanted to
Results                               to the next level, it suffered from          continue providing quality services to
                                      low-margin, commoditized web hosting         its customers, and grow beyond the
  Dedicated support from              services. Plus, the relationship with its    commoditized hosting business. However,
  initial migration to 24/7           previous hosting provider had started        migrating from one provider to another
  ongoing needs.                      to falter.                                   presented several major challenges:
  A new revenue stream                Their prior Web hosting company                 Lost Time – Bowen estimated it
  with expanded premium               underwent four acquisitions over a           would have taken nine to twelve
  services.                           period of two and half years, resulting      months to migrate all of its hosting
                                      in a significant decline in quality,         accounts – including email accounts,
  More higher-caliber clients.        technical and customer support,              UNIX commands, e-commerce shopping
  Scalability as Net-Flow’s           and – most importantly – trust. The          carts, payment gateways, etc. – to the
                                      previous provider could not scale on         new provider.
  clients’ needs change.
                                      demand to meet Net-Flow’s growing               Increased Costs – In the interim,
  A customer service model            business needs, which often caused           Net-Flow would have had to pay for
  that Net-Flow tries to              strained relationships with Net-Flow’s       server space both at the old provider and
  emulate.                            customers.                                   the new provider simultaneously, which

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                                         viaVerio Partner Success Story: Net-Flow

                                     would have seriously depleted Net-Flow’s      migration team, led by a dedicated
                                     cash reserves and operating capital.          migration specialist, Net-Flow was able
                                        Lost Revenue – The migration               to transfer all of its accounts in less
                                     would have tied up human resources,           than three months. Because Verio did
                                     preventing them from focusing on              not start billing for server resources
                                     revenue-generating work, or providing         until the migration was complete,
                                     adequate support to its existing customers.   Net-Flow saved tens of thousands of
                                                                                   dollars on redundant server costs.

                                     Support through Migration
                                                                                   The Foundation for
“Verio is a trusted partner          That’s when Net-Flow turned to                Business Growth
with a vested interest in            Verio. With a range of solutions and
                                     dedicated support, Verio removed the          Net-Flow has been able to expand its
our success because, as              level of complexity involved in the           business to provide premium services.
our business grows, so               initial migration of accounts and in the      In addition to generating added long-
                                     complete hosting relationship.                term revenue, these new capabilities
does theirs. We’re proud to                                                        allowed Net-Flow to attract a higher
have Verio as part of our            Verio offered an experienced team to          caliber of customers, such as Web design
team because they give us            handle the actual account migration,          firms, ad agencies and brand managers.
                                     which enabled a faster transition.
the platform, expertise,             Verio also did not charge Net-Flow for        Net-Flow’s business is now extremely
resources and support we             hosting space until the migration was         scalable as well. Based on fluctuating
                                                                                   demand, Net-Flow can tap into a vast
need to succeed.”                    complete, which removed a “huge,
                                     potentially crippling financial burden.”      array of shared, virtual private servers
Dean Bowen, CEO, Net-Flow                                                          and dedicated managed private servers.
                                     “Verio took what was surely going to be       Because Verio offers Net-Flow extensive
                                     a business-traumatizing experience and        capacity, Net-Flow’s customers will
                                     turned it into a valuable one,” Bowen         never outgrow its services. If customers
                                     said. “It’s modeling leadership. None         need more resources, Net-Flow can
                                     of the other providers offered anything       create a virtual server within minutes,
                                     close to what Verio was offering. The         or easily and seamlessly upgrade to
                                     people to help us migrate, and then           another Verio solution behind the
                                     offsetting the financial burden, put          scenes, which reduces complexity for
                                     Verio in a league of its own.”                Net-Flow and its customers.

                                     “Verio’s approach was ‘how can we help        In addition, as Net-Flow’s business grows
                                     you?’ rather than ‘how much money             along with its customers’ needs, the
                                     can we make from you?’ Bowen added.           company is looking into expanding into
                                     “Verio removed all of the financial and       value-added services such as Disaster
                                     technical issues, and reduced the             Recovery and Business Continuity – all
                                     complexity and anxiety of migrating           utilizing Verio’s shared, Virtual Private
                                     between Web providers. This level of          Servers (VPS) and Managed Private Servers
                                     service and delivery of promise, you          (MPS), backed by Verio’s outstanding
                                     just don’t see from other providers today.”   customer and technical support.

                                     Working with Verio’s highly experienced       Now, Net-Flow facilitates online

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                                                        viaVerio Partner Success Story: Net-Flow

                                                    programs for prestigious national           superior customer and technical support.
                                                    brands and advertising agencies
                                                    such as Bounty Hunter Rare Wines            “We often reflect on what Verio has
                                                    (,                 done and is doing for us,” Bowen
                                                    Scrapbook Trends Magazine (www.             said. “When issues come up, we ask
                                          , Desperado          ourselves, ‘what would we want our
                                                    Marketing (www.desperadomarketing.          vendor to do for us and what, in turn,
                                                    com), Far Niente Winery (www.               can we do for our customers?”
                                           and Walkenhorst’s
                                                    (                     Bowen concludes, “Verio truly helped
                                                                                                us push the envelope regarding
                                                    Walkenhorst’s began with Net-Flow           what we can do for our customers,
“We’re now extremely                                with just one store. Now it has 150         and greatly accelerated our business
                                                    stores. Bowen attributes that scalability   beyond where we would have been had
scalable, with the ability
                                                    – and much of its own success – to          we stayed with a commodity Web host.
to start out basic and                              Verio solutions.                            Verio is a trusted partner with a vested
go all the way through                                                                          interest in our success because as our
                                                    “We’re now extremely scalable, with the     business grows, so does theirs. We’re
to dedicated hosting
                                                    ability to start out basic and go all the   proud to have Verio as part of our team
and load balancing. If                              way through to dedicated hosting and        because they give us the platform, the
we had continued with                               load balancing. If we had continued         expertise, the resources and support
                                                    with commoditized Web hosting and           we need to succeed. For Verio, us and
commoditized Web
                                                    Web design, we would not be where we        our clients, it’s win, win, win.”
hosting and Web design,                             are today,” said Dean Bowen, CEO.
we would not be where
we are today,”                                                                                  About Net-Flow
                                                    An Example of
Dean Bowen, CEO, Net-Flow                           Dedicated Service                           Net-Flow offers the power of NOW, a
                                                                                                scalable suite of customizable, turnkey
                                                    As the relationship continues, Bowen        tools that help businesses make the
                                                    has found that Verio’s sales reps are       most of real-time Web site, customer
                                                    always responsive, and he has 24/7          and financial data. Net-Flow hosted
                                                    access to customer support managers         solutions are for businesses that don’t
                                                    who know his business intimately.           want to worry about technology or
                                                    Whenever Net-Flow or one of its             programming. Through Net-Flow’s
                                                    customers has an issue, Verio’s technical   architecture hosted on secure world-class
                                                    support staff works closely with Net-Flow   servers, Net-Flow puts the NOW power
                                                    to own the issue and resolve it.            into managing daily operations for:
                                                                                                Web site administration - Content-NOW;
                                                    Perhaps the biggest and most unforeseen     eMarketing - Communicate-NOW;
                                                    change to Net-Flow’s business is in         customer relations - Contacts-NOW;
                                                    the way the firm interacts with its         online commerce – Commerce-NOW.
                                                    own hosted customers. Based on              Founded in 1995, Net-Flow is
                                                    positive customer service and technical     headquartered in Napa, California.

      PA R T N E R P R O G R A M
                                                    experiences with Verio, Net-Flow tries
                                                    to follow in Verio’s footsteps. Net-Flow
                                                    knows its customers’ business needs
                                                                                                   For more information, visit:
                                                                                          or call
                                                    and challenges and strives to provide          707-259-1233.

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