First Term Exam of English (1L) by Dmessaoudi

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									                                          FIRST TERM EXAMINATION OF ENGLISH
                                                 Aghbalou Secondary School
                                                  Level 1 – Literary streams

    SECTION ONE: Comprehension & interpretation (07 pts)
    Read the following passages carefully:

    Childcare Worker wanted                                                                                                   Katie Schultz
                                                                                                                         11 Merchant Street
    We are a well-established childcare centre in Greenview
                                                                                                                        Plainview QLD 3117
    and we are looking for a childcare worker to join our team.
                                                                                                                            M: 0411 111 111
    This is a permanent full-time position and you will be taking                                              E:
    care of children aged 6 years. A key part of the role is                             th
    planning, implementing and evaluating high quality, flexible            November 5 , 2010
    and innovative educational programs for children aged 6                 Murray Fogarty
    years.                                                                  Managing Director
                                                                            Greenview Childcare Centre
    To succeed in this position you will need:                              17 Example Street
    - at least one year experience working in childcare                    Greenview QLD 3000
    - a first aid certificate
    - a current working with children card ('Blue Card') and
    police check                                                            Re: Childcare Worker position
    - a genuine interest in working with children                          Dear Mr Fogarty,
    - the ability to form warm & responsive relationships with
    children                                                                I am writing to apply for the Childcare Worker position
    - a positive & friendly attitude                                       advertised in the Greenview Telegraph on 2 November.
    - high-level verbal and written communication skills                   I have worked in a childcare centre for the last 20 months and
    - initiative and capacity to work with minimal supervision.            found it a very rewarding experience. In my current job I have
                                                                            particularly enjoyed developing the play curriculum and
    We offer an award rate salary, and you will be working in               planning and implementing sporting and craft activities for the
    great conditions.
                                                                            children at Plainview Out Of School Hours (OOSH) Centre.
    To apply, please send us your application letter to the                 Some of my successful activities have included the rotating
    following address                                                       sporting activities at the 'OOSHlympics' and the diary-making
                                                                            day and pottery day.
    Murray Fogarty                                                          My social and friendly nature means I have a knack of
    Managing Director                                                       connecting with children and adults from diverse social
    Greenview Childcare Centre
    17 Example Street                                                       backgrounds and I value the task of building community
    Greenview QLD 3000                                                      involvement, which I see as part of working in childcare. Child
                                                                            safety is always at the forefront of my mind and I am cool-
                                                                            headed in stressful situations.
                                                                            I have a first aid certificate and a current Blue Card and police
                                                                            check. Attached is my resume. Please let me know if you
                                                                            need any more information.

                                                                            Yours sincerely,
                                                                            Katie Schultz

                                                              A            B

                                                English            Arabic    English           Arabic
                                                       Care        ‫اعتىاء‬       Rewarding      ‫محفش‬
                                                    Position       ‫مهىة‬         Curriculum     ‫بزوامج‬
                                                 Implement         ‫وفذ‬       Craft , Knack     ‫مهارة‬
                                                    Flexible       ‫مزن‬        Background       ‫وسط‬
                                                    Current        ‫حالي‬       Involvement      ‫اوضمام‬
                                                   Genuine         ‫حقيقي‬             Safety    ‫سالمة‬
                                                Relationship       ‫عالقة‬         Forefront     ‫طليعة‬
                                                    Attitude       ‫مىقف‬      Cool-headed       ‫رسيه‬
                                                       Mind        ‫عقل‬           Stressful     ‫مقلق‬
   1. Answer the following questions according to the texts above:

           a) Which of the above passages is an “ad” ? A or B ?
           b) What type of text is the passage “B” ?
           c) Which job is proposed for the candidates ?
           d) Does the candidate have to know how to help children under his responsibility in case of an
                accident ? Justify your answer from the text.
           e) Who is the candidate for the job of childcare ? Katie Schultz or Murray Fogarty ?
           f)   Did the candidate send her letter through snail-mail or through e-mail ? Justify.
           g) Do you think the candidate is suitable for the job of childcare ? Justify your answer.

SECTION TWO: Text exploration (08 pts)

   2. Find in the text “A” words closest in meaning to the following ones:
         a) diploma, b) capacity, c) payment

   3. Find in the text “B” words opposite in meaning to the following ones:
         a) disliked, b) unique, c) danger

   4. Fill in the table below with verbs taken from text “B”; use one verb per column:

                  [d]                                  [ıd]                                   [t]

   5. Find in the text “B” a frequency adverb and put it in a sentence of your own.

   6. Highlight the stressed syllable in each of the following words (use green or red colour):
      childcare, apply, succeed, background

   7. Rewrite the following sentence, using “must” instead of the underlined words:
      To succeed in this position, you will need a first aid certificate.

   8. Rewrite the following sentences, using “she” instead of “I”:
         a) I value the job of childcare.
         b) I have a first aid certificate.

SECTION THREE: written expression (05 pts)
Choose one of the following topics:

Topic 1: Suppose you are interested in the job of childcare advertised in the ad above; write a letter of enquiry
in which you ask for more information. (pay attention to both the form & the content of the letter)

Topic 2: Write a short telephone dialogue in which you ask the secretary of a public school for information
about an English course advertised in a local newspaper. (think of location, start day, fees, duration, etc.).

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