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First Term Exam of English (3LFL)


									                                FIRST TERM EXAMINATION OF ENGLISH
                                         Level 3, LFL streams

SECTION ONE: Reading comprehension (07 pts)
Read the following passage and then do the activities given below:

                              The Great Pyramids of Egypt are among the Seven Wonders of the
                              world. Their immensity, their structure, their placement, and the reason
                              of their existence, have until now constituted a great puzzle for the whole
                              scientific community of the world.

                            The Great Pyramids were built between 2650 and 2500 BC. It is said
                            that they were the tombs of the three Pharaohs: Khufu, Khafra and
Menkaura. They are located in Giza, Egypt, and all of them contain galleries which lead or not to
chambers. The largest pyramid is 756 feet long on each side and 450 feet high. It is made up of
2,300,000 limestone and granite blocks, that each weighs 2.5 tons. It must have taken up to 20
years for some 100,000 slaves to build it, and it would have required more than 100 strong men to
lift each separate block. But the most amazing thing in the Great Pyramids is the precision of the
builders’ measurements. The foundation of the Great Pyramid is amazingly level. No corner of its
base is more than one-half inch higher or lower than the others. Considering that the pyramid's base
covers more than thirteen acres, this near-perfect levelling far exceeds even the finest architectural
standards of the present day !

In spite of the best efforts made by famous archaeologists, the building of the Great Pyramids still
remains an unexplained mystery. The reason is that the inscriptions and the paintings found there
give no clue to how those huge constructions were built. Moreover, no instruments have been yet
found in the neighbouring area to guide the puzzled scientists to the solution.

Will future reveal more information about the Great Pyramids than we possess today ? That
depends undoubtedly on some revolutionary methods and instruments the coming generation of
scientists will find out and use.

                                                                                           Source: Internet,
                                                                                   Adaptation: D.Messaoudi

   1. Answer the following questions according to the text:

           a) What type of essay is the text above ? Expository or descriptive ? Justify your answer.
           b) Does the text deals with “Egyptian Pharaohs” or with “Egyptian Pyramids” ? Justify.
           c) Were the Great Pyramids built in the pre-Islamic period ? Justify.
           d) What is the most remarkable aspect in the Great Pyramids ?
           e) Why are the Great Pyramids still an unresolved mystery ?
           f) What may help scientists in the future to get more information about the Great Pyramids ?
           g) The Great Pyramids form impenetrable building blocks. Right or wrong ? Justify.

SECTION TWO: Text exploration: (08 pts)

   2. Find in the text words closest in meaning to the following ones:
         a) mystery (§1), b) formed (§2), c) necessitated (§2), d) indication (§3)

   3. Find in the text words opposite in meaning to the following ones:
         a) smallness (§1), b) put (§2), c) worst (§2), d) hide (§4)

   4. Fill in the table below as indicated:

          Verb                      Noun                     Adjective                     Adverb

   5. Rewrite the first sentence in §3, starting as follows: In spite of the fact that …

   6. Find in the text a phrase expressing comparison with the pattern: (superlative adjective +
      ordinary adjective + noun). Make a complete sentence using your own words with the given

   7. Reorder the following sentences according to their occurrence in the above passage:

      a) Development in science and technology may help us know more about the Great Pyramids.
      b) Description of the Great Pyramids.
      c) The position of the Great Pyramids among the world’s famous historic sites.
      d) The mystery that still surrounds the Great Pyramids.

   8. Highlight the stressed syllable in each of the following words:
      Immensity, foundation, architecture, architectural

   9. Make questions based on the underlined words in the passage above.

SECTION THREE: Written expression (05 pts)

Choose only one topic:

      Topic 1: Summarise the above passage to less than a half of its original size.

      Topic 2: Write a short expository essay in which you deal with the rise, the prosperity and the
      fall of a civilisation.


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