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					      Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately

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August, 2006                                                                                    Volume 1, Number 2

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                                                       It is one of the most common skin disorders and can affect
                                                       teenagers and adults. It has been estimated that 80 percent of
Hours:                                                 the U.S. population is afflicted by some form of acne condition, at
Monday                                                 some time in their lives. Adolescence is when most people have
                                                       their first experience.
    By appointment only
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday &                           Acne is a chronic inflammatory disorder of sebaceous gland and
                                                       probably the most common of skin disorders seen by an
9.00 am to 6.00 pm                                     aesthetician. It is caused by overactive sebaceous glands,
Thursday                                               triggered by hormonal changes either during teen years, and for
9.00 am to 8.00 pm                                     women during menopause or either during or after pregnancy.                                                                                Page 1 of 5
      Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
                                           Common acne is known as acne simplex or acne vulgaris. Acne is
                                           graded on a 4 point scale:

                                              A. Grade 1 – mostly open and closed comedones with an
                                                 occasional pimple. Typical of a teenager just beginning
                                              B. Grade 2 – large number of closed comedones with
                                                 occasional pustules or papules.
                                              C. Grade 3 – “typical teenage acne”. Involves large numbers
                                                 of open and closed comedones and many papules and
                                                 pustules. It is very inflamed and red.
                                              D. Grade 4 - commonly referred to as cystic acne with many
My newest find ‘Fake Bake’.                      deep cysts and scar formation.
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                                              What it all means. First, androgens are produced from
                                              testosterone. This hormone, primarily present in males is also
                                              found in females. Upon onset of puberty, androgen
    Only                        3   days             Cure            your             acnes!

                                              production goes into high gear, causing the sebaceous gland
                                              to enlarge, and speed up production of oil. Because this is
                                              primarily a male hormone, male teens will have more of a

                                              problem with acne than females. Females produce androgen
                                              as well, but estrogen production helps to balance. During the
                                              time of the menstrual cycle, when estrogen levels drop,
                                              androgens affect the sebaceous gland, stimulating oil
                                              production. This will peak during adolescence and
Do you have a comment or                      menopause; two periods in life where there is an extreme
suggestion on how we can                      hormonal imbalance. In early stages of puberty when these
serve you better?                             oil glands are first stimulated, the skin tries to accommodate
                                              for extra oil production, by stretching the follicle opening to
                                              allow for drainage.

                                              Second, because of hormone stimulation, a “hypershedding”
                                              occurs of the epidermis cells. In normal skin the epidermis
                                              replaces itself every 28-32 days. However, with hormone
                                              stimulation, the shedding of these epidermal cells is sped up,
                                              causing them to adhere to, and line the inside walls of the
                                              follicle. This cell build-up is called retention hyperkerotosis,
                                              and causing blockage. When the follicle is blocked the
                                              following occurs: Cornbacterium acnes, and Propionibacterium
                                              acnes, or P. acnes, are found within the follicles in small
                                              number. As additional oil is manufactured by the sebaceous
                                              gland, this bacterium feed on the oil and reproduce very
                                              rapidly. This causes white blood cells to rush in to kill the
                                              bacteria and an infection starts.

                            Third, the skin will now become inflamed. If this infection is
                            deep enough, the skin will try to repair itself. In doing so it
                            will manufacture more collagen, thus forming scar tissue. In                                                   Page 2 of 5
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
                                              skin types that are very thick and have a denser epidermis,
                                              the amount of collagen produced will produce a raised scar or
                                              “Keloid”. A “pit” scar is different than a keloid. This is a
                                              depression of the skin caused when the infection destroyed
                                              the skin tissue at that point and the skin was not able to repair

                                              Fourth, the worst case of acne will occur when the infection is
                                              at its deepest level in the follicle, well into the reticular layer of
                                              the dermis. If this infection breaks through the walls of the
                                              follicle at this deep level, a pit scar will be formed. This large,
                                              deep infection is called a “cyst”. If the acne is treated with
                                              oral antibiotics and/or topically applied antibiotics, the
                                              infection may be cleared up before it “bursts” into the dermis;
                                              thus preventing scarring.

                                              Aesthetic Treatments for Acne:
    Only                        3   days             Cure              your              acnes!

                                              1) antibacterial based products
                                              2) exfoliation
                                              3) steam

                                              4) extraction
                                              5) galvanic machine, a valuable tool to help liquefy impacted
                                                 follicles for extraction
                                              6) high frequency machine, a valuable tool to disinfect
                                                 extraction site

                                           Certain factors can worsen the condition, such as cosmetic and
                                           skin care products that contain oils or using make-up tools
                                           (brushes & sponges) that have not been properly cleaned and
                                           sterilized, subsequently transferring bacteria onto the skin and
                                           into the pores. One vital rule is not to use the hands when
                                           applying make-up, as contamination begins when bacteria from
                                           the fingers is transferred to facial areas. Old make-up is another
                                           threat. People should be aware that make-up does not last
                                           forever. Twelve months is long enough to keep any cosmetic.

                                           Teenagers tend to use a lot of hair products. They wear it to bed,
                                           and the product coats the pillowcase. Then, they press their
                                           faces into that swamp of hair product for eight hours every night.
                                           Changing the pillow case every night is a must.

                                           Stress can be another problem. It causes hormone fluctuations
                                           that can create sudden surges of oil and follicle inflammation that
                                           can lead to sudden breakouts. A balanced diet is important.
                                           Limit your dairy products-the problems are hormones that
                                           occurred naturally in cow’s milk.

                         Some skin care products that contain a lot of fats in the form of                                                  Page 3 of 5
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
                                          natural oils, esters, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, or waxes can
                                          certainly increase the formation of comedones. Products that can
                                          be comedogenic include skin care products such as creams and
                                          lotions, foundations, powders, and blushes.

                                          The best way to control oiliness is the home use of mild, foaming
                                          cleaners. The skin should be cleaned at least twice and no more
                                          than three times a day. Excessive cleansing can lead to
                                          inflammation that can worsen acne conditions. Make sure that
                                          your home care products are non-comedogenic, lightweight, and
                                          water-based. Daily use of a follicular exfoliant will help to break
                                          up existing impactions. In mild cases, a mix of alpha hydroxyl in
                                          a get formula will help to both clear existing comedones and
                                          prevent cell accumulation that can lead to new ones. In more
                                          serious cases, use of a benzoyl peroxide help to slough follicles of
                                          debris, and kill acne bacteria. Sunscreen is a daily MUST. Look
                                          for a lightweight, non-comedogenic day product with built in SPF.
   Only                        3   days             Cure             your             acnes!

                                          Certain spa treatments will help. Bi-weekly treatments using a
                                          good desincrustant product with galvanic current followed by

                                          extraction of comedones, then high frequency, and then followed
                                          by a clay-based mask that absorbs oil. Masks with sulfur provide
                                          antiseptic effects and can help speed clearance of pimples. AHA
                                          exfoliation treatments are also helpful in clearing dead cell build-
                                          up and helping to loosen comedones and impactions.

                                          There is no cure for acne, BUT acne can be controlled to the point
                                          where complete skin clearance is possible and sustainable. There
                                          must be a firm commitment from the client to perform home care
                                          every day, and commitment from the aesthetician to provide the
                                          very best and comprehensive treatment and education for the

                                          The latest in technology is Intense Blue LED Photopulsation. It is
                                          revolutionizing acne treatment. We will talk about this in the next

                                          You can do it and we can help!

                                          Products Offered
                                          Why we carry Cellex-C, the company that invented Vitamin C
                                          Technology. Cellec-C is a patented formulation containing
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                                          effects of this skin enhancing vitamin, mineral and amino acid
                                          complex are based on the Bioderm patent and is protected, so no
                                          other product can duplicate the results seen in the dramatic                                                                   Page 4 of 5
 Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately
                                          before and after pictures of people who use Cellex-C.

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                                          Closing Thoughts

                                          The day we are born we all begin the process of aging. During
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                                          this aging process, it is important to find the right balance for our
to a close it is a good time
                                          body and skin needs and to nourish for optimal health and long
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                                          life. When the body, mind, and spirit are balanced your life and
skin. Cellex-C is a good way
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                                          well being. We also offer that good old-fashioned one-on-one
                                          relationship with your technician. That’s what you get at WTE.

                                          Something to Think About
    Only                       3   days              Cure            your             acnes!

                                          Open your heart. It’s so easy to believe that external things hold
                                          the power in life. We think money, or lack of it, determines our
                                          abundance; we think other people’s behavior determines our
                                          happiness; we think success or failure, as the world defines it,
                                          determines our self-worth.
                                          Yet in any moment, we can change our minds. God created us to
                                          co-create with Him a world of harmony and peace and joy, which
                                          the love in our hearts gives us power to do. With every thought,
                                          we choose heaven on earth or hell on earth, for ourselves and for
                                          the world. We have the power to bless or blame, to forgive or
                                          judge. With our thoughts we have the power to honor or mock,
                                          to believe in miracles or deny the possibility that they ever
                                          happen. When our minds move in harmony with love-through
                                          forgiveness or prayer or the simplest tender thought-then
                                          mountains move and the universe shifts.

                                          See you next month!                                                                    Page 5 of 5
  Do you suffering on acne? Remove your troubles immediately

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