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    counts on Layered Tech

    Layered Tech’s 5 levels                       HomeTelos®, LP, is a real estate services
    of superiority add value                      and technology company with a single
                                                  focus — helping clients exceed their goals.
    to our customers.                             With its leading-edge workflow and offer management
                                                  technology, robust online marketplace, and innovative
      Layered Tech’s                              outsourcing solutions, HomeTelos helps clients maximize
      5 Levels of Superiority

      > VaLu e                                    the sale of real estate assets, improve operating efficiency
      >   Vi s i on
      >   e x p e rTi s e                         and increase customer satisfaction.
      >   reLiabiLiTy
      >   Ch oi Ce
                                                  The Greek word, “Telos,” is defined as the “end of a
                                                  goal-oriented process,” and it speaks to the overall vision
                                                  of the products and services of HomeTelos. Founded in
                                                  2001 by real estate professionals who needed workflow
                                                  applications that did not exist, HomeTelos’ Web-based
                                                  solutions are designed from a business perspective so
                                                  that property management and disposition services are
                                                  more orchestrated and efficient and enable clients to
                                                  achieve “Telos.”

                                                  HomeTelos quickly grew after developing and launching
                                                  HomeTracker®, which combines workflow automation,
     “With Layered Tech as our                    document management and real-time communication to
     infrastructure partner, we receive           manage all components of a client’s property lifecycle.

     superior service and unfailing               HomeTracker fulfills a service that was desperately
                                                  needed by large asset managers, including government
     technical support. Layered Tech
                                                  and financial institutions. Since its launch, HomeTracker
     allows HomeTelos to completely focus
                                                  has helped clients effectively manage and sell more than
     on our customers and our growth              250,000 assets.
     rather than our infrastructure.”
                                                  Success and growth continued when HomeTelos expanded
                            — Lydia Chase,
                             HomeTelos co-owner   its offerings by creating BidSelect®, an online market-
                                                  place to maximize sales and efficiency. BidSelect quickly
                                                  became a valued resource for buyers, brokers and asset
                                                  managers because of its easy to use and complete

homeTelos counts on Layered Tech                                                                                                      0.2

       management capabilities. BidSelect is so popular that it          Partnership Creates a Win-Win
       receives more than 12 million monthly page views, has
                                                                         HomeTelos desired top-tier hardware configured to scale
       more than 300,000 registered users, and on average,
                                                                         and accommodate future growth, designed so that
       facilitates the sale of properties within 37 days for 96
                                                                         additional components could easily be added. Doug Bland,
       percent of the listing price.
                                                                         HomeTelos’ director of IT, received direct support
                                                                         and counsel from the Layered Tech team to develop a
       Growth Begets Growth                                                                            customized, secure and
       HomeTelos’ success and                                                                          high-availability solution.
       sophisticated client base
       brought about additional            “The Layered Tech team exceeded                             “During our regular
                                                                                                       conversations with
       infrastructure needs, so in         our expectations. Usually you get a
       early 2009, HomeTelos                                                                           Layered Tech, we
                                           percentage of what you buy from
       re-evaluated its Web hosting                                                                    explained our environment
                                           an infrastructure provider, but we                          and infrastructure needs.
       setup to ensure that clients
                                           received 110 to 120 percent of what                         The Layered Tech team
       received the most robust
       foundation with guaranteed
                                           we expected, and it has positively                          exceeded our expecta-

       business continuity.                impacted how we support our clients.”                       tions,” said Bland. “Usually

       The company’s customer-                                  — Doug Bland,                          you get a percentage of
                                                                  Director of IT for HomeTelos         what you buy from an
       focused operations and
       ongoing growth made it                                                                          infrastructure provider, but

       essential to have a more                                                                        we received 110 to 120

       customer-focused hosting provider that was not only               percent of what we expected, and it has positively

       flexible and able to manage a complex architecture, but           impacted how we support our clients.”

       most important, geared toward providing on-demand

       After researching Web hosting companies, HomeTelos
       chose Layered Technologies because of its flexibility,
       customized solutions, personal customer service, and
       experience supporting the needs of high growth and
       enterprise customers.

       “Our approach to business is very customer-service                Layered Tech completed a complex implementation that
       focused, and we want to offer solutions that work for our         involved transferring terabytes of data with no downtime.
       clients,” said Lydia Chase, co-owner of HomeTelos. “We            Since the transition, HomeTelos has experienced faster
       saw that same approach in Layered Tech and knew that              Web site performance due to the more advanced
       by obtaining their managed hosting solutions, we could            infrastructure, and the company has more bandwidth for
       continue to grow and meet our clients’ evolving asset             its growing needs. Layered Tech’s managed dedicated
       management needs.”                                                servers offer high availability to ensure that HomeTelos
                                                                         clients always have access to the tools and data they
                                                                         need to do business.
homeTelos counts on Layered Tech                                                                                      0.3

        “Layered Tech has delivered a consistent, high level
        of service, and their recommendations and support have         how Layered Tech serves homeTelos
        been invaluable,” said Bland. “We worked with Layered          > Customized solution on dedicated servers
        Tech to achieve the highest levels of security and             > DEFCON managed hosting for higher
        redundancy, which are required by our large government          levels of support
        and financial institution clients. Layered Tech had the        > Highly available and geographically
        ability, experience and SAS 70 certification to make            redundant infrastructure for business
        that happen.”                                                   continuity
                                                                       > Disaster recovery solutions for continuous
        Layered Tech supported HomeTelos’ geographical                  data backup
        redundancy needs by automatically transferring data            > Supports more than 12 million monthly
        from the Dallas data center to a “warm site” in the             page views
        Chicago data center, which ensured data is safe and
        always available. For an added level of business continuity,
        Layered Tech also integrated R1Soft’s disaster recovery
        solution into the infrastructure for continuous data
        backup. All of these measures have enabled HomeTelos
        to meet the most demanding of contractual requirements
        and continue to expand its client base.

        “The HomeTelos team is always on-call to support client
        needs and deliver the highest-levels of quality and
        performance,” said Chase. “With Layered Tech as our
        infrastructure partner, we receive superior service and
        unfailing technical support. Layered Tech allows
        HomeTelos to completely focus on our customers and
        our growth rather than our infrastructure.”

   u. s./Ca na da To L L-free h oT L in e: 1 - 86 6 - 584- 678 4
   p h o ne : 972-398-70 0 0
   e ma i L: i n f o @ l a y e r e d t e c h . c o m

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