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					    August 2005                                             Spring Newsflash
         Page 2
     Exciting News!
     The 25m Indoor                                                                 Live Life!
      Heated Pool &
      Boutique Gym
                                                                            Live At The Island Club!

    Portofino Phase 2
    Progressing Well                  Indoor Heated
                                               Pool                             What’s
                                    & Boutique Gym                          Happening
        Page 3-4
                                           Opening                          & Where To
    What’s Happening
                                                                               Find Us
   & Where To Find Us

         Page 5
     Special Services
        & Offers                                             Portofino                          Special
                                                             Phase 2                            Services
          Page 6                                             Progressing                        & Offers
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                                          Well
        Two Great
    Prizes To Be Won!
                                                                     WIN! WIN! WIN!
     For further information,
                                                                        Two Great
          contact the:                                                Competitions.
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660
                                                                    Prizes To Be Won!
or Property World on 021 551 3354

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    August 2005                                                     Spring Newsflash
                                                                    Keeping Fit - All Under One Roof!
                                    Exciting News! - The 25 m indoor
                                    heated pool and boutique                                                       For further information please
                                    gym will be operational from                                                   contact the Managing Agent
                                    1 September 2005.                                                              Julio de Silva at 021 551 3354 or
         Page 2                     The gym’s operating hours will be
     Exciting News!                 from 06h00 to 22h00.
     The 25m Indoor
      Heated Pool &                 The rules and regulations will be
      Boutique Gym                  published shortly by the Managing
                                    Agent, Julio de Silva and will be on
                                    display at the facility. Please ensure
                                    that you read and familiarise
    Portofino Phase 2               yourself with the rules & regulations before using any of
    Progressing Well                the equipment or the pool.

        Page 3-4                    The gym has female & male showers, change rooms and
                                    lockers. The gym equipment includes:
    What’s Happening
   & Where To Find Us

         Page 5                     Cardio Electronic Equipment
     Special Services               1. Life sport T650 treadmill
                                    2. Life Fitness Upright Cycle Sport
        & Offers
                                    3. Concept II Rower Model D
                                                                                    Construction of Phase 2
          Page 6                    Strength Equipment
                                                                                    is progressing well and we
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                                                                 anticipate the last block to
                                    1. Shoulder Press
                                                                                    be complete by early
        Two Great                   2. Lat Pulldown
                                                                                    November. The anticipated
      Competitions.                 3. Pectoral Fly (Pec Deck)
                                                                                    completion dates for the
    Prizes To Be Won!               4. High/Low Pulley Machine
                                                                                    remaining blocks in
                                    5. Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo
                                                                                    Portofino are:
                                    6. Hip Flexion/Dipping Combo
                                    7. Abdominal Crunch Bench
                                                                                    Block   D:     Early September
     For further information,                                                       Block   C:     Late September to early October
          contact the:
                                    1. Aerobic Mat                                  Block   B:     Late October
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660                                                      Block   A:     Early November
                                    2. Togu Ball - 75cm
or Property World on 021 551 3354
                                    3. Fitness Ball - 65cm

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    August 2005                                                          Spring Newsflash
                                                                    What’s Happening & Where To Find Us
                                      New vehicle entrance and pedestrian gate                                   Managing Agent & Body Corporate Office

                                                                                                               These offices are located at shops 1 & 2 Majorca, close to the
                                                                                                               bridge. Here you can find Karien, Michelle, Julio & Hayley who
                                                                                                               can all be contacted on 021 551 3354. Errol, the Building
         Page 2                                                                                                S u p e r v i s o r, c a n b e f o u n d a t t h e f r o n t g a t e h o u s e
     Exciting News!                                                                                            or can be contacted on 021 551 5660 or on his mobile number
     The 25m Indoor                                                                                            084 717 6477. You can also email Errol on
      Heated Pool &
      Boutique Gym                                                                                               Sales & Letting

    Portofino Phase 2
    Progressing Well                There are two new access points for The Island Club. To get to Half Moon
                                    Bay - the Piazza link where our on-site shops such as Hanna’s Home
        Page 3-4                    Cooked Foods, Paul Newton Hair Design Studio, Blyth Atkinson George
    What’s Happening                and Property World are located, you can use the new access controlled
   & Where To Find Us               pedestrian gate under the Pontevechio. The second new access point
                                    which will be operational shortly is the second vehicle entrance at the

         Page 5                     side of La Savina which will be for the use of residents only.

     Special Services                 Internet 24/7
        & Offers
                                                                           All apartments at The Island
                                                                           Club have access to internet        Should you wish to sell on or
          Page 6
                                                                           and email. The service provider     let your unit please contact the
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                                                                                            Property World Team on 021
                                                                           is InCite Smart Services. For
        Two Great                                                          further information please          551 3354 or email them on
      Competitions.                                                        contact 021 556 5661.     
    Prizes To Be Won!
                                      Car Wash                                                                   Laundry Opening Soon

                                    Should you wish to wash your car                                                                                   Wash & Tumble is scheduled
     For further information,       then please use the dedicated car                                                                                  t o o p e n i n St Tr o p e z i n
          contact the:              wash bay which is situated at the St                                                                               December 2005. For further
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660      Tropez garages, just before you exit                                                                               information visit the web page
or Property World on 021 551 3354
                                    the main gate on the left hand side.                                                                     

                                                                  w w w . i s l a n d c l u b . c o . z a                                                                          pg.3
    August 2005                                                       Spring Newsflash
                                                                  What’s Happening & Where To Find Us
                                      90 Day Defects Programme                                           stretch from Ratanga Junction past Canal Walk before weaving
                                                                                                         around the scenic tranquil wetlands of Intaka Island to the
                                    Murray & Roberts are currently attending to the 90 day defects
                                                                                                         Waterford office precinct. The leg around Intaka Island will be
                                    programme with A, B and C nearing completion and work having
                                                                                                         accessible from mid 2006. Permits are required.
                                    started on Ibiza block D and Capri block E. The specialized teams,
         Page 2                     who are clearly identified, will endeavour to keep any
                                                                                                         Should you be interested in finding out more and getting involved
     Exciting News!                 inconvenience to a minimum. Please be patient during this process
                                                                                                         in starting up the Club please contact the Body Corporate manager
     The 25m Indoor                 and rest assured that the maintenance teams will contact you as
                                                                                                         Julio on 021 551 3354 or email him on
      Heated Pool &                 soon as possible to arrange access to your apartment to rectify
      Boutique Gym                  any qualifying defects. We anticipate Phase One of the                 Protea Hotel Island Club
        Opening                     maintenance programme will be completed by the end of this
                                    year. All Savina purchasers should please note that if you have
    Portofino Phase 2               not yet handed in your 90 day defects lists, this needs to be

    Progressing Well                submitted by the end of September 2005. Your list can be emailed
                                    to, faxed to 021 556 3236 or hand
                                    delivered to the Project Office (shop 5 & 6 Majorca Block B).
        Page 3-4
    What’s Happening                  Leisure
   & Where To Find Us

         Page 5
     Special Services
        & Offers                                                                                         The hotel has recently opened its final phase in La Savina and
                                                                                                         all 23 hotel bedrooms (11 in Majorca & 12 in La Savina) are now
          Page 6                                                                                         operational. All the rooms are self catering and offer free internet
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                                                                                      access via ADSL. The hotel will be offering residents of the Island
        Two Great                                                                                        Club reduced rates on accommodation and breakfast, which will
      Competitions.                                                                                      be communicated shortly via a letter from the hotel. The hotel
    Prizes To Be Won!                                                                                    has recently been graded by the Tourism Grading Council of
                                                                                                         South Africa and has been awarded a 4 star grading.

                                                                                                           Where can you find us?
     For further information,
                                    St Tropez will be home to a dedicated canoe club which will          We are now located in the Piazza area shop 5 & 6 Majorca.
          contact the:
                                    provide a function and entertainment facility and a specially        Should you need to make an appointment to see us, please kindly
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660
                                    designed place to store your canoe. These facilities will enable     contact     Bridgette      on   021    555     3220    or    email
or Property World on 021 551 3354
                                    you to explore the 6km of navigable canals at Century City that

                                                               w w w . i s l a n d c l u b . c o . z a                                                               pg.4
    August 2005                                                   Spring Newsflash
                                                     Special Services & Offers Right On Your Doorstep
                                                                It will be well worth your                                Last retail opportunity
                                                                time to visit the exciting                                Only one shop on the Piazza
                                                                shops and restaurants right                               remains to be let. It is ideally
                                                                on your doorstep on the                                   situated to catch the passing
                                                                Piazza at Half Moon Bay                                   commuter traffic and would thus
         Page 2                                                 which you can access                                      be ideal for an operator such as
     Exciting News!                                             through the new pedestrian                                Wireless Internet Café with
     The 25m Indoor                                             gate       under      the                                 Health Foods or a Video Hire
      Heated Pool &                 Pontevechio. They all provide a convenient, competitive      Store. To take advantage of this last remaining retail
      Boutique Gym                  service with the added benefit of a personal touch.          opportunity, contact Bruce on 084 799 4354 for further
                                    Half Price Spring Special
                                    All Island Club residents are being                          The Island Club
    Portofino Phase 2               offered 50% off all                                          Protea Hotel
    Progressing Well                services at our local hairdresser,                           Enjoy a full breakfast
                                    Paul Edwards, for the month of                               with friends at the
        Page 3-4                    September. Contact Danny on                                  Hotel Café overlooking
    What’s Happening                021 552 0005 or 083 406 7247                                 the Grand Canal.
                                    to book your appointment or just
   & Where To Find Us
                                    walk in. This offer is valid only on
                                    presentation of your Island Club Access Card.                Café Monte Carlo
         Page 5                                                                                  Café Monto Carlo, across the Grand Canal from The Island
     Special Services                                            Hanna’s Home Cooked Meals       Club, is offering all Island Club residents a 15% discount
        & Offers                                                 The price is right and the      on their bill. To qualify you need to present your Island
                                                                                                 Club access card.
                                                                 food is outstanding. For just
          Page 6                                                 R35 you can buy a full          Canal Walk
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                                              board meal!                     And of course you can take full advantage of the fact that
        Two Great                                                                                Canal Walk, Africa’s biggest and best shopping centre, is
      Competitions.                                                                              right on your doorstep.
    Prizes To Be Won!               Blythe Atkinson George
                                    Here you will find
                                    everything from milk to
                                    imported luxury gifts. Go
     For further information,
          contact the:
                                    see for yourself and speak
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660      to Tandi for a personal
or Property World on 021 551 3354   shopping experience.

                                                            w w w . i s l a n d c l u b . c o . z a                                                pg.5
    August 2005                                                         WIN! WIN! WIN!
                                           Great prizes can be won in two great competitions
                                                  which both close on 31 August 2005
                                    One lucky entrant will win prizes from                                Win 2 Around The World
         Page 2                     our superb service providers on site                                  Business Class Tickets
     Exciting News!                 totalling in excess of R2000, namely:
     The 25m Indoor
      Heated Pool &                 -   A sit-down meal for two
      Boutique Gym                      at Hanna’s Home
        Opening                         Cooked Meals
                                    -   A breakfast for two at the
    Portofino Phase 2                   Island Club Protea Hotel                                  Get down to Property World, our new permanent showcase
    Progressing Well                -   A R300 shopping spree at                                  of all available properties at Century City, before the end
                                        Blythe Atkinson George                                    of August 2005 and you will stand a chance to win two
                                                                                                  Around The World Business Class Tickets worth R90 000.
        Page 3-4                    -   A whisky or malt tasting
    What’s Happening                    evening for 10 people                                     Entry forms are available at the Property World Showroom
   & Where To Find Us                   at Café Monte Carlo at Canal Walk                         which you find on the Piazza at Half Moon Bay. You can
                                    -   A R 3 0 0 g i ft v o u c h e r f r o m C a n a l Wa l k   access the Piazza through the new pedestrian gate under
         Page 5                     -   A sunset boat cruise on the Grand Canal                   the Pontevechio.
     Special Services                   at Century City for yourself and 10 friends.
                                                                                                  Entries are limited to one per person. The closing date for
        & Offers
                                                                                                  entries is 5pm on 31 August 2005. Only entries which have
                                    To stand a chance to win these great prizes you
                                                                                                  been completed with correct information will be valid. Certain
          Page 6                    need to tell us what you consider to be the best              other conditions apply and are outlined on the entry forms.
     WIN! WIN! WIN!                 quality or feature at The Island Club. You need to
        Two Great                   send your answer (with the subject clearly stated             Ten finalists will be chosen in a lucky draw which will take place
      Competitions.                 as Best Quality) to us either by email at                     in the presence of our auditors Moores Rowland. Finalists will
                                                                                                  be notified by email and will be invited to attend a cocktail party
    Prizes To Be Won!      or fax us on 021 555 3236.
                                                                                                  on September 15 where the winner will be chosen. The lucky
                                                                                                  finalist must be present at this function to qualify, failing which
                                    The closing Date is 31 August 2005                            the prize will go to the first finalist drawn who is present
     For further information,
                                    Ten finalists will be chosen and notified by email.           at the function.
          contact the:              Finalists will need to attend the prize giving on
                                    15 September 2005 to qualify. Prizes are not redeemable       The competition will be audited by Moores Rowland.
Managing Agent on 021 551 5660
                                                                                                  The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will
or Property World on 021 551 3354   for cash. (The judges’ decision will be final).
                                                                                                  be entered into.

                                                            w w w . i s l a n d c l u b . c o . z a                                                         pg.6

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