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									                            High Purity Brand
                    Vacuum Dehydrator Operation

General Description
High Purity brand vacuum dehydrators are designed to remove water, dirt and air from lube/seal
oil reservoirs by continually circulating oil. A vacuum pump creates a vacuum that draws the oil
into the unit through an inline heater and heats it up to140-150°F. The oil then flows through
dispersal elements, which are located inside the vacuum chamber. Oil flows out of the pores of
these elements and is exposed to the vacuum, normally 25 “/hg. The boiling point of water is
below the fluid temperature at this vacuum. The water is boiled off and re-condensed through a
cooler into a KO pot. The water is collected in the KO pot for draining. An outlet pump
removes the oil from the bottom of the vacuum chamber and pumps it through a particulate filter
and back into the reservoir.

Caution: If the oil being treated contains light hydrocarbon or H2S, the purifier should
not be used unless the vacuum pump discharge is routed to flare, and N2 is used as purge
gas instead of air. This is necessary to prevent an explosive atmosphere in the vacuum
dehydrator and to prevent oxygen from entering the flare system.

           Operating Instructions
           1.         Check with Operations to obtain any necessary permits and determine where to obtain

           2.         Connect supply and return hoses from reservoir to vacuum purifier. Suction hose
                      must be rigid enough to withstand 25” vacuum without collapsing.

           3.         Connect power supply cord to power source and energize power source.

           When energized, a red light will illuminate the “low flow” panel light. The unit is equipped with
           a “Phase Fail” circuit that will prevent the unit from running in reverse. The light on the
           electrical panel indicates when the “phase” of the electrical input power is not correct. When the
           light is illuminated simply reverse the polarity of the input power by using the switch located
           near the “phase fail” light. After reversing the polarity wait 3-5 seconds and the light will go out.
           The unit is now in phase and will run in the right direction.

                                                                                                High Temp
                                                                                                Light (heater
                                                                                                must be off if no
Phase Fail                                                                                      flow)

Phase                                                                                         Heater temp
Reversal                                                                                      control (actual and
                                                                                              set point) may not
                                                                                              show reading until
                                                                                              flow is established

                                                 Low Flow


 Laser Particle
 (indicates ISO
 grade of oil)

          4.      Open all inlet and outlet valves on the dehydrator and the lube oil reservoir.

Water KO
Pot drain
valve (shut
down unit to

                                                                                                       Bypass valve
Oil supply                                                                                             should normally
valve (from                                                                                            be in this
reservoir)                                                                                             position (no
                                                                                                       recirc). It should
                                                                                                       be cracked open
                                                                                                       if the oil is too
                                                                                                       cold to circulate.

                              Oil return valve               Oil circulation flow
                              (back to reservoir)            meter

          5.      Drain the water KO pot if there is a level (see step 10 below). Close all drain valves
                  on the dehydrator. Drain valves and connections are located at the bottom of the
                  outlet filter, condensate tank and oil sample port valve on top of the outlet oil filter.

6.   Check vacuum pump lube level. The vacuum pump used
     on the DS Model uses oil to lubricate the pump during
     operation. The oil reservoir must be maintained at a level above ¾ full in order for the
     vacuum pump to operate to capacity. The lubricant for this vacuum pump is ATO-
     2000 synthetic.

                                                                          Vacuum Pump Outlet

                                                                          Vacuum Pump Outlet
                                                                          Filter Condition
                                                                          Indicator (remove to add

                                                                          Vacuum Pump Lube
                                                                          Level (should be ¾ full
                                                                          before starting)

7.   Set the heater temperature below the current oil temperature to ensure that the heaters
     do not energize before establishing flow. Damage can occur to the oil heaters if
     they are energized without first establishing oil flow.

8.   Press the start button and hold until red “low flow” light is extinguished and not
     blinking (30 seconds or more if the unit is empty).

9.   Energize the heaters by pressing the “up arrow” located on the temperature controller.
     Continue to press the “up arrow” until the desired temperature setting is reached
     (140°F-150°F). Note: The temperature controller has been programmed to prevent
     the heater setting to be raised manually above 180°F.

10.   Observe the vacuum gauge pressure. Normal should be
      25“/hg. If necessary, adjust pressure by opening or closing
      the needle valve located near the top of the vacuum chamber. This adjustment is
      gradual and does not respond quickly, so there will be a 3-5 second delay in results
      when the adjustment is made.

                                                                                          Valve (Open
                                                                                          to reduce

11.   Observe the liquid level gauge located at the bottom of the vacuum chamber. Visually
      check the oil level while operating, it should normally run at about the half way mark
      in the gauge. (If the oil level is low this could mean the dispersal elements located in
      the vacuum chamber are becoming dirty.) Note: When first starting the unit with cold
      oil it is common to see a “low level” in the sight glass. After the temperature has
      risen, the oil level normally will rise to the half way mark or higher.

                                                  Chamber Oil

12.    As water is removed from the oil, it will collect in the KO
       pot. If this pot requires draining, the vacuum
       dehydrator must be shut down to relieve the vacuum and allow the water to
       drain through the drain valve.

                                                                     Water KO Pot
                                                                     (unit must be
                                                                     shut down to

13.    To stop dehydrator, press “down arrow” on heater controller to 32°F (lower than
       current oil temperature to ensure that the heater elements are not energized). Wait 60
       seconds and press stop button on control panel. Caution: The heater elements can
       be damaged if they are energized without oil circulation.

      Contact High Purity with questions:
       Seattle office @ 1-866-220-5118 or
         Tulsa office @ 1-866-777-7578

     PROBLEM                             CAUSE                                          SOLUTION

Unit fails to start    • Improper external power connection, out of     • Check input power. Does it match machine
                         phase, low voltage, low amp service or           specifications? Is the power cord sized right?
when start button is     power supply cord sizing                         Are you out of phase? Make changes as
pushed                                                                    required.
                       • Circuit breaker or fuse tripped on main        • Reset circuit breakers or replace fuses. If
                         power disconnect or drive motor contactors       circuit breaker/fuse trips again, check motor
                                                                          for failure. Check supply power line voltage
                                                                          for match to units design voltage.
                       • Control voltage power failure                  • Check circuit breaker/fuse on control voltage
                                                                          transformer. Reset or replace (fuse) if
                                                                        • If primary circuit breaker/fuse trips again,
                                                                          transformer has probably failed. Test
                                                                          continuity. Replace transformer if necessary.
                                                                        • If secondary circuit breaker/fuse trips again,
                                                                          problem is most likely low voltage in the
                                                                          control circuit. Check components and control
                                                                          power circuit for problems.

Unit fails to run on   • Inlet valve partially or fully closed          • Position inlet valve to full open. Valve should
                                                                          be “full port” type valve to reduce restrictions
automatic                                                                 and should be sized as large as inlet hose.
                       • Inlet hose improperly sized or use of “quick   • See specification sheet and change hose if
                         disconnect”                                      necessary. Replace “quick disconnect” with
                                                                          oversized unit (1.5 x inlet hose diameter).
                       • Cold or high viscosity oil                     • Pull and hold start button to operate machine
                                                                          manually, until vacuum gage reads 25in/HG
                                                                          (635 mm/hg). Release start button and let
                                                                          vacuum draw oil into the unit. Wait one
                                                                          minute, then repeat operation (twice) or until
                                                                          oil in sight glass on oil reservoir is at mid-
                                                                          point, unit should now run on automatic. If not,
                                                                          check specifications for maximum oil viscosity
                                                                          (1500 SSU at 150°F, 323 cSt at 66°C).
                       • Coalescing dispersal elements are plugged      • Use flashlight to look inside vacuum chamber
                         from dirty oil                                   through Plexiglas lid. While pulling the start
                                                                          button, look for oil passing through dispersal
                                                                          elements and cascading down sides. If no oil
                                                                          is seen running down elements and into bottom
                                                                          of chamber, then replace elements (D Model
                                                                          Code) by removing Plexiglas lid and removing
                                                                          hold down bolts for each element. Remove
                                                                          and replace each element. Replace lid.
                                                                        • If elements are plugged, this indicates very
                                                                          contaminated fluid (they should last about six
                                                                          months). Replace “coalescing” (Model Code
                                                                          D) dispersal elements with “packed metal”
                                                                          (Model Code P) elements available from the

     PROBLEM                             CAUSE                                      SOLUTION

Unit fails to run on   • Low vacuum level-should be greater than    • Check vacuum pump for proper operation.
                         22 in/HG (558 mm HG) at Sea Level          • Check for leaks by shutting off oil inlet valve,
automatic                                                             close air bleed valve to vacuum chamber. Run
                                                                      unit manually until vacuum reaches 25”/HG,
                                                                      stop unit. If vacuum pressure decreases within
                                                                      30 seconds, then a leak is present. The most
                                                                      likely causes are the Plexiglas lid seal, inlet
                                                                      hose, or leaking fittings on the inlet hose.
                                                                    • If vacuum holds with leak test but will not
                                                                      reach 25 in. (635mm) HG then either a
                                                                      problem exists with the vacuum relief or the
                                                                      vacuum pump is worn. Adjust or replace parts
                                                                      as required.
                       • Inlet hose obstructed or pinched           • Straighten or replace.
                       • Restriction in outlet house                • Repair or replace so that there are no
                                                                      restrictions. Check rating on inlet hose. Hose
                                                                      should have a vacuum rating. If not, replace
                                                                      with proper hose.
                       • High Condensate tank water level           • Drain the Condensate tank by opening the
                                                                      drain valve located on the bottom. Close valve
                                                                      after draining.
High oil level light   • Oil pump motor not operating               • Check for free rotation. If free, check
                                                                      contractor for overload. Reset if necessary.
                       • Problem with outlet hose                   • Restriction or incorrect sizing. See
                                                                      specification sheet for proper sizing. Replace.
                       • Outlet filter plugged                      • Check indicator for dirty element. Replace
                       • Improper unit installation, unit must be   • Reservoir must be below or level with unit
                         located at or above reservoir height         unless optional solenoid operated inlet shut-off
                                                                      valve is installed. Consult factory.
Low oil flow           • Inlet valve                                • Is it open? Is it the correct size? Replace if
indicator light        • Inlet hose improperly sized                • See specification sheet for proper size.
                                                                      Replace if necessary.
                       • Cold or high viscosity oil                 • Press the start button to run the machine
                                                                      manually. Hold in ON position until vacuum
                                                                      gauge reads 25 in./HG (635 mm/hg). Release
                                                                      and let the unit fill. After a few minutes, start
                                                                      again and release, unit should run
                                                                      automatically. If it won’t run, check fluid to
                                                                      see if maximum oil viscosity (1500 SSU max.
                                                                      at 150°F, 323 cSt at 66°C) has been exceeded.
                                                                      Consult factory.
                       • Dispersal elements dirty or plugged        • If plugged, dirty, or incorrectly installed
                                                                      remove Plexiglas cover and replace elements.
                                                                      If the elements plug often, this indicates very
                                                                      contaminated fluid (they should last about 6
                                                                      months). Packed metal elements (Model Code
                                                                      P) are available if the element life is short.

     PROBLEM                             CAUSE                                           SOLUTION

Low oil flow           • Low vacuum level- should be greater than        • Check vacuum pump for proper operation.
                         22 in/HG (558 mm)                               • Check for leaks by shutting off oil inlet valve,
indicator light                                                            closing air inlet valve to vacuum chamber,
                                                                           manually operate unit vacuum gauge reads
                                                                           25 in/HG, and then stop unit. If vacuum holds
                                                                           for less than 30 sec. then a leak is present. The
                                                                           most likely causes are the Plexiglas lid seal,
                                                                           inlet hose or fittings leaking. Repair.
                                                                         • If vacuum holds with leak test but will not
                                                                           reach 25 in/HG (635 mm) then either a
                                                                           problem exists with the vacuum relief or the
                                                                           vacuum pump is worn. Adjust or replace parts
                                                                           as required.
                       • Inlet hose could be obstructed.                 • Check hose for obstruction. Check to see that
                         Inlet valve could be closed                       all inlet valves are fully open.
                       • Improper unit installation, negative head too   • Check specification sheet. Maximum negative
                         high for unit                                     suction head is 8 feet (2438 mm). Increase
                                                                           inlet hose diameter and shorten hose length to
                                                                           reduce line pressure loss. Preheat oil to reduce
                       • Use of “quick disconnect” on inlet hose         • Quick disconnects are not recommended.
                                                                           Replace with standard “full port” valve or
                                                                           increase size of quick disconnects to 1.5 times
                                                                           the diameter of inlet hose. Consult factor for
                                                                           other options.
Oil in Condensate      • Foaming oil in vacuum tower                     • Some oils will foam under specific operating
                                                                           conditions. If foam is visible in vacuum tower
tank (Foaming)                                                             lower vacuum level by opening air bleed valve
                                                                           slowly until foam disappears. This should
                                                                           happen at about 23 in/HG (584 mm)
High level             • Condensate tank full                            • Stop unit, open manual drain valve at bottom
                                                                           of condensate tank to drain. After drained,
Condensate Light                                                           close valve and restart unit.
                       • Float switch faulty                             • Check for stuck or broken switch. Repair or
                                                                           replace by removing condensate clear cover to
                                                                           access switch from inside the condensate tank
Oil temperature will   • Improper heater sizing                          • Heater capacity is too low for fluid volume.
                                                                           Consult factory (heating capacity can be
not reach desired                                                          increased).
operating point        • Oil cooler on system reservoir is set lower     • Raise temperature setting of oil cooler or shut
                         than operating temperature of PVS unit            off during unit operation.
                                                                         • Add additional heating capacity to the unit to
                                                                           provide single pass heating.
                                                                         • Add “Variable Flow Circuit” to the unit to
                                                                           divert partial flow back to inlet of the unit to
                                                                           increase oil contact with heater.
                       • Ambient temperature too low                     • Add additional heating capacity to the unit to
                                                                           provide single pass heating.
                                                                         • Consult factory for other options.
                                                                         • Add “Variable Flow Circuit” to the unit to
                                                                           divert partial flow back to inlet of the unit to
                                                                           increase oil contact with heater.

     PROBLEM                               CAUSE                                          SOLUTION

Oil temperature will    • Heater failure                                 • Check continuity on each leg of heater
                                                                           element(s). Replace if necessary.
not reach desired       • Thermocouple failure (Temperature will not     • Replace with identical type. The controller
operating point           reach set point and will vary by more than       and the thermocouple are factory tuned and the
                          4°F)                                             use of other thermocouples may cause
                                                                           malfunction of the heating circuit. See spare
                                                                           parts list in this manual for correct part number
                                                                           and description.
                        • Temperature controller program has been        • Check program by referring to setup sheet in
                          changed or has failed                            this manual
                                                                         • Replace controller. (Normal failure mode is no
                                                                           display in LED window during operation.)
                        • Heater circuit breaker/fuse is tripped         • Reset circuit breaker or replace fuses, check
                                                                           continuity of heater(s) for short. If no short is
                                                                           found, check circuit breaker or fuses for defect
                                                                           or weakness.
Vacuum level varies     • Barometric pressure change from weather        • Adjusting the air bleed inlet valve will
                          system                                           compensate for changes in Barometric pressure
without manual          • Sudden introduction of water into oil during   • Vacuum will “seek” its own level when
adjustment                normal operation                                 operating with high water content. As water is
                                                                           removed from the oil the vacuum will
                                                                           automatically increase as oil becomes drier.
                        • Vacuum gauge malfunction or broken             • Replace vacuum gauge.
                                                                         • Vacuum gauges are sensitive to vibration and
                                                                           shock. Vacuum gauges should be replaced
                                                                           annual to prevent false readings.
                        • Vacuum leak in system                          • Check for leaks by shutting off oil inlet valve
                                                                           and air bleed inlet valve. Operate unit
                                                                           manually, when vacuum reaches 25 in/HG shut
                                                                           off unit. If vacuum holds for less than 30
                                                                           seconds a leak is present.
                                                                         • If leak is present, check the Plexiglas lid seal,
                                                                           inlet hose and fittings.
Vacuum pump oil         • Change oil every 350-450 hours. Use            • Check oil. Using improper oil can damage the
                          ATO-2000-01.                                     vacuum pump prematurely.
(DS Model Code)                                                          • Fill with correct amount of oil (do not fill
Running Hot or                                                             above the top of the bowel stem) 3/4 of sight
Discolored                                                                 glass.
Reduced air flow out    • Dust and debris in coils                       •   Clean with high pressure air.
                        • Fan motor inoperative                          •   Check power lead from electrical panel.
of air cooled
                                                                         •   Check motor for failure.
condenser                                                                •   Check 115V power transformer for failure.

Operating Specifications
Flow Rate                                                                                20 GPM
Max. Discharge Press                                                                      50 PSI
Design Discharge Press                                                                    50 PSI
Maximum Vacuum Setting                                                                   29 “HG
Minimum Vacuum Setting                                                                   20 “HG
Normal Vacuum Setting                                                                    25 “HG
Normal Heater Set Point Setting                                                           140°F

 Contact High Purity Seattle (866)220-5118 or Tulsa (866)777-7578


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