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					                                                                                                      June 2008

 T he V ictoria Park N ews
  The Of f icial Publication of t he Victor ia Park Civic Association

        President’s Message
                     By Jay Holloway

    Complaints are coming in from residents regarding FPL
tree trimming. FPL trims trees that are growing into the
power lines every 36 months. Residents are supposed to be
notified with a door hanger and possibly a letter. If you do
not want their contractor Asplundh “hat racking” or “V cut-
ting” your beautiful trees, then hire a tree trimming service
proactively. Make sure Asplundh does not visit later and
butcher your trees.
    If you want education contact Gene Dempsey, City For-
ester, at or 954-828-5785. If
you have issues and want to talk directly to FPL call rep-
resentative Lynn Shatas at 954-321-2215 or email her at
    Please take a proactive position regarding your trees.
There is a growing resentment toward residents who -
knowingly or not -- cultivate trees directly under power
lines. Fear is increasing regarding potential power outages
after storms because of some residents’ carelessness in fos-
tering tree growth around power lines. We all wish to avoid
prolonged power outages, so please keep your trees away
from the lines.

   The Finance Committee met to review the books. Street
sign expenditures caused Association to spend more than
usual. All else appears fine. Please thank volunteers: Dan
Ringers, Steve Kirsch and Norm Fisher for their work in
examining the books.
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 The Victoria Park News
                                                                 PRESORTED                In This Issue …
 633 NW 24th Street                                             U.S. POSTAGE
 Wilton Manors, FL 33311                                           PAID         President’s Message         page 1, 6
                                                               PERMIT 4688      Summer Fun                  page 8
                                                          FT. LAUDERDALE, FL    Are You Prepared?           page 10
                                                                                Meeting Minutes             page 18
                                                                                Crime Watch Report          page 24
                                                                                Property Appraiser          page 25
                                                                                Mr. Trivia                  page 26

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Page 2 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News   For advertising information call (954) 564-1308
                                                     COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS
                                                    Aesthetics:                Public Safety/CERT:
                                                    Jeanne Lalli               Thornie Jarrett
                                                    954-462-4347               954-462-2001

                                                    Children:                  Traffic:
                                                    Aimee Dunn                 Ted Fling
                                                    954-673-9844               954-467-6160

Officers                      Crime Watch:               Utilities:
                                                    Pat Mayers                 Joe Sachitano
                                                    954-763-7863               850-866-6002
Jay Holloway                954-873-6645            Home Tour:                 Coordinators:
                                                    Janet Schlembach           Discount Card
Vice President:                                     954-525-3149               Patti Ross
Ted Fling                   954-467-6160
                                                    Master Plan:
                                                    Larry Wallenstein          Event Coordinator
Secretary:                                          954-270-5962               Hans Hochkamp
Lindsay Koehler             954-610-2295                                       954-761-1265
                                                    Glenda Rowley              Meeting Coordinator
                                                    954-467-1407               Glenda Rowley
Madelene Klein              954-766-8406                                       954-467-1407
                                                                               Recycling Coordinator
            AGENDA NOTICE                           Catherine Maus
                                                    954-763-9525               JD Camp
  Please submit topics for consideration on the     Social: OPEN
 agenda for the General Membership Meeting to                                  Webmaster
the VPCA officers no later than one week prior to    Welcome: OPEN              Bob Oelke, 954-524-6873
             the date of the meeting.                                

                                      Master Plan

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Pro Pilates
                ProPilates -
 Where Clinical and Fitness Pilates Interact
                          by Tonka Cascais                                      CHOOSE YOUR POOL SERVICE:
     The Pilates Industry is populated by instructors with varying               ONCE A MONTH - ONLY $39!
 levels and standards of training, who have little understanding of             TWICE A MONTH - $55 A MONTH
 movement dysfunction, injury process and recovery. Many gen-
                       uine Pilates practitioners believe they are of-           ONCE A WEEK - $75/MONTH
                       fering an incredible program, yet due to lack
                       of understanding the body, these well-inten-
                       tioned teachers suffer confusion why certain
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                       clients get great results while others don’t.            INCLUDES 2 WEEKS FREE SERVICE
                           In the last couple of decades two main
                       streams of Pilates have emerged; Fitness
                       Pilates and Clinical Pilates.                                   REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS
                           Fitness Pilates is dance oriented, used          SALT     SYSTEMS INSTALLED       & SERVICED
                       for general conditioning, promoting flexion,
                       stretching, and end-range movement with
 medium to high resistance and low repetitions. Fitness Pilates
 do not rehabilitate low back pain since the exercises are non-spe-                   20 years Experience
 cific for a body type or alignment.                                                    Convenient & Reliable
      Clinical Pilates is Diagnostic and a recovery tool for injury            Fully insured - Lic.#CC96-8017-SP-X
 and performance enhancement, which strengthens the joints by
 stabilizing them while transitioning to safe and controlled move-
 ment. In Clinical Pilates movements are observed and modified                             (954) 971-4383
 based on the injury, body type or alignment.
     Discovery of dysfunctional movement and transforming it
 into functional pattern is fundamental.
 Which type of Pilates is for you?
 • If you are injured or have history of injury, Clinical Pilates
                                                                               Advertising Rates &
    is essential before attempting fitness Pilates or a class. The
    ProPilates Clinical program will provide you with the body                    Information
    movement skills needed to exercise without aggravating
    the injury. There is a wide range of spinal musculoskeletal              The Victoria Park News serves Victoria Park and its
    problems a fitness Pilates Instructor is not equipped to help         10,000 residents. This newsletter is published monthly
    you with: (spinal disk herniation, spinal disk bulging, spinal       by Steve Kelley.
    stenosis, fibromyalgia). Nothing is more concerning than a                Color ads, full and half page, are available.
    personal trainer or Pilates instructor trying to fix an injury,           Our monthly advertising rates and ad sizes are:
    based on internet research.
 • If you are developing new aches and pains over period of
    time that seem directly related to doing Pilates, I recom-           1/4 page           4 & 3/4” high,          $90
    mend technique evaluation immediately. Receive one free                                 3 & 3/4” wide
    of charge at our ProPilates Studio and find out what is your
                                                                         1/2 page           4 & 3/4” high,         $170
    current level, all technique issues and specific modifications
    you need. All ProPilates clients are monitored very closely                             7 & 1/2” wide
    and their progress is carefully recorded to ensure maximal           Full page          9 & 5/8” high,         $300
    results and safety.                                                                     7 & 1/2” wide
 • If you have recently injured yourself at work or sports and
    wondered if Pilates is safe for you simply schedule a free               Deadlines for camera ready art and prepayment
    Evaluation with a ProPilates Clinical specialist to experi-          are the 10th of each month for the following month’s
    ence Pilates at its safest and discover if it is for you.            publication. For more information about advertising
                                                                         please call Steve Kelley at 954-564-1308, fax 954-564-
    For more information call 954 767-8005 or email us at info@          3816 or email at We are located at Harbor Shops 1845 Cordova
 Rd, suite #212, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.
                                                                             Mail may be sent to:
    In the next issue: Continue which type of Pilates is for you,                                                .
                                                                             300 East Oakland Park Boulevard - P O. Box 347
          Pilates for men                                                    Wilton Manors, FL 33334
          Pilates for chronic low back pain                                      

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 President’s Message - Continued from page 1                       Unemployed workers with trucks are perfect recipe for
Neighborhood happenings:
    •   Median on East Broward finally planted with                 Questions regarding crime: Contact Police Major Russ
        multiple trees                                          Hanstein Commander - District I at rhanstein@fortlauder-
    •   New stop signs at 6th x 15th, County/City did not (954) 828-5479
        notify us; Traffic committee chair Ted Fling is spit-
        ting mad
                                                                What can YOU do to make life in Victoria Park
    •   Park Ranger watching the park at Broward x VP
        road daily for dogs in park; if you are a dog, you      more pleasant?
        may be cited: see sign in front of park                    •    Join the association: $25 a year; contact Glenda
    •   Fraternal Order of Police writes that of the 209 of-            Rowley at 954-467-1407 or
        ficers hired in the last 48 months, 82 quit (WHY?).         •    Come to the monthly meeting first Wednesday of
        Call, write or email City Manager George Gretsas                every month at St. Anthony’s cafeteria next to the
        at City of Fort Lauderdale, 100 N. Andrews Ave-                 church to hear about what’s going on
        nue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-828-5013 or             •    Meet the dozens of volunteers working daily on                                    your behalf to improve your neighborhood: see
    •   Ursula Thime, City code inspector, says we have no              them at VPCA monthly meetings
        recourse for abandoned projects. Contact Building          •    Plant trees and urge your neighbors to do so; call
        Department head Valerie Bohlander 954-828-5197                  Tree Committee chair Mark Ketcham 954-779-
        or to complain                    3713 to order (one of many) trees with no fuss
        regarding these derelict, abando-ned projects              •    Adopt a dog from the humane society: helps pre-
    •   New resident Joe Sachitano 850-866-6002 has                     vent burglaries and you will meet more residents
        agreed to become the Utility committee chair: he           •    Sign up and volunteer to be on a Committee that
        will be responsible for keeping after FPL regarding             interests you: see the list on page 3 and call
        multiple issues                                            •    Spot redundant utility poles and call FPL Rep Lynn
    •   Volunteers Becky Stone and Peggy Celano have                    Shatas 954-321-2215 to have them removed
        agreed to oversee the newsletter for editing before        •    Call your code inspector Ursula Thime 954-828-
        it is published; Secretary Lindsay Koehler has been             6324 when you see things that aren’t right
        doing this in addition to her regular work. Please         •    Join Larry Wallenstein’s Master Plan Committee
        thank the volunteers for their efforts                          and create the neighborhood you want
    •   Ex President Thornie Jarrett’s new sidewalks are
        thick enough to survive Armageddon … expect
        landscaping with special powers to be installed
        soon                                                      The 2008 Finance Committee audit
    •   20th Avenue is back in discussions trying to evolve
        into a marina                                              of VPCA’s finances is completed.
Neighborhood Crimes reported by the Ft.
Lauderdale Police Department:
                                                                Read the full report in the minutes of
    •   Strong-arm robbery after dark in the 900 block of          the May 7 meeting on page 19.
        NE 16 Avenue
    •   Car burglaries: six in the last four weeks
    •   Three residential burglaries; in one, burglar entered
        yard of home on Victoria Park Drive and carried                  LET’S TALK TRASH!
        away hurricane shutters
    •    Luxury/performance cars’ wheels stolen
    •   Unlocked cars’ contents stolen: multiple reports        ...BULK TRASH, THAT IS.

Crime issues to be aware of:                                    Bulk Trash pickup for
   Abandoned construction sites are becoming homes for
derelicts. Please call neglectful developers: ask them to
secure property from illegal entry. If developer cannot be      Victoria Park is the
located call Code inspector Ursula Thime at 954-828-6324.
Call police if you see unfinished projects inhabited.            2nd Thursday of each month

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For advertising information call (954) 564-1308   Page 7 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
           Summer Fun…                                             The students signed up for various tasks such as de-
                                                              signing posters, making a collection box, speaking in all
       In Our Own Backyard                                    the classes about their service project, collecting “snack”
                                                              change from the classes at lunch time, and baking and
                      By Kevin Lane                           selling homemade goodies at school-wide bake sales.
                                                                   Last month, the industrious 4th graders presented
    With a gallon of gas costing about the same as a          a special certificate to the students, noting how pleased
gallon of milk, it seems that many people may very            they were with the new friendship.
well curtail their summer vacation plans… Of course,
as Martha Stewart says so often, “This can be a good              Founded in 1902 in Jacksonville, CHS is the largest
thing!” When you think of people around the world who         and oldest not-for-profit child- and family-serving organi-
spend thousands of dollars to take their vacations in Fort    zation in the state of Florida. Last year alone, CHS helped
Lauderdale, this might be an opportunity to re-discover       turn the lives of more than 90,000 children and families
the wonders found in their own back yard! Here’s a few        around. For 41 years, the Intercoastal Division, a United
ideas that can enhance your summer experience.                Way member agency, has served Broward County and
                                                              currently offers a unique spectrum of human services
              4th Grade Class at                              such as adoption assistance, foster care, family preserva-
     St. Anthony Catholic School Believes                     tion, crisis intervention, systems facilitation, a children’s
                                                              emergency home, parent support, individual & family
      “Children share the same dreams”.                       mental health therapy, legal advocacy for children with
                                                              special needs, and child abuse prevention programs.
     Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), Intercoastal       For more information about Children’s Home Society,
Division, recently received a very special gift of more       please call 954-453-6400 or visit
than $500 from St. Anthony Catholic School. The 4th
grade class was given the challenge of an end-of-the-
year service project and chose to help children that have     Summer Programs at First United Church…
been abused and/or neglected in the community. The
project, “Kids Helping Kids” was focused on making a              Sometimes finding fun activities for children can also
difference in someone’s life, that they could do on his       allow parents to have some fun while their little ones are
or her own.                                                   safely occupied. A case in point is the Summer Day Camp
                                                              at First United Methodist Church of Fort Lauderdale.
                                                              Founded in 1903 (the church celebrated the first bap-
                                                              tism in the county), their programs for children in grades
                                                              k-5 begin on June
                                                              2nd and will run for
                                                              10 weeks. Designed
                                                              for grades K-12, First
                                                              United      Methodist
                                                              Church is also offering
                                                              Vacation Bible School
                                                              the week of July 28th
                                                              thru August 1st, run-
                                                              ning from 9:00 a.m.
                                                              to noon.
                                                                                       First United Methodist Church
                                                                  It’s been two
                                                              years since Reverend Mark Caldwell, his wife Tiffany and
                                                              their newborn twins moved into the parsonage when
                                                              Reverend Caldwell became the church’s new pastor. The
                                                              Caldwells came to Fort Lauderdale from Miami Lakes,
                                                              where he had been Pastor since 2000. Prior to that,
                                                              Mark served Trinity Methodist Church in Tallahassee. He
                                                              has degrees from Florida Southern College and Duke
                                                              Divinity School, where he sang in the Duke Chapel Choir
                                                              during his last year.

Ms. Knafo’s 4th Grade Class as St. Anthony’s                                                         Continued on page 9

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Summer Fun - Continued from page 8

    The church is at 101 S.E. 3rd Avenue. For details of
these programs and others, visit or all
the church office at (954) 463-3758.                            We can fix any computer problem!
                                                              All Computer Repairs - Your home or Office!
 Museum of Discovery and Science - Where
 There Is Always Something Fun Happening                         Fast Service!
                                                                 Hardware Upgrades
     There is always something new happening at the              Virus Detection/Protection
Museum of Discovery and Science. Spend a day of                  Spyware & adware
discovery at MODS exploring hundreds of interactive
exhibits and featured traveling exhibits. You can hang                 removal!
out with bats, turtles and explore Florida’s amazing             New computer setup
Everglades. Meet alligators, get charmed by a 12-foot
snake, pet a big green iguana, fly like an astronaut, and
                                                                 Data Recovery & Backup
immerse yourself in a five-story, giant-screen adventure         Home/Office Network
at the AutoNation® IMAX® Theater. WOW!!                       Systems—High-speed WiFi!
     The Museum of Discovery and Science is located
                                                                 Full stock of all Dell Systems with reliable
downtown at 401 SW Second Street, Fort Lauderdale,
Florida 33312.      For more information about the                     XP loaded!
Museum, visitors should call 954.467.MODS (6637) or
visit our web site at Tell them KEVIN              Check out for great
SENT YOU!                                                                 hardware discounts!
On Another Note…                                                          Call Garry Thani
                                                                           (954) 444-7788
      It’s A Dog’s Life at the Floridian…

    One of the few places you can dine outdoors along
with friends and… well… man’s best friend, his dog, is                                     Kevin Lane
the Floridian Restaurant at 1410 East Las Olas! Walking
past this iconic restaurant, we counted more than a half
dozen tables with dogs having just about as good a time                                        Studio
as their buddies (humans). They are always welcome
and can get some water and while there are no special
dog food selections on their extensive menu, it seems
that most of the dogs we saw were dining pretty well,
thanks to their table mates’ generosity.
    Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this has been
a popular place to meet and eat for more than a half
century. Prices are low to moderate and the wait staff
are friendly and attentive. For information, call 954- 463-

About the author:
    Kevin Lane is a Victoria Park resident, popular pho-
tographer and journalist covering society, fashion, en-
tertainment, dining and the South Florida Lifestyle. He’s
a Publicist with ‘blue-chip’ clients in the non-profit and
for-profit sector and is a motivational speaker as well
as a lecturer on historic and famous figures including
Napoleon Bonaparte, Ancient Egyptian dynasties, Estee
Lauder and famed tap dancer Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson.                                   (954) 467-2624
He can be reached at                                           

For advertising information call (954) 564-1308                          Page 9 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
                                                                    Now is the time to look at your home. Do you feel your
                                                                house is safe to weather a storm? Is your home well-built
                                                                and secure, do you have shutters or impact windows? Do
                    By Thornie Jarrett                          you have trees of questionable integrity looming over your
                                                                house? Now is the time to properly analyze important ques-
    Hurricane Season 2008 is here, are you prepared? Do         tions about the safety of your home in different storm cat-
you have a plan, supplies, and safe shelter for the storm as    egory levels.
well as for the recovery period after the storm? Preparation
is the key to going through the worst that Mother Nature             Another aspect of preparing your home for a large storm
has to throw at us with the least amount of pain. Prepara-      and its aftermath is securing the flow of electricity to your
tion now will lessen the anxiety we go through when storm       home. We all know that life is miserable without the neces-
watches, warnings and tracks appear on the evening news.        sities and comforts derived from our supply of electricity.
Preparation now eliminates poor last minute decisions made      After a storm all the resources of Florida Power and Light
in panic mode. Prepare now and coast through Hurricane          are directed towards the restoration of sub-stations and main
Season 2008 without
undue fear.

    The most impor-
tant preparation we
can do is to make a
family plan, which
should also include
planning for your pets.
A detailed plan, one
with different actions
to be taken depending
on the strength of the
storm that is threat-
ening. The plan must
be broken down into
what to do at the be-
ginning of Hurricane
Season, what to do
when the storm warn-
ings are issued, what
to do during the storm
and what to do after
the storm. At what
level storm do you
need to evacuate? Re-
member evacuation
                         This is an example of power lines in the neighborhood that could be subject to damage during
does not necessarily
mean to Georgia or even a low category storm. Trees and foliage in the power lines like this can result in weeks of
to a county shelter in no power after a storm.
Lauderhill; it may just
be to your next door neighbor’s more secure home.              feeders. If you are fortunate and do not have damage to your
                                                               local feeders and the service laterals behind your home, then
    Now is the time to stock your home with all the supplies   you will have power back soon even after bad storms. How-
we are so familiar with gathering at this time of year, which  ever, if your local feeders are damaged you may be without
we may not need all year. Extra batteries, larger containers   power for several weeks. If the lateral behind your home is
of water and non-perishable foods would all be on that list.   damaged then it may be additional weeks before you have
Buy foods that you use and enjoy, that are ready to eat or to  power again. This is due the policy of making the prior-
which you just need to add water. Don’t forget little things   ity of repairs based on the number of customers that will
that will make life easier during the storm such as a flash-    be affected. The power lines behind your home only serve
light for each family member including all the children. Of    you and your neighbors: therefore your priority will be low
course medical and special supplies must not be forgotten.     on the list. How can you prepare for this? Simply look in
                                                                                                       Continued on page 11

Page 10 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News                             For advertising information call (954) 564-1308
 Are You Prepared? - Continued from page 10                      ease knowing you are prepared and safe. Turn on your tele-
                                                                 vision or radio to keep aware of what is going on outside.
your own backyard, your neighbor’s backyard and down the         Don’t go outside until the storm has completely passed, you
power lines of your whole block. If you see trees and foliage    don’t want to be injured during the storm with no way of
growing into the power lines then you have the potential for     getting help. Don’t venture out even during the passing of
loss of power for an extended time after a storm. You need       the eye of the storm as winds can return without warning
to correct the problem if on your property, or advise a neigh-   and you can easily become the victim of flying debris. The
bor of the problem if on their property. You may have your       storm may pass quickly or it may linger for hours as Hur-
own arborist trim or remove the problem, or you may advise       ricane Wilma did. Be calm and weather the storm knowing
the power company of the hazard and after verification of         you are safe and well prepared.
the problem they will instruct their contractors to correct
the problem. The local feeders are checked and cleared ev-           After the storm has passed check your home for damage.
ery three years, but in the case the wrong tree was planted      Check with your neighbors to make sure they are OK. Do
under the lines sometimes the three year cycle is not suf-       what you can to help anyone who has been injured. Your
ficient. So report any problem you see with any power lines       neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team
to the power company. Remember an ounce of prevention            (CERT) members will be the first people you will see for
is worth a pound of cure. In the case of no electricity two      additional help after a major storm. They will be on the
pounds of misery must be added to the equation.                  streets immediately after the storm, once they have secured
                                                                 their own families.
    When reports of a possible storm come you should call
your doctor or pharmacist and arrange to pick up an ample            The days immediately following a major storm may
supply of any medications that you currently take. This is       include living without electricity, water and all the conve-
very important; remember after a severe storm you may not        niences the twenty-first century has to offer. It will not be a
be able to contact your doctor for weeks and the regular         fun time but we can all make it through with help from our
pharmacy you go to may be damaged and not reopen for             family, friends and neighbors. Remember all the safety tips
a long time. Fill your car up with gas. Go to the store and      that you hear over and over on the radio and from neighbors.
get those perishable items you will want to have until the       Don’t walk through standing water for fear of electrocution
stores reopen after the storm. Don’t wait until the storm is     from downed power lines. Don’t overdo things or hurt your-
on the horizon to get those last minute items. We all know       self when trying to clean up after the storm. Follow all the
the chaos and empty shelves at every store once the hurri-       safety rules regarding the location, use and refueling of gen-
cane warnings are announced on television; your early ac-        erators. And, don’t venture from your home until officials
tions can help you avoid all of that.                            have declared the streets are safe.
   When the storm nears, go inside and close up your home.          The very best idea to follow this hurricane season is the
Call family and friends in and out of town. Let them know        hundred-year-old Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared.”
where you are, where you plan to be and put their mind at

For advertising information call (954) 564-1308                               Page 11 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
                        Victoria Park Rebuilds our Tree Canopy and Yours
      The Victoria Park Civic Association is continuing its tree replacement program to increase our tree canopy,
      and improve the beauty of our neighborhood.

      Here is how it will work:

 1)    Fill out the form below and pick how many of each type of tree you want. Mahogany, Live Oak, Gumbo
      Limbo and/or Royal Poinciana—we have added the following palms this year; Christmas, Alexander,
      Robellini and Foxtail.
 2)   Send a check made out to TLC Greenery with your form to VPCA Tree Program, 726 NE 17th Way, Fort
      Lauderdale, FL 33304 by June 10th, 2008. All trees will be installed and staked by the end of June so
      they may benefit from the rainy season.
 3)    Once we have received your application, we will set a time to come to your house so that YOU can mark
      EXACTLY where you want your tree(s) to go. (We will not be moving trees once they are installed!) At
      that point, we will look for conflicting overhead wires.
 4)    One day soon after that, you will come home from work and see the tree installed.
 5)    Water the tree hard every day for a month and Voila! The canopy begins again….

      These trees will all be 10 footers and the price absolutely includes installation and staking. The Live Oak
      becomes a big shade tree (over a long time) and is nearly indestructible......the Mahogany becomes a big
      tree (over a shorter time) and stands up well to most hurricanes............Gumbo Limbo is a fast growing
      shade tree that is partially deciduous (leaves drop off) in the winter, stands up very well in hurricanes and is
      native and the Royal Poinciana is the fastest growing of the lot, only stands up well in moderate hurricanes
      and produces beautiful bright orange blossoms in the spring.

      The Christmas Palm is the palm tree that gets the bright red berries/nuts around Halloween…just kidding, I
      mean around Christmas. They can grow to about 25 feet. The Alexander is a handsome palm that grows
      to about 45 feet. The Robellini is more of a landscape palm, with a thinner trunk and graceful fronds. The
      Foxtail Palm, has fronds that look like a green fox tail.

      This program is open to everyone who has a property in Victoria Park—and the tree has to be installed in
      Victoria Park. Businesses, town home communities, rental units, condo buildings and single family homes
      are all encouraged to take part in this program.

      Please note: these trees ARE NOT to replace existing trees unless they are nuisance trees: Melaleuca,
      Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pines.

      Since we are purchasing so many trees, we will get a great price. As the Association is not going to make
      any money on this program, we pass the savings on to you.

      Pricing is marked below.

      Name______________________________________________________________                        Date____________

      Phone(s) (required)_____________________________________________________________________

      Address(s) of installation _________________________________________________________________

      Live Oaks are $210, all other trees are $185.

      Type of Tree(s) ___________________         Number of Trees ___________ Amount Enclosed ___________

      Any Questions: Please email or call 954-779-3713.

Page 12 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News                             For advertising information call (954) 564-1308

      Reduced! $ 359,000
               $                          Reduced! $ 1,149,000
                                                   $                              Reduced! $ 379,000

         423 NE 8th Avenue                   1613 NE 4th Court                       440 NE 13th Avenue
           Move-In Quality Home.          Price reduced $400,000 from original   Cottage Style House on a Premier Corner
               Oversized Lot.                 list price! Your dream home is      Lot in the Heart of Victoria Park with
            3 Bedrooms. 1 Bath.             finally within reach. 4 Bedrooms.          Renovated 1/1 Guest House.
             Fireplace. Garage.                3-1/2 Baths. Fully Upgraded.                2 Bedrooms. 1 Bath.
         For Sale $359,000                  For Sale $1,149,000                       For Sale $379,000

          735 NE 17th Way                  533 Riviera Isle Drive                    521 NE 9th Avenue
        Charming Victoria Park Home.     Totally Renovated Waterfront Home on         Totally renovated home with
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        Gotta Sec?                                                By Lindsay Koehler
                                    Minutes from the May 7, 2008 General Membership Meeting

   President Jay Holloway called the meeting to order at              Ursula also discussed overgrown foliage at intersection
7:12 p.m.                                                         sight triangles. A resident asked about vehicles parked in
                                                                  the right of way; she replied that these were the responsi-
   Motion was made by Pat Mayers and seconded by Hans             bility of parking enforcement rather than code compliance.
Hochkamp to accept the minutes of the April 2, 2008 Gen-          Jay Holloway reminded us that Ursula comes to our meet-
eral Membership Meeting.                                          ings on her own time, and urged us to call her with any
                                                                  code concerns. (Secretary’s Note: Officer Thime’s contact
   Treasurer Madelene Klein read her Treasurer’s Report.          information is 954-828-6324 or 954-461-7258 or uthime@
A motion was made by Pat Mayers and seconded by George  
Bishop to accept the report.
                                                                  Committee Reports
Police Report
   Officer Shane Calvey prefaced the April crime statistics
                                                                  Fort Lauderdale Council of Civic Associations
for Zone 101 by saying that “everything is down from last
                                                                      Ted Fling reported that the Council has scheduled a
month, but like every other month, vehicular burglary is still
                                                                  meeting at 7 p.m. on May 13th with Chief of Police Bruce
a big problem.” He urged residents to remove valuables
                                                                  Roberts to address residents’ concerns with crime as a result
from parked cars.
                                                                  of the City’s failure to negotiate a contract with the police
                                                                  department. All are invited to attend this important meet-
    The statistics are as follows: vehicle burglary 9; residen-
                                                                  ing, which will be held on the eighth floor of City Hall.
tial burglary 5 (Officer Calvey noted that only one of those
                                                                      Ted also encouraged everyone to attend Broward Coun-
was a theft from inside a home; the others were from back
                                                                  ty’s Hurricane Expo on Saturday, May 31 from 10 a.m. to 2
yards or garages); vehicle theft 5; armed robbery 1; strong-
                                                                  p.m. at the Broward County Emergency Operations Center
arm robbery 2. One of the strong-arm suspects was arrested
                                                                  in Plantation. Hurricane preparedness information will be
by police at Dunkin’ Donuts when he attempted to spend the
                                                                  available, with exhibits, tours, giveaways and light refresh-
$9 he had just stolen.
                                                                  ments as well. (Secretary’s Note: for more information, call
   Officer Calvey said the third wild dog seemed to be
   Member Julia Burns asked for information on the recent             Ted noted that the Association had no input on the
presence of the Raiders (the police department’s street nar-      placement of two new stop signs on NE 6th Street at NE
cotics special investigation division) on her street. Officer      15th Avenue. He informed us that the County is consider-
Calvey deferred to Vice President Ted Fling, who noted that       ing “reversing” the stop signs at the intersection of NE 9th
the property in question was reported to the district major       Street and NE 16th Terrace at the request of an anonymous
on April 8th, 2008. Crime Watch Committee Pat Mayers              resident. Ted opposes this, as it “opens 9th Street up as a
added that when an address is currently under investigation       runway for through traffic,” and “interferes with the Master
the police cannot discuss details of the case. Officer Calvey      Plan” for the neighborhood. His message to residents is to
noted that the police could be working on a case every day        be aware that the Association may not have any impact on
but that did not mean that local residents would see them.        traffic controls in our borders, but that he continues to moni-
Jay Holloway suggested that Julia call the police every time      tor the situation and will strive to bring the neighborhood’s
when she sees a problem at the property.                          interests to the attention of the appropriate authorities.

                                                                     Ted said the problem with solving traffic problems is
Code Enforcement
                                                                  that sometimes multiple organizations have jurisdiction
   Code Compliance Officer Ursula Thime described the
                                                                  over particular areas: for example the northbound lanes at
characteristics of a “derelict” car (expired or missing tag;
                                                                  Sunrise Boulevard and NE 15th Avenue. This intersection
2 or more flat tires) and noted that cars on the swale or in
                                                                  is monitored by the City, the County, the Florida Depart-
an alley would be issued a 3-day notice, but that derelict
                                                                  ment of Transportation, and various special interest groups
cars parked on private property were handled by a special
                                                                  (including our Association). Thornie Jarrett asked Ted how
magistrate, whereby the City needs to request a tow from a
judge.                                                                                                 Continued on page 19

Page 18 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News                                For advertising information call (954) 564-1308
Minutes - Continued from page 18                                   bylaws, the committee met during the month of April.
the Association could have no input when it represents
                                                                      We found the books to be in order, with all expenses
10,000 residents. Ted said it can be a bureaucratic night-
                                                                   accounted for and nothing out of line. Association income
mare to unearth who is responsible for what, but that he will
                                                                   seems stable.
continue to represent the Association’s interests to the best
of his ability. Aimee Dunn said she supported the new stop
                                                                       Association expenses were higher than income due pri-
signs at NE 6th Street and NE 15th Avenue, noting that the
                                                                   marily to the $35,000 expense of the street signs (for which
County has stringent guidelines for installing traffic con-
                                                                   we matched a City NCIP grant). In addition, income from
trols and that if these guidelines were met, the signs were
                                                                   the Victoria Park News was down, and $10,000 more was
probably needed. Glenda Rowley also spoke in support of
                                                                   spent for beautification projects than our yearly average. In
the new signs.
                                                                   balance, Home Tour revenues were up, while CERT expen-
                                                                   ditures were down.
    Ted Fling read this report from Committee Chair Jeanne             We have two recommendations to improve Association
Lalli: “on the issue of FPL’s butchering of our tree canopy,       accounting practices: we believe the Treasurer should pre-
we are mounting an email and calling campaign to let Lynn          pare a quarterly cash flow analysis, which would be read at
Shatas of FPL know how disappointed we are with the qual-          general membership meetings to inform the Association of
ity of work that is being done. Jay (Holloway) is leading the      total revenues and total expenses for that period.
charge. If you would like to help in this effort by articulat-
ing your personal experience or what you have seen in the              We believe there should be some oversight or plan of
neighborhood, you can email Lynn Shatas at lynn_shatas@            action of Association monies for budgeting purposes. We or call 954-321-2215.”                                      suggest the Board annually query each Committee Chair
                                                                   and each Coordinator who may be responsible for expenses
Children                                                           in the course of each year as to their anticipated expenses
   Committee Chair Aimee Dunn reported that the City is            for the upcoming fiscal year. Each would be provided a list
working on a permanent awning at the toddler playground            of monies spent during the prior year for comparison. Their
at Holiday Park; she is pursuing specific details.                  responses could then be totaled and checked against antici-
                                                                   pated annual income.”
Crime Watch
    Pat Mayers said that two cars with expensive wheels had            Hans Hochkamp made a motion to accept the report; Pat
been victims of theft in the last month and a half in our area,    Mayers seconded and a membership vote carried the mo-
left on cinder blocks after their wheels and tires were stolen.    tion.
Ted Fling noted that an email blast had recently gone out to
the membership about this topic. Pat suggested that resi-          Home Tour
dents who own cars with expensive wheels or tires install             Thornie Jarrett said the Committee is searching for ho-
locking lug nuts. She also suggested the use of motion-            meowners to volunteer their homes for the 2008 tour. He
sensing car alarms, motion-sensing house lights, and noted         urged residents to contact the committee with suggestions
that family dogs which might be expected to bark at strange        for organizations and companies who could sponsor the
outdoor sounds could be distracted by interior noises, such        event. He reminded us that “the Home Tour is our biggest
as fans. Officer Calvey added that vehicle owners may not           moneymaker for Association income to work on all those
realize their “stock” cars are targets, but said that even stock   projects you heard about tonight and in the Finance Com-
tires can be quite valuable and a target for theft.                mittee Report.” He urged anyone with an interest in getting
     Pat urged residents to be alert at night when walking in      involved in the neighborhood to join the committee.
the neighborhood, and suggested that no one walk alone.
    She announced the topics for upcoming Citizen’s Crime             Secretary Lindsay Koehler reported that two residents
Alert of Fort Lauderdale, Inc. meetings (Secretary’s Note:         have volunteered to facilitate the newsletter’s production:
regularly held the first Monday of each month at City Hall          Becky Stone will receive all contributor submissions in the
at 7 p.m.; call 954-763-7863 for specific details): ID theft        future (Secretary’s Note: Becky can be contacted at rbccs-
in June; SWAT team canine apprehension display at the     Submissions in email format or Word
mounted patrol barn in Holiday Park in July; Operation             are always welcome, and attached pictures are especially
Lifesaver (railroad track safety issues) in September.             appreciated.) and Peggy Celano will proofread submissions.
                                                                   Lindsay thanked Becky and Peggy for their help.
Finance Committee
    Member Steve Kirsch read the report of the Commit-
tee’s 2008 audit of Association finances: “Per Association                                              Continued on page 20

For advertising information call (954) 564-1308                                 Page 19 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
Minutes - Continued from page 19                                 animal welfare in the neighborhood,” and thanked Helen
Planning/Zoning                                                  Norley, Jim Kevern, Julia Burns, Susan Jordan, Shelley
    Ted Fling reminded members that the Association’s de-        Walker and Lynn Skeffington for their assistance. Rob’s
velopment review committees (Planning/Zoning, Aesthet-           note said that though his mother lived in the neighborhood
ics, Traffic, and Master Plan) had supported a proposal for a     for more than sixty years, she often told him that “her cur-
docking variance at 808/810 NE 20th Avenue some months           rent neighbors were ‘the best neighbors I’ve ever had.’ “
ago (as had the Marine Advisory Board, the City Com-
mission, the Marine Patrol and County Park people); the              Steve Kirsch spoke about FPL’s tree trimming in the
membership voted to support the variance at the February         neighborhood, saying we should “be careful when talking
6, 2008 general membership meeting. Ted explained that           about hurting trees if those trees are planted directly under a
standard Association practice is to write a letter stating the   power line.” He reminded us of the delay in restoring power
result of such a vote, but that “we dropped the ball” in this    after Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma due to tree limbs which
instance. He asked for a vote to write such a letter. Hans       tore down power lines. Thornie Jarrett urged the Associa-
Hochkamp made a motion to state the Association’s support        tion: “don’t jump on the power company now,” when their
of the variance in a letter to the property owner; Pat Mayers    actions might keep the lights on in the neighborhood after
seconded and membership vote carried the motion.                 a storm. “Power is more important than trees,” which were
                                                                 improperly planted under power lines, Steve concluded, and
                                                                 urged the Association to help educate residents to plant the
Public Safety/CERT                                               “right tree in the right place.” Jay Holloway said he was
    Committee Chair Thornie Jarrett reminded us that hur-        right and that the Association would.
ricane season officially begins in June and urged residents
to make their preparations early.
    He announced that Community Emergency Response                  Patty Riddle announced that the Association has formed
Team classes were being offered by the City, and urged ad-       a team for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
ditional neighborhood residents to take the free classes and     fundraiser in Fort Lauderdale on May 16 and 17. More in-
join the Victoria Park CERT group, saying “we never have         formation on the event is available at 954-564-0880 Ext.
enough people on our team.”                                      117 or

    He reiterated Ted Fling’s suggestion to attend the Coun-        Motion was made by Hans Hochkamp and seconded by
ty’s Emergency Operations Center and tour the facility. He       Steve Kirsch to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.
said it was well worth the time, and promised taxpayers
they’d see “a lot more than you’d expect Broward County
to have” as a result of their tax dollars.                                     JUNE MEETING
Utility                                                             Be sure to come to our June 4 General Membership
    Jay Holloway introduced Joe Sachitano, the new Com-          Meeting to learn about EVERYTHING that’s going on in
mittee Chair, who will serve as our liaison with FPL. Joe        the neighborhood.
said his phone number is 850-866-6002 and welcomed resi-
dents to contact him regarding utility concerns. He urged us        The meeting is at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria of St. Anthony
to document any utility problems “as you see them” as will       School.
he, and promised to follow up as needed.

Old Business                                                           WATER RESTRICTIONS
   Jay Holloway noted the “new faces at tonight’s meet-
ing,” and welcomed them to join our committees and get                       EASED
involved. He said we are currently seeking chairs for the
Social and Welcome committees, and noted that we are also            The South Florida Water Management District has eased
looking for a Webmaster.                                         water restrictions in most parts of Broward County, effec-
                                                                 tive April 18. The new restrictions increase the lawn water-
New Business                                                     ing restrictions from once a week to twice a week.
   Pat Mayers presented $1,002 in proceeds from a neigh-             Under the new restrictions, lawn watering will be per-
borhood estate sale to Treasurer Madelene Klein. Pat said        mitted on Wednesdays and Saturdays for houses with ODD
the money was raised by Rob Dressler, “the founding father       numbered addresses and on Thursdays and Sundays for
of the Victoria Park Civic Association,” as a result of the      houses with EVEN numbered addresses. Watering will be
sale of possessions of his late mother Elizabeth Dressler.       permitted between midnight and 10 a.m., or between 4 p.m.
He requested that the funds “be used for matters relating to     and midnight.

Page 20 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News                               For advertising information call (954) 564-1308
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1960 East Sunrise Boulevard                                                     Lillian Davis Past and Present                                                  920 East Las Olas Boulevard
(954) 462-HAIR                                                                  1217 East Las Olas Boulevard                                                    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
A full service hair salon and waxing studio. Serving the Victoria Park          (954) 523-2990                                                                  1-877-GALLERS

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If you’re looking for a piece of Heaven, look no further than Galler “The” Belgian Chocolate. With your first

                                                                                                                   Expert Cleaning by Desi!
step inside, the aroma of fresh chocolate captures your senses and begs you to taste everything! You will be
transported to Europe by the design and décor, soothed by the soft classical music and pleased to find old-
fashioned personalized service. Galler chocolate is made with all natural ingredients, high cocoa content, very
low in sugar. Presented in luxurious packaging, you will be sure to impress your most discerning gift recipient.

Kilwins of Las Olas
                                                                                                                                Carpet cleaning 2 rooms $50,
809 East Las Olas Boulevard
(954) 523-8338                                                                                                                             or sofa
Delicious ice cream, chocolates, and fudge

Pond Hoppers
                                                                                                                                     Free Deodorizer
2629 North Federal Highway
(Behind Egg ‘N You)
(954) 566-9388
                                                                                                                                Tile & Grout - Mexican Tile
Thousands of British groceries and sweets including some of your favorite brands: Cadbury, McVitie, Jacobs,
Walker, Burtons, Heinz, Sharwood’s, Baxter’s, Branston, Hayward’s, Hartley’s, Rose’s, Tiptree, Robertson’s,
                                                                                                                                       Wood Floors
Cameron’s, etc.
                                                                                                                                     Marble - Terrazzo
Stork’s Bakery * Coffee * Café
Las Olas: 1109 East Las Olas Boulevard
 (954) 522-4670
Wilton Manors: 2505 NE 15th Avenue                                                                                 Call Today Desi (954) 383-5054
(954) 567-3220
Offering mouthwatering pastries, savory salads, gourmet sandwiches, specialty coffees, Cappuccino, Latte,
Smoothies and Whirleybirds, Mochaccino or Mochalatte, Chai Latte, Espresso and your favorite iced
beverages. Specializing in DECADENT DESSERTS. Fine wines and imported beers available at the Las Olas

The Stuffed Grape Leaf
900 NE 20th Avenue
Authentic Greek cuisine.


          4th OF JULY FIREWORKS
      The City of Fort Lauderdale invites residents and visi-
  tors to celebrate Independence Day by attending a FREE,
  all-day celebration on the beach
  from 1:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on Fri-
  day, July 4, 2008.
      The festivities will kick off at
  1:00 p.m. at SE 5th Street and A1A,
  where a DJ will host contests and
  games for children of all ages, in-
  cluding a water balloon toss and
  hoola-hoop contest. The celebra-
  tion will continue with a twilight
  concert on a stage at SE 5th Street and A1A.

      When the sun goes down, watch the sky light up as the
  City of Fort Lauderdale presents its annual fireworks show
  at 9:00 p.m. The show will take place off of A1A and Las
  Olas Boulevard. Don’t miss this awesome event!
                                                                                                                    DESIGNER FURNITURE FOR SALE
        The following is an overview of scheduled events:                                                                 IN HARBOR BEACH
         • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. DJ, children’s activities,
            SE 5th Street and A1A                                                                                  (2) Matching designer sofas & coordinating ottoman
         • 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Live concerts, SE 5th                                                                                   from DCOTA
            Street and A1A                                                                                                    (2) Art Deco style custom C-chairs
         • 9:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Fireworks, off of Las Olas                                                                           Beautiful Oriental rug
            Boulevard and A1A                                                                                                  Marble pedestal & wood pedestal
                                                                                                                     5’ x 8’ beveled mirror in carved, solid wood frame
      For more information, call the City’s special events hot-                                                               3 piece antique Empire style suite
  line at 954-828-5363.                                                                                                            (loveseat, chair & rocker)
      If you would like to become a sponsor for this year’s                                                        Wicker end tables & other nice miscellaneous items
  event, call 954-828-PARK (7275).                                                                                           CALL (954) 224-3383

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           Crime Watch Report                                   organize one, please give me a call or send an email 954-
                                                                763-7863, or
                       By Pat Mayers
                                                                   Citizens Crime Alert of Fort Lauderdale Inc.
                Prepare for the Summer
                                                                   Come and join us the first Monday evening of each
    Hello neighbors -- it is good to know that crime statis-    month at City Hall on the eighth floor in the cafeteria at 7
tics in the neighborhood went down last month. Keep in          p.m.
mind that summer is just around the corner: this is signifi-
cant because school will be out and many children do not           On June 2, 2008 our speaker will be Randy Pellham
have supervision. Every summer, kids come into Victoria         from Fort Lauderdale Police Economic Crime Division; the
Park from other neighborhoods, breaking into homes and          topic will be identification theft.
checking yards and open garages for what they can get their
hands on. We are all aware that the economic climate is not         On July 7, 2008 our speaker will be Paul Christophara
in great shape: that will make us more of a target.             of the SWAT team with his K-9 apprehension partner. This
                                                                special meeting will be in Holiday Park on the south side of
Follow all of these tips to keep from becoming a victim:        the Mounted Patrol Barn in the open field. You can park in
                                                                the field to the northeast of Parker Playhouse.
    1. Lock all doors and windows.                                 August – NO CCAFL MEETING THIS MONTH
    2. If you have an alarm, turn it on!
    3. Close your garage door.                                     I hope that you will come and join us to ask questions,
    4. When you go away, have a neighbor move your              learn from the police and be aware of what Fort Lauderdale
       garbage bin to and from the street. Have someone         Police have to offer our community.
       pick up your mail. Stop your newspapers. Have
       a light on a timer in a couple rooms to go on and
       off at certain times. If your neighbors have more                BANK OF AMERICA
       than one car, ask them to park one in front of your
       home.                                                          STARLIGHT MUSICALS
    5. If you see someone suspicious, call the Police ASAP
       and report it. Give a good description and note the             30TH ANNIVERSARY
       direction they are heading.
                                                                    The annual Bank of America Starlight Musicals Concert
    Hopefully the above will help to keep you and your prop-    Series kicks off on June 13 at Holiday Park. The free, out-
erty safe this summer: when we look out for one another it      door summer concert series, now in its 30th year, will be
makes for a safer neighborhood.                                 presented by the City of Fort Lauderdale every Friday from
                                                                June 13th through August 8th, from 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
              Automobile Tire & Wheels                              Residents and visitors are encouraged to bring lawn
                                                                chairs, picnic baskets, family and friends to the park for
                                                                live entertainment under the stars. The shows take place on
    There are people going around late at night targeting ex-
                                                                the football fields in Holiday Park, located at East Sunrise
pensive automobiles with fancy wheels and tires. When the
                                                                Boulevard and Federal Highway. Free parking is available
car’s owner gets up in the morning, their car is on cinder
                                                                on site. Please note that pets are not permitted in Holiday
blocks, wheels and tires are gone, and often the car is dam-
aged in the process. We have had two such incidents in the
                                                                    The 30th Annual Starlight Musicals will feature an ex-
last six weeks or so. Do this to protect your cars:
                                                                citing lineup of bands ranging from rhythm and blues to
                                                                tropical rock.
    1.   Park in a locked garage if you have one.
    2.   Get locking lug nuts put on your tires.                   Please note that there will not be a concert on Friday,
    3.   If possible, get a motion sensor alarm for the car.    July 4, 2008.
    4.   Install motion sensor lights outside where the car        As an added bonus, each week the City of Fort Lauder-
         is parked.                                             dale Parks and Recreation Department will select a theme
                                                                and hold a contest for the best-decorated seating area.
          National Night Out Against Crime
                                                                   For more information, please call the City of Fort Lau-
   This national event is on August 5, 2008. In past years,     derdale Special Events Hotline at 954-828-5363 or visit us
the Association has held a street party. If you want to help    online at

Page 24 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News                             For advertising information call (954) 564-1308
  Dear Lori:
  I received an email last week at our title company office.
  Every agent received the same email from an on line
  company selling what’s called a Homestead Declaration. I
  think your office should let taxpayers know what this is—
  and it’s not the same as a Homestead Exemption.
                      J.R., Fort Lauderdale (via email)                         turbocharged ideas...daily.

  Every year brings another example of creative companies trying
  to sell services aimed at Broward County homeowners. The
  debtor/creditor protections granted by Florida law are entirely
  unrelated to any function of the Property Appraiser—but we can             954 566 4963
  point you in the right direction. The confusion arises because   
  Florida law has at least three separate sets of legal rights—all
  vaguely related through the concept of permanent residency,
  which are all named “homestead.”

  Our office handles matters involving the $50,000 Homestead
  Exemption on property taxes on a primary residence. This type
  of “homestead” is covered by Chapter 196, Florida Statutes.
  Chapter 196, however has nothing to do with debtor/creditor
  protection. Another provision of Florida law entitles
  “homestead” ensuring a will is probated in the county of the last
  permanent residence of the decedent. The so-called “Homestead
  Declaration” relates to Florida debtor/creditor protections for a
  primary residence, found in Chapter 222, F.S. Please pay
  specific attention to Section 222.01, F.S., which has a sample of
  the Notice of Homestead form you must file with Broward
  County Recording Division to take advantage of these legal
  rights after a final judgment is entered against you in court. Any
  Florida bankruptcy attorney should be familiar with this.
                                                                              Reach all the residents
  However, if you are not dealing with a possible bankruptcy                             of
  situation or facing creditors who are seeking to take your home,
  you do not need to be vary concerned with the Chapter 222                       Victoria Park!
  “homestead” protections at this time.

  Sincerely,                                                                       Call Steve Kelley
                                                                                    (954) 564-1308
  If you have a question for the Property Appraiser, please email Lori at or write to her at the Broward County Property Appraiser's
  Office, 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Room 111, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.

For advertising information call (954) 564-1308                                   Page 25 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
Things you need to know, things you wanted to
know, things you would care less if you ever knew!                                                      By Hans Hochkamp

   Modern day 35th wedding anniversary gift is Jade.               each at a huge price, in the 3 years before the original was
   High school graduation is the No. 1 reason for purchas-            The peace symbol was created in 1958 as a nuclear dis-
ing graduation cards, and the average graduate receives 17.5       armament symbol by the Direct Action Committee, and
graduation cards. Sixty percent of all graduation cards are        was first shown that year at peace marches in England. The
purchased for high-school graduates. College graduation is         symbol is a composite of the semaphore signals N and D,
the No. 2 reason for buying graduation cards, and the aver-        representing nuclear disarmament.
age college graduate receives 7.5 cards.                              The world’s largest art gallery is the Winter Palace and
                                                                   Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Visitors would have to
    In 1371, due to the plague, the average age at marriage        walk 15 miles to see the 322 galleries which house nearly 3
for men was 24, and for women it was 16.                           million works of art.
    The wedding band should be put on first so it is closest
to your heart. Then the engagement ring and lastly, the an-            For two years during the 1970s, Mattel marketed a doll
niversary band.                                                    called “Growing Up Skipper.” Her breasts grew when her
                                                                   arm was turned. Pervert!
   Richard Milhouse Nixon was the first US President
whose name contains all the letters from the word “crimi-             While you’re resting, the air you breathe passes through
nal”.                                                              your nose at about four miles per hour. At this rate, you
   William Jefferson Clinton is the 2nd.                           breathe over 400 gallons of air every hour. Convert this
                                                                   to gas at $3.60 per gallon and you are rich! $1440.00 per
    Despite the fact that 77 percent of Americans go to the        hour!
grocery store with a list, it’s estimated that half of every-
thing bought there is bought on impulse. Supermarkets re-             It takes about 150 days for your fingernails to grow from
port very strong sales of almost anything they stock at the        your cuticles to your fingertips.
check-out line.
    The cashew is part of a fruit that grows in tropical regions      Bone is about four times stronger than steel. It can en-
called ‘a cashew apple’. After harvesting, the cashew apple        dure 24,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.
keeps for only 24 hours before the soft fruit deteriorates.
The cashew apple is not commercially important since it            Notable Quotes;
spoils quickly, but local people love the fruit.
    The pleasant feeling of eating chocolate is caused by a            “What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not
chemical called anadamide, a neurotransmitter which also           to do.”
is produced naturally in the brain.                                    -- Aristotle

   The first city in the world to have a population of more            “I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.”
than one million was London, which today is the 13th most             -- Jonathon Swift
populated city, with about 8 million residents.
                                                                      “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations
   MasterCard was originally called MasterCharge.                  and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”
                                                                      --Bruce Lee
    Before the year 1000, the word “she” did not exist in
the English language. The singular female reference was the           Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself
word “heo,” which also was the plural of all genders. The          “Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.”
word “she” appeared only in the 12th century, about 400               -- Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter)
years after English began to take form. “She” probably de-
rived from the Old English feminine “seo,” the Viking word            I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But
for feminine reference.                                            I was not pleased to read the description in the catalog:
                                                                      “Not good in a bed, but fine against a wall.”
   When Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was stolen from                 -- Eleanor Roosevelt
the Louvre in 1912, 6 replicas were sold as the original,

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        print            3/16/08        11:20:58 AM

      Welcome to the smarter GEEK : )
      We simplify technology for you.
      Need help figuring out your computer                                                                  EXPERTS
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      Product Knowledge
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     CALL TODAY 1-87-PRODIGY-7                                                                                             www.tec


For advertising information call (954) 564-1308                                           Page 27 - June, 2008 - Victoria Park News
                                           Direct line – Call anytime! May I help you?
                                            OUR VICTORIA PARK EXPERT!

      GREAT EAST VP LOCATION                             PALM BEACH IN VICTORIA PARK                        HUGE 4,000 SQ. FT. SINGLE LEVEL
      Nestled behind a privacy hedge sits this           Elegant 3/3.5 just finished home with              Over 4,000 generous sq. ft. of quality
      authentic Victoria Park gem. Updated and           quality you can appreciate. Features include:      gorgeous features including high soaring
      remodeled, and yet keeping its original            great floor plan, stunning wide plank black        ceilings, colossal living areas, grand foyer,
      character, this home offers a great chef’s         walnut floors, high ceilings, crown moldings,      French doors, separate guest/nanny’s suite,
      kitchen, current spacious baths, skylight,         surround system, impressive staircase,             fireplaces, wet bar & fabulous private heated
      tall ceilings, French doors, replaced windows      high-end baths, incredible kitchen with            pool and spa set in a resort-like backyard.
      and open bright spacious living areas.             Brazilian granite counters & unique seed           There is a wonderful custom gourmet
      Located on one of Victoria Parks greatest          glass cabinet doors.                               kitchen off a large media room.
      blocks just off Victoria Park Road.                Exclusive $799,000                                 Exclusive $1,100,000
      Exclusive $549,000

      Great location and wonderful          Move right into this spacious         Feel the character in this mint       You’ll think you are on vacation
      potential. This 3/2 house             open floor plan home offering         1940’s home with a magnifi-           everyday in this 3/2 overlooking
      needs some energy but the             front to back living room, dining     cence curved fireplace, new           the spectacular backyard with
      value is definitely here.             room, big updated kitchen,            kitchen, new tile roof, cozy den,     a gorgeous custom freeform
      Wonderful Street surrounded by        great bathrooms, big bedrooms,        carport, cute porch and huge          secluded pool & spa set among
      single family homes close to          garage & lush fenced private          privately fenced beautifully          lush tropical plantings. Located
      everywhere you want to be.            backyard with spa. Located in         landscaped yard with pond and         on the fourth block of 11th Ave.
      Value, value, value!!                 desirable East Victoria Park.         mature tree’s. Great location!        this home is close to everywhere
      Exclusive $376,000                    Exclusive $399,000                    Exclusive $499,000                    you want to be. Value priced.
                                                                                                                        Exclusive $439,000


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