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									                     Hampton University International
                          Hampton, Virginia 23668
                            Fax: 727-637-2100

                       STUDY ABROAD PROCEDURES*

1. Visit the International Office in Phenix Hall, Room 130and speak with the Study Abroad
   advisor, browse through reference materials.
2. Research your options, with the help of the advisor. Ask for information about special
   merit scholarships for study abroad (offered by the program sponsors and by other
   sponsoring agencies).* Take time to select the program that best meets your academic
   and personal objectives. Pay close attention to admission requirements. Contact the
   Program Sponsor for additional information and materials (all the approved programs
   have websites and some have downloadable material). * Hampton University
   scholarships may not be applied to the cost of study abroad.
3. When you have decided on the best possibilities for you, consult with your Academic
   Advisor and (possibly) Program Advisor about the courses you hope to take. Faculty
   advisors can often recommend the choices that have worked out best for students in your
   field of study.
4. Working with the HU International Office, apply to the program. Submit your
   application at least 10 days before the deadline to allow time for review and
   approval of the application. Many programs require letters of recommendation from
   faculty and the approval of the Study Abroad advisor. Some language programs require
   an assessment of your proficiency from your most recent instructor in that language. All
   require official transcripts. Allow plenty of time for these materials to reach the
   International Office for review before they are submitted to the program.
             Steps in the application process:
                   I. Complete the application and provide all other required materials.
                       Leave the packet for review and make an appointment.
                  II. At the appointment, the application packet will be reviewed.
                 III. Make any revisions and return the revised materials to the
                       International Office.
                 IV. The application will be reviewed and mailed.
                  V. You will be notified of acceptance by the program.

5. Follow the program sponsor’s time-line for submission of required pre-departure
   materials, including visa application materials. Be prepared to pay the program deposit
   and make travel arrangements by the program's deadlines. The International Office staff
   may alert you to special considerations for your program destination, such as

6. As soon as you have been notified of admission to the program, you must pick up this
   packet of Hampton University program registration materials and discuss and review
   your program with your advisor. Arrange for approval of all the courses you plan to take
   while abroad. Be sure to select some additional, back-up courses for approval as well,
   because one or more of your preferred choices could be canceled or changed by the host
   institution. If you plan to take courses outside your major, you must get approval of the
   courses from the chair of each department. You will also require approval from
   Department Chairs and the Dean of your major department. Allow time to complete this
   process before classes end for the semester at Hampton University.

7. If you are participating in semester-long program, you should also pre-register at
   Hampton University for the semester of your study abroad by signing up for 12
   credits of Hampton University courses. (The Registrar will use the course approval
   form to change these to designated study abroad credits while you are away). If you
   do not pre-register, you will not receive your bill from Hampton University at the
   proper time and the funds will not be placed your account to pay the program.

8. While planning for a semester abroad, you should also confer with your advisor about the
   courses you will take in the semester after you return from abroad. Obtain approval
   from the appropriate Hampton University officials for that semester so that you can
   arrange to pre-register for the semester of your return when the time comes.

9. Payments due upon acceptance to the program. Pay the Hampton University CSRT
   fee at the Cashier's Office. This registers you for one hour of study abroad credit and is
   equal to one hour of tuition for the semester or year and or one hour of tuition for summer
   session. A reminder: you must also pay the program deposit by the deadline. You may
   also need to pay for a visa application. See instructions for paying the balance of your
   fees, below in section 13.
   10. Meet again with the Study Abroad advisor to submit all the registration, receipt and
       liability release forms and to make sure that your file is complete. You must provide
       confirmation that you have no financial holds on your account from the current term at
       Hampton University. The Study Abroad Advisor may alert you to special pre-departure
       requirements for some programs such as immunizations, visa application procedures, etc.

         Please note: Your study abroad program will not be considered approved by
         Hampton University until all paperwork has been submitted and all the designated
         university officials have signed the forms.

   11. Financial Aid. Please be aware that merit scholarships from Hampton University may
       not be applied to the cost of study abroad programs. Some programs offer need-based,
       merit-based, and minority scholarships. Federal financial aid may be used only for
       approved study abroad programs, and only if the courses you plan to take have been
       approved in accordance with the steps outlined in this brochure. If you are applying to
       use federal financial aid to cover your study abroad, make an appointment with the Study
       Abroad advisor to develop your budget, and meet with the Director of Financial Aid to
       determine the amount of aid you can use. Submit your financial aid paperwork, including
       a copy of your approved program of study, to the Financial Aid Office well in advance of
       your departure.

   12. Use the International Office resources to help make your preparations for travel and
       living in the country of your choice.

   13. Paying the balance of your program fees and expenses. If you are going on a semester
       long program, pay your tuition and fees to Hampton University in the usual manner.
       When the program submits the invoice for your program fees, Hampton University will
       pay the fees up to the amount you have paid the University. Should a balance remain, it
       will stay in your HU account for the semester of your return. Any balance due to the
       program, and any expenses that are not included in the payment sent by Hampton
       University, will be your responsibility. Failure to meet your financial obligations for
       the cost of the program could result in a hold being placed on your account at Hampton

   14. Check in with the Study Abroad advisor by email or fax as soon as you arrive in the
       country and enroll in your courses. Be sure to notify her if you had to change your
       schedule and enroll in one of your back-up choices. Email her if you have any questions
       about pre-registration for the semester of your return.

   15. Instruct the study abroad program to send the transcript to the HU Study Abroad advisor

   16. Enjoy your experience!

   17. When you return, provide the International Office with your local phone and email, and
       complete a program evaluation.
*Special procedures apply to some programs.

TERM (Please check one)               Date: ______________________

____ Summer ______                    Payment deadline:       March 31             Total Credit hours
              Year                                                                 ______________
____ Fall _________                   Payment deadline:       June 30              Financial Aid
              Year                                                                 yes    no
____ Spring_______                    Payment deadline:       October 31

                                    Student Information


State, Zip


Reminder: you must be enrolled at Hampton University during the term in which
you apply to graduate.
Payment should accompany this Registration Form. All copies must be stamped PAID
for validation. Acceptable payment methods include: cash, cashier's check, money order,
or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).

Payment received $_________           _____________________________ _________
One credit hour:                      Study Abroad Advisor          Date
Summer credit hour:
Return the original copy of this receipt to the International Office. Your registration is
not complete until all forms have been received and approved.

Notice to the cashier: Please do not accept this payment if the student
has any other financial holds on his or her account.
                                HAMPTON UNIVERSITY
                                      International Office
                                    Hampton, Virginia 23668

Office location: Phenix Hall, Room 130                           Phone: 757-728-6914
 Fax: 727-637-2100                                                Email: marcia.jackson@hamptonu.edu

     Hampton University Student Agreement on Registration for Study Abroad

Name: _________________________________ Student Number: __________________

        I understand that in order to receive financial aid through Hampton University
during my period of study abroad, I must maintain a course load equivalent to full-time
study at Hampton University, and that I must register (CSRT) concurrently at Hampton
University each semester. I recognize that merit scholarships from Hampton University
are not applied to the costs of study abroad.

While I am enrolled in the study abroad program, I agree to report any course changes in
immediately to the International Office/Study Abroad at Hampton University, and to give
that office my address away from campus as soon as possible. I will request an official
copy of my transcript to be sent to: Hampton University International Office, PO BOX
6162, Hampton University, Hampton, VA 23668.

I assume complete responsibility for providing my own health, accident, life and
repatriation insurance.

I further confirm that I currently have no financial holds on my account at Hampton
University, and I accept responsibility for all fees due to the program, and other expenses,
not covered by the funds in my account at Hampton University for the term of my study
abroad. I acknowledge that failure to pay the balance due to the program sponsor may
result in a hold being placed on my account at Hampton University.

Signature: _____________________________ Date:________________________

Campus address: _____________________________________________________

Home or permanent address: ____________________________________________


Local Telephone: __________________                 Home telephone: __________________
                                                    (include email or fax if available)

Email: ___________________________
                                HAMPTON UNIVERSITY
                                  International Office
                                     Hampton, Virginia 23668
Office location: Phenix Hall, Room 130                           Phone: 757-728-6914
 Fax: 727-637-2100                                                Email: marcia.jackson@hamptonu.edu
                    STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS

The undersigned is a student duly enrolled in courses offered through Hampton
University's Study Abroad Program through the University's International Office.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in Study Abroad, I, _______________
______________________________ agree to the following conditions of participation.

Behavioral Responsibilities: I am aware of the expected behavioral responsibility of any
Hampton University student participating in this program. I am aware that I will be a
guest in a foreign country and that certain behavior will be unacceptable and could result
in possible disruption of my program of study on the grounds of inappropriate behavior.
I hereby assure the University that I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all
times. Such behavior shall include moments when in the company of other program
members and moments when I am physically separated from other program members. I
recognize that inappropriate behavior is cause for dismissal from the program by
Hampton University or the host institution.

Academic Responsibilities: I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and understand that
I am responsible for maintaining a full-time course of study (at least 12 hours per week
and 12 credits of work per term) while abroad. I guarantee that I will attend all classes,
take all examinations and do all assigned work. Hampton University guarantees all
course work for elective credit, while the student is responsible for presenting sufficient
information on general studies, major or other Hampton University requirements.

Legal Problems: I, the undersigned, acknowledge and understand that should I fall into
legal problems with any foreign nationals or government jurisdictions of the host country,
I will attend to the matter personally with my own personal funds. The University does
not guarantee what, if any, assistance it can provide under such circumstances.

Travel Problems: Hampton University cannot assure that travel arrangements will be
without certain disruption. Accordingly, I acknowledge and agree to accept all
responsibility for loss or additional expenses due to delays or other changes in the means
of transportation, other services, sickness, weather, strikes or other unforeseen causes.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and understand that Hampton University assumes no
liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, destruction, theft or the like to my luggage or
personal belongings. I acknowledge that I have retained adequate insurance or have
sufficient funds to replace such belongings and will hold the University harmless there
Medical Responsibility: I, the undersigned, am aware that there are certain risks inherent
in international travel and that Hampton University cannot assume responsibility for all
or certain of my activities. I am aware of my personal medical needs and hereby assure
the University that I have consulted with a medical doctor, as I may have deemed
necessary, with regard to any of my personal needs. Further, I am aware that the
University cannot be responsible for attending to any of my medical needs.

Should I require hospitalization while in a foreign country or in the United States during
this program, I am aware that the University cannot and does not assume any legal
responsibility for payment of such costs. Rather, I hereby assure the University that I
have assumed all risk and responsibility for such costs and have adequate hospitalization
insurance to meet any and all needs for payment of hospital costs during this program.

I expressly understand and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hampton University, its
Board of Trustees, its International Office, its agents, affiliates, officers and employees
from any and all claims and causes of action for damage to or loss of property, personal
illness or injury or death arising out of travel or activity conducted by or under the control
of Hampton University with regard to the aforesaid program.

I understand that, as a student in a country other than the United States of America, I will
be subject to the laws of that country. I agree to conduct myself in a manner that will
comply with the regulations of my host university.

Witness: _________________________________ _____________________________
                                           Print student's name
                                           Country of Citizenship

Pre-departure Orientation

I have attended the Hampton University International Office pre-departure orientation and
understand the information provided in the orientation manual for my study abroad experience.

Signature_______________________________________               Date__________________
                 International Office
                                     Hampton, Virginia 23668
Office location: Phenix Hall, Room 130                                Phone: 757-728-6914
 Fax: 727-637-2100                                                 Email: marcia.jackson@hamptonu.edu
                   BUDGET FOR STUDY ABROAD

                                                                    Return to the International Office
                                         Deadline: April 15 for Fall Semester and full year programs
                                             Deadline: November 15 for Spring Semester Programs

Academic Year: _______________                       Estimated Departure Date: ______________

Check: Full Year                   Fall semester only                   Spring Semester Only

Program Name and Location of Study: ____________________________________

Sponsoring Institution, if other than Hampton University: _____________________

                                          Estimated Budget

          Amount                                                          Notes

          $________________                    Tuition/Program Fee _________________________
          List services included in addition to tuition, if any _______________________________
          $________________                    Room _____________________________________

          $________________                   Board _____________________________________

          $________________                   Fees ______________________________________
          If not included above, please specify.
          $_______________                    Hampton University CSRT fee semester/summer

          $________________                   Airfare ____________________________________

          $________________    Other (list) ___________________________
          $                    Total Costs

_______          Yes, I am aware that the amount of study abroad costs may exceed my Hampton
                 University campus costs.
_______          Yes, I agree to cover these costs with additional family contribution or other resources.

_______          Yes, I recognize that failure to pay the balance due to the program after funds have been
                 sent from Hampton University may result in a hold being placed on my account at
                 Hampton University.
_______          Yes, I am aware that merit scholarships from Hampton University do not apply to study
                 abroad costs.
Student Signature: _______________________________Date:________________

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