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									Harry Coumnas Is A Respected Social
Harry Coumnas is a reputed professional who
belongs to Flushing, New York. He is a major in
Political Science and Psychology. He received
education from some of the best colleges of
New York including the City College, Queens
College and the Queensborough College.
The Queens College is regarded as one of the
best colleges that offer top-notch education to
their students. Due to its unparalleled
contribution in the field of education, Queens
College is also referred to as the jewel of the
CUNY system. The City College of New York is
popular    for    providing    students    with
comprehensive      research     and    teaching
Harry Coumnas is also a respected social
worker who aims at helping the deprived and
neglected people of the society. He has made
considerable contributions in many charitable
organizations and community services. He also
works voluntarily for the church.
Harry Coumnas is a very helpful and
generous person who is always ready to help
others. He offers helpful advice to others and
also mediates to help people in resolving
their issues. He takes life as an adventure and
teaches others to adopt an affirmative
outlook towards life. Harry is also a great
admirer of nature.
Besides being a great humanitarian, Harry
Coumnas is also a recognized Electrical
Engineering Professional. He resides in
Flushing which is situated at the distance of
ten miles towards east of Manhattan. Harry
Coumnas is a family oriented person who has
been raised in a family of more than 100
His family members reside in different parts
of the world including Western Europe,
Australia and India. Harry is an adventure
loving person who participates in various
activities like camping in woods, sky diving,
driving very fast cars, hiking etc.
He loves playing various games like basketball,
chess and pool in his free time. Besides, Harry
Coumnas is a professional sportsperson who
has played for the Knicks Basketball team. He
has also won many awards in wrestling at
college level.

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