; Passport To English - Sujatha
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Passport To English - Sujatha


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									Sujatha: Test 3 – Part 2                                                Transcript

Test 3 - Part 2 Individual Talk/Long Turn
Sujatha is asked to describe a wedding she's attended.


Sujatha:      Well, the only wedding that I was really closely observing was of
              my sister’s. It was a very eventful day that day. We just started
              early in the morning, dress her up in the traditional sari and wear
              all the golden jewellery.

              We use a lot of gold on weddings. So just wear a lot of golden
              jewellery and flowers in her hair and everything. We just took
              about two or three hours just to decorate the bride and then we
              went to the main ceremony where the bridegroom also comes
              along and then we have a lot of holy rituals happening where you
              perform some kind of rituals around the fire and then you exchange
              garlands and then you kind of shower each other with rice and
              other interesting stuff and funny stuff.

              Then we have the lunch happening when everyone sit together and
              eat but the very interesting part is the bride and the bridegroom
              don’t get to eat till the end of the day. They kind of are fasting on
              that day and it’s very difficult on them because they are wearing all
              this heavy clothes and they’re sitting through all the rituals and
              they can’t eat and they watch everybody else eat.

              In the evening what happens is that the bride is traditionally taken
              to the groom’s house, so usually it happens in a car these days so
              in a car we took my sister, me and the bridegroom, all of us we
              went to the groom’s house. Yeah, that’s when the ceremony
              actually ends so it’s a long day

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