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									Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP

About the Ashcourt Rowan Group              3

Why use a pension to save for retirement?   4

Why the Ashcourt Rowan SIPP?                5

Main features                               6

Important notes and Further information     7
About the Ashcourt
Rowan Group
the Ashcourt Rowan Group was formed in January 2010 when Ashcourt Asset
Management, Ashcourt Financial Planning and Rowan & Co.; all wholly owned
subsidiaries of Syndicate Asset Management plc; merged to form a single wealth
management business.

our legacy spans more than 20 years and ensures that clients benefit from a breadth
of expertise and experience across the range of independent investment and financial
planning services that we offer. this includes portfolio management, pensions, life
assurance and tax planning. the provision of these services to private individuals,
trusts, charities and pension funds means that the Ashcourt Rowan Group is focused
on offering all aspects of financial management to its clients in the uK and abroad.

The Ashcourt Rowan Group includes;
• Ashcourt Rowan Administration limited
• Ashcourt Rowan Asset Management limited
• Ashcourt Rowan Financial Planning limited
• Ashcourt Rowan Pension trustees limited

AShCouRt RoWAn ESSEntIAl SIPP                                                          3
Why use a pension to
save for retirement
While it is entirely possible to use any savings vehicle to prepare financially for
retirement, none of the options available offer the same level of tax relief as a pension.

You can contribute as much as 100% of your earnings into a pension, subject to
the maximum annual allowance of £255,000 (fixed until 5 April 2016). Whatever level
of contribution you make, they are generally relievable against your highest Income tax
rate. this means that £100 invested in a pension by a qualifying higher rate taxpayer
will only cost £60.

Additional tax advantages offered by a pension include:
• no capital gains tax (CGt) on the growth of assets within the fund
• no income tax payable on interest from deposits or gilts/bonds
• no inheritance tax payable on most lump sum death benefits paid before age 75
• 25% of the fund can be taken as a lump sum at any time after age 55

Is a SIPP the right choice?
A SIPP – or Self Invested Personal Pension – is just one type of pension available, but
the flexibility that it offers makes it a popular choice with those who want to actively
manage all or part of their retirement fund.

A SIPP may invest in a wide range of assets, but there are tax penalties levied by hM
Revenue & Customs for investing in certain assets. to ensure that a SIPP is invested
tax-efficiently, it is wise to speak to a financial adviser.

Please be aware that stakeholder pension schemes are also available and might meet
your needs at least as well as a SIPP.

4                                                                                            AShCouRt RoWAn ESSEntIAl SIPP
Why the Ashcourt
Rowan Essential SIPP?
our philosophy is to provide a high standard of service tailored to the
needs of our clients, which is flexible, efficient and accessible. We offer
the expertise that you need and are committed to providing you with
the professional service that you would expect.

the Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP is designed to invest your
contributions, or any transfers of benefits, quickly and efficiently.
You can invest your money with either Ashcourt Rowan Asset
Management or Savoy Investment Management.

the fees levied for the Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP are competitive,
with no hidden costs and are clearly stated in advance.
                                                                              thE AShCouRt RoWAn
Our SIPP offers:
                                                                              ESSEntIAl SIPP IS
• Flexibility and control over when you contribute                            DESIGnED to InVESt
• the ability to invest in a wide range of assets                             YouR ContRIButIonS
• A choice of how to take benefits on retirement                              QuICKlY AnD
• the ability to remain invested after age 75                                 EFFICIEntlY
• Regular updates and ease of administration

AShCouRt RoWAn ESSEntIAl SIPP                                                                  5
Main features

ContRIButIonS                                              DEAth BEnEFItS
• no minimum contribution                                  • Any assets that remain within your pension upon
• no requirement to maintain a particular                    death can be paid to your nominated beneficiaries
  level of contribution                                      and dependants
• Protected rights that have accumulated by opting
  out from the State Second Pension; previously
  known as the State Earnings Related Pension scheme;
  can be accepted                                          • All assets are held in trust
• transfers from other uK registered pensions              • the SIPP is administered by Ashcourt Rowan
  can be accepted                                            Administration limited, which is authorised and
• transfers from qualifying recognised                       regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  overseas pensions can be accepted                        • the Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP is covered by
                                                             the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

• You can appoint either Ashcourt Rowan Asset
  Management or Savoy Investment Management as             • All fees are clearly stated and quoted in advance
  your SIPP’s discretionary investment manager             • Fees may be deducted from the fund or covered
• Ashcourt Rowan Administration limited will take steps      by a contribution to the SIPP
  to enable contributions to the SIPP to be inclusive of   • the Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP is covered by
  basic rate tax relief                                      the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

REtIREMEnt                                                 REGulAR InFoRMAtIon
• You may normally start drawing retirement benefits       • Monthly bank statements
  at any age between 55 and 75                             • Secure online access to investment portfolio and
• Benefits may be drawn as an income from the plan           underlying bank account
  assets, or used to purchase an annuity                   • Annual valuations, or more frequently if required
• up to age 75 you can choose to secure a partial          • Annual income and expenditure statements
  pension (known as a phased income withdrawal)
                                                           • An annual projection of the possible benefits available
  leaving the remaining funds to grow
                                                             at your selected retirement date
• up to 25% of the fund can be drawn as a lump
                                                           • An annual statement of the percentage of your
  sum on retirement
                                                             lifetime allowance used by any benefits that have
                                                             come into payment

6                                                                                     AShCouRt RoWAn ESSEntIAl SIPP
                                Important notes

                                this brochure provides some of the detail relating to
                                the Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP but it is for general
                                information only and is not exhaustive. It is not intended
                                to be advice to any specific person and should be read
                                in conjunction with the terms and Conditions of the
                                Ashcourt Rowan Essential SIPP and the corresponding
                                technical Guide.

                                You are recommended to seek competent professional
                                advice before taking, or refraining from taking, any action
                                on the basis of the contents of this brochure.

                                Further information

                                For further information about the Ashcourt Rowan
                                Essential SIPP, please speak to your financial adviser or
                                contact your local Ashcourt Rowan branch, details of
                                which can be found on the reverse of this brochure.

AShCouRt RoWAn ESSEntIAl SIPP                                                                7
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ARAl/ESSEnSIPP/Jun 2010
       Bath Office                         Birmingham Office                              Bournemouth Office                            Bournemouth Office                             Brighton Office
     2 Queen Square                             Trigate                                      Russell House                                Tayfield House                              2 Redhouse Farm
          Bath                          210-222 Hagley Rd West                              31 Oxford Road                          38 Poole Road, Westbourne                    Brighton Road, Newtimber
    Somerset BA1 2HD                     Birmingham B68 0NP                              Bournemouth BH8 8EX                         Bournemouth BH4 9DW                             Hassocks BN6 9BS
      T 01225 469424                           T 0121 420 0360                              T 01202 316198                               T 01202 752 010                               T 01273 857474
      F 01225 428760                           F 0121 420 4884                              F 01202 316724                               F 01202 752 630                               F 01273 857434        

          Cambridge Office                           Chelmsford Office                           Cupar Office                           Edinburgh Office                             Kings Hill Office
          Chartwell House                          4th Floor, Priory Place                      8 South Bridge                          54 Queen Street                          11 Tower View, Kings Hill
        620 Newmarket Road                      New London Road, Chelmsford                          Cupar                             Edinburgh EH2 3NS                              West Malling
         Cambridge CB5 8LP                            Essex CM2 0PP                             Fife KY15 5HY                                                                        Kent ME19 4UN
                                                                                                                                         T 0131 220 5409
           T 01223 412345                             T 01245 265444                            T 01334 650628                                                                       T 01732 520780
                                                                                                                                         F 0131 225 6270
           F 01223 410302                             F 01245 265445                            F 01334 659201                                                                       F 01732 522422        

                              London Office                           Manchester Office                          Shaftesbury Office                           Taunton Office
                              Vintners Place                           3 Riverside Mews                             Savoy Suite                               Harding House
                                68 Upper                             4 Commercial Street                       Wincombe Business Park                       St George’s Square
                              Thames Street                                Knott Mill                               Shaftesbury                                 The Mount
                             London EC4V 3BJ                         Manchester M15 4RQ                           Dorset SP7 9QJ                            Taunton TA1 3RX
                             T 020 7653 3580                           T 0161 834 9440                             T 01747 853380                            T 01823 256 811
                             F 020 7248 8448                           F 0161 834 9140                             F 01747 855131                            F 01823 334 567

                                                  Torquay Office                              Verwood Office                           Winchester Office
                                        Old Bank Chambers, 23 Walnut Road                    4c Ringwood Road                           Canister House
                                                Chelston, Torquay                                 Verwood                               27 Jewry Street
                                                 Devon TQ2 6HP                               Dorset BH31 7AQ                          Winchester SO23 8RY
                                                   T 01803 407 000                            T 01747 853380                             T 01962 852520
                                                   F 01803 403 374                            F 01747 855131                             F 01962 854444


                         Ashcourt Rowan Administration limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                           Registered in England and Wales with company number: 4327587.
                  Registered office: C/o Ashcourt Rowan Group, 6th Floor, Vintners Place, 68 upper thames Street, london EC4V 3BJ.
                                                                        Part of Syndicate Asset Management Plc

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