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If you Google your company’s name, what do you see below your listing? Do you see reporting
company posting a negative complaint? If so, there are numerous Internet Reputation
Management companies out there that will remove, suppress, repair, and/or make it disappear.

In the last few years there has been numerous online reputation company’s popping up to repair
damaging information on the Web. With majority of potential customers going online to research
products and services, bad reviews or complaints that turn up in a search can mean lost business.
Reputation management services promise to highlight positive pages and bury offending sites
deep in search results.

Most reputation management services work by tracking what's written about a client on the Web,
then doing search engine optimization, promoting positive pages, and creating other sites that
will push damaging information off the first pages of search results.

It's still hard to say how many businesses are using reputation management services, but industry
players say clients fall into two categories. Some want to understand and respond to customer
complaints; others often just want negative posts to go away. The later seems to be the avenue
for most businesses. They just want negative information to go away, buried into the back pages
of the search engines where people can’t find it.

Online reputation management solutions companies have evolved in the past few years in
response to the social media networks that have exploded with Internet users posting negative
information about people and businesses, and then there are the reporting companies such as
Ripoffreport, Scam, Compliantsboard, My3cents, and many more, that accept complaints that are
not substantiated. Many of these complaints posted by these companies are from angry
customers, disgruntled ex-employee, competitors, etc. To defend against these online postings
and listings has fueled the need for reputation companies that can restore a business’s reputation,
image and good name on the internet.

Altering search results isn't cheap. Several reputation solution companies said the typical cost for
a small business client to get a negative complaint suppressed into the back pages of Google
could cost around $3,000, or more, depending on how many negative reports there are. More
extensive services marketed to large corporations could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

What should the small business owner think about, these business service? Many say you should
take partial ownership in repairing your online reputation, image and good name. It’s not just
going to go away hundred percent by simply paying an online reputation solutions company to
bury the negative information far back into search engine pages. While these online reputation
solution firms can help business’s influence results on Google by suppressing the reports, the
business owner still has to address the long term damage these complaints have done to his
reputation. The sooner you can remove the complaints posted or listed about your business the
easier it will be to restore your reputation, image and good name. Do not hesitate to contract a
reputation management firm when your business has been attached online.

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