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					                      Welcome to
Veterans Orientation 2010
Thursday August 26, 2010 | Prince George’s Room | Stamp Student Union

                                                TERP VETS
                                              STUDENT   VETERAN   O R G A N I Z AT I O N
Veterans, Welcome to the University of
Thank you for your service to our country!

             Office of the Registrar
       VA Benefits and Certification
                  By Rebecca Sturtevant and Nicolas Laureys
                           UMD Veterans Certifying Officials
UMD Veterans Certification Office
VA Education Benefits Contact:
                     Nicholas Laureys,
                VA School Certifying Official
                      1113 Mitchell Building
                     College Park, MD 20742
                       TEL: 301-314-8239
                       FAX: 301-314-9568
What Do We Do?
   Certify your enrollment to the VA for receipt of
    Education Benefits
     In order for us to submit an Enrollment Certification
      (VA Form 22-1999) to the VA on your behalf, you must
      submit a UMD VA Enrollment Certification Request to
      our office:

   Notify the VA of any changes in your enrollment
     Such as withdrawals, drops with a “W,” changes in
      residency status, etc.
This Office also can help you:
   Contact the VA by e-mail, mail, phone, or fax
   Find information about the VA’s Education Benefit
How to Contact the VA
   TEL: 1 888 GI BILL1
       Press “1” then “0” after hearing the voice prompts to go
        directly to the operator queue
   FAX: 1 716 857 3296
       Include your full name and at least the last four digits of your
        Social Security Number on all correspondence
   EMAIL:
       Click on the “My Stuff” tab to create an account
Quick Links for VA Education Benefit
1.       VA GI Bill Official Web Site:
2.       VA VONAPP – Veterans Online Application:
3.       VA Education Forms –hard copies: ttp://
4.       VA GI Bill FAQ:
5.       Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE):
6.       Payment rates for all programs except Post/9-11 GI Bill:
7.       VA Post-9/11 GI Bill Summary:
8.       VA Approved Education Programs:
9.       VA Semester Hour Equivalents Chart (Training time determination for undergraduate non-
      standard terms):
10.      UMD Graduate School’s Designation of Full-Time and Part-Time Status:
The Office of Student Financial Aid Presents……

 Financial Aid Basics
How to avoid getting stung trying to find money for college!!

                                           By Monique Boyd
   Associate Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid
What do I need to know?

   It is still possible to receive Federal
    Financial Assistance.

   Students should be aware of the
    financial aid package.

   Packages along with other important
    info can be viewed on-line.
Free Application for Federal Student
    Student Budget 2010-2011
   IN - STATE
    Tuition & Fee’s     $ 8,416.00
    Room                $ 5,714.00
    Board               $ 3,885.00
    Personal Expenses            $ 3,024.00
    Books & Supplies    $ 1,076.00
    TOTAL                        $22,115.00

      -
    Tuition & Fee’s     $ 24,831.00
    Room                $ 5,714.00
    Board               $ 3,885.00
    Personal Expenses             $ 3,024.00
    Books & Supplies    $ 1,076.00
    TOTAL                        $38,530.00
Sources of Paying for College
   Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan:
      - Need-based
      - Interest does not accrue
      - 4.5% Fixed Interest Rate
      - Repayment begins 6 (six) month after graduation or cease of

   Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan:
      - Non-need based
      - Interest accrues on quarterly basis
      - 6.8% Fixed Interest Rate
      - Repayment begins 6 (six) month after graduation or cease of
Alternative Sources of Paying
for College

   Direct Parent Plus Loan:
      - Parents are solely responsible.
      - Not guaranteed, based on the Borrower’s credit history.
      - 7.9% fixed Interest rate and repayment period begins 60 days
        after final disbursement.
      - Process is initiated through the University

   Alternative Loan:
          - Student is responsible unless there is a cosigner
          - Interest rate and repayment terms are specified by the lender.
          - Process is initiated with the lender directly.

   Terp Payment Plan:
       - 10 month plan (enrollment fee $50.00)
      - 8 month plan (enrolment fee $80.00)
      - 4 or 5 month plans (enrolment fee $45.00)
For Your Information

   Current information may be viewed on Testudo at Click on
    “Parent Access”
   Student Bills: Will be issued after registration or other activity and are available at after July 25th.
   Sign up to receive your electronic bill – no paper bills are mailed.
   Invoices are due on the 20th of every month.
   Payments can be made online at:
Things to know

                    Books:
                     -Be prepared to pay out of
                      -No vouchers

                    Stafford Loans:
                     -Entrance Interview
                     -Promissory Note

                    Refunds:
                     -If all charges are paid, a refund
                     can be issued.
Financial Service
   Bursar’s Office

   Financial Aid Office

    1135 Lee Building
    8:30 am – 4:30 pm M - F

    Local number:
    (301) 314 - 9000

    Toll Free Number:
    1-888 - 313 - 2404
Learning Assistance Center

                                         By Dr. Linda Gast
 Acting Assistant Director for Learning Assistance Services
Special Services for Adults Returning
to School

   The program for adults consists of workshops, special events,
    publications, and individual counseling.
   The Learning Assistance Service offers two classes to ease the
    transition to the University and earn one credit at the same time:
       EDCP 108R for Returning Students, Thursdays 12:30-1:50
       EDCP 108G for Transfer Students, Mondays 2:00-3:30
   Both of these courses address issues that impact students
    returning to school, including: time management, study skills,
    choosing a major, campus resources, and building a support
    network of other students in a similar situation.
   Coffee and Conversation: An informal group with the opportunity
    to connect with other returning students, share campus
    experiences, and learn about resources at UM. This group meets
    from 12:00-1:00 every Monday during the fall and spring
    semesters. Come for 10 minutes or for the whole hour. We
    provide the coffee and bagels; you provide the conversation.

   For further information, call Barbara Goldberg at
            Counseling Center

                                  By Jonathan Kandell
Associate Director of the University Counseling Center
Counseling Center
   Regular Hours:
        M-Th 8:30am-9pm F 8:30am-4:30pm

   Services

   Veterans Walk-In Hour
       Mon. 3pm – Sarah Mebane
       Wed. 3pm – Jonathan Kandell
       Thu. 4pm – Ted Pickett, Jr.


Career and Internship Planning

                                       By Rick Hearin
             Director of the University Career Center
Limited Enrolment Transfer Options

                                            By Michael Robinson
        Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions & Recruitment
Veterans Program Office

        By Sean Luke and Pam Eichenbaum
       Coordinators Veterans Program Office

To build and maintain a community of University of Maryland students, staff,
faculty, and alumni, all who have served in the US military.

To support a seamless transition from military life to civilian college life.

To provides support for continued growth in mind, body, and spirit, carrying
the pride and confidence established in the military into the college
experience as well as future careers.

 Sean P Luke & Pam Eichenbaum
 301.314.0073 Tel