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									Chinese herbal formulas have helped
millions of people through the
centuries; try our formulas for your
digestive balance.
                                                                                              Master Formulas
                                                                                            Nourish the Roots of Your Life
SINCE 1992

Mark Hammer, C.M.H., is a master
herbalist-Asian Medicine, trained
at the Scientific American
Hanyak Institute.

He began his studies and practice
in 1992. He apprenticed under Dr.
George Chun, who practiced for
40+ years before handing his
                                           Mark Hammer, C.M.H.
secrets to Mark,
                                                 2314 Winrock Blvd.
                                                Houston Texas 77057
His chief objective is to share                 Phone (713) 822-2655
the medical secrets of Traditional
Asian Medicine with the U.S. In           http://www.herbhealthcare.net
particular, he is researching &
formulating master herbal
formulas that benefit the primary
diseases that plague mankind.          Brochure statements are based on the records
                                       approved by The Chinese Administrative Bureau
                                       of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Food and

                                                                                          LONGEVITY FORMULAS
                                       Drug Administration of the United States have
                                       not evaluated this statement. Our products are
                                       not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent
                                       any diseases.
                                                                                          Proven Path to Natural Health
REAL HEALING POWER                            DIGESTION COMFORT                                  DIVERTICULAR RELIEF
FROM NATURE                                   Digestion Comfort provides essential               This master formula
                                              nutrition to all 29 feet of the digestive tract    dispels stagnant heat
                   Nearly everyone has a      unlike any other                                   in the intestines,
                   digestive problem at       supplement available.                              removes blood stasis,
                   one time or another.       The master formula                                 disperses lumps,
                   Some conditions, such      has been proven to                                 reduces swelling,
                   as indigestion or mild     work for billions of                               disperses intestinal
                   diarrhea, are common;      people suffering from                              abscess in those with
                   they result in mild        imbalance in the                                   forceful conformation and related pain. .
                   discomfort and get         intestinal                                         Related symptoms: pain in the lower right
                   better on their own or     environment.                                       abdomen, painful to touch in abdominal
                   are easy to treat.                                                            area, hard lumps in intestinal tract, prefer
                                              If you believe in, “You                            the posture of a flexed knee and right hip,
However, statistics show that up to 50% of    are what you eat”,                                 stagnant blood in the lower abdomen,
our population has some type of chronic       then consideration of                              difficult urination, intermittent fever
gastrointestinal problem, and digestive       the proven, best nutrition for your digestive      followed by chills and sweating.
problems are also associated with many        system is made available in this formula.
additional health conditions.                 This master formula feeds the intestinal cells
                                              increasing all digestive processes thus
Most of us will not do anything to remedy     improving absorption of nutrients, which in        CASCALIN
our digestion problems, yet, it usually       turn brings the body back to life. 100%
amounts to a band-aid to get through          natural correction is typical for the following:   CASCALIN provides
another day. Look at how successful the                                                          overnight constipation relief.
antacid section is in any grocery store.       Indigestion             Bloating                Cascalin, quickly balances
                                                                                                 the elimination tract by
                                               Abdominal pain          Hyperacidity
Longevity                                                                                        directly feeding the deficient
Formulas                                                                                         tissues of the colon. One
strives to                                                                                       spoonful and the digestive
correct the                                                                                      tract naturally, softens the

                                              REFLUX COMFORT
problem at its                                                                                   blockages due to excessive
source using                                                                                     heat in the region.
solutions, which offer permanent relief.                          Reflux Comfort
Most of the time, relief is only one to two
hours away. Of course, there isn’t a magic
                                                                 rejuvenates the upper
                                                                 digestive tract. Emphasis       DIARRHEA COMFORT
bullet but the following Traditional Asian                       on the Pyloric (end of                      Naturally stops bad cases of
Medicine remedies are very effective for                         stomach) and cardiac (top                   diarrhea within 12-24 hours.
Digestion problems.                                              of stomach) sphincters,                     100% natural herbal product.
                                                                 which contain the                           When the lower colon becomes
    LONGEVITY FORMULAS                                           digestive juices and food
                                              at both ends of the stomach are brought
                                                                                                             cold due to low blood supply and
                                                                                                             energy, this formula heats up the
                                              back into balance. Reflux Comfort
  www.herbhealthcare.net                      strengthens the digestive container while
                                                                                                             intestinal tract. Diarrhea Comfort
                                                                                                             feeds the intestinal tract, opens
                                              assisting the digestive system's energy to         up the channels, providing needed nutrients
       (713) 822-2655
                                              drain downward rather than the reflux or           enabling the process of healthy elimination.
                                              upward energetic release.

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