Madam White Snake by malj


									Madam White Snake
     Programme Details                Specifications
1       Arts Group           Chinese Opera Institute            Madam White Snake
2       Title of Programme   Madam White Snake                  This famous legend tells of how Madam White Snake, a white snake spirit, and
3       Art Form             Theatre                            Xu Xian, a poor human scholar, fell in love with each other. They were able to
4       Type of              Exposure                           lead a happy married life for some years, until Fa-hai, a Buddhist monk, came
        Programme                                               to notice this abnormality. Fa-hai then strove to purge Madam White Snake,
5       Target Audience      Secondary- All, JC, ITE,           who fought back with determination in order to remain with her husband.
                             Polytechnic                         This programme is endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts
6      Duration              35min                               Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and is eligible for the 60% Tote
7      Availability          From 1/1/2007 to 31/12/2008         Board Arts Grant Subsidy.
8      Cost                  $1200
                             GST not applicable
9      Technical Req         Microphone Quantity : (2)
                             CD Player
                             PA System
10     Other Information     A laptop to display subtitles in
                             English and Chinese.
11     No of Artists/        6
12     Language Medium       English
13     Student Size
14     Objective             To introduce Chinese Opera to
                             students and to inculcate a
                             greater understanding and
                             appreciation of the art             Contact Person        Bai Shuping
15     Highlights to         The presentation of a famous        Telephone             63391292/63398168
       watch out for         Chinese legend in the form of       Email       
                             Chinese opera.                      Website     
16     Learning Points for   Better appreciate the Chinese
       the audience          Opera genre as an art form.


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