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									              The official Newsletter of the Nunawading Orcas AUSSI Masters Swimming Club
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Volume 12 Issue 3                   (E-mail: bunkers@connexus.net.au )           August 2007

       Editor’s Column                                   President’s Column

I recently snuck down to poolside during an              Welcome everybody.
Orcas training session and I must say I was
most impressed.                                          Despite the cold and the great recent rain,
Impressed with the way Justin handles                    spring is in the air!! Open water swims,
multiple lanes, as well as multiple                      triathlons and the Orcas Christmas Party at
personalities.                                           Greg’s loom!!
Impressed with the dedication all swimmers               Thanks to Anne and Barry for the winter
had to the session.                                      respite. Everyone who attended the second
Impressed with how much you all seemed to                winter social in Mt Waverley had a most
be enjoying the challenges Justin put to you.            enjoyable and entertaining evening. Barry and
Impressed with the numerous invitations I                Anne is this destined to be a regular annual
received to join in and finally impressed with           affair?!
the line of snorkels as you swum laps with
your new training aid.                                   The committee have purchased twenty
                              Suzanne                    freestyle snorkels. Their use with certain kick
                                                         and freestyle drills may improve technique,
2                                                  Nunawading Orcas’ Bulletin
breathing capacity and muscle endurance. The
club received a $10 dollar discount/item and                    The Coach
are further subsiding them by the same
amount. So the cost to our club members is
$30 each. They are available from Greg or
Mart. Please let us know if you are interested.
I have only experimented with my new
snorkel briefly on two occasions and feel that I
need to be really focussed on doing a number
of things. Firstly you need to remember to
keep breathing in and out through your mouth.
I have not been able to do a tumble turn, yet
without almost drowning. Plus if I exit the
turn in a jerky fashion or not at a complete
right angle to the end wall the snorkel wobbles
or oscillates in an annoying way. Justin has
suggested that we tape the snorkel to the
                                                   What is the Swimmer’s Snorkel?
headband to reduce this tendency. Freestyle
                                                   The Swimmer’s Snorkel is a patented front-
kicking drills are sensational as you don’t
need to keep lifting your head for a breath and    mount snorkel designed specifically for
I’m certain that their use will improve the        swimmers and can be worn with any standard
aerobic capacity of your legs and also your        swimming goggle.
body position and stream–lining. For me there
is one psychological down side to their use in     At its most basic level, the snorkel allows a
long kick drills: it’s bloody monotonous just      swimmer of any ability to relax in the water
looking at tiles. You don’t realise how good it    and maintain a completely laid out, horizontal
is to lift your head for a breath when kicking     position. The key benefit to this is the ability
and to stay visually in-touch with what’s          for the person to breathe naturally and
happening in and around the pool. At present       rhythmically. This skill is the most critical
I cannot use my snorkel effectively for            aspect for novice level swimmers to master.
butterfly swimming or dolphin kick drills, as I    The ability to be laid out, completely
hoped to, as my breathing habits interfere
                                                   horizontal and relaxed is beneficial to all
                                                   levels of swimmers, as it allows people to
The regular use of swimming snorkels               swim at normal or even slower speeds while
promises to be another feature of Justin’s         maintaining full range of motion.
innovative array of coaching ideas and
techniques. On behalf of all club member’s I       A Jr. Snorkel is also available, which is
would like to thank Justin for his enthusiasm      shorter in length to account for the possible
and continual efforts to add variety, interest     underdeveloped lungs of swimmers under the
and challenge to our swim training sets. As
                                                   age of 14.
Paul noted at our last AGM, Justin’s coaching
contributes hugely to the value of being a club
member.                                            Why do I need the Swimmer’s Snorkel?
                                                   Many of the fastest swimmers in the world use
Stay streamlined and glissade like an ORCA.        the center-mount Swimmer’s Snorkel in
See you pool-side.     Mart.                       practice every day. For people with poor
                                                   technique, the effect from using the snorkel

AUGUST 2007                                                                                   2
3                                                     Nunawading Orcas’ Bulletin
can be dramatic – from a floppy, sloppy stroke        water from the snorkel. If water persists in
to battleship stability in one lap! It is a ben-      going up your nose, try a nose clip.
eficial training tool for beginners, triathletes,     A perfect freestyle swimmer is very well
masters and recreational swimmers.                    balanced and should have a similar rotation on
                                                      both sides. Breathe through the snorkel,
The Swimmer’s Snorkel allows swimmers to              keeping your head in line with your spine.
concentrate on body balance, head position            This position allows the swimmer to visually
and stroke technique by eliminating the               confirm that they are spending as much time
breathing cycle rotation. Greater emphasis and        on their right side of their body as their left. If
promotion of proper body alignment, complete          water happens to get inside the tube, debris
axis rotation and arm stroke pattern are              may build up within the purge valve of the
automatic once the Swimmer’s Snorkel is               snorkel and can be corrected by simply
incorporated into the swimmer’s training              cleaning.
regimen. Instantly, the swimmer will glide
through the water without worrying about              www.recsupply.com/Documents/Swimmers%
turning to breathe, enabling an improved and          20Snorkel%20SS%202_6_04.pdf
uniform stroke.

Use of the snorkel during training also
increases CO2 tolerance and VO2 max.                         UP COMING EVENTS
When used with the Cardio Cap (an additional
accessory), the snorkel increases the
conditioning and workload to the lungs by an
additional 40%, providing benefits equiv-
alent to those associated with altitude training.

How do I get started?
First, get familiar with swimming and                     18th August Mildura Masters
breathing through the snorkel. A popular                              Games
program is to incorporate the snorkel into            25th August Hoppers Crossing 5th
every practice’s warm up and warm down                          annual interclub
sessions. Try breathing naturally, but learn to       8 September Long distance Long
inhale and exhale powerfully. To avoid water                      course day 1
going up your nose, exhale mainly through                15th September Long Distance
your nose. If a lot of water gets in the snorkel,              Long course day 2
blow out hard until all water is clear.
                                                            Information can be obtained from
It is possible to do a freestyle flip turn with the
Swimmer’s Snorkel, and the snorkel is
designed to alert you to improper form during
execution (it will rotate or wiggle to let
you know that your streamline can be
improved). Again, blow out hard to clear all

AUGUST 2007                                                                                        3
4                                                 Nunawading Orcas’ Bulletin

     ap        dy
    H p y Birth a                                 Healthy Eating
        T ...
                                                  Avocados are great in guarding against
                                                  circulatory diseases like high blood pressure,
                                                  heart disease or stroke.
Brenda Cameron          24/7                      (source Women’s Health & Fitness
Paul Bunker             9/8                        vol 13 no 4)
Rubein Lipohor          14/8
Kevin Furlong           21/8
Peter Rush               3/9                      Avocados are rich in monounsaturated (good)
Emilo Badoer             4/9                      fats, which can help lower cholesterol and
Estelle Rush            25/9                      reduce the risk of heart disease
Lucas Edwards           28/9                      (source Women’s Health & Fitness
                                                   vol 13 no 4)

          DID YOU KNOW ...

……that Susie Maroney was born with
cerebral palsy.

For more detail see the transcript of interview
with Andrew Denton at

AUGUST 2007                                                                                 4
5                                               Nunawading Orcas’ Bulletin

Interview with an Orca
                                                If you won a million dollars what would you
How long have you been a Nunawading
Orca for?                                       Tell my boss what I really think of him
Since 2004                                      What is your favorite holiday destination
                                                and why?
You compete in many open water swims.
Which is your most memorable and why?           Palm Cove Qld - a great place to sit beside the
                                                pool and drink cold beer
Perth to Rottnest island in 2006 - it was the
most salt water I have swallowed                If you could invite any six people to dinner
in one 6 hour period...                         who would you invite and why?
What training do you do                               The hawthorn forward line
for open water swims?                                  (Ross didn’t say why but I guess he is a
                                                        Hawks fan and with them doing so well
Distance, distance,                                         at the moment he probably wants to
distance (then some                                            share some of the winning glory!)
more distance)
                                                                    What was the last movie
You have/had suffered                                                you saw?
from a leg injury.
What was the injury                                                   Shrek 3 - (you have to
and how did it affect                                                 keep the kids occupied
your swimming?                                                         somehow when it’s the
                                                                          school holidays...)
Dodgy knee (now fixed)
and exercise induced
compartment syndrome
(ok to swim but limits
the running....)

                                                                                Ross Brimer

AUGUST 2007                                                                                5
23 June at Anne and Barry Cole’s – Baby Photo Competition


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