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                                                                             R AT E C A R D
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                                                       Coco Chanel

G       iorgio Armani believes that the difference between style and
fashion is quality. Take this a few steps further by adding a good
pinch of innovation, a healthy dose of optimal functionality, some
impeccable taste, and you have a recipe for the extraordinary. These
are the very ingredients discerning readers will find in the Arch
Magazine. Drawing its initial inspiration from the iconic architecture,
generous selection of luxury boutiques, fine dining establishments
and unparalleled success of the new urbanist lifestyle, which give
Melrose Arch its unique and undeniable allure, the Arch Magazine,
will offer readers a finely tuned blend of luxury, continental cachet,
culture and informative features. Our readers are the tenants of
Melrose Arch as well as those living within a five kilometer radius of
the precinct. The staggeringly high LSM they enjoy allows for regular
fine dining, local and international travel and of course an obsession
with state-of-the-art techno toys. Like its readers, this magazine is        The Arch Magazine reflects its readers in their sure knowledge
sure enough of its intellect to be unabashedly at home with shoe,            that they have chosen to live, work and play in the finest
handbag and label fetishes. These are never seen as weaknesses or            possible environment. They are utterly self-contained, but far
unnecessary indulgences. Shopping is as relevant if not as obligatory
as making sure the tank of the Mercedes sports, BMW Z3 or Aston              from inward looking. They’re not afraid to give credit where it’s
Martin is filled. Maintaining this lifestyle is all-important, so the Arch   due. The Arch Magazine offers these readers an environment
Magazine will also include investment advice from highly respected           which recognizes their niche of choice, yet is still in tune with
financial gurus.
                                                                             happenings in the greater Johannesburg, the rest of the
                                                                             country and of course, international trends.
                             will do
When only th e extraordinary

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                 Th e Arch Magazine               rld of
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               the mundane and       the extraordin

  a d V e R t s i n G R at e s
  FUll ColoUR                               no. oF inseRtions (Cost PeR inseRtion)
  	                                        1 	edition	  	 2 - 3 	editions	 	 4 	editions
  Double Page Spread                          38 950             34 950          30 950
  Full Page                                   23 950             21 950          19 950
  Half Page                                   14 950             12 950          10 950
  sPeCial Positions
  Page Opposite Contents                       26 950                24 950                22 950
  Page Opposite Editor’s Note                  26 950                24 950                22 950
  Page Opposite Foreword                       26 950                24 950                22 950
  Inside Front Cover (DPS)                     48 950                44 950                40 950
  Inside Back Cover (DPS)                      48 950                44 950                40 950
  Inside Back Cover                            28 950                26 950                24 950
  Outside Back Cover                           32 950                30 950                28 950

  booKinG sChedUle
  P U b l i C ation                   b o oK i n G d e a d l i n e          M at e R i a l d e a d l i n e
  Spring 2010                              02 July 2010                          09 July 2010
  Summer 2010                              01 Oct 2010                            03 Oct 2010
  Autumn 2011                               07 Jan 2011                           14 Jan 2011
  Winter 2011                              01 April 2011                         08 April 2011
  For quotes on other advertising options, please contact the sales executive.
                                                                                                             ContaCt details
This quarterly, high quality magazine is printed in full colour on 115gsm matt art paper. The                adVeRtisinG sales
250gsm matt art cover is further embellished with a matt varnish. Striking design, superb                    and enQUiRies
photography and intelligent punchy editorial and lashings of style make this publication an                  Gareth Breet
irresistible indulgence.                                                                                     Advertising Sales Executive
                                                                                                             Email: gbreet@thearch.co.za
PRint RUn                                                                                                    Cell: 082 563 0596
20 000                                                                                                       Fax: 086 561 6720

MaGazine distRibUtion
                                                                                                             ad MateRial
20 000 magazines will be delivered free of charge to the tenants of Melrose Arch as well
                                                                                                             Robyn Foster
as A++ households within a five kilometer radius of this exclusive precinct. Our finely
                                                                                                             Email: robyn@quantumpublishers.co.za
tuned distribution pattern, based on thorough research and a sound demographic model,
ensures that the Arch Magazine is read by discerning individuals enjoying an enviable
LSM which allows for regular indulgence in the very finest that Melrose Arch, the greater                    PUblishinG enQUiRies
Johannesburg and indeed the world has to offer.                                                              Quantum Publishers (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                                             PO Box 30615, Tokai 7966
ad MateRial sPeCs                                                                                            Tel: 021 701 0064 · Fax: 021 701 0070
All ad material to be supplied in digital format on disc or via Websend or Quickcut. High                    Quantum House, Block J, The Terraces,
resolution PDF File (300dpi CMYK), with high resolution Tiffs (300dpi).                                      Steenberg Office Park, 1 Silverwood Close,
                                                                                                             Tokai 7966
te ChniC a l d ata
Full page trim                       225 x 290mm                                                             editoRial enQUiRies
Full page bleed                      235 x 300mm (5mm bleed all around)                                      Hedi Lampert Kemper
Full page type area                  215 x 280mm (5mm inset all around)                                      Email: hedi@thearch.co.za
Half page trim                       112.5 x 290mm
Half page bleed                      122.5 x 300mm (5mm bleed all around)
Half page type area                  102.5 x 280mm (5mm inset all around)
DPS page trim                        450 x 290mm
DPS bleed                            460 x 300mm (5mm bleed all around)
DPS type area                        440 x 280mm (5mm inset all around)
Please take note that allowances must be made for a 6mm hinge in gutter.

* Disclaimer: Please note visuals are per dummy magazine and sources have been credited therein.

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