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Euro Day Spa _ Salon


									                            Euro Day Spa & Salon

                                       Trusted Since 1986
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                                       800 Formosa Ave.
                                       Winter Park, FL 32789
                                       407. 740. 0444
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A neighborhood full-service spa with a highly experienced and
   friendly staff "skilled to offer" the following:
      Neuromuscular massage for relaxation, stress reduction and pain
      Specialty massage, including Lomi Lomi, Thai, Prenatal and
       Sabai Stone Therapy.
      Black Mud & Aloe, Herbal Wraps and other delightful body
      Cellulite treatments for toning and inch reduction.
      Personalized Facial Treatments and Diamond
      Spa Manicures and Spa Pedicures
      Hair salon specializing in Goldwell color and haircuts for men
       and women.
 Body Treatments
 Massage Therapy
 Skin Care
 Nail Care
 Hair Care
 Body Toning/Cellulite
 Body Talk
Body Treatments
   Every day your body is exposed to an insensitive world of
    environmental pollutants, artificial climate controls and high levels
    of stress.
   What your body craves is relief from daily stress. We offer a variety
    of treatments to re-balance and re-energize the body, mind and

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Body Treatments
   Salt Glow or Brown Sugar Scrub

   For Maximum Hydration

   Black Mud and Aloe Body Treatment

   Thermal Essential Oil Wrap

   Scent of the Season Body Wrap

   Fields of Lavender Body Wrap
Therapeutic Massage
   Our relaxing and therapeutic massage combines traditional
    long strokes and kneading techniques. Some pressure point
    techniques can be added for pain reduction. Massage
    increases circulation, improves skin and muscle tone, and
    soothes tired muscles.
   45 minutes, $70.00 60 minutes, $78.00 75 minute, $90.00
   90 minutes $100.00 105 minutes, $120.00 120 minutes,$140.00

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Therapeutic Massage
   Our therapists' work ranges from light to deep. Most have
    Neuromuscular (trigger point) training and can help you with
    pain relief.
   We encourage you to request the type of massage you prefer
    so we can provide you with the most appropriate therapist.
   All of our therapists are professional and will keep your
    modesty in mind.
   Conversation can be distracting during the massage. Your
    therapist will follow your desire for quiet or conversation.
   Your preference for a male or female therapist will be
    honored if you make the request when booking your
Personalized Skin Care
   Our skin care department does not perform Basic Facials or Spa
   We only do "Real" skin care designed specifically for YOU.
   Our licensed, highly experienced and professional estheticians are
    fully trained in the latest skin care techniques. Their training,
    knowledge and experience of professional products guides and
    educates you in home skin care.
   The long lasting effects of our skin care helps maintain your healthy
    glow and is specifically designed to be therapeutic rather than

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Rx Facial
   The Rx Facial is by far the most popular skin care service.
    The Rx Facial is a comprehensive, deep cleansing facial that
    includes a professional skin analysis, steaming, extractions
    and much more.
   ・Also included is relaxing massage of the face, neck, and
    hands. Truly pampering!・The Rx Facial is our most versatile
    skin care service because it is appropriate for teens, men and
    women and is effective on various skin types and assists in
    the healing of various skin conditions.

   Rx Facial 75 minute, $90.00
   Prepaid Series of 6, $510.00
Specialized Facials and
                                          Specialized Facials
                                                 75 minutes

                                     $125. 0
  Pevonia E last in Freeze-dried                        Pevonia Anti -Free Radical Facial         $110.00
  Pevonia Hya luronic Acid Freeze-   $125. 0
                                                        Pevonia Plantomer Facial                  $110.00
  dried                                    0
                                     $125. 0
  Eye Contour Freeze -dri ed                            SkinCeutica ls Vitamin C Firming Facial   $110.00
                                     $115. 0
  DDF Environmental Pro t ection                        Repêchage Seaweed Facial                  $100.00
                                     $115. 0
  Repêchage 4 Layer Facial                              Pevonia Vitam in C & Seaweed Facial       $110.00

                    Treatments                                                  Treatments
                      30 minutes                                                   45 minutes
Pevonia Neck & Décolleté                       $70.00          Pevonia RS2 Rosacea
Pevonia Lactic                                 $80.00          DDF Back Cleansing                           $90.00
Pevonia You t hful Lip*                        $40.00
Pevonia Puffy Eye*                             $40.00
Pevonia Wrink le Eye*                          $40.00
DDF Glycolic*                                  $70.00

* These tr eatmen t s can be performed during some of t he facia ls and tr eatments with no additi onal time
needed other t han t he allott ed time.
        Diamond Microdermabrasion
The D iamond Peel (microdermabrasi on) is f ast and virtually pain-free, leaving little or  no redn ess. It can
help mi nimize t he most difficult skin condit ions or rejuvenate and maint ain t he health of the skin.
Treatmen t s take less t han an hour and shou ld not interrupt your busy schedule.

The D iamond Peel can tr eat:

 Aging and sun-damaged skin                                  Stretch marks
 Some types of acne scarring                                 Fine l ines
 Altered pigmenta t ion                                      Enlarged and clogged por es
Microdermabras ion Treatment Face -1 Session                                                            $125.00
Microdermabras ion Treatment Face - Series of 3                                                         $350.00
Other Body Areas Per Quote.
You are welcome to call our Certified Esthe t icians for a   phone consulta t ion
Our completely profe ssional hair removal treatm ent using a pine wax at low t emperatures is ideal and
effective for f acial and body waxing. Both men and women benefit from our gentle and hy gienic

Waxing ca nnot be performed if you are using RetinA or tak ing Acutane. Discontinue use of AHA’s or
Glycolic home products 48 hours prior to waxing  service. Inform your esthetician of t he length of time
since receiving any acid p eel.

Base Prices:

Brow Design           from $14. 0 0 to $23.00                 Bikini                     from $36. 0 0
Brow, Chin, Lip
                      from $14. 0 0                           Brazilian Bikini           from $55. 0 0
Arms                  from   $33.   00                        Virgin Brazil ian Bikini   from   $88.   00
Underarms             from   $23.   00                        Back                       from   $48.   00
Half Legs             from   $38.   00                        Chest                      from   $33.   00
Full Le gs            from   $68.   00                        Abs                        from   $20.   00
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Nail Care
   What makes Euro Day Spa different from other Salons?
       Euro Day Spa is one of the onl spas in Central Floridaハ
    using the SANIJET Pipeless Pedicure tubs
   What is so good about SANIJET Pipeless Pedicure Tubs you
    might ask?
       By eliminating the maze of pipes, pumps, and air channels
        hidden beneath most ordinary whirlpool tubs and air-bubble
        tubs, SANIJET Pipeless hydrotherapy systems eliminate
        stagnant water that can become a breeding ground for
        harmful bacteria. So your bath is clean and sanitary- exactly
        the way it's supposed to be.
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Nail Care
   Why ParaScent?

    Relax with a deep, penetrating, heated paraffin hand or foot
    treatment. This treatment is assured to relax the muscles and
    soothe sore joints while it improves circulation and hydrates
    your skin. The all natural, mineral grade paraffin melts in 5 to
    7 minutes while you enjoy your personal blend of
    aromatherapy that fills the air. This single use, sanitary
    treatment eliminates the risk of bacterial or fungal
    contamination. It is only $15.00 with your manicure, pedicure
    or masssage - and worth every penny.
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Hair Care
   Our truly unique Orlando salon tells you we really care about YOU.
    Trust us to melt your stress, while we help you to look your best!
   In our salon there is:・No Loud Music・No Children・No Cell Phones
   There are no business phones ringing that would interrupt your
    stylist or disrupt his or her focus on your service.
   We book one appointment at a time...YOURS!
   To serve you more professionally, we include a complimentary
    consultation for Hair Care Services and for all Specialized Hair Care
   We offer precision hair cutting and styling for men and women.
   We use luxurious Goldwell, Majirel, and Shades EQ color. Our
    stylists specialize in demi, semi and permanent hair color. They also
    excel in permanent waves, hair treatments and up-do's.We provide
    smocks for your use to protect your clothing.
Body Toning
 M'Lis          Cellulite Wrap
        Our MユLis cellulite wraps are safe and
        effective. They are not a gimmick. They will
        have a profound effect on your figure and self
        esteem. The inch loss is not just fluid loss.
   Synergie
       Synergieユs AMS device provides subdermal tissue massage for targeted
        メproblem areas.
Body Talk
   BodyTalk is a health care system that utilizes muscle
    biofeedback to access the person's deep inner self.
   BodyTalk addresses most health situations from back pain
    and headaches to allergies and infections.
    BodyTalk helps synchronize the communication within the
    body to enhance self-healing.

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Euro Day Spa Awards
   Euro Day Spa & Salon is one of Central Florida's award
    winning spas!
   Readers of Orlando Magazine have voted Euro Day Spa
    & Salon "The Best Day Spa" in the Orlando area for the
    2007-2008 year
    The spa has received this prestigious award for the
    past 7 years in a row!
Case Studies: Benefits of Spas
   In one study of more than 3,300 Japanese
    government workers, frequency of spa use was
    linked to better physical and mental health
    including better quality sleep and fewer sick
   In a similar study on German data conducted by
    researchers from Florida State University and
    George Mason University, spa therapy reduced
    both absenteeism from work and
Stress Health Risks
 Contributes to symptoms of common
 Headaches
 Sleep disorders
 Depression or anxiety
 Heart problems
 High blood pressure
Spas decrease effects of stress
   According to the American Institute of Stress, a
    massage once a month can reduce the chance
    of heart health problems and high blood
    pressure by 75%
      An article in the Wall Street Journal
    stated that, “9 out of every 10 Americans
    who visited a Spa in the past year were
    80% more likely to reduce their stress level
    and improve their health”
Spa De Jur Packages
   The Escape: 1 hr massage, facial, Spa
    manicure and pedicure, $250
   Serenity Break: 45 minute massage, manicure
    and pedicure, $128
   Blissful Pleasures: 1 1/2 hr massage, facial,
    manicure, pedicure, $270
   Just for Him: Men’s facial, 1 hr 25 min
    massage, Men’s spa pedicure, $275
Spa De Jur Packages
   Balancing Body and Spirit: body talk session,
    mud and aloe body treatment, 1 hr 25 min
    massage, $270
   Body and Sole: Lavender body wrap, 1 hr 25
    min massage, spa pedicure, $215
   Three hours of spa joy: 1 hr 25 min massage,
    manicure and pedicure, $195
   Purely pampered: 1 hr massage, body wrap,
    spa pedicure and manicure, $245
Spa De Jur Investment Options
   The Escape package: $250
       5 or more employees; 15% discount
       7 X $212.50 = $1,487.50
       5 X $212.50 = $ 1,062.50
       1 X $250 = $250
   Blissful Pleasures: (extra half hr massage)
       5 or more employees; 15% discount
       7 X $229.50 = $1606.50
       5 X $229.50 = $1,147.50
       1 X $270 = $270

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