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                                   2008     CONTACT PERSONS
                                              Phillip Louwrens
                                               083 256 1413
                                                 Sales Manager

P.O. Box 74682                               André van Rooyen
Lynnwoodridge                                  082 371 8228
Pretoria                                     Sales Representative
0040                                    Limpopo & Mpumalanga Regions

Tel: (+27) 12 804 5341
Fax: (+27) 12 804 8436                      Madeleine Esterhuizen
                                                083 302 2300
e-mail:                 Sales Representative
                                               North West Region
                                         Anglo Platinum -665 39 2016

                                         R 3895.00

                                                                                      R 4900.00

                                                                                                       Protective Carry Bag
                                       -Break-always -Pipe bends
                                                                                                            - R360.00
                    Protective         -Box holes - Inclines
                    Carry Bag -
                                                                                                   R 1595.00

                  R 4900.00                                 -Gully Line extension -Support Lines
                                                            -Face gridline marking
   Anglo Platinum -665 39 2014

                                                        Anglo Platinum -665 39 2011

                                     -Project one laser cross with one
                                      additional squared vertical line
                                     -Flashing and sound alarming when
                                      out of the levelling range
                                     -Easy recalibration.
                                     -Wall mount with scale, can be
                                      installed on tripod.
                                     -Convenient rotating base
                                     -Including carry pouch, target & wall

                                                                                      R 2850.00
     R 590.00

Fully Adjustable.                       R 1850.00                                                               R 315.00
Acts as base for:
- Clinolaser
- 90m Line Laser
- Disto Measuring Units
- Self-Levelling Cross Laser
- Self-Levelling Cross Multi-Laser
                           -Wet bulb Temp. -Dry bulb Temp.                                                      R 790.00
                           -Air Velocity -Barometric pressure                         Accurately measures
                                 -Pressure trend -Altitude                              -Air Temperature
                            - Relative humidity -Heat stress                               -Air Velocity
                                            index                                      -Max. Temperature
                             -Water temperature -Wind chill                               -Max Velocity
                            -Dew point - Current wind speed
                                   -Average wind speed                                      Robust
                                    Maximum wind gust                                   Shock Resistant
                                All in one glance, no more                               Splash Proof
                             dust, stop watches, measuring
                                                                      R 3180.00
                                          tapes or
         R 4290.00                 whirling hygrometers

                    R 790.00
                                     GENERAL FEATURES
                                     Wind Speed Measuring Range        0.3-45m/s
                                     Accuracy of Wind speed           ±3% ±0.1dgts
                                     Auto /Manual Power Off
                                     Wind Speed Unit Selection M/s Ft/min,knots,
                                     Back Light Display
                                     Max/Min wind speed measuring
                                     Average And current wind speed measuring
                                     Data hold function

                                     GENERAL FEATURES
                                     Measuring Range          1 100,000lux
                                     Accuracy                  <3%rgd±0.5%f.s              R 910.00
                                     Unit Selection            Lux/Fc
                                     Measure Level Selection   Auto/MANUAL           GENERAL FEATURES
                                     Repeatability              ±2%                  Measuring Range          30 130dBA
                                     Sampling Frequency         1.5times/sec                                   35 130dBC
                                     Data Hold Function                              Accuracy                    ±1.5dB
                                     Auto Power Shut Off                             Frequency Range             31.5HZ-
                                     Low Battery Indication                                                       8.5KHZ
                                     LCD Back Light Selection                        Linearity Range            50dB 50dB
                  R 930.00           Over level Indication                           Digit & Resolution      5Digits & 0.1dB
                                     Max And MinReading Hold Function                Time Weighting Selection       Fast/Slow
                                                                                     Frequency Weighting      A&C
                                                                                     Microphone             1/2 Inch Electret
                                                                                     Sampling Frequency       2 times/sec
                                                                                     AC/DC Output
- Stronger and much more robust             R 66.00                                  Auto Power Shut Off
  than coated fibre tape
                                                                                     Low Battery Indication
- Retractable carry handle
                                                                                     Over Range Indication
- Fold-away winding handle
                                                                                     Sound Measuring Level Selection
- Ring and a active hook tape zero
                                                                                     Max Hold Function
                                            -Measuring range of                     Features
                                             0.05 up to 100m                        -Measuring range of 0.05 up
          -Measuring range of
                                            -Power Range                             to 200m
           0.05 up to 60m
                                             Technology™-                           -Power Range Technology™-
          -Handy size - Fits any
                                             Allows measuring of                     Allows measuring of long
                                             long distances                          distances (approx.100m) without
          -Simple to operate
                                             (approx. 80m)                          target plate
                                             without target plate                   -Ergonomic design with soft
                                            -Handy size - Fits any                   rubber grip
          -Illuminated display
                                             pocket                                 -Integrated viewfinder with 2x
          -Resistant to water
                                            -Simple to operate                       magnification
           spray and dustproof -
                                            -Continuous                             -Continuous measurement
           easy to clean
                                             measurement                            -Integrated spirit-level
                                            -Integrated spirit-level                 function
                                             function                               -Measurement of
                                            -Illuminated display                     inaccessible locations
                                            -Resistant to water                     -Illuminated display
                                             spray and dustproof-                   -Resistant to water spray
                                                                       R 4450.00     and dustproof - easy to
                    R 2995.00            R 3795.00                                   clean
                                                                                    Anglo Platinum -665 39 2033
 Anglo Platinum -665 39 2031         Anglo Platinum -665 39 2032

                                                                               Range: 0,1 to 40 m
                                                                               Smallest indication: 1 mm
                                                                               Laserclass: II
                                                                               Lasertype: 635 nm, less 1 mW
                                                                               Auto-off: after 90 seconds
                                                                               Tracking: Yes
                                                                               Addition/Subtraction: Yes
                                                                               Dimensions: 120 x 59 x 32 mm
                                                                               Battery life: up to 3000
                                                                               Weight: 155 g

                                                                                     R 1390.00

AR-802                      AR-832           AR-842
                                                                           50 mm dia: 150mm(w) - R289.00

                                                                       100 mm dia: 200mm(w) - R399.00

                                                                       150 mm dia: 200mm(w) - R445.00

                                                                       200 mm dia: 200mm(w) - R469.00

                     Unbeatable Corrosion Protection
 Repair Clamps are well equipped to withstand corrosion, eliminating the
  need for further protection. For long-term protection the repair Clamp
components are constructed of full passivated Stainless Steel (Grade 304
                              and Grade 316)

It has been designed provide a fast, economical means of
 repairing breaks, holes, cracks or other types of damage
      to steel, PVC, AC,cast iron, ductile iron, uPVC,
   polyethylene (PE), asbestos cement (AC) and copper

                                                                                                                R 328.00

                                                                           A Temporary or Permanent solution to fix Broken
   A Temporary or Permanent solution to the problem of rails
                        opening up.
 R 265.00

EASY TO INSTALL - slide the clamps into place on the rail base,
fasten the two bolts on clamp covers and turn the tensioner to pull
the rails towards each other to required position.

ECONOMICAL - a cheap and SAFE way of keeping rails at the correct
gauge on tips, old worn rail systems etc. A temporary or Permanent
solution to the problem of rails opening up.

ROBUST CONSTRUCTION - suitable for underground conditions.
 Keep rails at the exact gauge at
    switches, bends & tips

                   R 165.00

                                                                            Remove rusted, torqued or damaged pipe
                                                                             bolts & nuts and wheel nuts effortlessly
                                                                                     with the Bolt & Nut King
    R 1395.00
                                                                       - Gear ratio 1:65
                                                                       - Max safe output torque is 4800NM
                                                                       - Max output torque for disassembling (tightening) is
                                                                         1200NM (equal to 40kgf applied to 3m long bar) and
                                                                         the pull force of the rocking bar is 18kgf
                                                                       - Weight - 7kg

  The unique operation prevents hand & finger injuries and the
position of the handle indicates the direction of travel. Using only
       three bolts, fits onto existing rail switch assembly.


                                                                       * A permanent fixture. * Relatively           30kg
                                                                         lightweight. * Easy to install.           R 1798.00
                                                                       * Remains between tracks, even when
                                                                         in open position.
                                                                       * Easily repaired or replaced.                 22kg
      R 1545.00                                                        * Very effective for runaway rolling
                                                                         stock.                                     R 1485.00
Highly Visible, REFLECTIVE Warning

                                               R 455.00

R 525.00
                                                                                   R 595.00

                                     SAFETY - Ensures a
                                     safe distance
                                     between carried
                                     material and
                                     Better STABILITY -                                 - Support Cable 15cm
                                                                       BELL WIRE
                                     No un-controlled                                     away from Timber
                                     movement of carried                                - Ensure Free
                                     material                                             Operation of Bell Wire.
                                                                                        - GOOD
                    R 255.00                                                 CABLE

                                                                                                  R 59.50

                                           - Safe Supporting of Pipes in Stope Gullies.
                                           - Keep Blasting Wires orderly and at Safe Distance
                                             from Timber Support.
                                           - Ensure Free Operation of Bell Wire.
                                           - GOOD HOUSEKEEPING PRACTICE

                                          Elongate Support    Pack Support Unit

                                                           R 265.00
                                                     Quick Release Buckles           D-Ring Rear            Safety Snap Hook

                                           The Safety Fall Arrest Harness which conforms to EN355 is equipped with a rear fall
                                           arrest attachment point for fall protection purposes. It has adjustments on the chest,
                                           abdomen and legs to provide a suitable fit for the user. It is extremely lightweight, and
                                           can easily be worn throughout the day without tiring the user

                                                         TWIN ATTACHMENT ENERGY
                                                         ABSORBER LANYARD SABS
          R 510.00                                                EN355

                                                                                                                      R 248.00
                        R 68.00 / pair
                                                                                                                   Highly visible
                     - Patented design                                                                         reflective strips and
                     - Displace and distribute                                                                      super bright
                       the energy of impact to                                                                  illuminated strips
                       the ends of the guard.                                                                 ensure the awareness
                     - Vent holes to release                                                                  of the presence of the
                       any heat build-up.                                                                      wearer at all times in
                     - Fit comfortably on the                                                                  dark and lit-up areas
                       front or back of the
                     - Used as shin guards
                     Patent No: 20000706                     Rechargeable Batteries & Charger Set: R145.00
                     SABS approved

                                                     Patent No: 2000/034329/23
                                                     SABS approved                                   R 68.00 / pair

R 28.50
                                                                                    R 25.80

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