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					How to Build
The No Nonsense Guide To
   Fast Muscle Building
"The Bodybuilding Industry Is Scamming You Out Of 90%

  Of Your Muscle Growth And 100% Of Your Money…"

• Lies of the fitness industry will be revealed
• The truth behind these lies will be told
• How to truthfully go about naturally gaining muscle
  mass in a short amount of time will be shown to you
• Do not:
   o Continue on without asking yourself if you are happy with your
   o Feel that it is nearly impossible for you to gain muscle
   o Think that you are the only one with the dream of having a strong
     muscular body
   o Give up, because everything you have tried hasn’t worked.
   o Continue with the same routines that have not worked in the
     past, expecting different results in the future
      Vince DelMonte’s
 No-Nonsense Muscle Building
• Act now and you won’t regret it
• Get the body you have always wanted
• Don’t continue living life, unhappy about your

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No-nonsense Muscle Building
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Description: A no nonsense approach to building muscle mass with fast results. Gain pounds of muscle in as little as a few months.