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					Antenatal Shared Care Patient Fact Sheet

NSW Women's Breast Centre
The New South Wales Women's Breast Centre at the Royal Hospital for Women
provides state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions. The Centre
cares for more than 1500 women a year and aims to provide seamless care for

As one of the leading services in NSW, the Centre offers a convenient one-stop service
for women who need investigation of a breast symptom. All of the diagnostic and
assessment services are usually available in one visit and a return visit may be required
for final results. The staff including radiologists, radiographers, surgeons, oncologists,
genetic counsellors, nurses and our receptionist will support you throughout your care.

The Centre provides detailed diagnostic services for women who have been referred by
their doctor or breast screening service. In some cases, further mammography and
ultrasound tests may be required to diagnose the nature of the breast symptom. Needle
biopsies and localisation procedures are commonly performed in the Centre.
The Centre also boasts a state-of-the-art mammotone biopsy unit. The unit allows
breast tissue to be sampled using local anaesthetic without surgery. The sample can
detect the very early signs of cancer. The unit features a special bed to allow women
to lie down while they have a biopsy. This not only offers women a more
comfortable treatment but is also a better position for the procedure.

A breast surgeon will usually supervise these tests and be available to discuss the
results, diagnosis and treatment options with you.

The Centre is open on Monday and Friday for screening and assessment
clinics operate every Wednesday. Bookings can be made from Monday to Friday
between 8.30am and 5pm on (02) 9382 6610.

An answering service is available outside hours. Please leave your details and our
receptionist will return your phone call.

The service is available by doctor referral only

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