WordPerfect 12 Introduction

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					WordPerfect 12® Introduction
Course length: 1 day

COURSE DESCRIPTION: You will gain a basic                  Lesson 3: Changing the Appearance of Text
understanding of word processing, and how to apply that        •  Change the Appearance of Text
understanding within the WordPerfect environment.              •  Copy Formats with QuickFormat

OVERVIEW                                                   Lesson 4: Modifying Text
                                                               •  Find and Replace Text
•   Review the basic concepts of word processing in            •  Undo and Redo Changes
    WordPerfect 12.                                            •  Move and Copy Text
•   Become familiar with the basic concepts of editing
    and navigating in documents in WordPerfect 12.         Lesson 5: Formatting Paragraphs
•   Change the appearance of a document by using               •  Indent Text
    fonts and codes.                                           •  Create Lists
•   Become familiar with some techniques for editing and       •  Align Paragraphs
    modifying documents.                                       •  Set Line Spacing
•   Change the appearance of entire paragraphs of text         •  RealTime Preview
    by using paragraph formatting.
•   Organize information by using tabs and tables.         Lesson 6: Using Tabs and Tables
•   Change the appearance of a document at the page            •  Set Tabs
    level.                                                     •  Create a Table
•   Enhance a document and check it for potential              •  Modify a Table
    errors.                                                    •  Format a Table

Lesson 1: Introducing WordPerfect®                         Lesson 7: Controlling Page Appearance
    •  The WordPerfect Environment                             •  Set Margins
    •  Enter Text                                              •  Control Page Breaks
    •  Save a File                                             •  Center Text Vertically on the Page
    •  Using QuickCorrect in a Document                        •  Create Headers and Footers
    •  Changing the Workspace Mode
                                                           Lesson 8: Proofing a Document
Lesson 2: Editing and Navigating in a Document                 •  Check Spelling
    •  Open and Edit Files                                     •  Look Up Words in the Dictionary and
    •  Navigate in a Document                                     Thesaurus
    •  Change the View of a Document                           •  Creating Shortcuts with QuickCorrect and
    •  Print a Document                                           QuickWords
WordPerfect X3® Intermediate
Course length: 1.0 day

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In the first course in this               Lesson 3: Using Templates
series, WordPerfect X3: Introduction, you gained all the          •  Create a Document from a Template
basic skills that you need to create a wide range of              •  Create and Edit a Template
standardized business documents. If you use
WordPerfect X3 on a regular basis, then once you have         Lesson 4: Merging Data
mastered the basic skills, the next step is to improve your      •   The Merge Function
proficiency. To do so, you can customize and automate            •   Create the Data File
the way WordPerfect X3 works for you, and you can                •   Create the Form File
improve the quality of your work by enhancing your               •   Perform the Merge
documents with customized WordPerfect X3 elements. In            •   Perform a Selective Merge
this course, you will increase the complexity of your
WordPerfect X3 documents by adding components such            Lesson 5: Merging Data from an Address Book
as customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. You will       •  Importing Information to an Address Book
also create personalized WordPerfect X3 efficiency tools.         •  Merge with the Address Book
                                                                  •  Merge Envelopes
OVERVIEW                                                          •  Merge Mail Labels

    •    Modify tables.                                       Lesson 6: Sorting and Extracting Data
    •    Identify the basics of formatting with styles.           •  Sort Data
    •    Discover how to create and use templates.                •  Create User-Defined Sorts
    •    Combine information from two documents into a            •  Sort Table Data
         single document by using the Merge feature.              •  Extract Records
    •    Merge data from an Address Book.
    •    Explore the Sort feature, types of sort records,     Lesson 7: Using Macros
         and sort keys.                                           •  Record a Macro
    •    Create, play, and edit macros.                           •  Play a Macro
    •    Format text into columns and insert a graphic.           •  Edit a Macro

Lesson 1: Modifying Tables
                                                              Lesson 8: Creating a Newsletter
    •  Modify Table Structure
                                                                  •  Format Text into Columns
    •  Using QuickFill and QuickSum
                                                                  •  Insert a Column Break
    •  Edit Data and Calculate Values
                                                                  •  Insert a Graphic
    •  Create Charts
                                                                  •  Size and Move a Graphic
    •  Modify Charts

Lesson 2: Using Styles
    •  Apply Styles
    •  Create QuickStyles
    •  Retrieve Styles
WordPerfect X3® Advanced
Course length: 1 day
COURSE DESCRIPTION: If you use WordPerfect X3 on              Lesson 1: WordPerfect Environment
a regular basis, then once you have mastered the basic            •  Apply WordPerfect Settings
skills, the next step is to improve your proficiency. To do       •  Create Custom Toolbars
so, you can customize and automate the way
WordPerfect X3 works for you. WordPerfect X3 Advanced         Lesson 2: Outlook 2002 Contacts Folder
expands your level of productivity by customizing the             •  Add Edit and Delete Contacts
WordPerfect environment. In addition, you will work with
graphics to enhance your documents. You will collaborate      Lesson 3: Sharing Documents
with others while reviewing and changing documents. You           •  Protect a Document
will also manage large documents and work with legal              •  Create SpeedLinks
documents. Finally, you will learn to share files with            •  Insert Comments
others that do not have WordPerfect.
                                                              Lesson 4: Routing and Reviewing Documents
OVERVIEW                                                          •  Route a Document
                                                                  •  Review a Document
•   Apply WordPerfect settings and work with toolbars.            •  Accept and Reject Changes
•   Create and edit contacts in the Contacts folder.
•   Use a number of features in WordPerfect to assist         Lesson 5: Working with Graphics
    you in sharing documents. First, you will password            •  Create TextArt
    protect your document to prevent unauthorized users           •  Add a Watermark
    from accessing it. You will also create and use               •  Create an Organization Chart
    SpeedLinks in a document, and add and edit
    comments.                                                 Lesson 6: Working with Large Documents
•   Route a document to multiple users, use comparison            •  Create a Master Document
    markings to mark two documents, and then accept or            •  Create a Cross-Reference
    reject the changes.                                           •  Create a Table of Contents
•   Create and insert TextArt images, create a                    •  Create an Index
    watermark, create a layered drawing, and create,              •  Add Paragraph and Line Numbering
    edit, and format an organization chart.                       •  Create a Variable
•   Work with master documents, create cross-                     •  Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
    references, create a table of contents, create an
    index, add paragraph and line numbering to                Lesson 7: Working in Legal Mode
    documents, insert variables in a document, and work           •  Switch to Legal Mode
    with footnotes and endnotes.                                  •  Create a Pleading Document
•   Explore Legal mode, create a pleading document,               •  Work with Reveal Codes
    customize reveal codes, create a table of authorities,        •  Create a Table of Authorities
    and publish a document to EDGAR.                              •  Publish Documents to EDGAR
•   Share files, create web documents and hyperlinks,
    and create a portable document file.                      Lesson 8: Sharing Files
                                                                 •   Share Files Between Word and WordPerfect
                                                                 •   Publish a Document to HTML
                                                                 •   Publish a PDF File