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NSS Newsletter W1 T3 2010


									     Noosaville State School
                  Promoting Innovation and Learning
                  Promoting Innovation and Learning

Address:                             Principal’s Message
PO Box 1079,
Noosaville DC 4566.                  Welcome back to Term 3. I hope everyone had a great holiday
                                     break. There will be many fantastic learning opportunities this
                                     term including camps, carnivals and special events. Also we are
                                     pleased to announce that Jo Grant (Head of Special Education)
General: 07 54403222                 has joined our team. Helen Griswold will replace Tina Parnell this
Absentees: 07 5440 3222              term who is on leave.
Fax: 07 5440 3200
                                     One of our goals this year was to focus on attendance.
Website and Email:                   Congratulations to all those students who have had fewer than 5           days absence. Every school day is a chance to learn new         concepts and revise areas where help is needed. I would
                                     encourage all students to make quality attendance a goal this year.
Key Contacts:
                                     Our next P and C meeting will be held at 9:00am in the staffroom
R. Van den Heuvel (Principal/Prep)   next Monday, 19 July 2010. We hope you can make it.
J. Kindt (Deputy Principal Y 1-3)
W. Carty (Deputy Principal Y 4-7)    Also the Cyber Safety Information night will be held on Tuesday,
J. Grant (Special Education)         20 July 2010 at the Noosa J. We ask people to arrive by 6.30pm
J. Graham (Head of Curriculum)       for a 7.00pm start. All parents would find it very valuable. It is a
Carol Crump (BSM and Admin)          key strategy to help Noosaville keep its students safe in the
M. Cruice (P and C President)        internet age and I congratulate the P and C Association for the
                                     organisation of this event.
P and C meetings held on             I would like to congratulate staff who have been nominated by
second Monday of each month          parents and community members for National Excellence
at 7.00 pm in Administration         Teaching Awards. Nominations include: Karen Berghauser,
Block.                               Jenny McClean, Jasmine Halilovic, Tegan Sayers, Rob Van den
                                     Heuvel, Narelle Hartley and Jill Kindt.

                                     As everyone knows all our staff are excellent and we appreciate
                                     the efforts of each and everyone. Many thanks to those people
                                     who ensured that the staff of Noosaville State School were
                                     included in this Award.

                                     Rob Van den Heuvel

Week 1, Term 3 (No. 12 - 2010)                                              Major Sponsorship By
THE NOOSAVILLE WAY                                                     P AND C NEWS
Brainstorm Productions performance “Being Brave”: On                   Cyber Safety Information Evening: This is a must attend for
Tuesday 3 August the Noosaville State School students will be          all parents wanting more information about how you can keep
entertained by Brainstorm Productions “Being Brave”                    your child safe using technology. With speakers from the
performance. We have watched several of Brainstorm                     education department, police, interviews with local teenagers
Productions’ performances over the past 3 years and have               and a special message from our patron John Jarrett this will be
always found them to be outstanding in both the areas of               an entertaining and informative night. Be early to avoid missing
entertainment and education. Classroom teachers are provided           out as this is available to all parents in Noosa
with additional materials to enhance the student’s learning as a       Date: Tuesday 20th July
result of seeing the performance.                                      Time: 6.30pm for 7.00 start
                                                                       Where: The J, Noosa Junction
Being Brave is a play about dealing with our emotions and
coping with change. With humour, song and dance, the show              Art Display/Auction: Mark you calendars now - Friday August
gives children strategies for dealing with difficult situations that   27th is the annual NSS Art Display. It will be another great night
may arise. Researched by a school counsellor Paul Johnson,             with teachers and students preparing more incredible artworks! If
‘Being Brave’ will help our children to be more resilient and          you have any artwork you would like to donate to the silent
develop sound emotional and mental health.                             auction please let us know.

You have been invoiced for the Being Brave performance in your         Fathers Day Stall: The Fathers Day stall will be held on
Fee Statement at the beginning of the year. If you’re not sure         Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of September. With grade 4's at
whether you have paid or not, give the girls in the office a call      camp on these dates a special stall will be held on Tuesday 31st
and they will check it out for you. Being Brave costs $4.50.           August for Grade 4's. If you have anything you would like to
                                                                       donate to the stall please let us know through the tuckshop.
Rainbow Rooms: A review of last term’s data shows that we
have seen a reduction in physical aggression. Well done to the         P & C Meeting: For a bit of a change the next P & C meeting
majority of students for choosing more appropriate ways to             will be held at 9am on Monday 19th July in the staffroom. We
manage their conflict with others. The issue of students not           hope this gives the parents who cannot attend night meetings a
following adult instructions, however, still exists. As a result of    chance to find out what's happening in the P & C. Hope to see
this we are going to focus on this in our Rainbow Rooms.               you there.

Cyber Safety Information Night: Please remember the Cyber              Margit Cruice
Safety Information Night. This event has been organised by the         President
Noosaville SS P&C in coordination with the school and members
of the community. The presentation includes information from a
variety of sources and perspectives, including the Qld Police
Service, Education Qld, Australian Communications and Media            ITALIAN NEWS
Authority (ACMA) and other local sources.                              Welcome to Term 3 Italian! The Italian School Committee in
                                                                       conjunction with the Fondazione Aida will be running a Commedia
It is on Tuesday, 20 July at the J and people are asked to arrive      dell’Arte workshop for Teachers and Actors on the Sunshine Coast.
                                                                       AIDA’s visit to the Sunshine Coast offers teachers and actors a
at 6:30pm (for a 7pm start). The event is FREE.
                                                                       unique opportunity to engage in theatre workshops facilitated by
                                                                       international performers to build skills and gain a new perspective
Paula Tweedie                                                          on performing. The workshop will be held on Saturday 17 July 2010
Support Teacher Behaviour Management                                   from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm at Chancellor State College, Sippy Downs
                                                                       Drive, Sippy Downs. Registration fee is $50. It is not too late to
                                                                       register. For more information contact the Italian School Committee
                                                                       on 5444 3122 or simply complete the registration form and fax or
                                                                       email it to the Italian School Committee.

                                                                                                     Major Sponsorship By
Commedia dell’Arte Fondazione AIDA is performing at the Hyatt
Regency Coolum on Saturday 24 July 2010. Tickets are now on
sale at North Shore Reality Coolum for $55 per person. Contact
North Shore Reality on 5446 2500 or visit for further details.

Mirella Ceccato
Italian Teacher

Sport Days: Our Senior 4 – 7 sports day carnival will be held on
Tues 27 July. The 800m section will be raced on Fri 23 July at
1:30pm. The Program will be in our next newsletter.

Our Junior P – 3 sports morning will be held on Thurs 29 July,
more information to follow.

Danny Crameri
Sports Teacher

16/07/10          Yr 4 – 7 Italian Performance ($6)
19/07/10          P and C Meeting (9.00am)
20/07/10          Cyber Safety Information Night (6.30pm)
25/07/10          King of the Mountain – Pomona
27/07/10          Senior (4 – 7) Sports Carnival
29/07/10          Junior (P – 3) Sports Morning
30/07/10          Wakakirri Rehearsal at Caloundra Cultural
                  Centre (2:30pm)
30/07/10          Wakakirri Performance 7:15pm
03/08/10          Brainstorm Production
03/08/10          ICAS English Test
05/08/10          Yr 3 Underwater World (Day Only)
11/08/10          Ekka Show Day
12/08/10          Yr 6 Ekka Excursion
17/08/10          ICAS Maths Test
21/08/10          Yr 7 Depart for Canberra
27/08/10          Yr 7 Arrive back from Canberra
27/08/10          Art Display/ Auction
02/09/10          Fathers Day Stall
03/09/10          Fathers Day Stall

                                                                   Major Sponsorship By

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