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									When you are intimate in a relationship greater knowledge and under-
                                                                                     The Pastoral & Oversight Team
standing flows.
Have you ever come to a crisis point in a relationship and found that at    “Welcome to Manningham Christian Centre. We hope that you
the end of the crisis the relationship is either strengthened or waver-     grow in your life and are expanded by great teaching, fun &
ing? Marriages go through highs and lows where at times miscommu-           relationship here at MCC.
nication and misunderstandings can take their toll. However at the          We have experienced Pastors that are more than willing to help in
end of the day in most cases the crisis point simply highlights an excit-   anyway possible. Although we have departmental responsibilities,
ing area of change both within the marriage but also within the indi-       we are not limited only to these. We are gifted and responsible for
                                                                            the expanding of the family of God, the church. Please take the time
vidual. I have found that often the most intimate times in                  to introduce yourself to us, we would love to get to know you.”
relationships are after a heated discussion or disagreement where
both members come to the realisation that they both carry responsi-
                                                                                                  Senior Pastor Matthew & Anna Wyatt
This is the same with our relationship with God. Every time our
relationship with Him is challenged it is an opportunity for a deepen-
ing in intimacy. Not that God desires crisis in our lives but He will use
it to wake us up! Do you fear intimacy in your relationships? What
about your relationship with God?
Your prayer life and its effectiveness is a direct reflection of your
                                                                                     Founding Pastors
                                                                                     Bill & Robyn Wyatt
                                                                                                                           Pastor Julie Harrison

                                                                                                                                    Mike Fusco
intimacy with God. The Bible consistently draws a beautiful picture of               Walter Ius

                                                                                                                                                            Prayer II
how our relationship with God must be. It describes us, the church as                (Oversight)                                      Treasurer
the bride and Jesus as the bridegroom. How intimate are you in your
marriage? Are you as intimate as that
with Jesus? Or does your marriage                                                                      Department Leaders
reflect convenient partnership? What                                        Buildings:                                Missions:
about your relationship with Jesus? Is                                      9846 7244                                 Alan Williamson - 9846 7244
                                                                              :                 :
it a ticket to heaven or is it all that you
desire beyond this world?                                                   Cleansing Stream Discipleship Training:   BUPA Nursing Home:
                                                                            Ps. Julie Harrison - 9846 7244            Ps. Julie Harrison - 9846 7244
Our desire can sometimes be greater                                            :              :
than our ability to make it happen                                          Cleansing Stream Courses:                 Production:
however the Bible says “where your treasure is there will your heart be     Ps. Robyn Wyatt - 9846 7244               Len Phillips - 9846 7244
also” Matthew 6:21. If you really desire intimacy within your mar-             :                :
riage is requires work. If you really desire intimacy with Jesus then it    homeBASE:                                 Revolution Youth & Young Adults:
requires time, investment and effort. Set aside the time for both each      Ps. Julie Harrison - 9846 7244            Ps. Matt Wyatt - 9846 7244
                                                                               :              :

day. Jesus wants to be closer to you than you do to Him. Intimacy is
the key for breakthrough in your prayer life.                               Hospitality:                              Schools Ministry:
                                                                            Gail Fischer - 9846 7244                  Ps. Matt Wyatt - 9846 7244
1. Set aside time to PRAISE – this works in any relationship                  :                  :
2. Make an effort to BE OPEN – when you are open in your heart it           Integrated Youth (I.Y.)                   Team Leaders:
       gives opportunity for healing and intimacy.                          Kidz 4 God (K4G) & K4G mini:              Ps. Matt Wyatt - 9846 7244
3. Take time TO LISTEN – to what will be said and be prepared that
       what is said back to you can change your life forever!
Allow intimacy in your life.
It enlarges who you are.                                             Matt
                                                                            9846 7244
                                                                            Manningham Nursing Home:
                                                                            Ps. Robyn Wyatt - 9846 7244

                                                                                                                      Walter Ius - 9846 7244
                                                                                                                                                            & Intimacy
                                                                            Manningham Men:                           MCC worshipBASE:
                                                                            Ps. Matt Wyatt - 9846 7244                Sam Wishart - 9846 7244
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