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Pigalle Melrose Arch Menu


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									  Pigalle Melrose Arch Menu
  Relax. Feel at home and enjoy yourself
thoroughly. Dining out teases the palate
 and feeds the soul. Life is good, enjoy it
                                  with us.
California Roll 8pc
                          Sushi - Day Menu
                                                   Pigalle Melrose Arch
Salmon and Avocado
Prawn, Avocado and Mayo
                                             R50         Day Menu                              Pigalle Day Menu
Tuna and Avocado                             R50        Serving 12 – 4pm
Avocado and Cucumber                         R50
Salmon and Cream Cheese                      R50                           Chilled Oysters
Maki 6pc
                                                                           Belon R20 each
Salmon                                       R40                           Atlantic R15 each
Tuna                                         R40                           Shallots and red wine vinegar R14 or Lime chilli sauce
Spicy Tuna                                   R40                           R14
Prawn, Mayo and Sesame Seeds                 R40
Avocado and Cucumber                         R30
Flying Fish Roe and Crab                     R40                           Seared ostrich and lychee salad                  R55
                                                                           Fresh seared tuna nicoise salad                  R65
Fashion Sandwich 8pc                                                       Chicken tandoori salad                           R60
Salmon and Avocado                           R60                           Caramelised pear and almond salad                R55
Tuna and Avocado                             R60
Spicy Tuna and Avocado                       R60
                                                                           Calamari salad with picada dressing              R60
Cucumber, Avocado and Carrot                 R40                           Duck and papino salad                            R75
Prawn, Avocado and Mayo                      R60                           Beer battered fish                               R85
                                                                           Lobster Ravioli                                  R95
Temaki Hand-Roll
                                                                           Pigalle gourmet burger                           R75
Salmon and Avocado                           R40
Tuna, Avocado and Mayo                       R40                           Grilled lamb chops                               R105
Prawn, Avocado and Sesame                    R40                           Prawn and fish                                   R95
Eel, cucumber and Cashew Nut                 R40                           Cured salmon on rye                              R65
Nigiri Sushi 2pc
Salmon                                       R35
Tuna                                         R35                           Mocha mousse cake                                R48
Prawn                                        R35                           Chilli chocolate panna cotta                     R45
Crab                                         R35                           Home made fruit sorbet                           R40
Vegetarian                                   R20
                                                                           Crème Brule                                      R45
Eel                                          R35
Ikura                                        R40
                                                                           Cheese platter                                   R75
Sashimi 4pc
Lobster                                      R80
Salmon                                       R50
Tuna                                         R50
Octopus                                      R50
Eel                                          R50

Salmon Roses 6pc                             R65
Prawn Tempura 4pc                            R45
Pigalle Melrose Arch Main Menu
  Chicken Livers Peri Peri
  Grilled in lemon butter and served with a mild peri peri basting                  45
  Tian of Cured Salmon
  Avocado mousse, lime crème fraiche, citrus dressing                               65
  Lobster Ravioli
  With a shellfish sauce                                                            70
  Croquette de Camembert
  Deep-fried served with rocket, red current jelly and a balsamic reduction         45
  Saldanha Bay Mussels
  Prepared in a white wine veloute with a touch of paprika and garlic
  OR fresh tomato, onion, lemon juice, coriander                                    55
  Chilled Oysters                                                                   SQ
  Shallots and red wine vinegar                                                     14
  Lime chilli dressing                                                              14
  Prawn Cocktail
  Avocado and a home-made seafood cocktail dressing                                 50
  Prawn Tandoori
  Dusted with Tandoori spice, shallow fried then mounted on a warm julienned veg
  and accompanied with a papino and coriander salsa                                 50
  Succulent baby tubes, grilled in a light garlic and lemon butter                  50
  Tuna Carpaccio
  Herb crust, citrus dressing                                                       60
  Pan Seared Scallops
  Saffron risotto, hollandaise sauce                                                55
  Parma Ham
  Thinly sliced Italian parma ham, garnished with melon and an orange vinaigrette   60

Caramelised pear & almond
Fresh pears and almonds caramelised, and drizzled with a creamy mustard dressing   50
Halloumi Salad
Grilled vegetables, halloumi, mixed greens                                         55
Duck Salad
Crispy duck breast, papino, mixed greens, lime and passion fruit dressing          75
Greek Salad
Traditional, tossed in a creamy herb dressing                                      50
Chicken Tandoori Salad
Chicken strips, mixed greens, whit balsamic dressing                               60

Crab, line fish, mussels and prawns in a delicate seafood consommé                 65
Vermouth and Scallop
Seared Scallops, vermouth, cream                                                   60
Pear and Blue Cheese
Poached pears and gorgonzola cheese                                                40
Orange and Carrot
Leeks, oranges, carrots, nutmeg                                                    40

Queen                                                                                    170
King                                                                                     220
Tiger Giant                                                                              295
All the above are butterflied and grilled to our longstanding traditional recipe

A Guilho Style
Garlic, olive oil, white wine, fresh chilli                                              25
The sweetest of all shellfish, grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with garlic   340
Native Lobster
Grilled in lemon butter and lightly brushed with garlic                                  320
Native Lobster Thermidor
Steamed lobster loosened from the shell and finished with cream, cognac,
black cherries and topped with parmesan au gratin                                        330
Pigalle Platter
Delicious combination of prawns langoustines grilled in lemon butter and
brushed lightly with a garlic marinade                                                   280
Shellfish Platter
Combination of baby lobster, prawns and langoustines grilled in lemon butter and b
rushed lightly with a garlic marinade                                                    350
Seafood platter for two
Baby lobster, prawns, langoustines, line fish, calamari and
mussels prepared in our unique recipe                                                    470
Prawn Curry
A flavoursome mild curry with coconut milk and coriander                                 145
                                               Line fish

Line fish
Beurre Blanc – served on a basil mash casserole of baby peas and red onions   130
OR Baragoul sauce – nicoise veg and a white wine carrot sauce                 140
Salmon Teriyaki
Pan seared, sweet Soy sesame dressing, wasabi mash                            140
Basil mash, casserole peas and red onions
Grilled with a:
Lemon & herb butter sauce                                                     125
Creamy prawn sauce                                                            145
Kingklip Fillet
Sun dried tomato, herb crusted with a sweet mash and a white wine sauce       135
Seared Tuna
Sesame seeds, teriyaki dressing and tempura veg                               140
Monk Fish
Parma ham, saffron risotto and pesto                                          140
Seafood Pot (Caldeirada)
Prawns, mussels, fish, calamari, potato, tomato                               190
Garlic and lemon butter                                                       110
       Prime cuts of superior quality aged beef, served with a choice of fries or mash

Beef Fillet
300g – BBQ grilled                                                          130
Prime Rib
600g – on the bone, BBQ or pepper coated                                    130

Optional Sauces
Creamy pepper sauce                                                         20
Almond mustard sauce                                                        20
Port wine jus                                                               25
Mushroom and Black Peppercorn Sauce                                         20


Bordelaise Fillet
Marrow bone, port wine jus, potato fondant                                  145
Mushroom Crusted Fillet
Port wine jus, sautéed mushrooms                                            145
Rack of Lamb
Herb crust, port wine jus, pot bake and ratatouille                         180
Lamb Shank
Slow roasted in red wine and fresh herbs, served with a sweet potato mash   140
Cranberries, port wine jus, vodka                                           125
Baby Chicken
Marinated in a fresh garlic and chilli                                    95
Chicken Breast
Roasted, filled with apricot and wrapped in parma ham                     95
Roast Duck
Half duckling, slow roasted, Grand Marnier or strawberry Drambuie style   140

                                            Side Orders

  Variety of mushrooms                                                         25
  Creamed spinach                                                              25
  Stir-fry vegetables                                                          25
  Fries                                                                        20
  Tossed mixed greens                                                          20
  Wasabi mash                                                                  20
  Tempura beans                                                                25
Crème Brule
Please enquire for flavours available                           45
Chocolate Fondant
Please allow 10-15 minutes                                      48
Pistachio Mille-Feulles
Puff pastry, pistachio infused filling                          45
French Lemon Cheese Cake
Lemon flavoured, passionfruit sauce                             45
White Mocha Cheese Cake
Mocha flavoured white chocolate mousse, berry coulis            48
Chocolate Chilli Panna Cotta
Fresh chilli, strawberry, vodka                                 45

                                               Cheese Platter

 A selection of the finest imported cheese available
 Small                                                           75
 Large                                                           150
                                 Main Menu

            Bamboo                                    Melrose
Shallow fried prawn California                      Temaki Trio
          Bamboo Roll                         Spicy Seared Tuna Roll
       Octopus Sashimi                            Salmon Roses
              14pc                                     13pc
              150                                       175
           Tri-Colour                               Zen Garden
         Cucumber Log                           Veg Tempura Roll
     Prawn Tempura Maki                              Veg Nigiri
     Prawn Salmon Nigiri                        Vegetarian Parcel
              11pc                                     12pc
              148                                       90
          Fashionista                                 Atlantic
Chrysanthemum Prawn Nigiri                   Langoustine Caviar Maki
Cream Cheese Salmon Butterfly                       Dragon Fly
          Eel Sashimi                              Inari Salmon
              15pc                                     16pc
              145                                       150
        Sushi & Sashimi                          The Connoisseur
 Pickled Herring Rainbow Roll                  Lobster Tail Sashimi
   Salmon and Tuna Sashimi                   Langoustine Caviar Maki
      One Atlantic Oyster                             Scallops
              13pc                               Futomaki Oyster
              165                                 Salmon Roses

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