Upholstery Swatches - FABRIC AND LEATHER swATCH INDEx

					FABRICs                                                                             pRINTs & pATTERNs                                                           LEATHERs
IRREsIsTIBLE Grade 10 (cleaning code WS) 100% polyester                             ARgENTINA Grade 41 (cleaning code S) 48% cotton, 30% polyester, 22% rayon   DERBY Grade 100

  Black       Carrot     Chestnut    Crimson     Parchment      Steel                  Café      Cayenne        Jet        Pewter                                Almond      Brown      Ebony       Ivory

MONARCH Grade 10 (cleaning code W) 100% polyester                                   EVA Grade 41 (cleaning code S) 69% cotton, 31% polyester                    ROMA Grade 100

   Army      Briarwood     Café      Canvas       Celery       Linen       Marina      Buff       Claret     Chocolate    Shadow                                Bermuda       Bistro    Ember       Grey      Stone

                                                                                    IMANI Grade 41 (cleaning code S) 62% rayon, 37% polyester, 1% nylon         BRONCO Grade 200
  Pebble     Phantom      Salsa

URBAN Grade 10 (cleaning code D) 100% polyester                                        Curry     Hurricane     Okra
                                                                                                                           de Gris                                Steer      Sunset

                                                                                    FUJI Grade 42 (cleaning code S) 55% polyester, 43% cotton, 2% lurex         CLAssIC Grade 200
  Berry      Bordeaux    Caramel    Driftwood     Grape      Green Olive   Ivory

                                                                                     Blossom     Shadow        Tiger     Wintergreen                            Anthracite   Blossom   Chestnut   Cranberry    Haze     Mocha
  Peridot     Raisin       Rust       Stone       Vapour
                                                                                    MODERNsTAR Grade 42 (cleaning code S) 51% rayon 49% cotton
ABERDEEN Grade 20 (cleaning code WS) 100% polyester                                                                                                             Mushroom     Regatta   Sahara     Shetland    Wheat

                                                                                      Crimson     Cream      Espresso      Forest      Haze     Shimmer         TULsA Grade 200
 Graphite    Gunmetal     Sable

                                                                                    pINBALL Grade 42 (cleaning code S) 75% cotton, 25% polyester
NOLAN Grade 20 (cleaning code S) 88% polyester, 12% cotton                                                                                                        Bean       Cobalt     Dusk      Geranium Lemondrop    Moon

                                                                                      Arcade       Coin       Flipper      Metal       Spring                   CARNIVAL Grade 300
   Brew      Cast Iron   Gunmetal     Moss        Oyster
                                                                                    Grade 41 and 42 fabrics are only available on toss cushions,
                                                                                    ottomans, slipcovers and select chairs and headboards.                       Bamboo       Cape      Lager      Penny      Raven     Riviera   Tavern

   Sand      Sandstone    Steel
                                                                                                                                                                CAYMEN Grade 300
pOLO Grade 20 (cleaning code W) 100% polyester                                             spECIAL FABRIC AND LEATHER
                                                                                           CONsIDERATIONs FOR BENCH sEATINg:                                      Dove        Slate     Taupe

 Bordeaux     Cream        Grey        Kiwi       Lantern     Leather               Several of our seating styles have been designed
                                                                                      seat                                                                      HAVANA Grade 300                  RENDEZVOUs Grade 400
                                                                                    with a single cushion seat, referred to as a bench
                                                                                    seat. With bench seating, relaxation of the fabric
 Nutmeg       Oyster      Sand        Slate       Sunset       Vanilla
                                                                                    or leather will more likely occur over time than with                         Bruin                            Bourbon    Marquis   Sonora

OsCAR Grade 30 (cleaning code S) 54% polyester, 38% cotton, 8% acrylic
                                                                                    individual seat cushions; the longer the bench
                                                                                    cushion, the greater the tendency for the fabric                            sAVANNAH Grade 500
                                                                                    or leather to relax. When selecting your fabric
 Blueberry   Crabapple Grape Juice Pineapple
                                                                                    or leather, talk to an EQ3 sales associate about
                                                                                    the options and their tendency to naturally stretch.                        Chocolate    Crimson   Hazelnut   LondonTan    Vista

sHERLOCK Grade 30 (cleaning code S) 60% polyester, 40% rayon

                                                                 FABRIC AND LEATHER swATCH INDEx
  Copper     Diamond      Nickel    Sour Apple

                                                                 Our fabric and leather selection continually evolves, see stores for additions, discontinuations and availability.

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