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									                                                         Oudtshoorn Day Tour
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                                                                   Oudtshoorn Itinerary
The Klein Karoo is a semi-desert area wedged between the coastal mountains that separate it from the Garden Route and
the impressive Swartberg mountain range in the north. The region is watered by a number of streams that flow down from
the mountains to join the Olifants River.

Grapes grow here (Calitzdorp produces some of the country's best port), as does Lucerne (alfalfa), which is why farmers
were able to successfully introduce the ostrich farming practices – Lucerne is a favorite food of the ostrich.

Oudtshoorn is the tourist capital of the Little Karoo and the ostrich capital of South Africa, with thousands of the beady-eyed
birds all over the place. With big bodies but small brains, these long-legged monsters eat pebbles to aid digestion and are
particularly attracted to the odd earring or glinting necklace from unsuspecting tourists.

At the turn of th century, ostrich feathers were in such high demand that the fashion-conscious paid a premium and feathered
the nests of the barons, who built magnificent mansions known as 'Feather Places'. This fine architecture can still be seen
around the sedate and pleasant town.

Oudtshoorn has several show farms, which sell the beautiful downy feathers, but now make more money out of the desirable,
soft, but strong knobbly leather.

There's also an export demand for ostrich eggs, just one of which makes an omelette's for 20 people and at the show farms
you can ride the birds in an ungainly manner.

There's no shortage of things to do in the Oudtshoorn area. You can tour through the fascinating Cango Caves of
stalagmites and stalactites, visit a crocodile farm, or stroke the fastest land animal on earth while it purrs like a tractor at
Cheetah land.

There are some spectacular mountain passes around Oudtshoorn, including the Swartberg Pass (the mosts sensational in
South Africa). The wonderful, twisted sedimentary layers of rock sprout colors that look as if a painter were splashing about
with his palette. The 24km road has some awesome sheer drops and hairpin bends leading down to great echoing canyons.

       •   Activity 1:       Cango Ostrich Show Farm
Tours are comprehensive and are not only interesting but also great fun. Visitors are allowed to sit or ride on birds (weight limit 75kg)

At Cango we believe in a quality ostrich experience. The tour is an easy walk through the farm. Visitors are taken out in small groups by professional guides.

We are fond of our animals and ensure that they are always in peak condition.

What you will experience:

          the eggs, incubators and chicks (in season)
          to hug and kiss our super friendly female - Betsie
          to feed the ostriches by hand
          to sit on the ostriches
          and for the daring type, to ...

ride the ostriches (weight limit 75kg) and to stand on the eggs (the ultimate weight test).

       •   Activity 2:       Cango Wildlife Ranch
Human beings have always been inquisitive creatures by nature and at the Cango Wildlife Ranch we are sure to quench your thirst for knowledge. Find out how old crocodiles
become and why crocs only eat in summer. Let our fully bilingual guides take you on an adventure where you can explore the facts and fiction surrounding these ancient relics of
the past. Come and have a close up view of exquisite tigers, deadly jaguars, magnificent lions and the elegant cheetah while your guide introduces these glorious creatures to you.

       •   Activity 3:       Cango Caves
Entrance: Upon entering the entrance chamber one is immediately conscious of the increased humidity and pleasantly warm temperature. A faint musty odor may point to
the presence of a small colony of bats which still make the cave their home.

Van Zyl's Hall: You catch your breath as the first view of VAN ZYL'S HALL opens up before you. Ancient stalactites, aptly known as The dried tobacco leaves of Oudtshoorn,
festoon the Grey-blue of the limestone ceiling. This spacious hall is over 90 meters long, 50 meters wide at its widest point, and between 14 and 18 meters high. Nearly 100
meters of solid limestone roof separates the cavern from the ridge crest above.

Botha's Hall: Leaving Van Zyl's Hall through a wide passageway, you enter the spectacular BOTHA'S HALL, with its decorative side-chamber, The Throne Room. Glancing to
the left as we enter Botha's Hall, we see a formation resembling the beak of a Giant Eagle, feeding its chick. Botha's Hall is dominated by two completed columns soaring
upwards to the ceiling.

Rainbow Chamber: Leaving the Throne Room and Botha's Hall, you ascend a staircase, pass a hollowed out stalagmite known as The Pulpit, then proceed through a
narrow passageway into the RAINBOW CHAMBER.

Against the back wall, in the eerie glow of lights, we make out the head of Old Nick, the tame Cave Devil, posed in profile. Immediately above the viewing platform, bathed in soft,
blue light, is the cavern's Biblical Section. High against the wall we may see an open Family Bible.

Beside it, the Outstretched Lost Wing of an Angel. Below, directly in front of the viewing platform, is another hollowed-out stalagmite known as The Christening pont.

Bridal Chamber: A flight of steps leads into the BRIDAL CHAMBER with its fourteen-post bridal bed. The bride may be spotted in the kitchen to the rear, sitting on a low
stool and weeping quietly to herself. A clue to her tears may be found in the Peach Brandy Bottle, prominently displayed on a rock mantelpiece. Active stalactites drip
constantly from the low roof above.

Fairyland Chamber: Fairyland, the next chamber, provides fantasy for the younger generation. Colored lights illumine the Fairy Queen's Palace (or Cathedral), The Fairy
Castle, an inverted Sunflower, and even the bizarre 'upper plate' of an enormous set of dentures. Here, too, the first helictites may be observed, twisting against the ceiling in
frozen motion.

Drum Room: The Drum Room, 500 meters from the entrance, provides the first major turn-back point on STANDARD TOUR. In this chamber there is also a striking example
of a translucent formation. Alongside it a stalagmite resembling a Bushman hut lends fantasy to the presentation of "Sunrise and Sunset over darkest Africa".

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