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					Recruiting Tips & Talking Points

The Elevator Speech
   • For nurses, nurse practitioners and members of related health care fields who
       are involved or interested in the care of dermatology patients, DNA is a
       professional association committed to expanding their knowledge and skill
       sets, and helping to advance their careers.
   • The DNA is the premier organization for nursing professionals in the
       dermatology field.
   • Our mission is to promote excellence in dermatologic care. We do this
       through our publications and educational activities.
   • Our annual convention and local chapter meetings provide professional
       enrichment and networking.

Recruitment Tips
   • Send an invitation (letter or email) and application to join DNA to all the
       medical professionals that you work with.
   • Invite co-workers to a chapter meeting.
   • Talk to your company’s administrators and managers and encourage them to
       sign up staff for DNA membership.
   • Have a brown-bag lunch mini-meeting at your company and invite all your
       colleagues to attend and then join.
   • Forward your emails about conferences and chapter meetings to potential
   • Share articles from the JDNA with colleagues.
   • Never take NO for an answer. Find out why they are saying NO and go from
   • Tell your recruits what you like about DNA.
   • Everyone you meet in the process of doing your job is a potential member –
       they won’t join unless you ask them. So ask them!!

Talking Points – Benefits
    • For individuals: DNA offers career development, education and certification
       resources that can improve your skills and increase your career opportunities
       in the dermatology field.
    • DNA’s Dermatology Nurse Certification (DNC) and Dermatology Certified
       Nurse Practitioner (DCNP) certification are the only professional certifications
       for nurses and nurse practitioners in the field of dermatology.
    • DNA produces its own publication - the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’
       Association is included in membership.
    • DNA has over 3,000 members and 26 chapters.
    • DNA has a variety of volunteer opportunities, providing any member with the
       unique opportunity to share an existing skill or learn new ones, to learn
       leadership skills, to give back to the organization or profession, and to meet
       and develop relationships with nurses from all over the country and other
       parts of the world.

   •   For companies: DNA membership can help your staff excel in dermatologic
       care and patient education.
Top 10 Member Benefits
1. Yearly Awards, Grants, and Scholarships to advance your career and further your
2. Bi-monthly subscription to DNA’s new official journal, the Journal of the
    Dermatology Nurses’ Association (JDNA)
3. Bi-monthly Focus Newsletter bringing you DNA news and information
4. Monthly E-Newsletter with updates on current news in the world of Dermatology
5. Free online Membership Directory
6. CE opportunities
7. Reduced Meeting Registration to the DNA 29th Annual Convention, March 17-20,
    2011 in San Diego, CA
8. Access to the DNA Career Center on our Web site,
9. Networking opportunities with fellow dermatology professionals
10. Rewarding volunteer opportunities