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					The pyramid code; 2 DVD (5 program) set based on research of Carmen
Boulter, PhD, U. Calgary

Program 1: The Band of Peace
My evaluation: there may be some basis for the assertion that Egyptian buildings
are older than traditional Egyptologists claim, and that the pyramids were used
for astronomical observations. Most of the other assertions, like the Sirius
connection, harmonic tuning of pyramids, and evidence of large explosions in
the great pyramid, seem to me to be completely unfounded.

Question that giza pyramids were tombs;
Believe giza pyramids are much older
John Anthony west: most geologists of world concur the weathering of the sphinx
Has to be caused by erosion by rain.
John Dering
Magnetic field theorist
Carmen Boulter University of Calgary
Robert Schoch Geologist
Robert Bauval author of The Orion Mystery

Sirius tracked; drops below horizon fr 70 days; when reappears nile floods
pyramid positions mirror star positions;
specifically giza group reps three stars in orion’s belt;
heliopolis reps regulus in leo

scale of position of abuser, giza, and heliopolis
corresponds to
pleides (6 or 7 stars/pyramids)
orions belt
and leo

harmonically tuned to different frequencies or musical tones, and could be used
for human healing. The pharaoh, the sun god, traveled route of the band of
peace, as the sun traveled its route through the stars.

Bent pyramid bent because produces two frequencies.

Cracks and blackened surface in great pyramid caused by explosion?
Removed by dept of antiquities: were they erasing evidence?

At geza: keops (biggest) white, cheferen red, and mycerinous (smallest) blue

Program 2: high level technology:
Seems to Conflate two themes; one scientifically plausible, based on data
(Burke: amplification of natural EM energy) and another based on statements
which seem to have no known data to support them (Swanson: Ley lines as a
conduit of subtle energy) in this sense it is just plain misleading.

John Burke: found electromagnetic energy at pyramid sites
Claude Swanson: Physicist

Giza plateau now surrounded by high wall with armed guards. Requests fro
academic study being denied; no photographs allowed of museu pieces. Why?

We do not have the technology today to build a pyramid like the Great Pyramid.

Bagdad type battery; similar objects found in Egypt; painting (ancient?) shows
series of colorful jars; canopic jars were frequently depicted as they contained
the organs from mummified rulers. These are presented as “batteries”

Step pyramid at saquara and flat mastsabas we know were tombs
No mummys found in giza complex; were open sarcophigi: (grave robbers?)

John burke “biological” engineer: he found that megalithic structures through out
the world were placed on ground where normal EM energy is amplified by
geological factors.

Claude swanson: unknown energy exists at sacred sites: “subtle energy”
Ley lines hundreds of miles long: carries this energy: shows two ley lines
In fact there were hundreds of ley lines.

Combined with this statement is:
Burke: “it will therefore generate telluric currents in the land”

Burke’s statement is taken out of context; “what is “it?”; also Burk was speaking
of EM energy, a known; but subtle energy is by definition unknown to science.

In a separate video, Burk goes into detail that the period of appearance of these
structures coincided to a period of food shortage, and the EM energy was used
in many locations to help plants grow faster.