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                                       AUGUST 2010 Volume 53, Issue 7 - Online:

YoUNG CoRRoSioN pRofESSioNAL                                       REGiSTRATioN foR THE ACA
(YCp) NETWoRk EvENT                                                CoRRoSioN & pREvENTioN 2010
Are you:
                                                                   CoNfERENCE iS NoW opEN
          Below 40 yrs of age?                                     To register for the conference, please visit http://www.
          Have less than 10 years’ industry experience, or where you can either
          Are young at heart?                                      download the preliminary program and registration form or
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you are     follow the link to register online. Online registration can also
invited to this YCP event!                                         be accessed from the tab in the Speaker Portal.

Date:      25th August 2010                                        If you have any questions about registration, please don’t
                                                                   hesitate to contact Renee Meredith on +61 8 8125 2201or
Venue:     The Drake, 2 Drake Street, freemans Bay,
           Auckland City (near victoria park Market)
Transport: Plenty of parking and the link bus runs
           right past the door
Time:      6:30 pm
RSVP: by 20th August 2010
Complimentary beer / wine & nibbles
                                                                   CoATiNG iNSpECToR
About YCP:
Does your job bring you in contact with corrosion or its           REfRESHER CoURSE
prevention? The Young Corrosion Professionals (YCP)
                                                                   Members who wish to maintain their ACA Coating
was established to assist people within corrosion affected
                                                                   Inspector Certification that is about to reach its expiry
industries to connect, learn and grow.
                                                                   date, or has already expired, are advised to register
The YCP is supported by the ACA NZ which is coordinated by         their interest without delay.
a voluntary committee, and is an independent, not-for-profit
                                                                   A one day “refresher” course with exam has been scheduled
                                                                   to be held at the Environmental Training Centre at 138 Hutt
Our aims:                                                          Park Rd in Lower Hutt on 10th August with Willie Mandeno
Connect – through organised social functions & activities          as the Instructor but is likely to be postponed until mid 2011
(such as this one)                                                 unless some interest is urgently confirmed.
Learn – via information sessions, networking events with           The discounted cost to ACA Members is A$550 (no GST
likeminded individuals and other development activities            is payable). Non-members are welcome, but must pay
Grow – professionally and technically                              A$680.

ACANZ would like to gratefully acknowledge this month’s sponsor…
                                      Australasian Corrosion Association inc.
                                      NEW ZEALAND BRANCH AUGUST 2010 NEWSLETTER

                                                                  WELLiNGToN WiND SCULpTURE:
                                                                  A corrosion control case study

                                                                                               Te n y e a r s a n d $ 7 5 0 , 0 0 0
                                                                                               later, Wellington’s Meridian
                                                                                               wind sculpture series is
                                                                                               finally complete. Sculptor Phil
                                                                                               Dadson’s “Akau Tangi” has
                                                                                               been unveiled on Cobham Dr,
                                                                  Evans Bay, taking its place alongside the four other pieces
                                                                  in the series. Akau Tangi consists of ten striped, 16-sided
                                       A Gulfstream G550 at the   steel columns each supporting a conical-shaped, colour
                                           2007 MAKS airshow      co-ordinated kinetic sculptural element which positions itself
                                                                  according to the wind direction.
                                                                  After several prototypes, testing of the final form was
CApiTAL CoRRoSioN AND                                             undertaken at Pukekohe raceway to simulate the stresses
THE JACkSoN JET                                                   and strains the cones would be subjected to in the harbour.
                                                                  Right from the outset it was known that the columns were to
Sir Peter Jackson’s new private jet (a $68M Gulfstream            be installed in and near the sea on the Wellington waterfront,
G550) is to be kept in Melbourne, due to a shortage of            which is a very harsh environment.
hangars at Wellington Airport.
                                                                  To manufacture the columns in stainless steel was not
The Dominion Post on 23 July reported an industry source          financially viable, so a more cost effective solution with
on the need to protect the jet from salty air who said, “You      the required durability properties was investigated. CSP
can’t leave aeroplanes parked out in the open at Wellington.      Pacific manufactured the 16-sided steel Oclyte™ columns
It doesn’t take long for corrosion to set in.” It is hoped that   in one fully enclosed piece, except for two small openings
Boeings and Airbuses regularly parked there have better           which were used to hot dip galvanise the columns inside
protective coatings.                                              and out.
                                                                  Once the galvanising was completed the openings were
                                                                  welded closed, entirely sealing the inside of the columns.
                                                                  To ensure the best protection for the columns, Oclyte Tuff
 Website of the Month                                             Coat™ a 100% solids, high build polyurethane elastomer
                                                                  coating specifically engineered to add corrosion protection

                                                                  to galvanised columns, was used to completely coat the
                                                                  two columns fully installed in the sea, and the base of the
                                                                  columns not submerged in seawater.
           all you need to know on
                                                                  For more information on the project please visit: www.
             Corrosion and Rust                         

  The internet is full of information on Corrosion,
     Corrosion Prevention, Corrosion Control,
      Cathodic Protection, Material, Rust and
      Welding. The scope of the Corrosionist
     website is to give you a starting point and a
   good guide when searching for information on
    Corrosion. The Corrosion Search Engine is a
    powerful tool to carry out a better search and
       obtain only the most relevant results.

   Please visit:

2 ACA - New Zealand Branch August 2010 Newsletter
                                      Australasian Corrosion Association inc.
                                      NEW ZEALAND BRANCH AUGUST 2010 NEWSLETTER

NZ ELECTRoLYSiS CoMMiTTEE                                          MEMBER pRofiLE
UpDATE                                                             introducing Michael Williams
The NZ Electrolysis (Establishment) Committee is pleased
to announce that it has issued the first NZEC report. In this      Michael Williams came from a farming
report the Committee sets out the key topics and issues that       family on the East Coast north of
it will focus on as it works toward producing a plan for setting   Gisborne. Having left school in 1973,
up the permanent NZ Electrolysis Committee. The report is          he remained involved in the agricultural
available from the NZEC page of the ACA website.                   industry on the home farm and others,
                                                                   undertaking various farming tasks
Anyone interested in the NZEC is encouraged to visit the           from shearing, droving, mustering,
NZEC web page via the link on the ACA home page, www.              fencing, bulldozer driving, crushing, or contact the chairman, Mark Sigley via         scrub and track making.
                                                                   He spent nearly 10 years as a trade shearer up and down
                                                                   the North Island’s east coast and in Southland, as well as
                                                                   in England and Scotland. In 1976 he studied Agriculture
                                                                   at Massey University, Palmerston North. In the autumn of
                                                                   1979 he and a colleague drove a mob of 650 head of mixed
WELDiNG of STAiNLESS STEEL                                         18-month and two-year steers from Ruatoria around East
                                                                   Cape to Opotiki, via Taneatua and Matata up to Rotorua, via
                                                                   the Mamaku Ranges and Matamata through to Morrinsville.
one-day Seminar presented by world                                 This trip took 3 months. They had a horse each and 14 dogs
authority Dr Damian kotecki                                        between them to manage such a large mob along the many
                                                                   then-unfenced roads, highways and railway lines.
                                                                   He left for England in 1982, spending time either travelling
                                                                   around Europe or working in the construction and agricultural
                                                                   sectors. He gained a London City and Guilds in Carpentry
                                                                   and Joinery in 1988, and was running up to 12 builders on
                                                                   large building sites while in central London for a property
                                                                   development business. He and Sarah were married in July
                                                                   1989 and returned to New Zealand in 1993, where their two
                                                                   children have since been born. He was self employed again
                                                                   in the building sector in Auckland as a carpenter, then in
                                                                   1998 moved into sales in the joinery industry.
                                                                   He took up a role with Dulux Protective Coatings in 2004
                                                                   as a technical account manager. In nearly six years he
                                                                   has worked in coating sales, and had technical and project
                                                                   management roles. His responsibilities included promoting
                                                                   the brand, liaising with industry peers and specifiers, writing
                                                                   coating specifications and assisting others with technical
                                                                   and project related issues.
A Seminar will be held in October 2010 throughout NZ               In 2007 he gained a Protective Coatings Quality Control
(organised by HERA & NZSSDA) that addresses correct                certificate in the inaugural ACA course run in Auckland, and
handling, avoiding contamination, pickling, passivation,           in February 2009 wrote and submitted an article entitled
housekeeping and other issues within the context of                ‘Primers for Steel’ to the Steel Construction of New Zealand,
stainless steel welding metallurgy.                                SCNZ – Steel Advisor.
                                                                   In June 2010, Michael joined Syntech Distributors Ltd,
The full range of stainless steels is covered in the Seminar       Surface Preparation Specialists in Auckland as a Technical
content, as well as processes and consumables including            Sales Specialist. He is currently involved in sales of
covered electrodes, submerged arc wires and fluxes, gas            Syntech products and services. “Surface preparation
tungsten arc wires and gases and flux cored arc electrodes         is indelibly linked to the coatings industry I have come
and gases.                                                         from, and learning a new product range and capability is
A brochure giving details on the Welding of Stainless Steel        very motivating” he says. He is currently Chairman of the
Seminar is attached.                                               Auckland Committee of the ACA NZ.
                                                                           ACA - New Zealand Branch August 2010 Newsletter      3
                                     Australasian Corrosion Association inc.
                                     NEW ZEALAND BRANCH JULY 2010 NEWSLETTER

                          GHD’s CoRRoSioN MANAGEMENT SERviCES

GHD’s Materials Technology Group aims to apply state of the       • Integrated design including electrical hazard analysis.
art knowledge of the behaviour of materials in combination
                                                                  Some of the Materials Technology Group’s achievements
with analytical capabilities and engineering judgement to
                                                                  include • Introduction of the first CP systems to reinforced
provide cost effective independent professional advice on:
                                                                  concrete in Australia and Hong Kong, and CP development
• Design and specification of materials appropriate for their     in the Middle East region
intended service life, environment and loads
                                                                  • Design, inspection of installation, commissioning and
• Engineering and asset management to achieve the design          audit to confirm acceptable performance of one of the
life of structures/plant and their construction materials         world’s largest CP systems to a reinforced concrete marine
                                                                  structure (Kwai Chung container terminal)
 • Engineering of remedial measures for deteriorated
structures appropriate to their operating requirements and        • CP design for the world’s tallest building (Burj Dubai)
intended future service life.                                     foundations and raft
Long history of Cathodic Protection                               • CP design for Sydney Opera House
GHD’s Materials Technology Group has been actively                • Over 50 published papers and conference presentations
involved with research and development of cathodic                on the subject of CP.
protection (CP) systems since the early 1980s.
                                                                  GHD’s Electrical Hazard Analysis
GHD has pioneered technological developments from
                                                                  GHD has developed a holistic approach to Low Frequency
concept design to asset management of installed systems
                                                                  Induction (LFI) mitigation that fully recognises the
of CP to reinforced concrete and steel, and has been at the
                                                                  interdependence and relationships between voltage
forefront of this developing technology for over 20 years.
                                                                  mitigation, pipeline and coating characteristics, and
GHD encompasses all aspects of Cathodic protection for            cathodic protection design.
steel and concrete including
                                                                  This approach reduces voltage mitigation analysis costs
• Design, Specification and commissioning                         and turn around time, while simultaneously facilitating
                                                                  confidence in CP design in a way that reduces risks
• Corrosion monitoring and stray current measurement
                                                                  associated with electrical hazards and inefficient CP
and mitigation
• CP Audits, performance monitoring and maintenance
                                                                  To find out more about GHD’s services please contact
                                                                  GHD Auckland on 09 2611 400 or Sean Ryder on 09
• Coating defect surveys (DCVG)                                   2611 485 or email

                  CONTACT LIST
    President         Andreas Gabriel           (09) 835 4621    (021) 708 009

    Secretary         John Duncan                         (04) 238 1386    (027) 545 7762

    Treasurer         Bill Koelman                 (04) 970 3806    (027) 499 7138

    Membership Michael Williams                          (09) 820 2121    (021) 660 099

    Education         Willie Mandeno                 (04) 471 7251    (027) 440 2580

    Technical         Ron Berry                            0800 300 338     (021) 990 550
                      Mark Sigley                          (09) 539 7439    (021) 220 7439

    Editor            Les Boulton                          (09) 419 8451    (021) 478 300

4 ACA - New Zealand Branch August 2010 Newsletter
REG STRAT ON                                            STAIINLESS STEEL IIN NEW ZEALAND
                                                        STA NLESS STEEL N NEW ZEALAND                                                                October 2010
Complete the details below and return to HERA           The food and dairy industry, the largest sector of New
Fax: 09 262 2856, Email:
Telephone: 09 262 2885, Web:
                                                        Zealand economy, is heavily reliant on stainless steel as the
                                                        material for processing plant and equipment.
                                                                                                                                       Welding of Stainless
                                                        In 2008, according to Statistics NZ, almost 24,000 tonne of                          Steels
VENUE – PLEASE T CK                                     stainless steel hot-rolled plates and bars and 131 ton of
                                                        stainless steel welding consumables were imported into NZ.
□ Auckland                18    October 2010
                                                                                                                                     1--Day Semiinarr wiitth worrlld autthorriitty
                                                                                                                                     1 Day Sem na w h wo d au ho y
                                                        It is reasonable to assume that the most of this steel is
□ Hamilton                19    October                 subject to the fabrication process involving welding. It is                          Drr Damiian Kotteckii
                                                                                                                                              D Dam an Ko eck
□ Palmerston North        21    October                 critical that the manufacturing process optimises the
□ Christchurch            27    October                 corrosion performance of the material through best practice
                                                        cutting, welding and post weld treatment.
Venues to be advised
                                                        HERA in association with NZ Stainless Steel Development
Surname          :                                      Association invited Dr Damian Kotecki, one of the world’s
                        (PLEASE PRINT)
                                                        leading experts on stainless steel fabrication, to share his
First Name       :                                      valuable knowledge with our industry.
                        (PLEASE PRINT)
                                                        This seminar will outline key principles and differences to
Organisation :                                          assist fabricators to meet the challenges of the near future.
                                                        Do not miss this opportunity!
Address          :

                                                                         SEMIINAR FEES ((GST iincll))
                                                                         SEM NAR FEES GST nc
Telephone: ________________ Fax :                           NZSSDA             HERA              HERA                Non
                                                            Members           Ordinary,        Associate,
Email : __________________________________________                             Affiliate      SCNZ, CBIP,
PAYMENT DETA LS                                                                                  IPENZ
□ Please invoice (HERA members only)                                                           Members
Membership No. ___________________________
                                                             $295*              $345              $395               $445
□ Cheque enclosed (Make cheques payable to HERA)
Please debit:        □ Visa              □ Mastercard   Fees include coffee/tea, lunch and course notes
Card number:                                            *) Thanks to the special sponsorship of NZSSDA. For
                                                        NZSSDA membership please email:                           In Association with
Name on card:
                                                        Persons enrolled who wish to cancel must do so in writing. Up to fourteen
Expiry date :          ____________________________     days prior to a module a 10% administration deduction fee applies.
                                                        Between seven to fourteen days prior, a 50% deduction applies, less than
Signature:             ____________________________     seven days no refund applies.
                                                       SEM NAR CONTENT                                                   SEMIINAR TIIMETABLE
                                                                                                                         SEM NAR T METABLE
                        Dr Damian Kotecki has          This seminar addresses correct handling, avoiding                 08:45             Registration
                       enjoyed a 45 year career        contamination, pickling, passivation, housekeeping and other
                                                                                                                         09:00 - 12:45     Session 1
                       in welding, from hands-on       issues within the context of welding metallurgy. The full range
                       welding training, through       of stainless steels is covered in the Seminar content, as well    12:45 - 13:30     Lunch
                       university education and        as processes and consumables including covered electrodes,        13:30 - 17:00     Session 2
                       teaching, to professional       submerged arc wires and fluxes, gas tungsten arc wires and
                       experiences at Battelle         gases and flux cored arc electrodes and gases.                    17:00             Close
                       Memorial Institute. He          SEMIINAR OUTLIINE                                                 WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                                                                                                                         WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
                       worked for 18 years with        SEM NAR OUTL NE
The Lincoln Electric Company USA where he was          I. Introduction to stainless steels – a brief history             Personnel: Materials Engineers, Corrosion Engineers,
Technical Director for Stainless and High Alloy        II.       Welding of martensitic stainless steels                 Designers, Specifiers, Consultants,           Production
Product Development in the company's                             A.        Typical industrial alloys                     Managers, Maintenance Managers, Welding Engineers
Consumable R&D Department.                                       B.        Metallurgical features affecting welding      and Supervisors, QA Managers, Consumers, Educators,
                                                                 C.        Welding procedures                            Technical Welding Representatives and Stainless Steel
He is an expert in the area of welding metallurgy,                                                                       Sales people.
                                                       III.      Welding of ferritic stainless steels
particularly as it relates to stainless steels and                                                                       Industries: Construction and Food, Fabrication, Tankage,
hardfacing alloys. Dr. Kotecki holds five US                     A.        Typical industrial alloys
                                                                 B.        Metallurgical features affecting welding      Naval, Process Plant, Oil and Gas, Offshore,
patents and is the author of more than 60 papers                                                                         Architectural, Mineral Process, Building, Marine,
and published articles on arc welding science. He                C.        Welding procedures
                                                       IV.       Welding of austenitic stainless steels                  Pressure Equipment, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance,
recently co-authored, with Dr. John Lippold of The                                                                       Maintenance, Transport, Inspection, Wine, Pulp and
Ohio State University, a textbook on Welding                     A.        Typical industrial alloys
                                                                 B.        Need for ferrite and measurement of           Paper,
Metallurgy and Weldability of Stainless Steels.
Dr Kotecki was the President of the American                     C.        Other metallurgical features affecting        FURTHER TRAIINIING
                                                                                                                         FURTHER TRA N NG
Welding Sociality (AWS) 2005 - 06.                                          welding
                                                                 D.        Welding procedures                            HERA offers the International Welding Specialist (IWS)
He has presented lectures at major technical
                                                       V.        Welding of duplex stainless steels                      and AS 2214 Welding Supervisor Course covering
conferences around the world as well as teaching
                                                                 A.        Typical industrial alloys                     fabrication aspects of stainless steels. Please contact us
tutorial seminars on welding of stainless steels, in
                                                                 B.        Metallurgical features affecting welding      for any further information: email:,
the USA and in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China,
                                                                 C.        Welding procedures                            Phone: (09) 262 4849
India and South Africa.
                                                       VI.       Welding of precipitation hardening stainless
Dr Kotecki has been a continuous participant in                  steels                                                  SEMIINAR PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY
                                                                                                                         SEM NAR PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY
the activities of the International Institute of                 A.        Typical industrial alloys
Welding (IIW) Commission II Arc Welding and                      B.        Metallurgical features affecting welding
Filler Metals for 32 years. In that role he                      C.        Welding procedures
spearheaded the successful effort to develop           VII.      Filler metal classifications
physical standards for calibrating instruments for               A.        AWS and EN ISO systems
ferrite measurement in stainless steel weld metals.              B.        How to convert good filler metals into
These physical standards are still current today.                          bad welds