DF1 Person Specification - Revised Sept 2009

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					                                  FOUNDATION DENTIST YEAR 1 POST
                                      PERSON SPECIFICATION

NB All entry criteria must be met
                   ESSENTIAL                                     WHEN        DESIRABLE                 WHEN
                                                                 EVALUAT                               EVALUATED
                      Eligible for full registration with the   App form       Less than 24          App form
QUALIFICATIONS         GDC                                                       months
                      BDS (or equivalent, or anticipated        App form        postgraduate
                       award))                                                   experience in
CLINICAL              Basic life support skills                 App form
                      Understanding of clinical risk            Int
                    Appropriate level of clinical knowledge     Int, Ref
                    Clear, logical thinking, showing an         App form,
                       analytical/scientific approach            Int
                    Good manual dexterity and hand/eye
                       co-ordination                             Ref
COMMUNICATION       COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGE                    App form,    The ability to          App form, Ref
                       SKILLS                                    Int, ref      produce legible
                   (the ability to communicate with clarity                    notes
                   and intelligibility in written and spoken
                   English, ability to build rapport, listen,
                   persuade, negotiate)
MANAGEMENT &        Ability to prioritise clinical need         Int, ref      Information            App form
LEADERSHIP          Ability to organise oneself and own         Int, Ref       technology skills
                       work                                                   FLEXIBILITY (able       Int, Ref
                    Experience and ability to work in           App form,      to change and
                       multi-professional teams                  Int, Ref       adapt, respond to
                    DECISIVENESS/ACCOUNTABILITY                                rapidly changing
                   (ability to take responsibility and make      Int, Ref       circumstances)
                   decisions)                                                 THOROUGHNESS
                                                                                (Is well prepared,     Int, Ref
                                                                                shows self-
                                                                                ent, is punctual and
                                                                                meets deadlines)
                                                                              SHOWS                   App form, Int,
                                                                                INITIATIVE/DRIVE/      Ref
                                                                                ENTHUSIASM (self
                                                                                starter, motivated,
                                                                                shows curiosity,
PROFESSIONALISM      USES A NON-JUDGEMENTAL                     Ref           Demonstrates           App form, Int
                      APPROACH TO PATIENTS AND                                  breadth of
                      COLLEAGUES                                                experience and
                   (regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity,                   awareness in and
                   disability, religious beliefs or financial                   outside dentistry
                   status)                                                     Demonstrates use       Int
                    Meets professional health                   Pre-           of evidence-
                      requirements                               employmen      informed practice
                                                                 t health     RESILIENCE (able        Int, Ref
                                                                 screening      to operate under
                      INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (see                                pressure, cope with
                       patients as people, empathise, work       App form,      setbacks, self-
                       co-operatively with others, open and      Ref            aware)
                       non-defensive, sense of humour)                         PROBITY (displays      Int, Ref
                      Shows knowledge of evidence-              Int            honesty, integrity,
                       informed practice                                        aware of ethical
                      Shows awareness of own limitations        Int, Ref       dilemmas, respects
START DATE          Available to start 1 August 2010                                                  App form, Int