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					                                    Weekdays Special Menu
      (Applicable on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, From 10 am- 7pm)
                      *Can not be joined with any discount or offers

Mosaic Essentials                                                            Now Was

Classic Manicure/ French Manicure/Natural Manicure (Polish free treatment)   45/-     55/-
Classic Pedicure/French Pedicure /Natural Pedicure (Polish free treatment)   60/-     80/-
Classic Combo/French Combo/Natural Combo (Polish free treatment)             95/-    120/-

Foot Mud Soak Treatment (30min)                                              45/-    60/-

Mosaic Enhancements

Natural Gel or Acrylic set                                                   200/-   280/-
Natural Gel or Acrylic refill                                                120/-   185/-

French Gel or Acrylic set                                                    240/-   300/-
French Gel or Acrylic refill                                                 160/-   220/-

Cold, Hot Wax, Halawa, Threading or tweezing

Full body (not including face)                                               225/-   300/-
Full Arm                                                                     45/-    55/-
Half Arms                                                                    30/-    40/-
Underarms                                                                    28/-    35/-
Fingers                                                                      8/-     10/-
Half Legs                                                                    48/-    65/-
Full Legs                                                                    70/-    95/-
Bikini Line                                                                  35/-    45/-
Brazilian                                                                    52/-    70/-
Full Bikini                                                                  60/-    85/-
Toes                                                                         8/-     10/-
Back                                                                         40/-    50/-
Chest                                                                        40/-    50/-
Stomach                                                                      40/-    60/-
Upper Lip                                                                    20/-    35/-
Sideburns                                                                    20/-    35/-
Chin                                                                         20/-    35/-
Eyebrow                                                                      23/-    35/-
Full Face                                                                    50/-    55/-
Oriental bath treatments                                                                          Now        Was
All our bath treatments are combined with a quick hair blow dry

Just Hammam, bring your own Lofah, N things, scrub and go                                          95/-     (New)
(Any additional item requested will be charged separately)

Kassa Lofah: 30/-
Bath towel: 15/-
Cooling Face towel: 10/-
Disposable underwear: 10/-

Moroccan Basic Bath (45min)                                                                        122/-    175/-
A must have cleansing bath. So wonderful you will soon be addicted!

Moroccan Herbal Bath (60min)                                                                      200/- 285/-
A unique treatment blend of Henna and herbs brought to you from the hills of the city of Wazzrat designed to clean, moisturise
with an added healthy sun glow.

Moroccan Green, Brown or Yellow Mud Bath (50min)                                                   175/-    245/-
This treatment is best suitable for tiered and rough skin

Moroccan whitening Bath (not suitable for sensitive skin, contains chemicals) (60min)              240/-    325/-
Looking for a lighter & brighter skin? Our Whitening Bath will do its magic

The Magical mix Bath (60min)                                                                        199/- 285/-
It is our secret mix but we can assure you it will leave you with unforgettable magical sensation experience.

Special Body Scrub Bath (60 min)                                                                  175/- 245/-
A special mixture of crushed olive seeds and our blend of aromatic botanical herbs, for those who wish for that extra scrub

Special Cleansing Whitening Milk Bath (60 min)                                                     210/-    305/-
Will leave your skin baby soft

Cleopatra Milk Bath (50min)                                                                       170/- 235/-
The cleansing & moisturizing effect of milk bath was the secret of Cleopatra's beauty. You can indulge yourself with this
treatment for a softer, shiny and simply gorgeous skin. Follow her historically beauty foot steps

Luaakar El-Fassi Moroccan Bath (60min)
Cleanses, refresh with a hint of pink                                                              200/-    285/-

Add hair oil treatment                                                                                35/-   55/-
This moisturizing treatment will prevent hair lose. Leaving your hair silky soft, shiny and with lasting aroma.
Mosaic Body                                                                                        Now        Was
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min)                                                                       200/- 240/-
Designed for those with deep muscle tension, this targeted massage swiftly releases stored aches & pains, promoting a renewed
sense of well-being.

Aroma soul Indian ritual Massage (60 min)                                                             235/- 310/-
Inspired by the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda, the "science of life" this ritual massage resonates deeply with mind, body and
spirit, releasing stress and tension, while bestowing a complete state of harmony.

Soothing Hot Stone Massage (90 min)                                                                    260/- 410/-
A deeply soothing and pleasant treatment that performs an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining action due to the use of
heated volcanic basalt stones with therapeutic essential oils. It relieves muscle pain, increases the body metabolism and relaxes the
tissues, a truly unique experience.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage (60 min)                                                        220/- 350/-
Warming up with body stretching, followed by an herbal hot compress therapy, finishing up with aromatherapy full body oil

In The Chair
Treat yourself to one of the following add-on massages during your nails treatment, or while waiting in our lounge!

Hand & half arm Massage (15 min)                                                                      30/-   45/-
Foot & half leg Massage (15 min)                                                                      40/-   55/-
Head, Neck, upper back & Shoulder Massage (15 min)                                                    50/-   65/-

Mosaic Face
Skin resonance (50 min)                                                                            280/- 350/-
Tranquillizing and strengthening treatment for sensitive and delicate skin. Decongesting, balancing and protective treatment for
reactive skin subject to redness coupe rose and fragile capillaries.

Hydramemory (50 min)                                                                            312/- 390/-
24h deep hydrating treatment
Exceptional hydration and nourishment due to trehalose and betaglucan, recommended in difficult weather conditions, during and
after air travel

Active pureness re-balancing (50 min)                                                               276/- 345/-
Purifying and balancing treatment
Deep cleansing treatment to render the skin fresh and compact, thanks to the possibility of choosing two types of masks it is a
treatment ideal for both oily and Depleted impure skins as well as those more delicate.

Active pureness regenerating (50 min)                                                           320/- 400/-
Purifying and regenerating treatment
Intensive cleansing treatment with alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA), for imbalanced skins and those prone to acne.

Action sublime, biomultiforce anti-aging treatment (50 min)                                         256/- 320/-
With retinol, hyaluronic acid and lacto protein for a deep and visible wrinkle reducing action. An exclusive massage to face,
neck, shoulders and arms enhances benefits and relaxation.

Glorious skin (60 min)                                                                          312/- 390/-
Extraordinary lifting treatment
Amazing immediate visible results on expression signs for a younger looking more compact and radiant skin

Eye Supreme Anti-aging Treatment (30 min)                                                            272/-   340/-
Mosaic Hair Services

Cut                                                S&M 70/-          100/-        L 80/-    110/-
Trim                                                  .................             50/-    75/-

Fringe cut                                            .................             25/-    40/-
Children cut ( under 9 years old)                     .................             30/-    55/-

Blow dry                                           S&M 75/-          100/-        L 85/-    140/-
Hair due                                           S&M 190/-          250/-       L 210/-    350/-

Hair Spa treatment W/ 20min Head Message           S&M 80/-          90/-         L 90/-    130/-
Keratin hair treatment                                   Starts                   1600/- 2000/-

Highlight                                          S&M 180/-              230/-   L 200/-    300/-
Full Colour                                        S&M 170/-          200/-       L 190/-    300/-

Root Colour                                           .................            90/-     100/-
Eyebrows tint                                         .................            40/-     65/-

* Add blow dry to any of the above hair services   S&M 55/-          80/-         L 65/-    100/-

* Hair length below waist add 30Dhs    60Dhs

Other services are still available from our original menu with the original prices