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									// drinks MEnU
// long cocktails                                       // EssEncE card ExclUsivE offEr
Mojitos                                               long & short cocktails
                                                                                Two for £7.95
Old Cuban favourite
classic: Bacardi superior muddled with fresh mint,
lime juice, sugar syrup and a dash of soda. £5.45           // EXCLUSIVE

raspberry: add a fruity kick. £5.45

Long Island Ice Tea                                  // short cocktails
The five white spirits
gin, rum, vodka, triple sec and tequila,             Strawberry Daiquiri
                                                     The Daiquiri made Cuba famous
mixed with coca cola and sour mix. £5.45
                                                     Bacardi superior and lime juice, shaken
Lynchburg Lemonade                                   with strawberry puree. £5.45
American classic
Jack daniel’s, triple sec, shaken with sour mix      Mai Tai
                                                     Hawaiian for “out of this world”
and topped with lemonade. £5.45
                                                     Bacardi superior, triple sec, lime juice, pineapple
Pina Colada                                          juice and angostura Bitters, shaken over ice. £5.45
Seriously easy-going
Malibu, shaken with creamy coconut                   Golden Margarita
                                                     For the Tequila connoisseur
and pinapple juice. £5.45
                                                     José cuervo Especial gold, triple sec and
Sex On The Beach                                     sour mix, shaken over ice. £5.45
Fantastically fruity
smirnoff vodka, archers, cranberry juice             Passion Rita
                                                     Pure Mexican passion
and orange juice, served over ice. £5.45
                                                     José cuervo clásico, triple sec, lime juice, all
June Bug                                             mixed together with passion fruit puree. £5.45
A tropical delight
Malibu, Midori melon liqueur, banana liqueur         Caipirinha
                                                     Brazilian flavour
and pineapple juice. £5.45
                                                     Ypióca cachaca, muddled with lime juice
Moscow Mule                                          and sugar syrup, served over crushed ice. £5.45
Spicy refreshing drink
smirnoff vodka, ginger ale and lime juice. £5.45     Strawberry Caipirinha
                                                     It’s berry-licious
                                                     Ypióca cachaca, muddled with lime juice and
                                                     strawberry puree, served over crushed ice. £5.45

                                                     Black Russian
                                                     From Russia with love
                                                     smirnoff vodka, tia Maria and coca cola,
                                                     built over ice. £5.45

                                                     Up all night
                                                     chilled red Bull with a
                                                     shot of Jägermeister. £3.95
   // EssEncE card spEcial offEr //
  // ExclUsivEcard ExclUsivE offEr
Martini cocktails
                            Two for £7.95
                            Two for £7.95
      // EXCLUSIVE

// Martini cocktails
Carrie’s favourite
citron vodka with cointreau, lime juice
and cranberry juice. £5.45

Named after the bar in which it was created
Woodford reserve bourbon whiskey, Martini and
angostura Bitters gently stirred and strained,
served with a cherry and orange slice. £5.45

A simple but refreshing mix
smirnoff vodka shaken with sour apple,
lime and sugar syrup. £5.45                      // chaMpagnE cocktails
Vesper Martini                                   Kir Royal
Shaken, not stirred
                                                 Summer elegance
gordon’s gin, smirnoff vodka, lillet Blanc and   champagne and crème de cacais. £6.95
angostura Bitters, all shaken over ice. £5.45
                                                 A timeless classic
                                                 champagne, archers and peach puree. £6.95

                                                 Grand Mimosa
                                                 Bucks Fizz for adults
                                                 champagne, grand Marnier
                                                 and orange juice. £6.95

                                                 Absolut-ly Fabulous
                                                 It’s truly Bubbles!
                                                 champagne, absolut vodka and
                                                 cranberry juice. £6.95

                                                 Every girl’s dream
                                                 champagne, archers and
                                                 strawberry puree. £6.95
                                                 // EssEncE card ExclUsivE offEr
                                               cocktail pitchErs
                                                Cocktail Pitchers £11.95
                                                                  Only £11.95
                                                            with Exclusive Card
                                                    // EXCLUSIVE
                                                                               excluding sangrias

                                              June Bug
                                              A tropical delight
                                              Malibu, Midori melon liqueur, banana liqueur
                                              and pineapple juice. £14.95

                                              Pimm’s Classic
                                              It’s Pimm’s o’clock!
                                              pimm’s no 1 cup, with strawberries, orange and
                                              lime, topped with lemonade, over ice. £14.95

                                              A taste of the Mediterranean
                                              red wine, sugar syrup, Martell, orange juice and
// cocktail pitchErs                          lemonade, served with orange and lemon. £16.95
Three pint pitcher with six shots of liquor
(excluding Sangrias).                         Cava Sangria
                                              Spanish party time
Long Island Ice Tea                           cava, sugar syrup, cointreau with fresh orange,
The five white spirits                        lemon, strawberries and mint leaves. £22.95
gin, rum, vodka, triple sec and tequila,
mixed with coca cola and sour mix. £14.95

Lynchburg Lemonade
American classic
Jack daniel’s, triple sec, shaken with
sour mix and topped with lemonade. £14.95

Moscow Mule
Spicy refreshing drink
smirnoff vodka, ginger ale
and lime juice. £14.95

Pina Colada
Seriously easy-going
Malibu, shaken with creamy coconut
and pineapple juice. £14.95

Sex On The Beach
Fantastically fruity
smirnoff vodka, archers, cranberry juice
and orange juice served over ice. £14.95
// shots                                                          // sUpEr shots
Single £2.25 // Double £3.45 // Six Shot £10.95                   Single £2.95 // Double £4.45 // Super Six £14.95

  tEichEnné schnapps six shot                                           aBsolUt vodka sUpEr six

                                                                                                                       // aBv 40.0%
                                                   // aBv 20.0%

teichenné six shot consists of: strawberry // Melon               absolut super six consists of: vanilla // pears //
// peach // lemon // Butterscotch // green apple                  raspberri // citron // kurant // ruby red

       soUrz liQUEUr six shot                                                 tEQUila sUpEr six
                                                   // aBv 15.0%

                                                                                                                       // Max aBv 38.0%
sourz six shot consists of: Blackcurrant // cherry //             tequila super six consists of: 2x José cuervo clásico
pineapple // tropical // 2x apple                                 // 2x José cuervo Especial // 2x tequila rose

      corkY’s vodka six shot                                           antica saMBUca sUpEr six
                                                   // aBv 15.0%

                                                                                                                       // aBv 38.0%

corky’s six shot consists of: chocolate & orange //               antica super six consists of: classic // apple //
cream Egg // toffee // strawberries & cream //                    Black // Blue Mandarin // orange & Mango //
White chocolate // cola cube                                      raspberry

                            // EssEncE card ExclUsivE offEr
                            six shot sElEctions                   sUpEr six sElEctions
        // EXCLUSIVE
                                Only £7.95                                Only £10.95
// WhitE WinEs                                                       // rosé WinEs
Trulli Pinot Grigo                                                   Pinot Grigio Blush Sartori
// loMBardia, italY                                                  // vEnEto, italY

flowery young aroma with a hint of spice.                            Crisp, clean summer fruit flavours and a style that
dry and crisp with good fruit.                                       sits slightly on the sweeter side of off-dry.
175ml £4.30 // 250ml £5.85 // Bottle £15.95                          175ml £4.55 // 250ml £6.20 // Bottle £16.95

Santa Serena Sauvignon                                               Humbolt Coast Rosé
// chilE                                                             // california

a very clean and citrussy sauvignon Blanc                            a great, light, fresh rosé from the home of this
with bags of flavour and great balance.                              style. Bags of ripe, red fruits and good touch of
175ml £4.05 // 250ml £5.50 // Bottle £14.95                          sweetness adding balance.
                                                                     175ml £4.30 // 250ml £5.85 // Bottle £15.95
Moondarra Chardonnay
// soUth East aUstralia

rich, buttery, tropic fruit, oak ageing and crisp
refreshing acidity - the classic aussie chardonnay.                  // sparkling WinEs
175ml £4.15 // 250ml £5.70 // Bottle £15.45
                                                                     Pere Ventura Cava
                                                                     // spain

                                                                     fresh, clean and fruity with great bubbles
     // EssEncE card ExclUsivE offEr
                                                                     and refreshing acidity.
 BottlE of rosé WinE                                                 125ml £4.25 // Bottle £18.95

                                 Only £12.95                         Trulli Prosecco Rosé
                                                                     // italY
           // EXCLUSIVE
                                 excluding sparkling and champagne
                                                                     fresh, crisp and elegant rose, packed with
                                                                     fruit flavours and with great finesse.
                                                                     125ml £4.45 // Bottle £20.95
// rEd WinEs
Moondarra Shiraz
// soUth East aUstralia

a rich, spicy mouthful of ripe plums and bramble
fruits - soft, rich and warm in style and finish.
175ml £4.15 // 250ml £5.70 // Bottle £15.45

Santa Serena Cabernet Sauvignon
// chilE

aromas of blackcurrant fruit and a soft spicy note,
with a round and rich palate and smooth finish.
175ml £4.05 // 250ml £5.50 // Bottle £14.95

Rioja Campo Viejo Crianza
// spain

ruby red in colour with sweet cherry aromas
and silky oaky flavours.
175ml £4.80 // 250ml £6.55 // Bottle £17.45
// chaMpagnE
Reynier Brut
rich tasty aromas coupled with freshness and fruit.
Bottle £34.95 // 125ml £5.95

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial
a delicate medley of fresh fruits with nuances of
brioche. Bottle £44.95

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut
full-bodied, rich and fruity with great
elegance and a delightful long finish.
Bottle £49.95

Bollinger Special Cuvee
Bone dry, full-bodied wine with a
classic biscuity finesse.
Bottle £54.95

Moet & Chandon Rosé
Expressive aromas of wild strawberries and
redcurrant dominate, with hints of white pepper.
Bottle £59.95

Laurent-Perrier Rosé
Complex, soft and full-flavoured with a rich,
raspberry-blackcurrant nose and palate.
Bottle £74.95

Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque ’99
a world-class wine characterised by
its complexity and finesse.
Bottle £130.00

Dom Perignon ’00
The flagship wine from the
house of Moet & chandon.
Bottle £150.00

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut ’00
one of the great vintage champagnes, intensely
toasty on the nose with concentrated biscuity,
honeyed flavours. Rounded and long on the finish.
Bottle £350.00
// draUght BEErs                                       // BottlEs
                              Half    Pint   Pitcher
                                                       Budweiser Usa // aBv 5.0%
Foster’s                     £1.65   £3.30   £11.95    crisp and refreshing, with a
aUstralia // aBv 4.0%

Well balanced beer with a sweet fruity flavour.        lingering sweetness. £3.30

Kronenburg 1664 £1.75                £3.50   £12.75    Corona Extra MExico // aBv 4.6%
francE // aBv 5.0%                                     Clean-finishing, with a faint
Full bodied with a fruity and floral hop flavour.      bitter hop edge. £3.40

Amstel                       £1.70   £3.40   £12.45    Peroni Nastro Azzurro italY // aBv 5.2%
nEthErlands // aBv 4.1%
                                                       a unique taste and a clear-cut,
Sweet malt flavour with hints of raisin and fruit.     clean character. £3.30
Strongbow                    £1.65   £3.30   £11.95    Leffe Blonde BElgiUM // aBv 6.6%
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 4.5%

a dry cider with a subtle apple character.             a classy abbey beer that is
                                                       sweet and smooth. £3.60
Guinness                     £1.80   £3.60   £12.95
irEland // aBv 4.1%                                    Beck’s gErManY // aBv 5.0%
smooth roasted malt grain and subtle bitter hop.       cool, crisp and refreshing,
                                                       with hop bitterness. £3.20
John Smith’s                 £1.50   £3.00   £10.95
Extra Smooth                                           Tiger Beer singaporE// aBv 4.8%
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 3.8%
                                                       clean refreshing and
sweet and bitter with a smooth, creamy texture         full-bodied premium lager. £3.50

                                                       Erdinger Haffe Weiss gErManY // aBv 5.3%
                                                       light wheat beer, with a soft,
                                                       clean character. £4.00

                                                       Magners Original irEland // aBv 4.5%
                                                       a dark and dry cider,
                                                       with a bittersweet finish. £3.90

                                                       Magners Pear irEland // aBv 4.5%
                                                       crisp with plenty of fruity character, this
                                                       cider has a refreshingly light pear taste. £3.90

                                                       Smirnoff Ice // aBv 4.0%
                                                       smirnoff with a the classic taste of lemon. £3.40

                                                       WKD Blue // aBv 4.5%
                                                       A blend of mixed fruit flavours with vodka. £3.40

                                                       VK Vodka Kick // aBv 4.0%
                                                       choose from Blue, ice, cherry,
                                                       orange or apple. £3.30
// soft drinks                                     // coffEE and BEvEragEs
J2O                                                Espresso
orange & passion fruit or apple & Mango. £2.15     small full bodied rich black coffee. £1.55

Mineral Water                                      Café Americano
still or sparkling. small £1.95 // large £2.95     Savour the flavour with this long
                                                   black coffee. £1.85
Red Bull
Energy drink. £2.70                                Cappuccino
                                                   an exceptional balance of steamed milk poured
Coca Cola // Diet Coke // Lemonade                 over espresso, topped with foamed milk, finished
regular £1.95                                      with a dusting of chocolate. £1.95

                                                   Café Latte
                                                   a longer coffee made with one third espresso and
                                                   two thirds steamed milk. £1.95
                                                   Add a shot of Caramel, Chocolate
                                                   or Vanilla for 30p

                                                   Pot of Tea
                                                   choose from Earl grey, English Breakfast, or
                                                   various fruit flavours. £1.55

// Mocktails
Virgin Colada
Hold the Pina
pineapple juice and creamy coconut,
shaken and served over ice. £2.95

Apple Mojito
Made sharp to stay sharp
fresh lime, mint and sugar syrup, muddled
and topped up with apple juice. £2.95

Fruit Punch
As cool as a Summer’s day
orange, cranberry, apple and pineapple juice all
shaken and strained over ice. £2.95
// vodka                         // WhiskEY
Absolut Blue £2.80               Jonnie Walker Black Label £3.65
sWEdEn // aBv 40.0%              UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 40.0%

Grey Goose £3.65                 Woodfords Reserve £3.85
francE // aBv 40.0%              Usa // aBv 45.2%

Ciroc £3.50                      Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel £5.95
francE // aBv 40.0%              Usa // aBv 40.0%

Snow Queen £4.05
kazakhstan // aBv 40.0%

Wyborowa Exquisite £4.45         // BrandY
poland // aBv 40.0%
                                 Martell VSOP Cognac £4.45
U’luvka £4.65                    francE // aBv 40.0%
poland // aBv 40.0%
                                 Martell XO Cognac £10.95
Roberto Cavalli £6.35            francE // aBv 40.0%
italY // aBv 40.0%

Stolichnaya Elit £6.60
rUssia // aBv 40.0%
                                 // BottlEs
                                 Spirits by the bottle, served with ice and a
                                 choice of Coke, Britvic mixers or fruit juices.
// gin
                                 Absolut Blue £95.00
Bombay Sapphire £2.80            Grey Goose £115.00
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 40.0%

Tanqueray £3.15                  Havana Club Anejo Blanco £95.00
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 43.1%
                                 Jack Daniel’s £95.00
Hendricks £4.15
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 41.4%      Woodfords Reserve £125.00
Tanqueray No.10 £5.55            Bombay Sapphire £95.00
UnitEd kingdoM // aBv 47.3%

// rUM
Havana Club Anejo Blanco £2.80
cUBa // aBv 37.5%

Bacardi Oro £2.80
cUBa // aBv 37.5%

Appleton Estate VX £3.00
JaMaica // aBv 40.0%

Havana Club 7 Year Old £3.30
cUBa // aBv 40.0%
63-67 prince of Wales road, norwich nr1 1dg
              tel: 01603 632655

                     drink aWarE
           Essence reminds you to drink responsibly.
 all shots and super shots contain less than 1 unit of alcohol.
on average, a small glass of wine (175ml) contains 2 units of
        alcohol, and a large glass (250ml) contains 3.
 Uk health departments recommend adults do not regularly
exceed 3-4 units daily for men and 2-3 units daily for women.

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