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Micromega newsletter-Issue8 October 2008 final.indd


									NEWSLETTER FOR THE STAFF OF                                           HOLDINGS LIMITED
                                                                                                                THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL

 Greening MICROmega
 MICROmega has launched an incentive
 programme called “Greening MICROmega”. The
 initiative has been designed to promote and
 implement the commitment by the group and
 its subsidiaries to “go green”

    n keeping with the group’s aim of attempting to cease, modify or control
    any act, activity or process that can cause harm to the environment,
    Greg Morris, group chairman, welcomes any suggestions that will bring
 both individual companies and the group as a whole closer to this goal.

 “This is a concept that has always been close to my heart,” says Greg. “In
 today’s world, however, it needs to become a business imperative as well as
 a personal one.

 “I believe that green issues will dominate the business world in future. I also
 believe that in order to begin preparing for this shift in not only our business
 practices but how we consume as individuals, we need to start thinking             some effort and commitment to make even the smallest changes in our
 outside the box.”                                                                  lifestyles.

 Greg explains that the behaviours we change now will become habit for              “This is the point behind the greening of MICROmega,” Greg elaborates. “We
 our children, a natural way of life. He adds, though, that it’s going to take      don’t want to just implement systems from the top down and expect our
                                                                                    staff and subsidiary companies
                                                                                    to adhere to these changes.
      10 ways to go                                                                 We want everyone to get
                                                                                    involved instead.
      green at work
                                                                                    “Some changes and ideas
                                                                                    will be small, others might

           here are many ways in which individual staff members                      be groundbreaking, but
           within the group can contribute towards a greener working                I believe that only by
           environment. Here are a couple of suggestions:                           getting everyone involved
                                                                                    will we get the innovative
      1. Be bright about light - artificial lighting accounts for 44% of the         ideas we need to become
      electricity use in office buildings                                             a ‘green’ contributor to
      2. Maximise computer efficiency - computers in the business sector              society.”
      waste over US$1 billion in electricity each year in the US, so make it
      a habit to turn off your PC                                                    The vastly different characters of the
      3. Print smarter - print on both sides of a page                              companies belonging to the group also
      4. Go paperless when possible                                                 influence their varied needs and how they can each contribute to the green
      5. Ramp up your recycling - if it can be recycled, recycle it                 ideal, another reason MICROmega is relying on the staff within its individual
      6. Close the loop - make it a habit to purchase recycled office                 companies to get involved.
      supplies and furniture
      7. Watch how and what you eat - use reusable cutlery and crockery             “It’s all about an holistic approach,” Greg emphasises. “Every one of us, in
      8. Rethink your travel - where you can, take public transport                 our own way, can make a difference, but it takes involvement and a sense of
      9. Reconsider your commuting habits and carpool                               responsibility towards this cause. If we all get involved, as a group we will be
      10. Create a healthy office environment                                         putting ourselves into a better, more responsible position for each other, our
                                                                                    stakeholders and society at large.”

Issue 5/2008

View from the top                                                               New female MD to
                                                                                head up Pro-Fit
        espite the very strong performance reflected by MICROmega
        Holdings in the interim results to June, we are faced with a

        number of challenges going forward.
                                                                                   n a bold move to expand automotive subsidiary Pro-Fit’s
                                                                                   market share in the vehicle accessory market, group chairman
The demise of some of the oldest and most established financial
                                                                                   Greg Morris has appointed newcomer to the industry Jackie
institutions in both the United States and around the world, and the
                                                                                Eberle to take the helm.
concomitant slowdown in the global economy will affect companies in
all sectors and all countries across the globe.
                                                                                “Jackie might be a newcomer to the automotive industry, but
                                                                                her considerable business talents are well known to the group,”
We are confident that, while the global economy is currently under
                                                                                explains Greg.
pressure, we have secured good market share through a portfolio of
businesses that hold a unique strategic position in their markets.
                                                                                Jackie’s career began with the MICROmega group many years
                                                                                ago, before her career path led her to the world of merchant
In the short to medium term, businesses are likely to face their biggest
                                                                                banking, and according to the new MD, she has watched the
challenges in over three decades. This notwithstanding, the diversification
                                                                                group’s impressive growth with interest.
strategy that MMG has successfully implemented over the past few years will
result in the group being a lot less exposed to the economic crisis than many
                                                                                “I have maintained
companies both in South Africa and abroad.
                                                                                contact with Greg and the
                                                                                group and watched the
In terms of the group’s companies, the automotive sector remains the
                                                                                level of professionalism
most heavily exposed to the global credit crunch and decline in growth
                                                                                within MICROmega and
and spending. Despite these challenges, we have been overwhelmed
                                                                                its subsidiaries grow
by the response from the staff in the sector and the positive mood in
                                                                                dramatically over the
dealing with the difficult situation.
                                                                                last few years,” she
                                                                                says, “so when Greg
MMG commits to investing time and effort in ensuring that the effects
                                                                                first approached me
of the slowdown are limited and that we are well positioned to take full
                                                                                for this position I was
advantage when the cycle turns.
One must bear in mind that during difficult times, there are also great
                                                                                Jackie is the first to admit
opportunities and it is important that we take cognisance of this and take
                                                                                that the automotive
full advantage of any opportunities that might present themselves.
                                                                                world is new to her,
                                                                                but what she lacks in
On a positive note, there are a number of companies in the group that
                                                                                experience in this field
are less affected by the slowdown and these companies continue to
                                                                                she more than makes up
grow and expand. To this end, the likes of NOSA, MECS and Deltec have
                                                                                for in terms of business
reported strong earnings growth and this is expected to continue into
                                                                                “MICROmega’s automotive division is made up of industry
Once again on behalf of the MMG, I would like to thank all the staff for
                                                                                stalwarts capable of providing me with all the advice and
their ongoing commitment, dedication and contributions they make to
                                                                                support I will need,” she explains. “I intend to benefit from that
the success of the group. Despite the challenges, we are very excited
about our current position and our ability to overcome any challenges
that we are faced with.
                                                                                “My role is to focus the business around our existing customers,
                                                                                generate new clients and extend our distribution network. It’s a
                                                                                very exciting time.”

                                                                                For Jackie, success lies in understanding one’s customers and
                                                                                organising a business accordingly so that it delivers value.
     Do you have news to share with fellow members of the
     MICROmega family? We would love to hear from you!
                                                                                “Jackie is a vibrant addition to our automotive team,” agrees
                                                                                Bruce Carolin, general manager of the group’s automotive
                                                                                division. “She has some innovative ideas up her sleeve of how to
     Charmont Media
                                                                                increase Pro-Fit’s foothold in the market that we are all looking
     Tel: 011 782 1070, Fax: 011 782 1073
                                                                                forward to implementing.”

                                                                  THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL                                                                    MAIL

Lubrication Equipment embraces the spirit of BBBEE
Securing BBBEE status is no easy task, but Lubrication Equipment has persevered and the hard
work has finally paid off

   ts recent – and lengthy – drive to obtain
   BBBEE status has been the result of a strong
   belief that going BBBEE will benefit the
company, its employees and the community as
a whole.
                                                                                                                    The Lubrication Equipment team proudly displays its
“Embracing the spirit of broad-based BEE is                                                                         level 3 BBBEE certification.
all about employment equity and creating
jobs where we can,” says Pierre Duvenhage,
managing director of Lubrication Equipment,
as he excitedly recounts the status his company
has recently achieved.

Awarded broad-based BEE status as a Level 3           The Lubrication Equipment team proudly displays its level 3 BBBEE certification.
contributor, this is an important milestone for
the company and its employees.                        development, and I’m proud to say that this is                him enhance his business. This has enabled
                                                      definitely on our agenda for the future.                      the builder to employ two more workers and
“In a business sense, having BBBEE status                                                                           ultimately obtain more work.
will assist us in securing future business and        “We will now also be employing more
growing Lubrication Equipment within the              unskilled people so that we can up-skill                      The company also financially assists a children’s
market,” reveals Pierre. “But this wasn’t our sole    them, adding value to the company and the                     charity called Oliver’s House.
motivator.                                            general pool of South African workers, and we
                                                      will continue to seek out and support black                   “We are really passionate about playing our
“It’s extremely important for companies to be         entrepreneurs.”                                               part,” concludes Pierre. “Head office has been
willing and able to assist the local community                                                                      extremely supportive in our bid to secure
and provide support where they can. A BBBEE           An example of Lubrication Equipment’s desire                  BBBEE status and actually achieving it is
accredited company is in an even better position      to give back to the community is the donation                 really rewarding. It’s given the whole team
to provide enterprise and social economic             of a used bakkie to a local builder to help                   a boost.”

    Pro-Fit social evening

         ackie Eberle, the new managing director of Pro-Fit, recently hosted         to enjoy a cocktail evening with us, meet Jackie, and view our new
         a social evening at the Johannesburg Country Club for its customers         products,” explains Bruce Carolin, general manager of the group’s
         and fitment centres.                                                         automotive division. “We had great fun, the products were well
                                                                                     received, and Jackie had her first real taste of the motor industry and
     “We invited everyone from the various fitment centres we supply                 its characters!”

Issue 5/2008

NOSHCON 2008 tops previous successes
Already in its 47th successful year, NOSA’s 2008 NOSHCON conference not only exceeded all
expectations for the delegates who attended, but wowed international guests as well

       OSA’s staff members were on top form        which NOSA’s staff were not shy to take to      in the spirit of Moulin Rouge and Broadway
       as always, with all the hard work paying   the stage themselves (much to the glee of       spectacular Chicago, and guests who were
       off – the conference and its spectacular    their clients); a cocktail evening with local   once again dressed in all their finery.
entertainment came together seamlessly.           entertainers Lemon Limelight; and NOSA’s
                                                  signature gala event for which all the stops    With NOSA staff members and delegates in
Interesting and informative talks during the      were pulled out.                                complete agreement that this year’s NOSHCON
day by both local and international industry                                                      was the best yet, we can only wait with baited
leaders were followed by a range of evening       The banquet included the announcements          breath for what will be pulled from the hat in
activities, including a karaoke evening, in       of NOSCAR award winners, entertainment          2009!

                                                                 THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL                                                          MAIL

“South African safety community top notch,” say
international NOSHCON delegates

       ennis Arter is an industrial consultant,       “The quality of NOSA trainers and auditors           Of course, the reason for NOSA inviting international
       trainer and auditor of Columbia Audit          – as well as that of the practitioners – bringing    speakers to present their ideas and experiences at
       Resources based in Washington in the           forward-thinking ideas into the South African        its premier yearly event is not simply an exercise
USA, and was one of the eminent international         workplace and back to their peers, is growing at     in promoting the local safety industry, but rather a
speakers at this year’s NOSHCON conference.           a phenomenal rate,” agreed Dr Anton Du Preez, a      means of sharing ideas and values with the world.
“This is my first visit to South Africa, and what     South African who has been working for J. Connor
I have seen is a professional community and an        Consulting in the Gulf of Mexico, where he has       A fixed feature in the health and safety world
organisation at the forefront of modern, and          been exposed to international safety standards       since 1962, NOSHCON has come to epitomise
even future, risk management ideas,” was his          and procedures.                                      the trends, concerns and attitudes of the South
opinion.                                                                                                   African risk management community.
                                                      According to Anton, NOSHCON’s core value lies
“Professionals across the safety, environmental       in its ability to close the gap between academic     For almost five decades it has led the way in
and quality arenas are becoming increasingly          discussion and the practical application of          the local South African occupational health
aware of the fact that SHEQ (safety, health,          contemporary risk management ideas.                  and safety field in terms of sharing ideas and
environment and quality) is the essence of risk                                                            programmes for the betterment of the industry
management – not as separate entities, but            “The penetration of ideas into local industry that   as a whole. The degree of international support
as an integrated approach to business,” Dennis        NOSHCON promotes ensures that occupational           that the conference has attracted places the
continued. “South Africa is clearly a forerunner of   health and safety in South Africa will only grow     South African risk management profession firmly
these ideas.”                                         from strength to strength,” he said.                 within the global arena.

Issue 5/2008

MICROmega’s songbird
Audrey Mansfield has been a permanent fixture at MICROmega since its inception – she even
describes herself as “as old as the furniture”, and readily points out that she has witnessed enormous
growth in the group over the past few years

       s the first point of contact for anyone                  “I have a range of responsibilities at head office
       calling head office, from clients to other                and although I primarily run the switchboard
       members of the group, Audrey really is the              I also take care of literally anything that needs
voice of the group. What most people don’t know,               doing. From my desk in reception I am constantly
however, is that before she joined MICROmega in                busy, it’s exciting and challenging, particularly
1999 Audrey was a singer and dubbing artist who                as the scope of the group keeps growing! What
made a living through her voice.                               I love the most about my job though is my
                                                               continuous contact with people. In another life I
“Back in the days when we still used to dub                    would have loved to have studied psychology and
foreign television shows into Afrikaans you could              really worked closely with people at an individual
hear my voice on shows like Liewe Heksie and                   level.”
Rustelose Jare. I worked with some of the biggest
artists and musicians in South Africa and loved                Audrey’s other passion is her children. “My first
every second of it.                                            and foremost determination and goal in life
                                                               was to see my boys grow up happy,” she admits.
“I also did stage productions and worked as a                  At 28 George, her elder, is a plumber, married       Audrey is the first point of contact for anyone
production secretary at Crescendo Audio (which                 to Sharise, a PA at Nedbank, and proud parents       who phones head office.
became Blue Sky Recording) for 16 years.”                      to Hannah, the newest addition to the family.
                                                               Anthony, Audrey’s younger, is 18 and currently       growing with the addition of Sharise and
While Audrey’s passion has always been singing,                studying design at College Campus.                   Hannah is like a dream come true.”
she also loves dancing, reading, the outdoors
and above all people. “People interest me,”       “I am a mother to two wonderful boys, a mother-                   Speaking of her plans for the future, Audrey
she explains, adding that daily contact with      in-law to an amazing woman and mother in her                      certainly intends to remain with MICROmega.
people through her role at MICROmega is what      own right, and a grandmother to the sweetest                      “I plan to be a witness to the growth this
keeps her on her toes.                            bundle of joy,” reveals Audrey. “My family is my                  company will still experience. It’s been an
                                                                                   top     priority                 exciting, challenging time for me here and
                                                                                   and I’ve always                  as companies continue to join our ranks it
     DID YOU KNOW?                                                                 been close to                    just gets more and more interesting. I’m very
     Redback is closely aligned with the automotive accessories                    my boys, so to                   happy and I know my future lies here,” she
     industry and has diversified into the soft-roader segment of                   have it slowly                   concludes.
     the 4 x4 vehicle accessories market. The company has over two
     decades of experience in the automotive parts and accessories
     manufacturing and distribution industry.

Rugby fun for
MICROmega’s staff
and customers

      ome group members recently took advantage of the MICROmega box at Loftus
      Stadium to host a number of key customers at the Blue Bulls versus Vodacom
      Cheetahs game.

The group left as proud supporters of the Bulls (the winning team for the day for
those who don’t follow rugby), with only Sue-Marie Taljaard, who is a Lions supporter,
unmoved by the victory, waiting instead to watch her team clash with the blue boys
from Pretoria at a future date.

(From left) Clive Finkelstein, managing director of BTM; Sue-Marie Taljaard, personal assistant to
the chairman at MICROmega; Bruce Carolin, general manager, automotive division; and Donay
Booysen, sales representative at Lubrication Equipment.

                                                             THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL                                                    MAIL

The Deltec edge                                                               Driving positive

D                                                                             A
      eltec maintains its edge over other leading battery distributors
                                                                                    familiar face at MICROmega’s head office for the past eight
      through its technologically advanced, maintenance-free products
                                                                                    years, Prince Tshawe has come to personify determination and
      that allow its clients to literally fit and forget.
                                                                                    friendly encouragement for his colleagues.
“Downtime is an unfortunate reality for the logistics industry and
                                                                              An active community member who serves on his local community
the industries it services,” explains Clive Guest, managing director of
                                                                              policing forum in Dobsonville, Soweto, Prince loves participating in
Deltec. “Luckily, this new age of maintenance-free, long-life batteries
                                                                              the world around him and interacting with people from all walks of
relieves operators of at least one headache.”
For almost 30 years Deltec has been supplying the South African market
                                                                              As the head office’s principal
with high quality imported batteries. The company’s Varta PROmotive
                                                                              driver, he is responsible for
range of advanced technology batteries affords operators a maintenance-
                                                                              collecting and delivering
free battery service due to the fact that these batteries lose hardly any
                                                                              packages, as well as
water at all, making them more cost effective and convenient.
                                                                              chauffeuring guests to and
                                                                              from the office and the
According to Clive, the Varta PROmotive range is a premium product
                                                                              airport when needed.
that incorporates advanced design features, making it an excellent and
reliable trucking battery.
                                                                              “This company has grown
                                                                              in leaps and bounds since I
Other trademarks of the PROmotive range include a labyrinth lid which
                                                                              started working here eight
has central degassing, and an integral flame arrestor for added safety
                                                                              years ago,” he reveals, “and
in the high-temperature environment in which batteries are often
                                                                              with this growth I have met some really interesting people.”
housed in heavy and extra heavy commercial vehicles.
                                                                              A firm believer that everyone has something to contribute to society,
Clive adds that both the SHD and HD are 10 times more vibration-
                                                                              Prince has enormous respect for South Africa’s leadership. He finds
resistant as they feature internal rib mouldings in the battery casing that
                                                                              our political arena to be challenging and open to public opinion and
compress the plates. The extremely shock-resistant plates themselves
                                                                              participation, something he believes is extremely important in a
feature glass fibre mats that increase the battery’s resistance to heavy
                                                                              democratic country.
cyclic loading.
                                                                              “We should all care about our immediate environments and how we
Operators and drivers are also able to visually check the state of charge
                                                                              can influence what is happening around us, whether it’s at home, at
with the PowerCheck feature. This helps to monitor the “life” left in the
                                                                              the office or in our country. It’s important to be involved,” he insists.
battery without having to go offsite.
                                                                              On that note, Prince recently embarked on a stringent weight loss
“Since introducing the Varta PROmotive range nearly two years ago,
                                                                              programme to take back control of his health. “Over the past few
there have been no warranty claims against the product,” remarks Clive
                                                                              years I steadily put on more and more weight until it reached the
in backing up the company’s claim of a high quality battery.
                                                                              point where I could feel myself slowing down, getting tired quickly
                                                                              and basically feeling unhealthy,” he explains. “I decided it was time
With all industries looking for ways to streamline budgets and extract
                                                                              to eat healthily and exercise, so that’s exactly what I’ve done!”
maximum value from everything they use, the Varta PROmotive range
is a godsend to South Africa’s transport industry.
                                                                              With a little bit of discipline and a plan of action, Prince has shed
                                                                              the kilos and is the first to admit that he feels like a twenty-year-old
                                                                              boy again.

                                                                              “I’m feeling energetic and good about myself and best of all, my
                                                                              success has encouraged the rest of my family to eat healthily as well,”
                                                                              Prince remarks.

                                                                              He is also quick to tell his colleagues how much better he feels since
                                                                              he started this new health regime and hopes that he will influence
                                                                              others to change their eating and fitness habits as well.

                                                                              In terms of the future, while Prince enjoys his job and is proud of
                                                                              the company he works for, he also has a thirst for knowledge and
                                                                              learning. “As long as I keep moving forward I will always be happy,”
                                                                              he concludes.

Issue 5/2008

MICROmega boost for Alex Police
MICROmega, its clients, staff and suppliers have donated a much-needed R70 000 to the Alexandra
Police Station. The funds were raised at a golf day that took place at the Wanderers Golf Club in

                                                                        he event was organised by MICROmega and
                                                                        it was supported by numerous companies,
                                                                        including MICROmega subsidiaries NOSA,
                                                                  MICROmega Technologies, MICROmega Securities,
                                                                  MICROmega Revenue Management Solutions,
                                                                  MECS Africa, Intermap, Lubrication Equipment,
                                                                  Stable-Net and Kolbenco. MICROmega was
                                                                  assisted by Cummins, which in turn also organises
                                                                  a golf day in aid of the Alexandra Police Station
                                                                  with support from MICROmega.

                                                                  Alexandra township is situated in the north-
                                                                  eastern suburbs of Johannesburg and has
                                                                  an estimated population of about 850 000
                                                                  people in an area that covers just 10 km2. This
                                                                  makes policing a nightmare, but dedicated law
                                                                  enforcement officials are out there on a daily
                                                                  basis, fighting crime.

                                                                  Due to a shortage of funds, the Alexandra Police
                                                                  Station relies on donations from the private
                                                                  sector, including organisations and companies.
                                                                  “This is why MICROmega decided to raise money
                                                                  by organising a golf day. It frustrates me when
                                                                  individuals complain yet do nothing; there are
                                                                  too many people who criticise the police but
                                                                  never try to find a solution. Instead of pointing
                                                                  fingers, we decided to take action – in the form
                                                                  of this golf day, set to become an annual event,”
                                                                  says MICROmega group chairman, Greg Morris.

                                                                  Greg explains that this is the group’s way of
                                                                  countering what the company believes is the
                                                                  country’s greatest scourge, that of crime. “South
                                                                  Africa is possibly the best country in the world to
                                                                  live in. It is limited by only one factor, and that’s
                                                                  crime. We believe that it’s vital that South Africans
                                                                  stand together to fight crime,” he comments.

                                                                  Greg says that he is delighted with the outcome
                                                                  of the golf day. “The event was highly successful,
                                                                  with R70 000 being raised, and I am delighted
                                                                  with the support we gathered from our clients

                                                                      DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                      RiskWorks is a NOSA subsidiary that
                                                                      provides SHEQLS (Safety, Health,
                                                                      Environmental, Quality, Liability,
                                                                      Security) Information Technology
                                                                      systems and support.

                                                               THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL                                          MAIL

and suppliers. The overwhelming support is an indication that companies
and individuals do care. They want to make a difference,” Greg reports.

On the day, the team from SA Waterproofing came up trumps. This four-ball
consisted of Russell de Beer, Craig Turton, Lloyd Keiser and Alec Drobis.

Based on the success of this year’s event, the company is considering
expanding the programme to benefit other police stations too. “Next year
we are looking at possibly having the MICROmega golf day support different
police stations around the country where there is also a dire need for
additional funding,” concludes Greg.

                                                                                 DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                                 The ARDA Pro-Fit organisation started out in 1966/67
                                                                                 as a platform of information amongst ten car
                                                                                 accessory fitment centres.

Issue 5/2008

      MICROmega diversifies with new
      alternative energy supplier

                ith the energy crisis facing South Africa, MICROmega’s                 and service bouquet that is currently in high demand. Our acquisition of
                attention has been drawn to the alternative energy supply              EPS allows us a low-risk entry level into this up-and-coming sector.”
                                                                                                               According to Phil Visagie, the previous owner of
      According to Greg Morris, chairman of                                                                    EPS, the company as a whole is positive about
      MICROmega, the company’s latest acquisition,                                                             the acquisition. “Joining the MICROmega group
      Essential Power Services (EPS), is an ideal                                                              is beneficial to our growth,” he explains, adding
      platform to enter this market, which until this                                                          that he believes his company will add value to
      point has been entirely untapped by the group.                                                           the group in turn.

      “EPS offers us entry into an exciting new                                                                  The Port Elizabeth-based company began its
      market while complementing Deltec Power                                                                   existence in Phil’s garage in 2002. Six years later
      Distributor’s business at the same time,” reveals   The EPS team is (from left) back: Phil Visagie,       it remains in PE and has gained a firm footing
      Greg.                                               Ramond Mpolekwa, Masixole Fikizolo. Front:            throughout the Eastern Cape. “EPS has grown into
                                                          Priscilla Visagie, Sharmain Guest, Graham Guest.      an established supplier of DC power in standby
      A leading supplier of automotive batteries to                                                             applications over the past few years,” says Phil.
      the local market and a key player in the group’s automotive division,              “Joining the MICROmega stable will enable even further growth.”
      Deltec has been seeking to cement its foothold in the Eastern Cape. “As a
      supplier of Deltec’s maintenance-free batteries, the inclusion of EPS into         With a team that will remain unchanged under Visagie’s guidance, EPS
      our automotive division provides the group with a fast track into this             offers MICROmega increased market diversity while providing EPS with
      region’s previously untapped distribution network,” explains Greg.                 an opportunity to increase its foothold in the industry.

      “Automotive batteries, however, are just one component of this                   “We have been investigating the solar panel and wind turbine market,”
      progressive company’s offerings. Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS),              reveals Phil. “With the group’s support we now aim to attack this market
      generators and a range of alternative power sources make up a product            head on.”

Ten minutes with Nomie Zondo from Securities
As receptionist for both MICROmega Securities and Africa Money Brokers, Nomie Zondo is a busy
lady with big plans for the future
How long have you been at Securities?                     I would say it’s great to be                                                          What are your
I joined Securities three years ago as a                  involved in both of them!                                                             hobbies?
receptionist. Once Africa Money Brokers was                                                                                                     I have always been
launched I took on its receptionist duties as             What are your plans for the                                                           an active person and
well. I am now a very busy lady!                          future?                                                                               love jogging and
                                                          I definitely plan to stay with                                                        playing netball, but I
Which company do you prefer working                       Securities and Africa Money                                                           also enjoy relaxing at
for?                                                      Brokers, although I would like                                                        home and watching
I couldn’t possibly say! Both Joe (Vercueil) and          to become a personal assistant.                                                       movies.
Konrad (Rodrigues) keep me on my toes, and                I want to further my studies as
both are great to work for. The two companies             well.                                                                         Where is your
operate well together as well, so if anything                                                                                           favourite place in
                                                          What occupies you the most                                                    South Africa?
                                                          when you aren’t at work?                                                      I’m a Durban girl,
     DID YOU KNOW?                                        My twins! I have a boy, David,                                                born and bred in
     As an investment company,                            and a girl, Amara. They are 16                                                Newcastle,       and
     MICROmega achieves growth through                    months old and becoming a Nomie has been with MICROmega Securities I’ve been living in
                                                                                               for three years.
     the successful implementation of its                 naughty little handful. They are                                              Jo’burg for 10 years,
     diversification strategy.                             very close and keep each other company very           but I have to say that my favourite place in
                                                          well. I’ll tell you one thing – they are my first     South Africa is Cape Town. It’s so beautiful
                                                          born, and my last!                                    and quiet.

                                                             THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL                                                    MAIL

MMT addresses IT                                                           Empowering risk
potential in SA                                                            solutions

M                                                                          N
         ICROmega Technologies (MMT) is meeting the                              OSA has recently acquired a 50% stake in EMPOWERisk, a
         challenge to significantly enhance the local information                provider of innovative and business applicable enterprise-
         technology sector headon.                                               wide risk solutions.

“As an emerging market, South Africa is in a special position              According to Duncan Carlisle, managing director of NOSA, the
when it comes to technology,” says Tony Rolston, chief executive           decision to acquire a stake in EMPOWERisk was based largely
officer of MMT.                                                            on the company’s specialisation in risk management. “NOSA and
                                                                           EMPOWERisk’s areas of expertise complement each other. This
“The fact that there is almost no IT legacy in this country                gives us the ability to provide our respective clients with a more
means that there is no quagmire of old systems and technology              holistic enterprise-wide risk management solution.”
complicating the installation and implementation of modern,
high-tech systems,” he explains.

“The result is a huge opportunity for South Africa to actually
take the lead globally in terms of its information technology
sector.” Which is precisely what MMT aims to facilitate through
its distribution of unique software solutions to dedicated
resellers throughout the country.

“South African businesses, from large multinational financial
institutes to more localised companies, rely on the speed and
efficiency of their networks to complete their daily transactions,”
explains Tony.

“However, while business is experiencing a growing dependence
on network services, the sector is experiencing a shortage of
appropriately skilled IT technicians. South African networks               Already in its fourth year, EMPOWERisk has proven itself highly
tend to be large, bandwidth is still costly, and skills are scarce.        capable in the fields of enterprise-wide risk management,
Solutions that can optimise a network’s capabilities and prevent           construction regulations support and risk financing portfolio
downtime are invaluable,” concludes Tony.                                  optimisation.

Once again, a MICROmega company is embracing its unique                    “We believe in proactive and optimal management of risks and
role within its chosen sector, enhancing South Africa’s product            exposure,” explains Karl Bailey, managing director of EMPOWERisk.
and servicing offerings through providing niche technology                 “The risks facing a company or projects can range anywhere from
– which in this case is invaluable to not only the information             current risks to those unacknowledged or even emerging, as well
technology sector, but South Africa’s business and financial               as reputation risk, and it is important to recognise these and
services world as a whole.                                                 implement risk mitigation to deal with them.”

                                                                           Predominantly active in construction projects such as the building
                                                                           of dams, tunnels, roads and bridges, the projects EMPOWERisk
                                                                           is generally involved in are no small matters. Specialising in
                                                                           empowering and supporting private as well as public sector
                                                                           entities – such as parastatals, national and provincial entities,
                                                                           local government and municipal owned entities – it’s clear that
                                                                           these are projects that ultimately impact on communities across
                                                                           South Africa.

                                                                          DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                          MICROmega Africa Money Brokers was formed on 1 December
                                                                          2007, broking the forward and spot foreign exchange
                                                                          financial instruments into several African countries.

Issue 5/2008                                                      THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL

               Group Directory
                    HEAD OFFICE

                    MICROmega Holdings Limited
                    Greg Morris, Chairman
                    David Case, Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary
                    Bruce Carolin, General Manager – Automotive Division
                    Telephone: 011 783 4000


                    MICROmega Securities                          MICROmega Africa Money Brokers
                    Joe Vercueil, Managing Director               Konrad Rodrigues, Director
                    Telephone: 011 277 5300                       Telephone: 011 277 5300

                    SUPPORT SERVICES

                    MECS Africa                                   EMPOWERisk
                    Roland Glass, Managing Director               Karl Bailey, Chairman
                    Telephone: 011 883 1106                       Telephone: 012 683 0200

                    MICROmega Risk Management Services (NOSA) Riskworks
                    Duncan Carlisle, Managing Director        Danie Williams, Managing Director
                    Telephone: 012 683 0200                   Telephone: 012 683 0200

                    NQA Africa
                    Mike Timberlake, Chairman
                    Telephone: 012 683 0200

                    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
                    MICROmega Revenue Management Solutions        Intermap
                    Mpho Mofokeng, Managing Director              Dylan Strydom, Managing Director
                    Telephone: 011 827 3455                       Telephone: 033 345 6981
                    MICROmega Technologies
                    Tony Rolston, Chief Executive Officer
                    Telephone: 011 462 1516
                    Telephone: 012 682 9800
                    Telephone: 011 704 0780

                    AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS

                    BTM Manufacturing                             Deltec Power Distributors
                    Clive Finkelstein, Managing Director          Clive Guest, Managing Director
                    Telephone: 016 362 0311                       Telephone: 011 786 4911

                    Kolbenco Automotive Piston Manufacturer       Redback
                    Colin Eddey, Managing Director                Clive Finkelstein, Managing Director
                                                                                                         Published by Charmont Media 011 782 1070

                    Telephone: 011 864 7930                       Telephone: 016 362 0311

                    Lubrication Equipment                         Essential Power Services
                    Pierre Duvenhage, Managing Director           Phil Visagie, Managing Director
                    Telephone: 011 493 8235                       Telephone: 041 364 0323

                    Mrs Jackie Eberle, Managing Director
                    Telephone: 011 783 4000


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