Sunday_ June 18th – Father's Day by dfsdf224s


									R A M S AY C O M M U N I T Y A S S O C I AT I O N 11 3 6 – 8 T H S T R E E T S E , C A L G A R Y, A B T 2 G 2 Z 7                                             June 2006              Circulation 1200

    Sunday, June 18th – Father’s Day
                         In and around the Ramsay Rink at the top of the hill
    You will not want to miss this fun-filled day! Come out for fun, friends, games, activities, music,
                                     and food for the entire family!

9   AM   –4   PM                                           11   AM    –2   PM
Giant Flea Market - Great opportunity to junk out          The 1 Annual Ramsay Olympics! Events for

your home, yard and garage before summer. Tables           boys, girls and adults. Ribbons and awards will be
are only $10!                                              presented.1 – 4 pm

Gardeners - Plants are needed for the plant                The Calysto Band - a 20 piece steel band will be
exchange. Start thinning out your perennials. Drop         playing reggae, rock and other popular tunes.
them off at the rink on June 17 or 18, or call to
arrange for pick-up.
                                                           Lots of activities for kids! Great food and drinks
Artists. . . showcase your works! Tables are only          will be available at our concession.

Huge book sale - Hundreds of new and previously            Ramsay Day is being heavily advertised city-wide.
enjoyed books along with “rare” books will be for          Exact event times will be listed on the Ramsay Day
sale. Start your Christmas shopping                        Program of Events, (available at Ramsay Day). For
early this year!                                            information, or to book a table, call Darlene at
Classic car exhibit featuring
vehicles from the past century.
                                                                  Ramsay’s Attic - “We’re Ramsay. We’re
Learn a bit of Ramsay history
                                                                  proud. We’re eclectic.” A display of unusual
with our archival photograph
                                                                 items from our community will be featured
                                                               (items you’d never find in Cranston!) Please
                                                            label your item and, if possible, provide a brief his-
Home values? Curious about the value
                                                           tory of the object. Items returned at the end of the
of your home? A small number of realtors will be
available to answer your questions.

         Don’t Forget — Ramsay Community Association monthly meeting takes place the
                      first Tuesday of every month – 7 pm in the Lower Hall
Ramsay News page 2
COMING THROUGH…                                                 FILL IN YOUR SAFETY SURVEY!
Joanne Forrayi
  Assistant Race Director, HSBC Calgary Marathon                   Are there times when you feel unsafe in Ramsay? Well, we
                                                                want to hear about it. Included in this newsletter is a question-
The HSBC Calgary Marathon will be hitting the streets on        naire on behalf of the Community Life Improvement Council
Sunday, July 9, 2006 celebrating its 42nd year. The Calgary     (CLIC). CLIC is a group that aims to help Calgary’s commu-
Marathon Society (CMS) expects over 6,000 runners and           nities become safer places to live and it is currently conducting
walkers to compete this July. As well as the marathon, the      a crime reduction study called “Safe Streets - Safe Cities.”
event features a Half Marathon, 10K, Calgary Stampede
4x10K and Timbits Marathon - there is a race for everyone.      We want you to identify areas in Ramsay where safety can be
                                                                improved. Tell us where those troublesome areas are and what
The race tours many beautiful areas in the city, taking run-    you think the solution is. Please fill out the survey so we as
ners and walkers through Stephen Avenue Mall, the Calgary       a community can create a plan of action to make our neigh-
Stampede Grounds, the Calgary Zoo and a number of friendly      bourhood safer.
Calgary neighborhoods, including Ramsay and Inglewood.
                                                                OPEN HOUSE - June 8th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Ramsay
In Ramsay, the course travels north on Spiller Road, turns      Community Upper Hall. Please come out to have a chat
east on 21st Avenue and north again onto 12th Street. The       and hear more about the CLIC study in Ramsay!
runners will only be in the community for about 10 min-

To ensure a safe environment for all participants, there will
be a number of road closures on other parts of the route. For
                                                                       ������ ���������
more information, please contact John Larsen at the City of
Calgary at 268-1573 ( or contact the
HSBC Calgary Marathon organizers at www.calgarymarathon.               Saturday, June 10th 8 am–2 pm
                                                                         Meet at the community hall.
                                                                    This is a great opportunity to clean up our
                                                                               streets and alleyways.
                                                                     The City of Calgary provides bins and
                                                                                   garbage trucks.
                                                                    We provide the community effort needed
                                                                        to get Ramsay ready for summer!
                                                                      Come for an hour or come for the day,
                                                                      any and all help is appreciated. Trucks
                                                                                 would be handy!
                                                                         Free coffee and munchies!
                                                                                For more information
                                                                              contact Darlene: 617-9591.

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  Ramsay News is the perfect way to communicate with your neighbours!
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                                                                                                            Ramsay News page 3
          Taras Semeniuk

             The Traffic and Beautification committees continue
         to work out details of the traffic calming elements. We
      are reviewing the 2003 Streetscape plan to incorporate
some aspects in the new traffic calming elements. From com-
munity feedback, there is considerable support for low-main-
tenance plantings. To that end, we met with a local nursery
specializing in native plantings and received valuable informa-
tion regarding suitable indigenous species. We are also looking
at beautification of the existing concrete curb bulbs. We will
have an Open House to let the community review the final
plans. Although we would like to see the traffic calming ele-
ments installed prior to the MacDonald Bridge re-opening, the              “SERVING INGLEWOOD AND
City has indicated that some of the construction will probably                 RAMSAY SINCE 1993”
occur later this fall, or even in early 2007 if the work is not
completed this year.
   The new sidewalk across from St. Anne’s school on 21st
Avenue was installed earlier this month. Be sure to try it out.
   The MacDonald Bridge closure continues to be a hot topic
in the community. The bridge is closed to all traffic until
September except for transit, police, fire, EMS and pedestrians.
We have received a number of comments from Ramsay resi-
dents and forwarded these to the City. These include: accounts
of pedestrian & vehicle conflicts; signage issues; insufficient
clearance for transit buses; and need for police enforcement.

                                                                   C        OMMUNITY
The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede have indicated they
will mask a portion of their sign on 9th Avenue westbound
directing Stampede Park patrons into Ramsay and across the
MacDonald Bridge.                                                             CLASSIFIEDS
   There was recently an incident between a cyclist and a
                                                                   Dog Walking – We are back! The cost is $5 for 30
6-year-old boy on the sidewalk of Spiller Road between
                                                                   minutes. We will also be mowing lawns in the summer.
Constance Avenue and 6th Street. The cyclist received a ticket
                                                                   Call William at 269-3194 or Brisbin at 269-4199.
from police since it is against the law for persons age 14 and
older to ride their bicycles on the sidewalk. Please feel free
                                                                   For Rent – Basement Suite in Ramsay for July 1st. Call
to advise offending cyclists that there is a bylaw that requires
                                                                   Bob at 703-3531
them to use the street. A call to 3-1-1 can also be made, but
request a file number to ensure that appropriate statistics are
                                                                   Ramsay Bumper Stickers – are still available.
logged. It is hoped that these types of conflicts will diminish
                                                                   Contact Ev at 259-3753.
once the Elbow River Pathway is repaired.
   Please contact the Traffic Committee if you have any traffic-
                                                                   Kindergarten Registration – for Fall 2006 is
related comments or concerns. Enjoy the summer!
                                                                   happening now at Ramsay School. Call 777-6790.

  Ramsay News page 4
             GARDEN PATH SOCIETY                                                   THE GARDEN SPOT
             Colleen Peters                                                        Ramsay’s Garden Gnome
            Mission Statement: To provide an all-inclusive                       How fortunate we are to live in Ramsay with its
           organic garden to cultivate plants and community.                    ample green space, tree lined streets and abundance of
                                                                             experienced and budding gardeners. The “Garden Spot”
The Garden Path Society has been located in Inglewood for             will strive to offer some helpful advice on maximizing our
three seasons and before that it was located in Victoria Park.        short but intense gardening season.
Currently, we have 85 raised beds and over 80 members.                   Gardens in the ‘hood will be featured along with tips from
Garden members rent a plot for $30 per season and pay a $10           masters of the floral domain. Of interest to Ramsayites: The
refundable deposit to insure the plot is taken care of. There are     plant exchange at Ramsay Day on June 18th. Shared perenni-
four wheelchair accessible plots. Currently there is a waiting list   als are a great low cost way to fill in your garden. Bring a plant
to rent plots.                                                        – take a plant – if you don’t have plants to bring, just leave a
   Seventy plots are rented to individuals and organizations.         donation.
The remaining community beds are designated for donations                Check out the newly renovated “Reader Rock Garden”
to charitable organizations. Last year 185 lbs of produce were        which reopens at the end of June. William Reader was one of
donated to the Sheriff King Home.                                     the founding members of the Calgary Horticultural Society.
   I have been part of the Garden Path Society for three years        His rock garden, which is adjacent to MacLeod Trail and 25th
and my favourite vegetable to grow is celery – tall, dark, green      Avenue, boasts an impressive collection of plants. Reader Rock
and handsome! My favourite herb is hyssop – a single plant            Garden is open to the public and well worth an afternoon
grows into a bush with purple flowers. The Garden Path                stroll along its meandering pathways.
Society also holds a Fall Festival and Scarecrow Contest. A few          It appears as though we’ve been given a jump-start on the
of the most remarkable scarecrows have been the Tin Man, and          2006 gardening season with a record breaking blast of warm
a fierce Dragon. Happy Gardening!                                     weather – enjoy!
Want to start a Community Garden in Ramsay?
At present there are 15 community gardens in our city. The
Calgary Horticultural Society has a Community Gardening
Resource Group. Contact them at 287-3469 or email: The Society has also produced a booklet
“How to Start a Community Garden” that is available through
the office.
Grow A Row!
Calling all gardeners! Plant an extra row of root veggies
in your garden this year and help a worthwhile cause - the
Calgary Food Bank. It’s so simple... here’s how:
1) plant an extra row of vegetables in your garden
2) nurture and care for them this summer
3) harvest the veggies in the fall with the rest of your vegetable
4) bring your harvest to the Calgary Horticultural Society Fall
   Plant Share (Saturday, Sept. 9)
It’s that easy to help Calgary’s less fortunate!

                                                                                       RAMSAY        OR ROME?
                                                                                       Scott Mushens’ luscious garden
                                                                                       is the result of a wonderful
                                                                                       creative eye and a lot of hard
                                                                                       work. Congratulations!

                                                                                                                  Ramsay News page 5
                     Yoki & Jeff’s Real Estate Report
                                       January – April 2006

                        RAMSAY                       INGLEWOOD                      BRIDGELAND
               # of    Avg. List Avg. Sale   # of     Avg. List Avg. Sale   # of     Avg. List Avg. Sale
               Sales   Price     Price       Sales    Price     Price       Sales    Price     Price
   Bungalow      11     290,636   259,822      11      313,589   311,572      16      382,850   379,993
   1.5 Storey     1     249,900   222,000       -          -         -         7      321,871   330,829
   2 Storey       7     427,029   423,700       6      356,433   368,500       4      619,675   613,725
   Attach/Twnh    -         -         -        17      301,811   296,223      13      333,322   328,552

                             “DEMAND EXCEEDS SUPPLY”
                                   If you are thinking of Selling
                                    “THE TIME IS NOW”
                               We would be honoured to assist you.
                                          Please call

                        Yoki & Jeff Nichol, Royal LePage Ram Realty
                          - 271-5555

                             Yoki             &      Jeff Nichol
                             TOP 1% in Canada Since 1983
                                       Bus: 271-5555
                                 From one Generation to the Next…
                                                                                Licensed Agent assoc. to Yoki
                                   Both working for you with                       9 years sales experience
                                                                               4 years MLS Million Dollar Club
                                 SINCERITY AND INTEGRITY
                           Relocation Specialist with over 300 Corporate Clients
                             We appreciate and we thank you for your loyalty.            RAM REALTY

Ramsay News page 6
          Catherine Cartmill

          In late April I attended a workshop for commu-          Civic Affairs challenges all groups and individuals in the com-
         nity planning committee members hosted by the            munity to work together and top the amount of trash removed
      Federation of Calgary Communities with participation        and items recycled from our community. The last two years
from City of Calgary Planning and Development department.         saw three 40’ bins filled and removed from Ramsay!
This workshop highlighted for me the fact that other com-
munities struggle with the same planning and development          DP2006-0966 1906 Salisbury
issues as Ramsay. The planning department is under extreme         This single detached dwelling has been approved by the
pressure struggling to keep up with the number of applications     developing authority. There were a couple of minor concerns
they are receiving in this time of continuous change. Planners     raised about the proposed development and we encouraged
mentioned that the application process was much faster if          the planner to work with the applicant to resolve them. The
the developer / landowner worked with their community              committee commented that the French doors in the front of
association prior to submitting their application to the City.     the home encourage positive interface with the street.
Approaching planning as a collaborative process with all sides
respecting the needs and desires of the others makes the pro-     DP2006-1280 640 14 Ave SE
cess more effective.                                               This is a temporary structure for the Olds College campus
                                                                   in Stampede Park. The committee asked for further clarifica-
If you are planning to build or add on to your property in         tion on the length of time considered to be temporary, and
Ramsay, Civic Affairs suggests the following steps to speed up     the number of students the campus will accommodate.
the process:
1. Talk to your neighbours - Understanding the issues impor-      DP2006-09555 & DP2006-0750 1410 Olympic Way SE
   tant to your neighbours and work to resolve them. Common        This application for the new Stampede Casino raised con-
   concerns include privacy issues (will the bedroom overlook a    cerns about the social and environmental impacts on the
   backyard?) shadowing (is the proposal going to turn a sunny     community of Ramsay and the Elbow River valley. We
   garden into a shade garden?) context (will this development     requested further information regarding anticipated traf-
   complement the existing streetscape?) consistency (set back     fic flow and storm water management. The committee will
   from the sidewalk).                                             meet in late May or early June to review the application
2. Review the Ramsay Area Redevelopment Plan and the               further.
   documents referenced in it to confirm your proposal com-
   plies with local bylaws.                                       Pre Application reviews
3. Bring your proposal to Civic Affairs for review. We are        Mixed commercial / residential development proposal between
   familiar with the planning process and can identify areas of   22nd & 25th Avenues in Erlton, including a grocery store at
   concern, which may reduce the number of later revisions.       25th & Macleod (across from Humpty’s). The proposal is in
                                                                  keeping with the City’s Transit Oriented Development guide-
311                                                               lines providing pedestrian friendly development. We raised
If you have questions about construction practices including      concerns about the inclusion of a vehicular access route from
fencing, site maintenance and truck routes, please call 311. If   Talisman Centre to the community of Erlton and the proposed
you have questions about a Development Permit Application         interchange for the intersection of 25th and Macleod which
blue sign or would like to view plans for construction in prog-   would reduce the potential for pedestrian access to the devel-
ress Civic Affairs would be pleased to assist you.                opment from the east side of Macleod.

Bylaw Walkabout in Ramsay                                         Pre land use redesignation application for 12th Street and 11th
Bylaw services had a walk through the community on the eve-       Avenue SE in Inglewood. This mixed use development has
ning of May 5th to identify bylaw violations. This was a cour-    potential for 120 dwelling units near the proposed Inglewood
tesy visit in preparation for our Community Clean Up on June      / Ramsay LRT station. Transit Oriented Development calls for
10th. Most frequent bylaw violations included:                    higher density near LRT stations. We considered this loca-
• Unsecured trash in alleys - A high number of residences         tion to be more appropriate for high density housing than
   had an insufficient number of trash containers and unse-       10th Street and asked to be circulated as this proposal moves
   cured bags, which are often torn open causing trash to blow    forward.
   around the streets.
• Derelict fences - Fences in danger of collapse or missing
   boards can be hazardous and should be repaired or removed.
• Disposal of household furniture - If you have come across
   any lately be sure to arrange to have this brought to the
   community on the 10th.

                                                                                                             Ramsay News page 7
Ramsay Community Association Board of
Directors & Community Chairs 2005-06
                                                                                               JUNE 2006
 Position              Name              Contact Info                     Sun    Mon       Tue                 Wed                   The               Fri              Sat
 President             Vince Bodnar      266-4329
                                                                                                                                1                 2               3
 Past President        Michael                                                                                            5-9 p.m.
                       Fitzpatrick                                    4          5      6                 7                     8                 9         10
 Vice President        Catherine         263-0267                                       RCA               Yoga                  CLIC Safe         Herald    Community
 – Civic Affairs       Cartmill
                                                                                        General                                 Streets           Book Sale Clean Up
 Vice President        Colleen Peters    283-6989
                                                                                        Meeting                                 Open                        9-2
 – Membership
 Treasurer             Jennifer          217-6750
                                                                                        7 p.m.                                  House
                       Hapgood                                                                7 pm                              Jewellery
 Secretary             Darlene           265-4898                                                                                                                 Sale
                       Traviss                                        11         12     13                14                    15                16        17
 Member                Bob Baker         269-4199
                                                                                        Magic             Yoga                  Seniors           Herald    Inglewood
 Beautification        Brenda Japp       264-7137
                                                                                        for                                     Potluck           Book Sale Garage Sale
 Safety                Quinton           245-9075
                       Rafuse                       Music
 Member                Allan Baker       237-7927                                                                               School
 Member                Iain                                                                              Meeting
                                                                      18         19     20                21                    22                23              24
 Member                Angie Maeots      313-2677 a_mae@canada.
                                         com                          RAMSAY            RCA               International                                           Inglewood
 Traffic               Taras             264-1972                     DAY               Board             Aboriginal                                              Sunfest
                       Semeniuk           Father’s          Meeting           Day
 Community Hall        Karen Lowry       265-4898                     Day               7 p.m.
 Summer and            Karen Lowry       265-4898                                                         Yoga
 Winter Sports         & Jennifer                                     25         26     27                28                    29                30              1
                                                                                                          Yoga                                    Last Day        CANADA
 Casino                Pat Baker         237-7927
                                                                                                                       of School       DAY
 Ramsay School         Bev Holt          294-0456
 Liaison                                                                                     COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP
 Website                                 www.ramsaycommunity.                                              Contact Colleen Peters at 283-6989
                                                                                        You are the community – Your voice is important!
 Newsletter Editor     Beth Carter       269-4199

                                                                                                   Annual Membership allows you to:
 Newsletter Layout     Fred Holliss      815-3733
                                                               Participate in Community Sports • Voice your concerns to
                                                                                            the Civic Government • Beautify our Community
Complaints about Lilydale smells:                                                       $10 Family • $8 Single • $6 Senior, Disabled, Associate
City of Calgary 311 • Alberta Environment 1-800-222-6514                                  Please cut out this form and mail with your cheque or
                                                                                                              money order to:
 P OLICE C ONTACTS • EMERGENCY: 911                                                                  Ramsay Community Association
 If you see crimes in the area, please contact the police by               Ramsay              1136 – 8th Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 2Z7
 phone at 266-1234 or e-mail.                                             Community
 To e-mail any police officer the address is:                                                                      ��������������������������������
 pol(badge#)                                              BLOCK
                                                                                        Family Name(s): _________________________________________________________
 (eg. to e-mail John Moriarity,                 WATCH
 Our community liaison officer is:                                                      Your Name: __________________________Spouse’s Name:____________________
 Const. John Moriarity, Badge #3319                                                     Address: _______________________________________________________________
                                                                                        Postal Code: __________________________ Telephone: ________________________
Newsletter Contributions                                                    For More    Email: _________________________________________________________________
Any community member is welcome to contribute to this newsletter.                       Children:
The deadline for submissions for each upcoming monthʼs issue is
                                                                          Information   1. _______________________________________ Age: _________
the 20th of the preceding month. Please email your contributions,           Contact     2. _______________________________________ Age: _________
comments, and articles to:                                                 Rick Enns:   3. _______________________________________ Age: _________
or drop it off: Ramsay Community Hall, 1136 8 St SE                         509-2565    I would like to become involved with:
                                                                                        ___ Board of Directors ___ History            ___ Beautification     ___ Civic Affairs
 DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: The opinions expressed by contributors                           ___ Membership            ___ Casino          ___ Sports             ___ Technology
                                                                                        ___ Newsletter            ___ Safety          ___ Traffic            ___ As required
 are not necessarily those of the Ramsay Community Association.

   Ramsay News page 8
                                             Tidbits Community      COMMUNITY MOBILE SKATE PARKS
Our next casino will take place on Monday, July 24 and              Parks Open 1:00 – 8:00 P.M. Daily
Tuesday, July 25, 2006. The funds raised through the casino are       July 4 – July 17          Village Square Leisure Centre
essential for maintaining our community hall, the skating rink,       July 18 – July 31         Temple Community Association
and for all the fun community events held in Ramsay each year.        August 1-14               Riverbend Community Association
We need volunteers to help out. If you can assist, please contact   For more information about the Community Mobile Skate
Pat Baker at 237-7927.                                              Parks visit or call 311.

GARAGE SALE                                                         AUDREY BOYD
June 17th from 9:am -2:00pm, Lantern Community Church in            Long time community resident Audrey Boyd (née Simpson)
Inglewood, 1410 - 10th Ave. SE                                      passed away on May 15. Audrey was born in East Calgary,
   Gather up your unused items and rent a table for only            attended Colonel Walker School and Western Canada High
$10.00. We do the advertising and put up the signs. You keep        School, and lived on Ramsay Street for many years. She was a
the proceeds from your table. Call Diane at 235-3243 or Hilda       member of numerous organizations, including the Inglewood
at 264-7933.                                                        Silver Threads. We would like to extend our condolences to her
We are preparing a walking tour of Ramsay for Historic Calgary      ELBOW RIVER WATER QUALITY
Week in August 2006. We are looking for volunteers interested       There have been recent news reports of higher than recom-
in helping to research and organize the tour. If you can help,      mended fecal coliform levels in the Elbow River. Both the City
please call Beth at 269-4199.                                       of Calgary and Alberta Environment undertake regular testing
                                                                    of the river waters, and these levels change on a daily basis.
INGLEWOOD SUNFEST                                                   According to the Calgary Health Region, there are no formal
Saturday, June 24th, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.                         health warnings in place about swimming or contact with
  Join us for a day of sun and fun in historic Inglewood.           water in the Elbow. However, there are recommendations that
For more information,            no water should be ingested, and people should shower after
html or 266-6962.                                                   swimming. Contamination of the water may occur after heavy
                                                                    rainfalls due to storm water drainage. You can help improve
CALGARY ROUND UP BAND…                                              the quality of stormwater by: washing your car at a carwash;
… is celebrating 50 Years! Alumni . . .We’re Looking For You.       limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides; checking for fluid
Contact us at 259-3120 or                       leaks; disposing of hazardous products with care, picking up you
                                                                    dog’s waste. For more information, contact 3-1-1 or the Calgary
HERALD BOOK SALE                                                    Health Region at 943-8060.
Crossroads Market
The Calgary Herald Book Sale will be running again this year        STAMPEDE PARKING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
for two weekends starting June 9-11 and again June 16–18.           Ramsay Community Association is currently reviewing a plan
The proceeds from the book sale support the work of Servants        for a Stampede Parking lot at St. Anne’s School. If the proposal
Anonymous Society, which helps women escape street life, and        is accepted by the Calgary Separate School Board there will be
the CanWest Raise a Reader literacy program.                        a need for volunteers to collect money at the lot to benefit the
                                                                    community association. Please call Catherine Cartmill at 263-
SPRING JEWELLERY SALE                                               0267 if you would be able to donate 4 hours of your time dur-
Stacey Maddock Designs, Saturday, June 10th 2006, 10 am – 5         ing Stampede to help the community raise funds for the many
pm, 1020 19th Avenue SE                                             initiatives that are underway for Ramsay.
Lots of new designs again this year! Great graduation and
teacher gifts too! Questions? 403-262-3795 maddocki@telus.          YOGA AT THE RAMSAY HALL
net, Visa, MasterCard, cheque,             With Laura Beecroft-Caleffi, Wednesdays at 7 p.m. , $5.00
cash accepted.                                                      drop-in fee. Questions: Call Laura at 923-3687

RAMSAY SENIORS                                                      MAGIC FOR MUSIC
The Ramsay Welcome Centre offers a range of enjoyable activi-       A fundraiser for the Inglewood Music School.
ties through the week. Come down to play pool on Mondays,             Magician John Horsley and friends will amaze you at the
Wednesdays and Fridays. Whist is played on Tuesdays. A pot-         Village Cantina on Tuesday, June 13th. Tickets are only $15.
luck supper is held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. For          Contact Ed at for more information.
more information, call Roy Braybrook at 262-5650.

                                                                                                                 Ramsay News page 9
           BEAUTIFICATION                                                                                     ��������
                                                                                                 ALEXANDRA CENTRE
           Brenda Japp                                                                                SOCIETY     � ��������
                                                                                                   A heritage of people meeting
         Outwest Park is now under construction and will be
        completed by the end of Summer 2006. Over the last four
years, we have overcome many hurdles to create this beautiful new
entryway to both Inglewood and Ramsay. Many wonderful vol-
unteers made this project possible: Ray Spiteri (Inglewood), Dave
Spencer (Stantec), Lawrence Eisler (Eisler Design) & Gary Browning
                                                                         ALEXANDRA PLAYSCHOOL CAMP
(Browning Design), Alderman Joe Ceci, Dennis Lefrenier and the                Back by popular demand
City of Calgary Parks Department. The project cost is over $200,000                      July 24 – 28
and our generous funders are: Canadian Pacific Railways, Inglewood                    9:00 AM - NOON
Community, Ramsay Community, Inglewood BRZ, Calgary                               Children 3 – 4 – 5 years old
Foundation Neighborhood Grants Program, Parks Foundation,                          Only 10 spots available
Calgary Stampede, Calgary Flames, Alberta Lottery Fund,
                                                                                           Cost: $75
Remington Development Corp, Enmax Corporation, Them Property
Management, The City of Calgary. Thank you!                               (Subsidy available to qualified families)
   The Ramsay Streetscape Redevelopment is moving forward in                       Call Sarah to register
several ways. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. JP Veitch for their very
generous $5,000 donation towards implementing our streetscape                           269-5588
design. Mr Veitch encourages other residents to match his donation.  
We would encourage that too!! We had a very positive meeting with
Alderman Joe Ceci, City Architect David Down, and other city repre-
sentatives. We presented our streetscape design and discussed funding          �� ���� ���� �� ����
from the City for implementation, with a goal to make Ramsay a              The Alexandra Centre Society offers this
safer, more vibrant and livable community. Joe will make a motion to      annual program so that all children may have
City Counsil for funding in June. This is a very exciting prospect!                   a camp experience.
   Urban Forestry is supporting Ramsay once again by planting 40           Applications from Inglewood, Ramsay, and
new trees in Ramsay on 10th, 11th, 20th, 24th Avenues, and 8th Street.
Happy summer!
                                                                                Victoria Park families welcome.
                                                                          You would like a camp experience for your child
                                                                                The financial costs are too high
                                                                                    Call Sarah 269-5588 or
                                                                           Email to
                                                                              Or stop by and fill out an application
                                                                           � ������� �� ����� ���������.
                                                                                       ���� ��������

                                                                                   ���� ������������
                                                                           ��������� ���������� � ������� ����������
                                                                                        3 – 5 years old
                                                                                   3 mornings - 9:30 – Noon

                                                                                     ������ ����� ����������
                                                                                       3 months – 36 months
                                                                                Parent & Tot Early Music Education
                                                                                   ������ � ��������� ���������

                                                                         ��� ������ ��� ������� has come to an end.
                                                                         Our deepest thanks go to all of the volunteers that
                                                                         put in so much time and effort into helping us
                                                                         successfully complete over 100 returns. This
                                                                         program could not be provided without your
                                                                         dedication. Thank You!! The income tax program
                                                                         will be offered again starting in March of 2007.

   Ramsay News page 10                                                                                          ��������� ������ ��
                                                                           ������ ��������      ������� �������������������������������
            Calling all Kids!
            Summer Day Camps
              in Inglewood
                                                                    Park'n'Play & Stay'n'Play
       Register Now!                                             Ramsay Community Association
  Sports Camp: August 8 – 11                                         1136 8th Street SE
    Swimming, Tennis, Martial Arts,                                         Aug 21st - 25th
     Trampolining, Yoga & more!
                                                      10am - Noon Stay'n'Play (3-5years) *M/W/F Only
   Arts Camp: August 28 – 31                              10am-3:30pm Park'n'Play (6-12 years)
      Theatre, Puppetry, Writing,
     Storytelling, Art/Crafts & more!                         FREE drop-in programs for children.
                 Location                         (        (parents must accompany children in the Stay'n'Play program)
Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 24 Ave SE                        Activities led by qualified leaders.
 ���� ����� ����� �� ������� ������ �������
                                                                           In partnership with:
          Time: 9am – 4pm
8:30-9am Drop-off & 4–4:30pm Pick-up                       The Ramsay Community Association
                                             | call 3-1-1          THE CITY OF CALGARY
              Age Groups
  4 (by Feb. 28, 2006) – 6 year olds,             FLIP FACTORY TRAMPOLINE CAMP
    6–9 year olds, 9–12 year olds,                July 17 – 21 (Mon. – Fri.)
           & 12+ year olds                        Space Gym in the Ramsay Crossing Complex (800 block of
                                                  24th Ave. SE)
          Registration Fees                         6 – 8 years       9:00 – 10:00
            Sports        $120                      8 – 12 years      10:00 – 11:00
            Arts          $110                      9 – 14 years      11:00 – noon
   $10 discount for each additional sibling         $50 + $10 annual insurance/reg. fee
                                                    $12/day for drop-in if space is available (phone day before)
              Registration                        Minimum of 5 maximum of 9 participants per class. Deadline
                                                  to register is June 30th. Emphasis is on fun and fitness.
            (by cheque or cash)
                                                  Beginner to advanced levels can be accommodated.
Ramsay School, May 31, 3:00–4:30pm
                 or                               FIT KIDS PRE-SCHOOL SPORTS & CRAFT
       call Kim at 237-6837                       CAMP
   For more info visit our website                July 17 – 21 (Mon. – Fri.)
                                                  Ramsay Community Hall                     3 ½ - 5 year olds        2:00 – 4:00
                                                    $75 for the week + $10 insurance/reg. fee
         For inquiries, e-mail                      $20/day drop-in if space is available (phone the day before)                   Minimum of 8 participants required to run the program.
                                                  A different theme each day with a multitude of crafts and
Mark Your Kid’s Calendar!                         sports being offered (gymnastics, dance, ball sports, racquet
                                                  sports and more). Great opportunity to meet other kids and
                                                  have fun!
  ����� ����� ��� ���� �������� ������� ���
������� �� ��� ��������� ��������� ������������
                                                  For more info or to register contact Darlene Traviss: 617-9591.

                                                                                                     Ramsay News page 11
                                                                       PRIVATE HEALTH CARE – A READER
                      Denis A. Herard, M.L.A.
                      MLA Calgary Egmont                               RESPONSE
                      Minister of Advanced Education
                      Calgary Egmont Constituency                      After reading the article entitled “Better Access to Health
                                                                       Care” By Denis Herard, I felt compelled to respond. The arti-
                      #10, 8318 Fairmount Dr. S.E. T2H 0Y8
                      640-1363, 640-2970 (f)                           cle’s basic premise - that setting up private clinics is required to
                                                                       improve access to health care - is dishonest and misleading.

  Edmonton - toll free - 310-0000 and key in 780-422-5378                 It should be obvious to anyone that simply setting up public
            calgary.egmont                             clinics instead of private ones will have exactly the same result
                                                                       of shortening wait times. If it is true as Mr Herard says, that
                                                                       public doctors only have access to operating rooms two days
NEW     CHALLENGES LEAD TO OPPORTUNITIES                               a week, then that is every reason to simply make more public
                                                                       operating rooms available - not create private clinics.
Imagine my surprise when I was called into the Premiers’ office
on April 5, 2006 and asked to lead the Ministry of Advanced               The only difference between public and private health care
                                                                       is that in the private system someone is using our healthcare
Education. I had been a co-pilot as Standing Policy Chair for
                                                                       money to pay an investor instead of a healthcare provider. For
the last five years but moving to the captain’s chair in full flight
                                                                       this reason it is obvious that the private system is inherently
was definitely a baptism by fire.                                      more inefficient. More importantly, most people agree that it is
                                                                       immoral to make a profit off of other people’s suffering.
Six days after my swearing-in, the task at hand was to defend
my departments $2.2 Billion budget in committee of supply in              Instead of trying to convince people that an unnecessary
the Legislature. It seemed that every day there was a new expe-        switch to private health won’t be so bad, the Alberta govern-
                                                                       ment should be listening to the will of the people and abandon
rience from defending policy in Cabinet to a joint Alberta-BC
                                                                       its drive to privatize healthcare, and instead put the required
Cabinet meeting.                                                       investment into the existing healthcare system.

While the stream of challenges is unending, each one presents          Kristjan Gottfried E.I.T.
new opportunities for thinking outside the box and doing
business in new and more efficient ways.

There are a number of initiatives that I am working on that
involve processes that I have wanted to implement for years.
While I don’t have the space to provide much detail, I will
cover a couple of concepts.
                                                                                      Muffler & Brake
First, I have been a believer that when the classic Latin lan-                       1803 - 11th Street SE
guage was first invented, the ancient philosophers imbedded                       M - F 8 AM - 5 PM 215-0110
rich meanings to words. One such word is “vocation” which                 
comes from the Latin word “vocare” which means, “voice from

If we can find ways to hear our children’s calling, fan their
interest, fan that flame into a passion for learning and a pas-
sion for life, we will have much greater success with keeping
kids in school and many more may go on to post secondary
and graduate to a productive and rewarding life.

Please contact my office at 640-1363 or with your comments or con-

   Ramsay News page 12
           Michael Benoit

          STAMPEDE ENFORCEMENT                                     starts in July. Parking enforcement will be increased at that
         The Committee met with Calgary Police Service and         time to help make visitors to Ramsay aware of the changes.
    City Bylaw officers on May 2, to discuss increasing enforce-   The City and the Community Association will also advertise
ment during Stampede. We presented the Access Control Plan         widely on radio and newspaper to alert drivers in Calgary of
to bring police and Bylaw officers up to speed on the details of   these parking restriction changes before the Stampede starts.
the Plan. There was general agreement that the Access Control         The Committee hopes that all homeowners and residents
Plan was well designed and all the various officers attending      will view these changes as beneficial to a safer and quieter
were made aware of the community’s wish for tighter enforce-       community, where non-resident traffic from people living in
ment during the Stampede and especially in the evenings for        other parts of Calgary will be much less than in previous years.
fireworks on Scotsman’s Hill.
                                                                   JUNE ACTIVITIES
PARKING RESTRICTIONS                                               The Committee Chair is meeting with Calgary Transit officials
By the beginning of June, all homeowners and residents in          to ask for extended bus service on the 403 / 433 routes to
Ramsay living on streets with unrestricted parking will have       allow non-residents to take bus service to and from Scotsman’s
received a letter from City of Calgary Traffic department to       Hill for the evening Fireworks. We will also revisit the police
inform them of impending changes to parking signs in their         and Bylaw enforcement plan to discuss ways to keep non-resi-
area. For all streets west of Spiller Road and 8th Street, hom-    dent traffic from clogging up major connector roads during
eowners and residents will be asked to apply for permits for all   the Fireworks, especially on weekends.
registered vehicles, with clear instructions for how to do this.
For homeowners east of Spiller Road and 8th Street, instruc-       CONTACT INFORMATION
tions for how to get parking signs in your area changed to         Catherine Cartmill (V.P. External, RCA) 263-0267
Zone D permit only parking, are included.                          Michael Benoit (Events Liaison Committee Chair) 681-8188
   For the entire Scotsman’s Hill area, parking signs on streets   Joe Ceci’s office 268-2430
with unrestricted parking will be changed before the Stampede

                     YOUR LOCAL GM DEALERSHIP

       243-4200 • 4620 Blackfoot Trail SE                                              Cash price includes all rebates to dealer.
                                                                                      See dealer for details. AMVIC LICENSED.            06-016

                                                                                                                         Ramsay News page 13
PROGRAMS AT THE LIBRARY                                                         30° in may
Our spring programs encourage you to take “time out” to relax            thirty degrees in may!
and explore your interests. Register for the following programs                   oh my
by calling the Central Library at 260-2600. Visit our web site for our complete program guide.        thank goodness for convertibles
ABCs of Fraud – Identity Theft                                          & motorbikes & flip flops
  Thousands of people in Alberta are victims of fraud each
  year. The ABCs of Fraud® program teaches people how to              early blooming for the lilacs
  recognize, report and stop fraud. Developed with the input           early growing for the grass
  of police and Scotiabank, the ABCs of Fraud® program              early cutting for the homeowner
  involves the audience in a fun and upbeat way. People are
  left feeling more confident about their ability to protect        new jobs lead to new patterns
  themselves from slick con artists. Wednesday June 7th 10 AM       and cats that don’t like change
  - 11:30 AM                                                          find themselves annoyed
Reiki and Reflexology
  Join Reiki and Reflexology practitioner Kim Bucker for a        did i mention? thirty degrees in may!
  demonstration of how these therapeutic techniques aid in
  the healing of our health and promote a wonderful sense of           ramsay newsletter for june
  well-being. Wednesday June 14th 7 PM - 8:30 PM
Max Foran’s History of the Calgary Stampede
  Why has the Calgary Stampede turned into such a world-                      815-3733
  class celebration? And how has it influenced the develop-
  ment of Calgary? Come and hear Max Foran, author of
  The Madonna List and Calgary, Canada’s Frontier Metropolis,           web design print
  speak about the rich and fascinating history of the
  Stampede. Wednesday June 14th 6 PM - 8 PM                            time to hire a lawn aerator

  Ramsay News page 14
       PEOPLE        IN   RAMSAY
       Beth Carter

      Ramsay is a diverse and historical inner-city                   the cemetery became one of his personal challenges. Early pho-
     neighbourhood, which is arts-friendly, family-based,             tographs show the hill to be absolutely devoid of any plants.
  and active. We are a village surrounded by green space in           From 1922-1929, he built rock paths and stairs over a three-
the midst of the city. In this monthly column, we will meet           acre area, and selected a wide range of rare and indigenous
one person who helps to define our wonderful community.               plants. He documented the plants carefully, and complete lists
                                                                      can be viewed in the Public Library. Over the years, the garden
William Reader – Garden Innovator                                     had almost disappeared behind overgrown shrubs and weeds.
                                                                      Only about 20% of the original plants remained in the garden,
I’ve often passed the Reader Rock Garden sign on 25th Avenue,         so the restoration team needed to do some serious detective
but I’m ashamed to say that I have lived in Ramsay for 14             work to recreate the original plans. The renovated garden will
years and I’ve never taken the time to visit. Recently, I heard       open to the public in June, and includes a reconstructed house
that major renovations were being done to this historic gar-          in the Arts and Crafts style, which will serve as a café.
den with the help of the City, the Provincial and Federal                William Reader was also a co-founder of the Calgary
Governments,                                                          Zoological Society and helped to find many animals for the
and the                                                                     zoo on St.George’s Island. Over the years, he became an
                                                                                  internationally-known horticulturalist and travelled
                                                                                     extensively on lecture tours. He was also a fellow
                                                                                       of the Royal Horticultural Society and an active
                                                                                        member of the Alpine Club of Canada.
                                                                                           William Reader retired in December 1942,
                                                                                        and passed away in January 1943. During his
                                                                                        30 years as Parks Superintendent, he trans-
                                                                                      formed Calgary from a barren prairie into a
                                                                                    lush, green city full of gardens and parks. We are
                                                                               lucky to have one of his most magnificent creations,
                                                                          the Reader Rock Garden, right next door to our commu-
Horticultural                                                         nity.
Society and volunteers.                                                  For more information, visit or www.
   The Garden is named after William Roland Reader, who     
was born in London, England, and lived in a number of dif-
ferent places in England before moving to Calgary, Alberta in         Free Monthly Tours of Reader Rock Garden
1908. That same year, William Reader co-founded the Calgary           Tuesdays, June 13 and July 11 – 7–9 pm.
Horticultural Society and this group embarked on the goal to          Saturdays, August 12 and September 16 – 7-9 p.m.
make Calgary into “The City Beautiful”.                               Celebrate the reopening of William Reader’s historic garden
   He operated a landscape gardening business until 1913              with these free tours. As well, the City is offering several
when he was appointed superintendent of the Calgary Parks             intriguing garden courses. Call 268-3800 or
Department. His monthly salary was $125, and he was able “to          parks to register.
have use and occupancy free of rent of the house owned by the City
and situated in the cemetery…” He moved into the home with
his wife Rose, and his two children, Harry and Doris.
   In 1913, there were ten parks in Calgary. During Reader’s
term in the Parks Department the parks system more than
doubled in size. He was responsible for all of Calgary’s parks
and cemeteries, the municipal nursery, the first municipal
nursery and the first municipal golf course. From 1913 –
1923, the City planted 41,860 trees. Over 7000 of those were
planted in the cemetery. In his 1922 Annual Report to the city,
he stated “Calgary’s street trees are now recognized as one of her
greatest assets in point of beauty.”
   Reader had strong opinions about the need for parks in
Calgary. He believed that “Recreation is necessary in one form or
another for everybody but particularly for children. [They will] be
better, happier, healthier and develop into useful citizens.”         William Reader’s original house, 1913, with Scots-
   The gardens around his home on the steep north slope of            man’s Hill in the background.

                                                                                                                 Ramsay News page 15
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