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Summer 2010 - Bike To Work_



Making cycling an integral part of Metro Vancouver’s transportation culture
                                                           SUMMER 2010 #45

In this issue:
Celebrate Bike Month with the VACC

Bike To Work!
                                                           Opening the Georgia Viaduct to
                                                           Cycling: Councilor Ellen Wordsworth,
                                                           Mayor Robertson and Arno
                                                           Schortinghuis. Photo by Jean Chong

                          Published quarterly by the
                          Vancouver Area Cycling
                          Coalition (VACC). The views
                          in this publication are not
                          necessarily those of the VACC


COPY EDITORS: Ulrike Rodrigues, Arno Schortinghuis
                                                           New Advisory Group Connects
DESIGN: Chris Bentzen |
COVER ART: Andrea Rodgers |
                                                           Cyclists and Municipalities
                                                          Central advocacy council will
Arno Schortinghuis, President
                                                          strengthen local bike committees            What would you like to see the Advocacy
Jack Becker                                               by Rob Brownie                              Advisory Council accomplish in 2010?
Colin Brander                                                                                         We plan to develop an online archive which
Rob Brownie                                               The Urbane Cyclist asks VACC President      could be used to store advocacy documents,
Gwendal Castellan
Ivan Chow
                                                          Arno Schortinghuis for details. Arno has    letters and meeting minutes. We will
Ken Ohrn                                                  been a major contributor to the on-going    attempt to get active committees formed
                                                          development of VACC programs and            throughout Metro Vancouver. And we will
                                                          advocacy campaigns.                         ramp up our advocacy efforts by having
Sean McKibben, Director of Programs
Kathy Sinclair, Office Manager
                                                                                                      focused campaigns on key issues.
                                                          The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition
FOUNDING MEMBER                                           now has an “Advocacy Advisory               What are the biggest challenges facing
British Columbia Cycling Coalition                        Council.” Why was this set up?              the VACC in the coming year?
Member of the (Canadian) Coalition for Active Living
                                                          In 2008, the VACC invited participants      To engage more volunteers – especially in
                                                          from throughout Metro Vancouver to          the suburban municipalities.
MEET US                                                   attend a workshop where it was decided
The VACC Board meetings are open to all interested        that a central advocacy body would be       How can readers get involved in the
in bicycling in Greater Vancouver. We generally meet
on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm
                                                          important. In 2009 the VACC formally        AAC or VACC campaigns?
Phone 604 878 8222 for details.                           established the Advocacy Advisory Council   Good question! If you (dear reader) are                                           and thanks to all those who have helped     interested in improving cycling in Metro
                                                          form the AAC and move it forward.           Vancouver, participate in the advocacy
Keep up on the latest cycling issues and events. Join
                                                                                                      committee meetings in your area, call our
one of our e-mail lists at           What are the goals of the Advocacy          office at 604-878-8222 or visit the Advocacy
                                                          Advisory Council?                           section of our website at
                                                          To ensure that local advocacy committees
We welcome articles of 400 words or less
about cycling in Greater Vancouver.
                                                          exist in all parts of Metro Vancouver, to
                                                                                                         IN RECOGNITION:
Submissions may be sent to Urbane Cyclist:                help local committees by sharing common
                                                                                                         The VACC Board of Directors                                     information and providing centralized          would like to extend their gratitude
                                                          support, and to address advocacy issues        to Leslie Love for her many years of
We reserve the right to edit
                                                          that span municipal boundaries.                dedication as Editor and Designer
submissions for clarity and length.
                                                                                                         of The Urbane Cyclist! Thank you!
                                                          2|                   SUMMER 2010 #45
September 2010
Ring Your Local Cycling Hotline
                                             HOTLINE NUMBER LIST                         SURREY
by Karen Larsen                              Keep this handy for future reference!!      CITY BICYCLE COORDINATOR: 604-591-4214
                                                                                         TRANSPORTATION PLANNING INQUIRIES (ROADS/
                                                                                         SIDEWALK/CYCLING): 604-591-4853
Several municipalities in Metro              Use this list to check out some of the
                                                                                         CITY ENGINEERING: 604-591-4431
Vancouver have Bicycle Hotlines that         hotline, service numbers and cycling        ROAD & SIGN MAINTENANCE: 604-590-7250
provide service information for cyclists.    maps and related web pages of different     TRAFFIC LIGHT PROBLEMS: 604-591-4338
Depending on the municipality, you           municipalities in the lower Mainland.       NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-599-0502

can either call the hotline or the civic     The local non-emergency police
                                                                                         NORTH VANCOUVER
engineering department to report             numbers are also listed.                    TO REPORT A POTHOLE:
potholes to be filled, glass on a bikeway,                                               BIKE ROUTES:
or fallen trees. You can also ask for                                                    Bicycle%20Master%20Plan%20Map.pdf
                                             VANCOUVER                                   REQUEST A BIKE RACK ON CITY PROPERTY:
updates on cycling related issues such       BICYCLE HOTLINE: 604-871-6070     
as new bike routes, maps, and current        (or 311 within the city limits)             NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-985-1311
bicycle projects.                            BIKE ROUTES:
     Keep in mind that the hotlines          transport/cycling/index.htm                 WEST VANCOUVER
                                             NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-717-3321          ROUTE MAINTENANCE: 604-925-7101 
are not for emergencies! If you want                                                     NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-925-7300
to report an unsafe motorist, call the       BURNABY
police. Try to give as much information      BICYCLE HOTLINE AND ROUTE                   COQUITLAM
as possible to help the police track down    MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: 604-294-7441          CITY SWITCHBOARD: 604-927-3000
                                             BIKE ROUTES:        BIKE ROUTES:
the dangerous driver. If the situation       admin/AssetFactory.aspx?vid=9051            NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-927-6400
was a near miss, call the non-emergency      NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-294-7922
police number to report the motorist.                                                    DELTA
Dial 911 in case of an emergency.            COQUITLAM                                   BICYCLE HOTLINE: 604-946-3260
                                             CITY SWITCHBOARD: 604-927-3000              ROUTE MAINTENANCE: 604-946-3245
     Translink has a great website with      BIKE ROUTES:   BIKE ROUTES:
cycling maps and a handy route planner       NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-927-6400          assets/engineering/pdf/alt_trans.
for all local municipalities:                                                            pdf#search=%22cycling%20map%22                 LANGLEY                                     NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-946-4411
                                             STREET MAINTENANCE: 604-514-2825
Cycling-Routes.aspx                          NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-514-2870          RICHMOND
                                                                                         CYCLING HOTLINE: 604-276-4035
                                                                                         ROUTE MAINTENANCE AND STREET SWEEPING: 604-

                                                                                         REPORT VEHICLES PARKED IN A BIKE LANE TO RCMP:
                                                                                         BIKE ROUTES:
                                                                                         NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-278-1212
     Help us get Metro Vancouver’s Cycling Infrastructure up to speed!
     Sign-up for or renew your VACC membership and for an extra                          NEW WESTMINISTER
                                                                                         ROUTE MAINTENANCE: 604-526-4691
     $10 get a one year subscription to Momenum Magazine!                                BICYCLE RACK LOCATION: 604-527-4592                                                   NON-EMERGENCY POLICE: 604-525-5411

                                                                                                         SUMMER 2010 #45                   |3
 Cycling Together for Bike Month
 VACC and BEST Join Forces
 by Rob Brownie                                                                            Safe Cycling Promotion in bus shelters
                                               courses throughout May and June. A          and through postering
 This year Bike to Work Week will              full schedule can be found in the Bike
 once again take place during June Bike        Education page of the VACC website.         Safety Flashcards will be handed to
 Month. It is all part of an effort by               The VACC will be supplying            drivers who exercise safe and courteous
 the VACC and organizers at BEST               bike valet parking for opening/closing      driving practices (safe cycling tips will be
 (Better Environmentally Sustainable           events and will be organizing a ride to     listed on the reverse)
 Transportation) to strengthen their           MEC BikeFest during Velopalooza.
 shared goal to get more people riding               Steve Beck of BEST sent us a list     An online Best Routes to School
 their bikes for work and pleasure safely      of events he has been coordinating in       resource is under construction and
 and with confidence.                          preparation for Bike Month and here         should be available in time for
      In addition to our popular Bike To       are the highlights:                         Bike Month.
 Work Week events (see Erin’s article on the
 opposite page) the VACC will continue         Clean Commuter Breakfast                    For further information about these
 to offer weekly Streetwise Cycling Skills     Wednesday, May 2nd (details tba)            BEST initiatives you can visit their
                                                                                           website at

 Headwinds | Tailwinds
 From Port Coquitlam
 by Peter Stary
 Port Coquitlam has narrowed                                                                                          Riding safely on the new
 Kingsway Avenue at the south foot                                                                                    separated bike route
                                                                                                                      on Dunsmuir Viaduct.
 of the new Coast Meridian Overpass                                                                                   Photo by Jack Becker
 without leaving adequate space or
 providing an alternative route for            be better if those involved rode bikes      Tailwinds
 cyclists. This has spoiled an informal        rather than taking transit or driving       To The City of Vancouver
 and practical east-west bike route            to the Animal Rescue operation in           by Jack Becker
 across Port Coquitlam.                        Burnaby where they would be working         Congratulations to City of Vancouver staff
                                               for three weeks                             for the two-way bike lanes on Dunsmuir
 Tailwinds                                                                                 Viaduct with separation from car traffic.
 To Katimavik and Karina Stickle               Following a Craigslist plea for bikes,
 by Ron Richings                               VACC member Ron Richings was able           Vancouver staff should be
 Katimavik is a federal youth work             to lend them four, with several more from   congratulated for their excellent
 program (which I had thought ended            various other sources.  And indeed they     work with respect to cycling during
 long ago – but no !). The coordinator         rode back and forth through February        the Olympics, except for the Seaside
 of one project thought that it would          – slowly at first but with increasing       stretch from Nelson to Quebec and on
4|                   SUMMER 2010 #45           confidence and speed as time passed.        to 3rd Ave.
Bike To Work
Keeps On Growing
Program Manager
Erin O’Melinn shows
us the numbers

I joined the VACC as the Bike to
Work Program Manager in February
2009 and people get a little confused
when I tell them what my job is: “I bike
to work.” Then they ask, “But what do
you do once you get to work?” I tell
them getting people to cycle to their
jobs is my job – and one I enjoy a lot!    Erin brakes with style
                                           on the way to work.
     I am very happy to be involved in     Photo by Bill Hamilton
promoting awareness, education and
motivation to help transition people
into using healthy, sustainable and fun Since 2007, Bike To Work                      How can you get involved?
transportation.                           has recorded:                               Help us collect route data before the
                                          • 3,808 new commuter cyclists               event, set up commuter station and
In 2009, Bike To Work:                    • 1,426 new winter commuter cyclists        celebration sites during the event, and
• Set up 9 new commuter stations          • 77,938 trips by bike in event             collect data after the event. To learn
   (for a total of 61)                       weeks alone                              more, visit:
• Welcomed 4 new participating            • a 39% increase in Bike to Work  
   municipalities (for a total of 11)        registrants                              email us at
• Staged 2 additional “Share the          • a 54% increase in Bike to Work teams      or call 604-878-8222.
   Road Challenges” (with 11 out of       • a 102% increase in cyclists at
   14 cyclists winning over personal         commuter stations                           IN RECOGNITION:
   vehicles and transit in terms of time,                                                The VACC Board of Directors
   cost, and enjoyment)                   For 2010’s Spring Bike to Work Week            would like to honour the incredible
                                                                                         work of Sean McKibben, our
• Generated over 120 instances of         (May 31 – June 6) we expect up to 8,000        tireless Director of Programs. Sean
   media coverage around the region       registered participants and at least 800       has managed a massive expansion
• Presented 37 Workplace Workshops, new commuter cyclists! Plus we will be               of the VACC organization over
   increasing safety and skill awareness working even closer with the Bike to            the past couple of years. We wish
                                                                                         Sean all the best as he heads back to
   in employers and employees             School program to include students of all      England with this family!
                                          ages this spring.

                                                                                                    SUMMER 2010 #45                   |5
Burnaby: Luis 604 431-6658
Delta: Carol 604 943-3412
Langley: Dan Millsip / Richard Edge
Metro Vancouver:
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows:
New Westminster: Andrew 604 521-2742
North Shore:
Bikes on Transit: Jack 604 681-5744
Surrey/White Rock:
Tri-Cities: Alexi

Who to write about issues in Urbane Cyclist:

Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier
PO Box 9041
Victoria BC V8W 9E1
Phone: 250 387-1715 Fax: 250 387-0087                  Vancouver’s Velopalooza

Hon. Shirley Bond, Minister of Transportation
                                                       Festival Ready To Roll
PO Box 9055                                            by Ron Richings and Terry Lowe
Victoria BC V8W 9E2
Phone: 250 387-1978 Fax: 250 356-2290                  Have you ever wanted to guide your           Velopalooza Finale: a Sunday afternoon                      own bike ride? Share your knowledge          bike festival in Strathcona Park.
City of Burnaby – Mayor Derek Corrigan & Council       of Vancouver’s best bakeries? Are you an           Use your knowledge of the city
4949 Canada Way                                        historian who’d like to do an architecture   and the interesting spots that cyclists
Burnaby BC V5G 1M2
Phone: 604 294-7340 Fax: 604 294-7724
                                                       appreciation ride? A locavore who knows      might want to visit to create and lead a                          where to gather indigenous food? Or do you   Velopalooza ride! 
                                                       just fancy an old-fashioned pub crawl – by         It’s very simple to set up – go
City of New Westminster – Mayor Wayne Wright
511 Royal Avenue                                       bike, of course?                             to the Velopalooza website at 
New Westminster BC V3L 1H9                                   You can play an important role and you will find an
Phone: 604 527-4522 Fax: 604 527-4594
                                                       in the new Velopalooza festival.             easy to use online form that will put
City of Vancouver – Mayor Gregor Robertson & Council   Inspired by Portland’s wildly successful     your ride on the calendar.
453 West 12th Avenue                                   Pedalpalooza festival (see shift2bikes.            Planning for the “Week of Bike Fun”
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4
Phone: 604 873-7621 Fax: 604 873-7685                  org), Vancouver’s own Velopalooza            is underway, and many volunteers (and                          starts June 4, 2010, just before VACC’s      ride leaders!) are still needed – contact
                                                       Bike To Work Week wraps up June 6.  if you are able to
TransLink – Chair Dale Parker & Board of Directors
1600-4720 Kingsway                                           The fun will begin with a Friday       help. You can also join the Velopalooza
Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2                                    night kickoff party at the WISE Hall,        Facebook group at:
Phone: 604 453-4500 Fax: 604 453-4626                                    continue throughout the following  
                                                       week, and conclude June 13 with the          Hope to see you at Velopalooza!
                                                            urbanecyclist for more contact information.
                                                       6|                   SUMMER 2010 #45
Busy Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Committee Wins Award
by Andrew Cuthbert                           The MRPC committee has                      • The Golden Ears Bridge
                                        been diligent in providing volunteers              Opening Ceremony
Just over a year old, the Maple Ridge   and info booths for events, helping
– Pitt Meadows Cycling (MRPC)           staff bike valet tents in partnership            The committee’s agenda for the coming
committee has already seen numerous with B.E.S.T., and participating in                  year includes maintaining their presence
accomplishments. The initial goal       numerous events:                                 at public events and raising awareness to
was to raise awareness of cycling by    • The Silver Valley Spring Festival              promote cycling for better health.
participating in local events. This has • Earth Day
been a great success and the committee • Canada Day Celebrations                         Getting Involved:
has done so much in their first year    • Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows                       To learn more about the MRPC
that they have been awarded the            Home Show                                     committee and to get involved,
Golden Spoke Award by the area’s        • Pitt Meadows Day                               e-mail Ivan Chow at
Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC).       • Bike to Local Farmers Market Day     
                                        • VACC’s Inaugural Great Ride

Big Improvements in New Westminster
by Marion Orser and Fulton Tom             route from the New Westminster Quay           How you can help:
                                           to Vancouver or Coquitlam!                    • Attend meetings, workshops, and open
We are pleased to announce that                 This year the City is planning             houses to ensure the currently planned
the City of New Westminster now            to complete the London Street Bike              Greenway waterfront developments
has a Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory          Route. A particularly difficult section         lead to a high quality route, similar to
Committee (PBAC). Andrew Feltham is at 22nd Street, where London                           Sapperton Landing Park, with separate
is the official VACC representative on Street is off-set and where a new retail            cycling and pedestrian routes.
the committee.                             development is expected to increase           • Attend monthly VACC-NW
      After years of effort, improvements vehicle traffic and conflicts with cyclists.     meetings and work with the current
to cycling infrastructure are taking            The VACC-NW also envisions                 active members.
place! The City of New Westminster         changes this year to the Transportation       • Write Mayor and Council with a cc to the
is developing Westminster Pier Park,       Plan to include more cycle friendly routes      VACC-NW when you have concerns.
a critical component of the Brunette-      connecting Uptown and Downtown that           • Provide input via email to the
Fraser Regional Greenway. This route cyclists of any ability can use.                      VACC-NW discussion list.
was part of the original concept for                                                     • Send an action request form to the
the now completed Central Valley           VACC-NW’s immediate goals:                      City when you note deficiencies and
Greenway (CVG). New Westminster is • Ensure that the signage around the                    needed repairs on cycling routes
also in the final stages of completing its    Queensborough Bridge is completed.         For additional information on our
first official bicycle map.                • Ensure that all new infrastructure is       goals and successes, check out the
      The Province of BC has made             bicycle and pedestrian friendly. A         VACC-NW web page at:
funding available for a greenway              recent example where this did not
between Hope and the mouth of the             take place was the 5th Street and 5th      advocacy.php?pageID=17#new
Fraser River. Just imagine a flat bike        Ave intersection.                                        SUMMER 2010 #45                   |7
VACC Membership Benefits
     NEW! Discount Plan at Metro Bike Stores
     In partnership with bike stores throughout          your discounts and get your card stamped        Shop (N. Van), Ride On Bikes (Van), Reckless
     Metro Vancouver, when you join the                  (check our website often as participating bike Bike Stores (Van), Steed Cycles (N. Van)
     VACC, you will get THREE one-time                   stores and businesses are updated all the time:
     discounts or special offers per year at any                      Plus…
     of the participating stores below:                                                                       Get Discounts on Services provided by:
                                                 Bike Doctor (Van/Burnaby), Bikes on the                      Co-operative Auto Network, Zip Car, Green
     DISCOUNT 1: 5% off a new bike               Drive (Van), Dream Cycle (Van), Different                    Zebra, David Hay of Richards Buell Sutton LLP
     DISCOUNT 2: up to 10% off a tune-up/service Bikes (Van/N. Van/W. Van), Experience
     DISCOUNT3: 15% off accessories              Cycling (Maple Ridge), Local Ride (Maple
                                                 Ridge) Maple Ridge Cycles (Maple Ridge),                     Plus…
     Take your new VACC Membership card into Mighty Riders (Van), Obsession Cycles (N.                        Get a Discount on a One-Year
     one of the following bike stores to redeem  Van), O’Hagan’s Cycles (Surrey), On Top Bike                 Subscription to Momentum Magazine

     We would like to thank the following corporate members for directly funding the publication of the Urbane Cyclist:
     Life Cycle, Giant Bicycles, C-Media Outdoor (or Urban Racks) and Vancouver Coastal Health

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