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					                                                                                                 Mondial Assistance
                                                                                                 Roadside Assistance
                                                                                                 Standard Plan
                                                                                                 For Allianz Comprehensive
                                                                                                 Motor Insurance

Mondial Assistance Roadside Assistance is     Tele-assist                                        Flat tyres
provided by ETI Australia Pty Ltd ACN 097
                                              Once our customer service assistant                We will change a flat tyre using the
227 177 trading as ‘Mondial Assistance’
                                              receives your call, Mondial Assistance             vehicle’s serviceable spare wheel or if
(‘Mondial Assistance’).
                                              will provide general advice about the              necessary, transport the vehicle to an
Whenever you request roadside vehicle         operation of your vehicle. If your vehicle         approved tyre outlet or authorised repairer,
assistance under the arrangements             is immobilised, Mondial Assistance will            whichever is the nearest. Should additional
available to you as a roadside assistance     provide an over the phone diagnostic               services be required beyond this due to
member, you will be making that request       (where possible) to get your vehicle               multiple flat tyres, the spare tyre being
to Mondial Assistance and subject to the      mobilised.                                         unserviceable, replacement wheel studs/
following terms and conditions. By making                                                        nuts not being available or locking wheel
a request to Mondial Assistance for the       Roadside assistance                                nut key not available, towing is provided
provision of any of the services described    If our customer service assistant is               free of charge up to the towing limits
below, you will be agreeing to these terms    unable to get your vehicle mobilised over          specified.
and conditions.                               the telephone, Mondial Assistance will
                                              dispatch a service provider, up to 20 klms
                                                                                                 General roadside assistance
                                              in metropolitan locations or up to 50 klms         In any event, Mondial Assistance will not
Mondial Assistance                            from the nearest attending service provider        be responsible for the cost of any parts
Roadside Assistance –                         in regional and remote locations.                  or components for the roadside repair of
                                                                                                 the vehicle, other than minor breakdown
Standard Plan                                 Flat or faulty batteries                           repairs to facilitate the immediate
                                              We will test batteries for their performance,      mobilisation of the vehicle.
Mondial Assistance Roadside Assistance
                                              jump start flat batteries or coordinate
offers reliable and secure roadside
                                              battery replacement. We will not
                                                                                                 Emergency vehicle access
assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
                                              however be responsible for the cost of             If an emergency situation arises and it is
Eligibility criteria                          a replacement battery (such as, but not            necessary to gain access to the vehicle,
                                              limited to, the supply and delivery of a           Mondial Assistance will attempt to gain
In order to be eligible for Mondial           battery).                                          access only after Mondial Assistance have
Assistance Roadside Assistance, your                                                             obtained the member’s written consent.
vehicle must be a roadworthy well             Emergency fuel delivery                            We will not be responsible for any damage
maintained vehicle. Additionally, your                                                           incurred, or for any repair costs, resulting
                                              In the event that your vehicle has run out
vehicle must be mobile at the time that you                                                      from gaining access to the vehicle or
                                              of fuel, Mondial Assistance will deliver
become an Allianz Roadside Assistance                                                            moving the vehicle whilst it is locked.
                                              sufficient petrol or diesel fuel for the vehicle
member. If your vehicle is not a roadworthy
                                              to travel to the nearest available refuelling      Where Mondial Assistance cannot gain
well maintained vehicle, Mondial
                                              facility. In the case of LPG fuelled vehicles,     access to the vehicle, Mondial Assistance
Assistance’s Service Provider may still
                                              Mondial Assistance will tow the vehicle to         will arrange to retrieve a spare key or
attend your call, but Mondial Assistance
                                              the nearest re-fuelling facility.                  transport the vehicle to the member’s
will inform you of the cost that will be
charged to provide you with assistance.                                                          preferred repairer. A limit of $150 (inc GST)
This cost will be your responsibility.                                                           will apply for this benefit.

Towing/transportation                          b) the vehicle being over 2.5 tonnes             s) Where Mondial Assistance incurs
                                                  (GVM);                                           costs under this item 2, the member
If the vehicle cannot be mobilised at
                                                                                                   will be responsible for the cost and
the breakdown location and/or requires         c) the vehicle being unregistered;
                                                                                                   must make payment in the amount
electronic diagnosis, Mondial Assistance       d) the vehicle being outside a service              and manner advised by Mondial
will arrange to have the vehicle transported      area;                                            Assistance.
to the member’s preferred repairer. If the
vehicle is outside a capital city or major     e) the vehicle being unattended;
regional town, Mondial Assistance may use      f)   the vehicle being involved or
a road transport company to transport the                                                    The provision of service under the Mondial
                                                    connected to any form of motor
vehicle.                                                                                     Assistance Roadside Assistance is subject
                                                    sports (including driving on a
Towing is provided free of charge up to             racetrack or competing in organised
a limit of 20 klms from the breakdown               road or off-road rallies);               » resources available in the area of
location in metropolitan locations or up                                                       breakdown;
                                               g) vehicle abuse or neglect by the
to 50 klms from the nearest attending             member (as reasonably determined           » any circumstances beyond our control
service provider in regional and remote           by Mondial Assistance);                      (including but not limited to extraordinary
locations. That is, in regional and remote                                                     delays caused by extreme weather
                                               h) the member failing to use
areas, Mondial Assistance will meet the                                                        conditions such as snow fall and
                                                  reasonable care with the vehicle;
costs of the service provider to travel and                                                    flooding);
pick up an immobilised vehicle up to a         i)   failure by member to conduct
                                                                                             » areas being trafficable by a two-wheel-
maximum of 50 klms. All additional towing           regular preventative vehicle
                                                                                               drive recovery vehicle;
costs including subsequent tows are the             maintenance or provision of
members’ responsibility.                            inappropriate repair or maintenance      » severe vehicle accident or traffic
                                                    to the vehicle;                            congestion;
If the vehicle has been fitted with a body
that requires heavy haulage towing due to      j)   repeated service calls due to            » restricted access area requirements;
height, width or length, Mondial Assistance         member related faults;                   » circumstances reasonably considered to
will coordinate towing for the vehicle. All    k) failure by the member to comply              be a force majeure event.
costs are the member’s responsibility.            with any instructions or directions        We have no obligation to pay for costs
Accident co-ordination                            provided with or attached to the           incurred in service calls where your vehicle
                                                  vehicle;                                   is immobile in a workshop undergoing
Following an accident, Mondial Assistance
                                               l)   accident damage, classified as           repairs, or undergoing mechanical or
will co-ordinate towing arrangements
                                                    impact or collision of any nature,       electrical repairs at your premises.
and will also provide advice on standard
accident procedures. If required, Mondial           attempted or successful threat or        We are not responsible for any costs
Assistance will co-ordinate alternative             break in of the vehicle (excluding the   arising from work carried out by a
transport at the member’s cost to enable            provision of (and cost of providing)     recommended repairer, and all repairs and
them to continue their journey. All accident        accident related services;               costs for repairs undertaken by the repairer
towing and alternative transport costs         m) failure by the member to comply            are your responsibility.
will be the member’s responsibility. (Note        with instructions reasonably
that these costs, subject to payment of           provided by Mondial Assistance or
                                                                                             Consequential loss
any excess, may be recoverable from the           its agents or service providers;           We will not be liable for any indirect or
member’s insurance company under an                                                          consequential loss or damage arising out
                                               n) failure by the member to comply
appropriate insurance policy).                                                               of the provision or failure to provide any
                                                  with any applicable road laws or
                                                                                             benefits and services whether as a result
Emergency message relay                           regulations;
                                                                                             of our negligence or howsoever otherwise
As a result of a breakdown or accident,        o) caravans or trailers;                      caused.
Mondial Assistance will relay urgent           p) bogged vehicles, except where
messages to the member’s family, friends                                                     Transferring of benefit to another
                                                  access is available and is trafficable
or business associates likely to be affected                                                 vehicle
                                                  by a two wheel drive recovery
or concerned by the disruption or delay.          vehicle and no other specialist            Your roadside assistance benefit is not
                                                  equipment is necessary. Should             transferable to any other person or vehicle
Exclusions and limitations                                                                   whether owned by you or not and if you
                                                  specialist equipment and/or towing
1. Mondial Assistance will not be                 become necessary, additional costs         cease to be covered by the roadside
   responsible for any additional or              are your responsibility. Drivers will      assistance benefit no refund is payable for
   increased costs and expenses incurred          be advised of this condition prior to      the balance of the period of cover.
   as a result of the vehicle being in a          attendance by Mondial Assistance’s
   Remote Location.                               service provider and provision of

2. Except to the extent caused by the             service is at our discretion;              Any personal information you provide is
   negligent or wilful and wrongful acts or                                                  used by Mondial Assistance and its agents
                                               q) vehicles operating as taxis,
   omissions of Mondial Assistance or its                                                    to arrange your roadside assistance and
                                                  limousines, rental vehicles, hire
   agents or service providers, Mondial                                                      administer your and Mondial Assistance’s
   Assistance is not required to provide the                                                 rights and obligations in relation to it,
                                               r) heavy haulage vehicles or vehicles         including claims.
   roadside assistance services and will
                                                  that, in our opinion, require a heavy
   not be responsible for any costs and                                                      This information may be disclosed to third
                                                  haulage towing provider due to
   expenses incurred as a result of:                                                         parties involved in the above process,
                                                  the length, width or height of your
   a) the vehicle not being registered on                                                    such as car manufacturers, roadside
      the Mondial Assistance Roadside                                                        providers, claims handlers, health and help
      Assistance system where customer                                                       assistance service providers (including
      data is stored;                                                                        service providers), your agents and
                                                                                             Mondial Assistance’s related companies.

The use and disclosure of such personal         Breakdown: mechanical or electrical            makes it safe to drive on the road and
information provided to third parties will be   fault which has caused the vehicle to          is maintained and serviced by qualified
limited to the specific purpose for which it    be immobilised or become unsafe to             personnel to ensure performance is
was supplied.                                   drive (whether in transit or otherwise).       maintained.
When you give personal information about        Breakdown can also include a flat tyre, flat   Service area: an area in mainland
other individuals, Mondial Assistance and       or faulty battery, a vehicle which has run     Australia, Tasmania, Phillip Island and any
its agents rely on you to have made or          out of fuel or keys which have been locked     other area that is trafficable by a two-wheel
make them aware:                                in the vehicle or lost.                        drive recovery vehicle or an island that is
                                                Call out: roadside assistance provided by      accessible by a two wheel drive vehicular
» that you will or may provide their
                                                a Mondial Assistance customer service          bridge (excludes ferries).
  information to Mondial Assistance;
                                                assistant over the telephone or, if the        Service provider: a mobile mechanic, tow
» the types of third parties to whom the        Mondial Assistance customer service            truck operator or other roadside assistance
  information may be provided;                  assistant is unable to get your vehicle        provider nominated by Mondial Assistance.
» the relevant purposes Mondial                 mobilised over the telephone, attendance
                                                at your vehicle (subject to these Mondial      Serviceable spare: a wheel and tyre that is
  Assistance and the third parties will use
                                                Assistance Roadside Assistance Terms and       able to be fitted to your vehicle to mobilise
  it for;
                                                Conditions).                                   your vehicle after changing a flat tyre.
» the parties to whom Mondial Assistance
                                                Emergency mechanical repair: a                 Vehicle: your nominated vehicle registered
  and the third parties will disclose it to;
                                                minor roadside mechanical repair of            on the Mondial Assistance Roadside
» how the other individuals can access it.                                                     Assistance system.
                                                an immobilised vehicle to facilitate the
If it is sensitive information Mondial          immediate mobilisation of the vehicle. It      Mondial Assistance: ETI Australia Pty Ltd
Assistance rely on you to have obtained         does not include workshop repairs which        ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as Mondial
their consent on these matters. If you have     may require diagnostic equipment, parts or     Assistance.
not done or will not do either of these         repairs and does not include servicing of
                                                                                               you or your: the Roadside Assistance
things, you must tell Mondial Assistance        vehicles.
or its agents before you provide the
                                                Home: Your home or business address
relevant information. You can seek access
                                                as registered on the Mondial Assistance
to and correct your personal information
                                                Roadside Assistance system.
by contacting us. If you do not agree to
the above or will not provide Mondial           Recommended repairer: a repairer
Assistance with personal information,           recommended by Mondial Assistance
Mondial Assistance may not be able to           to undertake workshop repairs to your
provide you with its services or products       vehicle. Mondial Assistance is not
or may not be able to process your              responsible for any costs for work carried
application nor issue you with a policy.        out by a recommended repairer and all
                                                repairs and costs are your responsibility.
                                                Restricted access area: an area that
Definitions                                     is protected by security and/or other
                                                systems designed to prevent access
In these terms and conditions, the              by unauthorised people and includes
following words have the following              areas that Mondial Assistance does not
meanings.                                       have permission to enter (including but
Accident: a vehicle damaged by impact or        not limited to airports, sporting venues,
collision of any nature, or by attempted or     protests, airports, and concerts).
successful theft or break in to the vehicle.    Roadworthy well maintained vehicle:
Authorised repairer: a repairer nominated       a vehicle that has all safety-related
by Mondial Assistance from time to time.        components maintained in a manner that