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Port St Johns Local Municipality: OR Tambo District

Delivered by Hon Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs Ms Lulu Xingwana

22 December 2006

Programme Director

Ikumkani yamaMpondo
IiNkosi zomthonyama

MEC for Agriculture and Land, Mr Gugile Nkinti (he has asked Mr John Allwood
to represent him as he is in Exco meeting in PE)

Mayor of the O.R. Tambo District Municipality, Ms Z Capha Mayor of Port St
Johns, Mr W. Mtakathi

Chief Land Claims Commissioner, Mr Thozi Gwanya, Commissioner for the
Eastern Cape Province, Ms Linda Faleni

Claimants from Luthengele, Machivi and Majola villages Distinguished guests

Halala banini bomhlaba base Majola Halala!

Phambili ngoku lima umhlaba, Phambili!

Ubuyile umhlaba Ubuyile!

Umhlaba ubuyile!

Mandiqale ndixolise.

Ngexesha endandize apha e Port St Johns ndajika endleleni ndisiza apha
eMajola, kodwa andakwazi ngenxa yokubethwa lixesha kwinthlnganiso
ezazingxamisekile ziseGoli. Kodwa ke ndacela u Commissioner uThozi Gwanya
ukuba andimele, yaye anixelele injongo zam zokufuna uphuhliso kule project
yase Magwa. Wandichazela ngenxaki zonke enamxelela zona,
           • Ukususela kwixesha elide abasebenzi bengabhatalwa,
           • Amatyala amaninzi abeka le project yaseMajola engxakini,
           • Ukusolana phakathi kwe Claimants nabasebenzi
           • Ukuxhaswa kwe Magwa kodwa ingancedwa iMajola
Ndizivile zonke ezi ngxaki, kodwa olwam uncedo luxhomekeke ekuthini
sisombulule eli bango lomhlaba lase Majola.
Zininzi izizathu ebebezibeka oCommissioner u Linda Faleni ezalatha ukuthi eli
bango kufanele ukuba ligqitywe kulo nyaka uzayo. Ndithe nna unotshe, ndifuna
siyigqibe yonke into kulo nyaka. Kaloku andinaqesha. U Mongameli akalalanga
uginqe ngamadolo. Ufuna idelivery ngoku.

Namhlanje silapha sizokuthi: “Nanku lo mhlaba, ngowenu ukususela namhlanje
“Here we are today, to say “This is your land”.

Last month I was here in the Province to launch one of the most important
flagship programmes of Project GIJIMA, the ILima-Letseme campaign. During
the launch of the campaign we said to the people of Magwa: Let no land lay
fallow, let every available piece of land be ploughed to produce food for the
family and the local markets. Sithe kumaMpondo: “Learn from the concept of
Ilima and work together as a collective to eradicate poverty in the area. In the
spirit of ILima, pull your resources together and use the land optimally.

We highlighted the importance of having dedicated Champions for Ilima in the
Local Municipality in the person of the Mayor. We agreed with the MEC that he,
together with his Senior officials such as the Regional Directors Mr John Allwood
and Mr Masebeni must be the Champions of ILima. The Executive Mayor Chapa
is already the champion of food production. I want to see the champions work
together as in ILima, so that we can see our fallow crop fields green, so that we
can see our store houses full of food.

Today is an important day in the history of this region. It gives me great pleasure
to stand here on this important occasion to hands over this fertile 698 hectares of
land to the rightful owners in terms of the Restitution Act. I am happy to be here
today to celebrate with you the people of Majola, Machibi and Luthengele
communities as you receive your land back. This day marks closure to the
sufferings that you endured as victims of forceful removals by the Apartheid
Government of yesterday. Like the children of Israel who spent many years in the
wilderness, let this day be like that triumphant day when the children of Israel
entered into Canaan land – a land flowing with milk and honey. Like the Canaan
land in the bible, this land is the land of milk and honey.

I am here to say to you: make optimal use of the land, work together, work hard
and eat the good fruit of the land. There is no other ‘baas’ to drive you – You are
the ‘baas’ yourselves. Work very hard and take care of what you have. The
Government is going though great pains to give land rights back to the people,
be good stewards of this valuable and resource that we are giving to you today.

Four hundred and Fifty hectares (450 ha) of the land that is being restored today
is used for Tea production. I am glad to hear that you the claimants have agreed
to keep it that way, and if anything to improve on it. I have also noted that the
Provincial department has made a commitment to provide technical and financial
support towards the recapitalization process for the revival of the Majola Tea
Estate for the benefit of the community.
The restitution award that I am announcing here today amounts to Thirty Three
million rand (R33 607 405) A sum of fifteen million of this award will go to
financial compensation, which is Thirty Thousand rand (R30 000) to each of
the affected household. The rest will go towards sustainable development.

The need for strategic partnerships towards the success of projects such as this
one cannot be overemphasized. I have been informed about plans by the Port St
Johns and the O.R. Tambo Municipalities to formulate a Broad Development
Plan that will ensure that development of Majola is aligned with both
Municipalities’ Local Economic Development (LED) and Integrated Development
Plans (IDP). I am told that there are also plans for the Port St Johns
Development Agency to assist the community to develop the land that does not
fall within the Tea Estate, for other agricultural development. I have also noted
the role of the Uvimba Finance Limited to assist the community in structuring the
development plans.

The Commissioner, together with SAFM operating in Limpopo, are organizing a
study tour to successful projects in Limpopo, where you will be able to learn from
other successful claimants who have received their land back. It is important to
establish those strategic partnerships, when you are dealing with big projects as
this one.

This is even more important when dealing with international markets, when you
are exporting to Europe and now to the East Asia where markets are growing

I urge women, youth and people with disabilities in this community to play a
meaning role in the Tea and other developmental projects planned for this area.
The Government is serious about the empowerment of the vulnerable groups in
this country, and we in the department are no exceptions. We have recently
launched the Women in Agriculture and Rural Development (WARD) which wa
sextablished to assist women with quick acces to supprt programmes such as
CASP, the Macro Agricultural Financial Institutions of South Africa (MAFISA),
Land Bank products, and other capacity building programmes. Work together
with the leadership of WARD in this area to strengthen your position and the role
you play in the development of your community.

I can’t wait for the optimal use of our big rivers, such as Umzimvubu Basin, for
the stimulation of agricultural development in this area. I want to come back later
and see good results from this community. Let me take this opportunity to wish
you good luck with the future. I will come back, let me find your prosperous, you
have a great resource in your hands – you have land, use it optimally.

Malibongwe !! Igama laMakhosikazi !! Malibongwe !!
Phantsi nge poverty phantsi!!

I thank you.